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04 November | 13 Aban

English & پارسى

ePersianRadio.com (پارسى):
Full Live Report frm 13 Aban Protest + Summary of today's events & Eyewitness reports http://bit.ly/2I4KRv

Liveblogs of 13 Aban protests:
Revolutionary Road
: http://bit.ly/3sIOEo
homylafayette: http://bit.ly/41WuJf
Guardian: http://bit.ly/44C7D3
Enduring America: http://bit.ly/1uizaH
(پارسى): http://bit.ly/k25Ki
13 Aban news dashboard: http://bit.ly/2zchlo

CNN Sources:
10:00 am - Tehran's streets lined with riot police & security personnel
10:30 am - Tehran's 7 Tir Square. At least 2 clashes between police & opp supporters. 2 detained and led away
11:00 am - 100s walk towards 7 Tir square holding up V signs. No anti-govt chants. Cars honk in heavy traffic jams
11:00 am - Chants of death to America & death to Israel near former US embassy building. Mostly pro-govt crowds here
11:30 am - Phone calls not going through to Iran
Dozens of clashes in Tehran. Witnesses saw at least 2 women beaten by security personnel. Several arrests

30 years after 13 Aban"America..seeks a relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran based upon mutual interests & mutual respect"

Iran must choose. We've heard for 30 years what the Iranian government is against; the question now is what kind of future it is for

Opposition websites announced a march down Taleghani Ave & streets near the fmr US Embassy, or driving cars along the route for safety

Authorities vowed to crack down, banning all protests but anti-US protests. per early reports security forces now lining the streets
Reported clashes between protesters & police. security forces using batons & tear gas on crowds chanting "death to the dictator"
Tehran and Sharif University students chanting in protests on campus...police have blocked their exit

A colleague confirms Karroubi is in the crowd at Hafte-Tir Square with crowds
An interview w/ Karoubi's son, Karoubi was beaten badly, but not arrested at today's 13 aban rally
Chants of "Russian Embassy, Den of Spies," contrasting anti-US sentiment & reminding that for years in Iran, Russia was the bullying bad guy

I've started live-blogging on November 4 rallies http://tinyurl.com/m4e4on

Karim Khan Zand St, near 7th Tir Sq: Protesters attacked a group of a dozen Basijis, per caller on ePersian Radio

Caller on Radio Farda:
Subways would not stop at7th Tir, we got off at Mofatteh station and started chanting

Mass security presence at Mofatteh Station, but crowd grew bigger and went south 7th Tir

Karroubi at 7th Tir Square, according to Iran Press News
Protest at Isfahan University, according to Al Arabiya
Protesters arrested at Ferdowsi Square, Tehran, according to Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi

Karroubi beaten and perhaps arrested on Modares, according to eyewitness reporter on ePersian radio
Reporter on ePersian radio says he saw Karroubi beaten and perhaps arrested on Modarres

Crowd growing by the minute in Daneshjou Square, per Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi
Crowds building up at Enghelab Sq and Amirabad Street, per Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi

Regime goons threw protesters to the ground and jumped on their legs to break them, per radio caller
One of Karroubi's bodyguards has been taken to the hospiltal, per Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi

Fars news:
Some rioters gathered in various parts of Tehran, chanted in favor of US and Israel

then attacked the people, public property, and the police

IRNA: '200 people' protested in front of the Islamic Republic News Agency building today

Tehran Univ students have started their march out the main gate by chanting death to dictator
IRIB showed live pics of Taleghani St around former U.S Embassy, large crowds. No visible security

Larg crowds at 7 Tir police used teargas & fired in the air to disburse the crowd. No one is hurt

Reports are people walking from Tehran U to 7 Tir are being confronted by anti riot police, teargas is being used
Metro stations at 7 Tir, Taleghani, Ferdowsi & Darvazeh Dowlat have been closed since early this morning

Reports of scattered clashes with special guards & plain clothes near Ferdowsi Sq

Karoubi has joined the crowd at 7 Tir. People chanting Karoubi we support you

Clashes reported in Amir Abad(Kargar Shomali) & Enghelab Sq. Anti riot using teargas

Cell phones around the 7 Tir not working. Karoubi was attacked but left with his security detail

People took shelter at homes around Karimkhan Zand & Haft Tir. Some were bloodied

Arrests were made around Ferdowsi SQ. Teargas was used in that area to disburse protestors
Around Haft Tir people ran to side streets, they were followed & beaten up, some were taken by vans

Plain clothes & special force at 7 Tir used teargas, pepper spray, fired shots in the air & beat people with batons

Green sites & blogs are being filtered & hacked

Student activist Vahideh Moloudi(F) arrested during today's protest. Whereabouts unknown
Student activist Ali Mashmouli arrested in Esfahan during todays protest
Journalist Nafiseh Zaghkohan & her husband Hojat Sharifi arrested today

Agents broke down the door of Advare Tahim Vahadat memb Mohamad Hashemi at 2 AM, searched & left
Agents went back to Mohamad Hashemi's home 1 PM & arrested him

Hengameh Shahidi was in court today, charged with anti national security activities & participation in riots
Dr. Habibolah Payman & his wife were attacked during protest today. He suffered broken bones

Mousavi was in Arts Academy today where he was surrounded by forces & could not leave

Reports are number of people were injured & arrested today. Exact info not available yet

Reports are clashes between protestors & police in Esfahan & Shiraz during protest today

Teargas was thrown directly at Karoubi, 1 security detail is in hospital, Karoubi has skin irritation

Unconfirmed reports are Esfahan Sanati Univ protest still continuing

MP Ahmad Tavakoli was not immune from verbal attacks today as he walked in the Gov sanctioned sec

Tehran University Students began their demonstration toward Taleghani Cr Riot Police Blocked way at Palestine
People trying reach Hafte Tir Sq which is under control of R Police & Army Forces, some Metro Station closed

Clashes Between Students and Riot Police at Palastine SQ. (Try to get Conf.)
Heavy Clashes at Hafte Tir SQ, Tear Gas and Gunshots. Ppl Shouting; "Death to the Dictator"
Army Forces Opened Fire at People Near Taleghani Crs. Mobile Network shutdown
Just Heared A Friends of Mine "Badly Wounded" at Taleghani Street & Transfred to a Clinic by other Students
Gunshots and Ambulance Siren at Villa Crs, Heavy Use of Tear Gas
Clashes Near Park e Honarmandan People Making Fire against Tear Gas. Shouting: "Death to Khamenei"
Neda Agha Sulatn's Mother "Arrested" by Security Forces at Hafte Tir SQ. (Try to Conf.)
Call for Staying in Streets and Resistance- Heavy Clashes at Karimkhan Bridge. . Villa St. and Hafez Street
Mobile Network Completly Shutdown in Tehran
More than 25 Wounded transfred to Arad Hospital and some to Army Hospital
Continuous Gunshotsis Hearing from Hafez Street, All Central Streets Turned to War Scene with Tear Gas and Fire
Riot Police Using Special "Plastic Bullets" hits with Orange Color.and Maximum Damage
Protestes Making Fire and Blockage at Ghaem Magham Frahani St., Calling for Resistance
Karoubi and his Guards Attacked Directly by Bassij and Riot Guards shooting Tear Gas to heads,1 injured
Land Line and Internet network in Central Tehran is Shutdown. Reps of Clashes in Shiraz. Isfehan, Rasht, Mashhad

Clashes reported at Mofatteh - Motahhari crossing
Karroubi walking among ppl, greens attacked with batons in Iranshahr st
Unconfirmed news of gunshots around 7tir sq
Eye witness tells BBC Farsi TV that the coup forces had equipments for dispersing people with boiling water
BBC TV farsi reported unrest at Arak University


Blogs & Websites

URGENT: Injuries of more than 500 people on the street

US Goverment:
Obama's statement about Iran

Mainstream Media

Obama says time for Iran to decide future path

Mousavi supporters clash with police in Tehran

Israeli navy intercepts arms ship: military

Al Arabiya:
Iran police clash with demonstrators in Tehran

NY Times:
Iran Clashes on Anniversary of Embassy Takeover

LA Times:
Iran's anti-government protestors clash with security forces

IRAN: Protesters turn anti-American holiday on its head, videos show

New Protests in Iran

Opposition shouts "Death to the Dictator"

Earthquake injures 700 in Southern Iran

White House hoping violence in Iran won't spread

Iranian opposition supporters clash with police

Iran police clash with protesters

Venezuela denies Israeli charges it is Iran 'base'


مزدوران حكومتي با باتوم وگاز اشك آور درخيابانهاي تهران
Security forces all over the city

سركوب دانشجويان تبريز به وسيله گارد ويژه ونيروي انتظامي
Clashes reported at Tabriz University

مردم غيور كرمانشاه ترفند كثيف نظام را نقش برآب كردند
Gov tried to counter Kermanshah protests
by mixing Basij with greens, but failed

Mowj Camp:
یکی دیگر از اعضای ستاد جوانان ۸۸ بازداشت شد
Mohsen Amouzadeh Khalili arrested

جمعیت راهپیمایان سبز در شیراز لحظه به لحظه در حال افزایش است
Green crowd growing in Shiraz

یکی از محافظان مهدی کروبی به بیمارستان منتقل شد
Karoubi's bodygaurd was taken to hospital

Rahe Sabz:
حرکت دانشجویان دانشگاه تهران با شعار مرگ بر دیکتاتور
University of Tehran students joined Sharif University students on the streets

تجمع سبزها در میدان هفت تیر و شلیک چندین گاز اشک آور و دستگیری چند نفر
Security forces trying to disperse crowds with tear gas, few people arrested

سیزده آبان سبز / تیراندازی به سمت مردم در حوالی میدان هفت تیر
Rahesabz quotes Reuters that gunshots have been fired

سخنرانی سردار افشار با اعتراض دانشجویان دانشگاه قزوین نیمه‌تمام ماند
Students in Qazvin protested presence
of Alireza Afshar & forced him to leave

سیزده آبان سبز/ درگیری گسترده در شیراز
Masked motorists attacked greens in Shiraz

حصر میرحسین موسوی از سوی ماموران موتور سوار
Jaras: bikers affiliated with a security organization
prohibited Mousavi's exiting his house on 13 Aban

بازداشت گسترده اعضاي شوراي مركزي سازمان ادوار تحكيم:
محمد صادقي ، علي مليحي و حسن اسدي زيد آبادي بازداشت شدند

Three student activists arrested last night

Rouydad News:
گزارش شماره یک از تظاهرات 13 آبان تهران
Security forces surround former US embassy to block greens

گزارش شماره سه از تظاهرات 13 آبان تهران
Karoubi was evacuated by his security force

اختلال سرویس‌های ایمیل و مسنجر
Severe internet filtering in Iran

آغاز موج جدید بازداشت‌ها در ایران
A new wave of arrests in Iran.
Hasan Asadi Zeidabadi, Mohammad Sadeghi
and Ali Malihi were locked up yesterday

Salaam News:
مامور امنيتي مانع حضور ميرحسين در مراسم 13آبان شدند250 مامور امنيتي مانع حضور ميرحسين در مراسم 13آبان شدند
250 state security agents kept Mousavi from joining protests


Pictures of 13 Aban



Mohsen Sazegara Wednesday 13 Aban 88 Nov 4

Mazandan Uni Students Demo Tearing
down Ahmadinejad's pic yesterday


Videos of 13 Aban

Collection of 13 Aban videos

'Khameni is Killer His Leadrship is Illigal'

Karroubi arriving in one of the
side streets leading to 7th Tir Sq

Mass attack by security forces on Karim Khan Zand St

'Obama, Obama, you're either with them or with us!' Tehran, Nov 4

ضرب و شتم وحشیانه دختران میهن
Vicious clampdown of women on 13 Aban

حمله به زن و دختر مردم
MUST SEE, Attack on Woman and Girl

کتک زدن دختران در خیابان
MUST SEE, Riot Police beation up girls, Nov 4

Protesters bringing down Khamenei's picture

Huge crowd in what appears to be Enghelab Square

Reports of 13 Aban

گزارش سیمای تزویر در بارۀ 13آبان؛این را هم به مردم باخت
Iranian State TV report on 13 Aban protest

CNN coverage of 13 Aban protests

BBC Persian call-in program on today's events

گزارش فرانس 24در بارۀ 13آبان
France24 : Iran Clashes mark anniversary of US embassy takeover

AP: Israel seize a ship transporting Iranian weapons to Lebanon

Thursday, October 15, 2009

15 & 16 October | 23 & 24 Mehr


SAFAR, MOHAMMAD REZA & AMIR at Risk of EXECUTION http://bit.ly/4oZXBe

Reports from Twitter:

English & پارسى

The regime's kangaroo courts are handing out death sentences without notifying the defendants
Protester Hamed Rouhinejad has allegedly been sentenced to death

However, Rouhinejad's lawyer Mohammad Seifzadeh says he has not been informed of the death sentence
Now Arash Rahmanpour has reportedly been sentenced to death, the 5th protester to receive such a sentence
The lawyer imposed on him by the kangaroo court informed Arash's father of the verdict
But Arash's chosen lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh says that no official news of the death sentence has been given

Steps away from execution, 19-year-old is still uninformed http://tinyurl.com/yjen8of

Hated figure leaves Revolutionary Court as regime continues cosmetic facelift http://tinyurl.com/yk76t9x
Sources of hacker attacks on Norooz opposition web site identified http://tinyurl.com/m4e4on

Ahmad Jannati, Guardian Council president, led Friday Prayers in Tehran today
Jannati warned greens against trying to exploit anniversary of US embassy takeover, Nov 4
Jannati at Friday Prayers:
Their schemes for November 4 will be neutralized
Some ppl who are tools of others want to show their American and Israeli natures on Nov 4

If judiciary and security apparatus treat protesters with leniency, they are traitors to Islam+rev

Dep. judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi to IRNA:
Judiciary seriously looking into accusations against Karroubi

Karroubi case is under the jurisdiction of the Special Clergy Court
Three-man judiciary panel on abuse allegations will advise Special Clergy Court
Pros. Gen. Mohseni Ejei to Keyhan: Clergy Court must look into Karroubi case, and rest assured they will

Per HR group report since September of last year 399 people have been executed in Iran
Three of the people executed were stoned to death
32 of the executed last year were political prisoners, 10 were female
Out of the 399 executed last year the ages of 113 are known. 6 were under 20
57 executed were between 21-30 yrs old, 36 were 21-40 yrs old, 10 were 41-50 yrs old & 3 were over 50
Out the total number executed 4 were under age of 18 when committed their crime
Tehran, Zahedan, Karaj, Esfahan & Shiraz had the most executions in the country

Considering the limitations in availability of info, actual numbers of executions could be higher than this report

Participation Front news site Norooze says since elections they have been under heavy hacker attack
The attacks have been aimed at filtering the site and attacking their server.
Norooze now claims
they have been able to identify the Internet address of these sites
Norooze names Aseman Airlines, Tarbiyat Badani, Iran Khodrow & Intel as the source of their attacks
Norooze says these sites are government entities funded by the government
Other than Intel none of the others have any responsibility re cyber space

Movie director Jafar Panahi has been banned from leaving Iran. His passport has been confiscated

Hamed Rouhinejad in poor health in Evin sec 7 suffering fr asthma. He was recently sentenced to death
Hamed was forced to give false confession in one of the show trials.
However according to HR report
Hamed along with two others accused of being a Monarchist
were arrested months before the Election

5 Khajeh Nasear Univ students have been summoned by Intel office
Sanati Univ in Babol is now summoning the families of the students in an effort to stop student activism

Foreign Ministry is recalling diplomats who supported Mousavi from abroad, afraid they might seek asylum

In an article Green site Rahe Sabz cautions about rumors surrounding Khameni's health, saying these rumors have been going around for 15 years. The recent rumor started with a rpt on Payknet naming doctors could not be located & are not listed on Iran Physicians Directory. They also caution that source reporting Khamenei in coma also reported him dead back in 2007.
Reality is unlike most democratic
countries were status of the health of their leader is public
information, in Iran that does not hold true

The opposition is worried about Khamenie's health, and worries about the aftermath unrest
can happen in case of his death. In these volatile times some are worried that Sepah might take control

Author Hassan Abdoulahi was released on bail after 93 days detention in Tabriz

According to Alef site Khamenie is alive & kicking. They report he meet with head of IRIB Wednesday morning

Thursday afternoon Behnoud's 3rd day memorial svcs were held at Al-Nabi mosque.
People came
to mourn Behnoud's lost. For his lost years waiting in prison & yearning for freedom,
for his lost of life &
the lost of hope that he held until the last seconds of his life standing on that stool hoping that the victim's mother would forgive him. The services were also a way to protest
against minor's
executions. People showed up with "Stop Children's Execution" signs.
Another sign read "Iran has the
highest number of minors executions in the world". People cried.
Plain clothes & uniformed agents
were there also.
Behnoud's father said agents went to his home in the morning and warned him that
the services
should be conducted quietly and no fliers can be passed around. People gathered with signs

in front of the mosque, walking around and letting others know what was happening inside
The parents of Ali Mahin-Torabi who also has received the death sentence when a minor were also there.
Ali's parents said, their son's Court of Appeals will be held in two weeks
Behnoud is gone but let's hope his death was not in vain, let's hope he has brought enough
attention to this cruel practice in Iran so other minors don't have to sit on death row
Perhaps Behnoud's death will help save other youngsters from having to endure the
pain & horror of staying in solitary on the last night of their life

7 Bahais will go on trial Oct 18. They all have been kept in Evin under extremely harsh conditions
They were kept in solitary for long time, no phone calls, limited bathroom use, no beds & limited fresh air

Chameran Univ students in Ahwaz were prevented from holding a ceremony in honor of Khatami's 66th birthday

Ayt Montazeri:
Freedom is giving people the freedom of expressing their opinions

Freedom is not being imprisoned for every protest world that one utters
Armed forced should aim their weapons at the enemy & not at their own people & friends

German (Hamburg) Intel. warns Iran Intel. over its attempts to identify dissidents who are in touch with Iran & protesters

Reformist website, Norooz, publishes 4 emails addresses belonging to people responsible for hacking its website

Sources say that in an attempt to gain popularity, AN has written letter to Khamenei asking 4 sum prisoners to be released

Iran-Khabar: The reason for Ghashghavi's removal as foreign Min.
Spokesman: Some of his relatives arrested during protests

Public relations office of Tehran Rev. court has announced the trail of the Bahaï 7 to begin on Oct 18th

14 Executions in last 14 days

Encouraging news from Tehran Source. Gov is dead scared of Police force...CONTINIUED: http://tl.gd/m3bs

Montazeri's ethics lesson yesterday: Soldiers don't need to follow orders to protect Regime...CONTINIUED: http://tl.gd/m3g0

Karroubi to Ejei: I'm not worried, I welcome a trial...CONTINIUEDhttp://tl.gd/ma8m

Tabnak insists Khamenei rumor isn't true, says it double-checked with Supreme Leader's camp
& accordingly publishes disclaimer...

Students will intensify their protest before the demo 4th Nov. Bigger & more frequent protest in UNI been planed

Flyers & posters for 13th Aban are daily distributed to various households in different parts of Tehran

Ordinary people in Tehran have start to talk abut 13th Aban now. We must continue informing

15 Oct:
Family members of Iran election detainees continued their protest outside Evin & demanded release of their love ones

Keyhan Newspaper (Under Khamenei Sup.) Called Nazanin Afshin Jam (Singer-HR activist) "Prostitute"!

Family friend from Tehran:
People in Tehran bazaar saying Khamenei is dead (unconfirmed of course)

Atmosphere around khamenei's residence is like a lockdown
Nobody knows for sure about Khamenei, but why are police around his home?
Some streets/locations near Khamenei residence closed/blocked police
This is all unconfirmed from a close family friend in Tehran

iranbaan (پارسى) & iran88 (English)
نسرین ستوده:
در میان اسامی ای که مدیر روابط عمومی دادگستری تهران اعلام کرد اسم موکل من به عنوان محکوم به اعدام نبود اما

ما گمان می کنیم کسی که به عنوان "الف . پ" معرفی شده همان آرش رحمانی پور، یعنی موکل بنده است
چون وکیل تسخیری آقای رحمانی پور، به پدر ایشان گفته که حکم اعدام آرش صادر شده است. این در حالیست که هنوز چنین حکمی به موکل من ابلاغ نشده است
دادگاه تاکنون علیرغم مراجعات فراوان من و خانواده آرش از پذیرفتن وکالت نامه من امتناع کرده است
آقای رحمانی پور در فروردین ماه بازداشت شده اند و هیچ ربطی به انتخابات و وقایع بعد از انتخابات ندارند
6 نفر از ماموران سراغ پدر رحمانی پور را تهدید کرده اند که یا پسرت را واداربه اقرار کن و یا همین الان تو را هم بازداشت خواهیم کرد
آرش رحمانی پور با توجه به وعده هایی که درباره آزادی و تخفیف در مجازات در صورت اعتراف و همکاری با ماموران
به او داده بودند به کارهای نکرده اعتراف کرده است
رحمانی پور، هیچ گونه فعالیت عملی در خصوص انجمن پادشاهی ایران نداشته است
ایذا و آزار و بازداشت سایر اعضای خانواده برای اعمال فشار به موکلم، اقرار به کارهای نکرده و برخوردی که با خواهر او
صورت گرفته نشان میدهد که چه فشار ناهنجاری بر آرش رحمانی پور که فقط 19 سال سن دارد ، وارد شده است
Nasrin Sotoudeh:
My client's name wasn't listed as sentenced to death in the list announced by the court's PR, however
we believe the "A.P." that is sentenced to death is my client Arash Rahmani Pour
This is because his public defendant has told his father that he is sentenced to death while he hasn't received it
Despite regular visits by me & Arash's family, the court refuses to accept my power of attorney
Mr. Rahmani Pour was arrested in March & has nothing to do with post-election events
6 agents have threatened Rahmani Pour's father: Either force your son to confess or we'll arrest you as well
Rahmani Pour has not confessed, despite all the promises regarding his release in case of cooperation

Rahmani Pour has had no practical activity regarding the royal association
Arrest of family members, forced confessions & treatment of his sister show the intense pressure
on the 19-year-old


Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (2 October)

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (2 October)

I, Hamed Rouhinejad,Son of Mohammad Reza,
Sentenced to Death,Want to Tell You My Story

Fariba Pezhveh’s Continued Interrogation
and Accusations Made by her Jailers

The Lede Blog:
Interview With an Iranian Blogger (madyar)


میرحسین و خاتمی با یکدیگر دیدار کردند
Mousavi & Khatami meet, they emphasized importance of adhering to the Constitution

Most of their talks seems to have been focused on the need to go back to Constitution

و سه روز از اعدام بهنود شجاعی گذشت/ گزارشی از مراسم ختم بهنود
Pictures: Behnood Shojaee's Memorial Service & protest against child executions
The texts read: Iran has the highest child executions in the world & Stop child executions

Rooz Online:
انحلال دادسرای امنیت در آخرین طبقه دادگاه انقلاب؛ دستیاران مرتضوی هم رفتند
Dissolution of the security prosecutor's office: Mortazavi's aids are gone too

پنج ماه از مرگ جمهوریت می گذرد
5 months past since the death of republicanism

مصاحبه من با وکیل آرش رحمانی پور:دردو قدمی اعدام ،اما بی خبر
My interview with Arash Rahmanipour: close to execution but clueless



نصب پوستر بازداشت شدگان پس از انتخابات در مراسم حامیان کودتاچیان
Basij students holding a meeting.
Look what Green students plastered allover for them

دیوار نویسی
Tehran street graffiti

Wall Grafitti شعار نويسي

Green graffiti in Satarkhan St. in Tehran
Death to dictator, Khamenei murderer & Neda

امحای مشروب
Destroying liquor in Iran

Cartoon: Stop Child Execution by Mana Neyestani



خاکسپاری بهنود شجاعی۲۱ مهر
Behnoud Shojaee funeral 13 Oct

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 October | 22 Mehr

Final Version

Execution date has been set for Safar Angooti Oct 19.
He was tried, convicted & sentenced at 17


Death-penalty trial of 7 Baha'i leaders imprisoned in Iran set for Oct 18th
Scream Now

URGENT Call to Action petition to overturn execution of Safar Angooti

URGENT Call to Action Petition to release seven Baha'i prisoners in Iran

Sentenced when a minor:
Bahman Soulayman in Esfahan is in danger of execution next week.
Abas Housieni in Mashhad in danger of execution next week.
Rahim Ahmadi in Shiraz in danger of execution next week.
Mohamad Jahedi in Shiraz in danger of execution next week.
Amir Amerelahi in danger of execution next week.
Mohamad Reza Hadadi in danger of execution next week.
Housien Alipour may be executed anytime.

List of Juveniles on death row (160 as of Jun 09) stopchildexecutions.com

همراه شوعزیز
Wednesday 4th of Nov (Aban the 13th) another day for
Greens to show their endless power to the Islamic regime

Reports from Twitter:

English & پارسى

Video purporting to show Azad Uni students completely ignoring an exasperated Basiji

Juvenile offender Saffar Angouti is in danger of being executed on October 21
He committed murder when 17 and has spent the last four years in prison
His lawyer is Mohammad Mostafaie, who also represented Behnoud Shojaie, executed last weekend

Nargess Kalhor, daughter of Ahmadinejad's media adviser Mehdi Kalhor, has sought asylum in the west

Nargess Kalhor, 25, presented a movie called 'Rake' at the Nuremberg human rights film festival last week
For more on Nargess Kalhor's film http://tinyurl.com/ygaxdn9

If anti-Islamic acts are taken to preserve the regime, neither Islam, nor the regime will endure

IRHRA interview with brother of Naser Abdoulhosieni the 5th person sentenced to death
Brother of Naser Abdoulhousieni who just recieved death sentence & is accused of belonging to MKO says:
His brother Naser, who is from the lower bracket income neighborhood of South Tehran was not involved with any political groups. They told my brother if he gave a confession during the
televised trials
they would be much more lenient towards him & he will received lesser prison
time than once who
don't agree with giving confession. Not only this didn't happen they gave him the death sentence
They used my brother for their own purpose. Naser's brother also said that Naser is not even a

high school graduate & since he does not own a computer or have an email address how could he
recieved instruction from via email. He said when they arrested Naser, they had no
and found no evidence in their house. He said, none of his family members have ever been political activists.
He also complains that the court appointed attorney did nothing for his
brother & has only
contacted his brother twice.
He says Naser was not even in Tehran during
the uprising & was working in Bushehr (South Iran).
Nader says, he invites the Justice Dept officials
, Intel officials and human rights activists to visit
their home and see how they live & see that none of
them have ever been politically active.
Nader says, they gave his brother false hope and made him
agree to give a false confession
during the televised trial in the hope of a more lenient sentence

Kobra Zaghehdoost & her husband Ashkah Eskandai were arrested during the 40th ceremony
for the martyrs at Tehran cemetery. After 75 days still in Evin with unclear status

Sepah is very upset they haven't been able to break the high rank members of the Participation Front in Evin

Dr. Mirdamadi, Abdoulah Ramezanzadeh, Safai Farahani & Tajzadeh have not agreed to any false confession

Bahman Soulayman in Esfahan & Abbas Houseini in Mashhad are in danger of execution anytime.
Rahim Ahmadi & Mohamad Jahedi in Shiraz are in danger of execution anytime.

All were minor when sentenced

Behnoud's Lawyer Mohamad Mostafai who is now trying to save Safar Angooti said:

I handle number of death sentence cases where I am trying to get the families of the victims to
with fines in lieu of execution. Most of the people I am defending do not have a lot of money

However in no time have I asked for any donations in Iran or outside of Iran
I have never asked anyone to announce an account number for people to donate to.
Specifically I have
heard that an account number is being advertised for Safar Angooti. This
donation drive has
nothing to do with me or Safar's case. Please do not make donations to anyone
asking for help under
my name. Anyone who wants to help can contact me directly

Ettemade Melli Party Sr. members & Karoubi were meeting last night at a member's home.
It was ordered cancelled by Intel

Intel called Montakhabniya at 3 PM & threaten to arrest members if they continue with their meeting plan

5 Khajeh Nasier Univ students have been summoned by Intel office
Wave of disciplinary action & summoning of students continues for Boali Sina Univ in Hamedan

Member of Teachers Association M. Reza Rezai-Gorgani was arrested last week.
Status & whereabouts unknown

Tuesday morning branch 15 of Reveloutionary Court handed down harsh sentences to number of post-Elec detaines

Reports are Karimi Ghaleh-Sourkhi a Mousavi campaign worker was sentenced to 7 years in prison

Unconfirmed reports of a female detainee charged with belonging to MKO, received death sentence

Dr. Mohsen Aminzadeh Member of the Participation Front has been moved out of solitary after 120 days

Reports are Dr. Aminzadeh now shares a cell with Moustafa Tajzadeh who was in solitary before as well

Abdoulah Ramezanzadeh still refusing to accept any of the charges of being an organizer of the uprising

Ramezanzadeh was arrested 7-8 PM the night of election. Street protests started the next day


After Behnood’s death, the time has come for three other youngsters to go to the gallows

All three were charged for crimes they had committed when they were minors (under the age of 18)
Safar Angooti will go to the gallows on October 21st
According to some reports, Mohammad Reza Haddadi and Amir Amrollahi will also be hanged next week
The considerable efforts to get the victims’ families’ consent to stop the executions have regrettably been unsuccessful
Additionally, there are 5 other youth whose death sentences could be carried out at any moment

Some of the victims’ families have agreed to give up their right for retribution in return for financial compensation but my clients’ families are not in a position to come up with monetary compensation
I would like to warn that some individuals and organizations have been collecting funds under my name
If there is any need to collect funds to compensate victims’ families, I will announce it publicly through my weblog

Intel forced called Montakhabnia told him those who attend meting at Karoubi house will be arrested

Montazeri published new letter criticizing IRGC's attempt to control politics

Azadi 10 Students injured by Basiji & Security forces yesterday but students won, Basij retreated/freed detained students

Police & Bassij Attacked Cars Horning at Vanak Sq. spreading Rumors about "Khamenei in Coma".

داوود فربچه میر اردبیلی، متهم به ارتباط به انجمن پادشاهی ایران است و دادگاه انقلاب وی را به «محاربه» محکوم کرده‌است
Davoud Farbche Mir Ardebili is accused of contact with the royal association of Iran

خانواده هنگامه شهیدی که دیروز موفق به ملاقات با او شده اند ، وضعیت عمومی او را خوب توصیف کردند
Hamgameh Shahidi's family who met her ystrday described her in gd overall condition

داماد حمزه کرمي:
در ملاقاتي که با ايشان داشتيم وضعيت وي را بسيار نامناسب ديديم. نه تنها فشارها کم نشده بلکه فشارها افزايش يافته است
خانواده ما به شدت تهديد مي شوند و براي مصاحبه يا هر گونه خبر رساني تحت فشار هستيم و
هرگاه خبري منتشر مي کنيم بازجوي ايشان تماس مي گيرند و ميگويند الان براي بازداشت شما اقدام مي کنيم

همسر فيض الله عرب سرخي:
همسرم از انفرادي خارج شده اند و پس از 100 روز اجازه داده اند که چند روز آينده دخترهايش را ببيند

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter

English & پارسى

13 October | 21 Mehr

Student protesters in Tehran Azad Uni clash with militia Basij

Human rights commission in UN asks for death penalty reconsideration

Daughter of Ahmadinejad's advisor asks for refugee

Analysis on possibility of arresting the reformist leaders

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Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (14 October)
  • Watching Karroubi Response to Gov't Threat, Rafsanjani Move, & Khamenei Health
  • Analysis of Iran Economy - Inflation Down, Unemployment Up, Ahmadinejad's Move with Subsidy Cuts
  • Headline of Day: "Salami Says Iran Invincible"
  • Urgent: Report - 5th Death Sentence for Post-Election Handed Out
  • Mousavi campaign on Gov't threat to arrest Karroubi-Mousavi "We'll take to streets"
  • (Dis)Information? Javan (Revol Guard paper) "Rafsanjani says Ahmadinejad Gov't legitimate"
  • Montazeri Letter Issues Challenge to Revol Guard "Armed Forces Should Not Be Cruel"

Latest Iran Video: Selling Ahmadinejad's Economic Plan (13 October)

Rafsanjani Statement on "False News" (13 October)

Analysis: Tehran's Growing Confidence Against the Israeli Threat

The Latest on Mehdi Karroubi

Analysis of Statement by Putin "No Need for Sanctions"

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (14 October)

Rafsanjani: Ahmadinejad's 2nd term legitimate

Iranian Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi Facing Court Scrutiny

US House Debates Iran Divestment Measure

Student Protests in Tehran Violently Confronted

The Mother Of Sohrab:
In Iran, A Grieving Mother Who Refuses To Be Silent

The Poverty Line in Iran. A "Hoax?"

Second Stage of Structural Change in Iran's Revolutionary Guards

UN rights chief speaks out against use of death penalty in Iran

'Mourning Mothers Iran' Stand with Activist Mothers Worldwide

The Brothers of a Man sentenced to Death in Election trials Say He was Deceived by Interrogators

Steel Guru:
USD 2 billion bonds for oil and gas projects in Iran

Six people hanged in south since last week

Iranian Athlete Seeks Asylum In Czech Republic


Latest juvenile execution in Iran condemned
(No legal representation)

Mainstream Media

Putin warns against intimidating Iran

Iran subsidy reform to soften fuel sanction punch

NY Times:
Iranian Seeks Asylum

Crackdown on Iranian Journalists Continues

Putin: Iran sanctions talk premature

House allows states to sell funds linked to Iran

US calls for Chinese support on Iran nuclear issue

Israel's Barak hails US missile shield rethink

Clinton urged to discuss religious rights with Iran

Iran Finds Indian Basmati Rice Safe for Consumption

UAE's RAK Gas Not In "Meaningful" Talks With Iran: Source

US House oks Bill Targeting Cos Invested In Iran Energy Sector

Daughter of senior Iranian official seeks asylum in Germany

Clinton, Lavrov agree to delay sanctions against Iran

Russia not to jeopardize relations with Iran, even for U.S: expert

Nobel for Obama rules out U.S. strike on Iran

Jerusalem Post:
'We must do everything to stop Iran'

House passes Iran sanctions legislation

Asylum embarrassment for Ahmadinejad

Can Iran afford a nuclear U-turn?

The Global & Mail:
Pregnant wife of Maziar Bahari pleads for his release

Parthian city found in northeastern Iran


فوری --- بسیار مهم --- ترور در دستور کار دولت کودتا قرار گرفته است
Radical AN supporting fractions rumored to
be planning a series of assasinations over time

خاطرات 60 روزه سعیده کردی نژاددر زندان اوین
Saeedeh Kordinejad writes her story of 60 days in Evin

دکتر محمد سیف زاده ، ممنوع الخروج شد
Dr. Mohammad Seifzadeh banned from leaving the country

دادستان کل کشور از برخورد " به موقع" با موسوی و کروبی خبر داد
Prosecutor general: Mousavi & Karoubi will be dealt with at the right time

آخرین وضعیت محسن امین زاده در زندان اوین
Latest status of Mohsen Aminzadeh in Evin

بولتن محرمانه سپاه منتشر کرد:میردامادی بازجویانش را نصیحت می کند
Secret bulletin of IRG: Mirdamadi advises his interrogators

جلوگیری از مهمانی شبانه حزب اعتمادملی
Etemaad Melli party's nightly gathering avoided

پنجمین حکم اعدام برای متهمان وقایع انتخابات
5th execution verdict for post election detainees

پرونده کروبی در دادگاه ویژه روحانیت
Karoubi's case in special court of clerics

Etemade Melli:
مایکل لدین: آیت الله خامنه ای از دیروز به کما رفته است
Michael Ledeen says Khamenei in COMA

DW Persian:
خطر اعدام برخی از بازداشت‌شدگان جدی است
Tajari (MP) after meeting with Jud. Officials on Sunday:
They are serious about execution of 3 royalists & 1 MKO

برادران ناصرعبدالحسینی: سو استفاده از برادر بیگناهمان منجر به صدور حکم اعدام شد
Naser Abdolhosseini was promised to get out soon if he confessed on TV.
Now he's sentenced to death

ضرغامی پس از دیدار با رهبرانقلاب در سمت خود ماندنی شد
IRIB Chief Zarghami met with Khamenei today & was confirmed in his job for another 5 years (after being read riot act.)
They quote Aleph as reporting source. (Aleph isn't a trustworthy source) (via MikVerbrugge)

Hayate No:
پرونده تفريغ بودجه 85 هنوز باز است
National Auditor contradicts Gov statements; "Budget file not closed / Discrepancies exist" http://tinyurl.com/yjlz8s9

Bamdad Khabar:
یک ماه بی خبری کامل از احمد زیدآبادی/ هدف بازجویان، گرفتن اعترافات اجباری
Zeidabadi still being held & pressured; to confess despite last week's bail order.
His wife says:
"He's under severe pressure to read a confession text written by his interrogators"

(via MikVerbrugge)

Javan Farda:
درگیری در دانشكده فنی تهران مركز و حضور گارد ویژه
Basij/student clashes at Azadi Uni. and similar conditions at Sharif Uni.

Radio Farda:
رستم پور: به ندرت کسی در صدا و سیما با حاکمیت همراه است
IRIB TV Host & Wrestling Official who fled to Europe:
"Hardy anyone in IRIB supports Goverment"

Rahe Sabz:
افزایش شایعات درباره سلامت رهبری؛
نگرانی از حوادث پیش بینی نشده رو به فزونی ست

Rumors about Khameni sickness

Aut News:
دانشجویان دانشگاه علم و صنعت خواهان بازگشت دانشجویان ممنوع الورود به دانشگاه شدند
Science & tech university students asked for
return of those banned from returning to school

IR Women:
سهمیه بندی دستشویی در بند زنان اوین لغو شد
Limited bathroom breaks cancelled in women's ward at Evin

Audio Persian:
Nourizadeh : "Mortazavi seeking refuge abroad, trying to escape country before prosecution"

English summary: http://tl.gd/lrs8 (via MikVerbrugge)


ePersianRadio.com Political Program
Please listen & send link to people in Iran
14 October | 22 Mehr:


Hengameh Shahidi's birthday celebration outside Evin


FREEDOM OF THOUGHT - Frankfurt Book Fair 2009

Have u seen the 7 Baha'i faces

awaiting execution? PLEASE HELP!


همراه شوعزیز
Wednesday 4th of Nov (Aban the 13th) another day for
Greens to show their endless power to the Islamic regime

یک ماه تا تظاهرات ۱۳ آبان وقت باقیست:
اطلاع رسانی را از امروز شروع کنیم

Next Green demo 13 Aban
Inform the people in Iran

http://bit.ly/HU4nV http://bit.ly/2rO0g
http://bit.ly/2jLz0F http://bit.ly/bgdx7
http://bit.ly/3k1FCR http://bit.ly/KGWqP

http://bit.ly/5ca2S http://pic.gd/6f0313


Videos: Next protest day in Iran , November 4th 2009, Aban 13 1388

آبان۱۳‌: اعلامیه
Link for download more 13th Aban flyers

طرح چگونگی شروع و ماندن در خیابانها و شکل دهی هسته مردمی در روز 13 آبان
لطفا کامل بخوانید ونظرتان را ارائه دهید

How to organize the protest in 13th Aban

موج جدید تحریم سبز آغاز شد + تصویر
New wave of Green sanctions

وبلاگی برای آزادی مهندس شاپور کاظمی، برادر زهرا رهنورد
A blog to demand release of Shapour Kazemi (Zahra Rahnavard's brother)


تا آزادی زندانیان سبز
A Blog for unnamed green prisoners

Crimes against Humanity in Iran:

Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions

List of protests outside Iran

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Twitter profile picture,
to protest
executions and promote humanrights



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URGENT Call to Action petition to overturn execution of Safar Angooti

URGENT Call to Action Petition to release seven Baha'i prisoners in Iran

Stop Child Execution In Iran

World Day Against Death Penalty

Iranian-American Lawyers Association
petition on HumanRights violations in Iran

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Petitions on Iran Human Rights Crimes

Protection & Help for Greens

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How to test and submit your Tor bridge


Help heal Iran
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کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (پارسى)

How to Escape From Plastic Handcuffs

ساختن مُهر دستی با پاک‌کن : ۱ مرداد
Home made V stamp , project green bill

How to blur part of a video image

IHRDC funding stopped by US State dept! How you can help!


Mohsen Sazegara Wednesday 22 Mehr 88 Oct 14, 09 (پارسى)

تیر خلاص زن: فقط 4-5 نفر درسازمان ملل خارج شدند
AN says "only 4 or 5 people left my
speech at UNGA & listened from outside"


Behnood Shojaei's Case: Mother of victim says
she feels better since the execution of Behnood (پارسى)

VOA Interview with Behnood Shojaei's lawyer (پارسى)
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twA6FAaf8co
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R90sTU8lC2M

Iran "under age execution" آنها روزی هزار بار می میرند
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVvXFyIFCQQ
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uFS5sijqOc

The Melody of Pain ريتم درد

پرواز بادکنکهای سبر مشهد و 13 آبان سبز
Homemade video from Mashad
wishing Khatami a happy birthday

New photos of Neda Agha Soltan

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (پارسى)