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04 November | 13 Aban

English & پارسى

ePersianRadio.com (پارسى):
Full Live Report frm 13 Aban Protest + Summary of today's events & Eyewitness reports http://bit.ly/2I4KRv

Liveblogs of 13 Aban protests:
Revolutionary Road
: http://bit.ly/3sIOEo
homylafayette: http://bit.ly/41WuJf
Guardian: http://bit.ly/44C7D3
Enduring America: http://bit.ly/1uizaH
(پارسى): http://bit.ly/k25Ki
13 Aban news dashboard: http://bit.ly/2zchlo

CNN Sources:
10:00 am - Tehran's streets lined with riot police & security personnel
10:30 am - Tehran's 7 Tir Square. At least 2 clashes between police & opp supporters. 2 detained and led away
11:00 am - 100s walk towards 7 Tir square holding up V signs. No anti-govt chants. Cars honk in heavy traffic jams
11:00 am - Chants of death to America & death to Israel near former US embassy building. Mostly pro-govt crowds here
11:30 am - Phone calls not going through to Iran
Dozens of clashes in Tehran. Witnesses saw at least 2 women beaten by security personnel. Several arrests

30 years after 13 Aban"America..seeks a relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran based upon mutual interests & mutual respect"

Iran must choose. We've heard for 30 years what the Iranian government is against; the question now is what kind of future it is for

Opposition websites announced a march down Taleghani Ave & streets near the fmr US Embassy, or driving cars along the route for safety

Authorities vowed to crack down, banning all protests but anti-US protests. per early reports security forces now lining the streets
Reported clashes between protesters & police. security forces using batons & tear gas on crowds chanting "death to the dictator"
Tehran and Sharif University students chanting in protests on campus...police have blocked their exit

A colleague confirms Karroubi is in the crowd at Hafte-Tir Square with crowds
An interview w/ Karoubi's son, Karoubi was beaten badly, but not arrested at today's 13 aban rally
Chants of "Russian Embassy, Den of Spies," contrasting anti-US sentiment & reminding that for years in Iran, Russia was the bullying bad guy

I've started live-blogging on November 4 rallies http://tinyurl.com/m4e4on

Karim Khan Zand St, near 7th Tir Sq: Protesters attacked a group of a dozen Basijis, per caller on ePersian Radio

Caller on Radio Farda:
Subways would not stop at7th Tir, we got off at Mofatteh station and started chanting

Mass security presence at Mofatteh Station, but crowd grew bigger and went south 7th Tir

Karroubi at 7th Tir Square, according to Iran Press News
Protest at Isfahan University, according to Al Arabiya
Protesters arrested at Ferdowsi Square, Tehran, according to Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi

Karroubi beaten and perhaps arrested on Modares, according to eyewitness reporter on ePersian radio
Reporter on ePersian radio says he saw Karroubi beaten and perhaps arrested on Modarres

Crowd growing by the minute in Daneshjou Square, per Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi
Crowds building up at Enghelab Sq and Amirabad Street, per Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi

Regime goons threw protesters to the ground and jumped on their legs to break them, per radio caller
One of Karroubi's bodyguards has been taken to the hospiltal, per Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi

Fars news:
Some rioters gathered in various parts of Tehran, chanted in favor of US and Israel

then attacked the people, public property, and the police

IRNA: '200 people' protested in front of the Islamic Republic News Agency building today

Tehran Univ students have started their march out the main gate by chanting death to dictator
IRIB showed live pics of Taleghani St around former U.S Embassy, large crowds. No visible security

Larg crowds at 7 Tir police used teargas & fired in the air to disburse the crowd. No one is hurt

Reports are people walking from Tehran U to 7 Tir are being confronted by anti riot police, teargas is being used
Metro stations at 7 Tir, Taleghani, Ferdowsi & Darvazeh Dowlat have been closed since early this morning

Reports of scattered clashes with special guards & plain clothes near Ferdowsi Sq

Karoubi has joined the crowd at 7 Tir. People chanting Karoubi we support you

Clashes reported in Amir Abad(Kargar Shomali) & Enghelab Sq. Anti riot using teargas

Cell phones around the 7 Tir not working. Karoubi was attacked but left with his security detail

People took shelter at homes around Karimkhan Zand & Haft Tir. Some were bloodied

Arrests were made around Ferdowsi SQ. Teargas was used in that area to disburse protestors
Around Haft Tir people ran to side streets, they were followed & beaten up, some were taken by vans

Plain clothes & special force at 7 Tir used teargas, pepper spray, fired shots in the air & beat people with batons

Green sites & blogs are being filtered & hacked

Student activist Vahideh Moloudi(F) arrested during today's protest. Whereabouts unknown
Student activist Ali Mashmouli arrested in Esfahan during todays protest
Journalist Nafiseh Zaghkohan & her husband Hojat Sharifi arrested today

Agents broke down the door of Advare Tahim Vahadat memb Mohamad Hashemi at 2 AM, searched & left
Agents went back to Mohamad Hashemi's home 1 PM & arrested him

Hengameh Shahidi was in court today, charged with anti national security activities & participation in riots
Dr. Habibolah Payman & his wife were attacked during protest today. He suffered broken bones

Mousavi was in Arts Academy today where he was surrounded by forces & could not leave

Reports are number of people were injured & arrested today. Exact info not available yet

Reports are clashes between protestors & police in Esfahan & Shiraz during protest today

Teargas was thrown directly at Karoubi, 1 security detail is in hospital, Karoubi has skin irritation

Unconfirmed reports are Esfahan Sanati Univ protest still continuing

MP Ahmad Tavakoli was not immune from verbal attacks today as he walked in the Gov sanctioned sec

Tehran University Students began their demonstration toward Taleghani Cr Riot Police Blocked way at Palestine
People trying reach Hafte Tir Sq which is under control of R Police & Army Forces, some Metro Station closed

Clashes Between Students and Riot Police at Palastine SQ. (Try to get Conf.)
Heavy Clashes at Hafte Tir SQ, Tear Gas and Gunshots. Ppl Shouting; "Death to the Dictator"
Army Forces Opened Fire at People Near Taleghani Crs. Mobile Network shutdown
Just Heared A Friends of Mine "Badly Wounded" at Taleghani Street & Transfred to a Clinic by other Students
Gunshots and Ambulance Siren at Villa Crs, Heavy Use of Tear Gas
Clashes Near Park e Honarmandan People Making Fire against Tear Gas. Shouting: "Death to Khamenei"
Neda Agha Sulatn's Mother "Arrested" by Security Forces at Hafte Tir SQ. (Try to Conf.)
Call for Staying in Streets and Resistance- Heavy Clashes at Karimkhan Bridge. . Villa St. and Hafez Street
Mobile Network Completly Shutdown in Tehran
More than 25 Wounded transfred to Arad Hospital and some to Army Hospital
Continuous Gunshotsis Hearing from Hafez Street, All Central Streets Turned to War Scene with Tear Gas and Fire
Riot Police Using Special "Plastic Bullets" hits with Orange Color.and Maximum Damage
Protestes Making Fire and Blockage at Ghaem Magham Frahani St., Calling for Resistance
Karoubi and his Guards Attacked Directly by Bassij and Riot Guards shooting Tear Gas to heads,1 injured
Land Line and Internet network in Central Tehran is Shutdown. Reps of Clashes in Shiraz. Isfehan, Rasht, Mashhad

Clashes reported at Mofatteh - Motahhari crossing
Karroubi walking among ppl, greens attacked with batons in Iranshahr st
Unconfirmed news of gunshots around 7tir sq
Eye witness tells BBC Farsi TV that the coup forces had equipments for dispersing people with boiling water
BBC TV farsi reported unrest at Arak University


Blogs & Websites

URGENT: Injuries of more than 500 people on the street

US Goverment:
Obama's statement about Iran

Mainstream Media

Obama says time for Iran to decide future path

Mousavi supporters clash with police in Tehran

Israeli navy intercepts arms ship: military

Al Arabiya:
Iran police clash with demonstrators in Tehran

NY Times:
Iran Clashes on Anniversary of Embassy Takeover

LA Times:
Iran's anti-government protestors clash with security forces

IRAN: Protesters turn anti-American holiday on its head, videos show

New Protests in Iran

Opposition shouts "Death to the Dictator"

Earthquake injures 700 in Southern Iran

White House hoping violence in Iran won't spread

Iranian opposition supporters clash with police

Iran police clash with protesters

Venezuela denies Israeli charges it is Iran 'base'


مزدوران حكومتي با باتوم وگاز اشك آور درخيابانهاي تهران
Security forces all over the city

سركوب دانشجويان تبريز به وسيله گارد ويژه ونيروي انتظامي
Clashes reported at Tabriz University

مردم غيور كرمانشاه ترفند كثيف نظام را نقش برآب كردند
Gov tried to counter Kermanshah protests
by mixing Basij with greens, but failed

Mowj Camp:
یکی دیگر از اعضای ستاد جوانان ۸۸ بازداشت شد
Mohsen Amouzadeh Khalili arrested

جمعیت راهپیمایان سبز در شیراز لحظه به لحظه در حال افزایش است
Green crowd growing in Shiraz

یکی از محافظان مهدی کروبی به بیمارستان منتقل شد
Karoubi's bodygaurd was taken to hospital

Rahe Sabz:
حرکت دانشجویان دانشگاه تهران با شعار مرگ بر دیکتاتور
University of Tehran students joined Sharif University students on the streets

تجمع سبزها در میدان هفت تیر و شلیک چندین گاز اشک آور و دستگیری چند نفر
Security forces trying to disperse crowds with tear gas, few people arrested

سیزده آبان سبز / تیراندازی به سمت مردم در حوالی میدان هفت تیر
Rahesabz quotes Reuters that gunshots have been fired

سخنرانی سردار افشار با اعتراض دانشجویان دانشگاه قزوین نیمه‌تمام ماند
Students in Qazvin protested presence
of Alireza Afshar & forced him to leave

سیزده آبان سبز/ درگیری گسترده در شیراز
Masked motorists attacked greens in Shiraz

حصر میرحسین موسوی از سوی ماموران موتور سوار
Jaras: bikers affiliated with a security organization
prohibited Mousavi's exiting his house on 13 Aban

بازداشت گسترده اعضاي شوراي مركزي سازمان ادوار تحكيم:
محمد صادقي ، علي مليحي و حسن اسدي زيد آبادي بازداشت شدند

Three student activists arrested last night

Rouydad News:
گزارش شماره یک از تظاهرات 13 آبان تهران
Security forces surround former US embassy to block greens

گزارش شماره سه از تظاهرات 13 آبان تهران
Karoubi was evacuated by his security force

اختلال سرویس‌های ایمیل و مسنجر
Severe internet filtering in Iran

آغاز موج جدید بازداشت‌ها در ایران
A new wave of arrests in Iran.
Hasan Asadi Zeidabadi, Mohammad Sadeghi
and Ali Malihi were locked up yesterday

Salaam News:
مامور امنيتي مانع حضور ميرحسين در مراسم 13آبان شدند250 مامور امنيتي مانع حضور ميرحسين در مراسم 13آبان شدند
250 state security agents kept Mousavi from joining protests


Pictures of 13 Aban



Mohsen Sazegara Wednesday 13 Aban 88 Nov 4

Mazandan Uni Students Demo Tearing
down Ahmadinejad's pic yesterday


Videos of 13 Aban

Collection of 13 Aban videos

'Khameni is Killer His Leadrship is Illigal'

Karroubi arriving in one of the
side streets leading to 7th Tir Sq

Mass attack by security forces on Karim Khan Zand St

'Obama, Obama, you're either with them or with us!' Tehran, Nov 4

ضرب و شتم وحشیانه دختران میهن
Vicious clampdown of women on 13 Aban

حمله به زن و دختر مردم
MUST SEE, Attack on Woman and Girl

کتک زدن دختران در خیابان
MUST SEE, Riot Police beation up girls, Nov 4

Protesters bringing down Khamenei's picture

Huge crowd in what appears to be Enghelab Square

Reports of 13 Aban

گزارش سیمای تزویر در بارۀ 13آبان؛این را هم به مردم باخت
Iranian State TV report on 13 Aban protest

CNN coverage of 13 Aban protests

BBC Persian call-in program on today's events

گزارش فرانس 24در بارۀ 13آبان
France24 : Iran Clashes mark anniversary of US embassy takeover

AP: Israel seize a ship transporting Iranian weapons to Lebanon

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