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30 September | 8 Mehr

Final Version

Reports from Twitter:


Ali Larijani is still the only candidate for presidency of Principlist faction of Majlis

More insider info/insight about the conciliation plan:
3rd insider report on draft of conciliation plan:

URGENT: Nat. Sec.Counsil upped National DefCon to RED: awaiting Foreign military attack. IR Armed Forces mobilizing for defense.

DefCon RED is not a trick. They are dead serious about their assessment, it comes from central command of IR Armed Forces.
Re-enforcement units are dispatched to several frontiers, mainly Persian Gulf

Iran drones have spotted suspicious enemy movement: US/Saudi troop activities & US Navy Armada closing in on Gulf
This is likely just to show Iran their readiness in light of (Qods force backed) failed coup attempt in Kuwait
"Red" Defense Condition alert related to readiness of defense forces, not a war condition/war mobilization

Here's how source defines defcon red: RED mean full combat readiness for territorial defense, anticipating imminent attack. In cases like that, frontiers are reinforced, counter measures taken, entire defense force ready, leaves canceled

Ahmadi Moghadam:
"Police has no confrontation with student protests in its agenda. They protest but without violence.
Attacks on Unis were because of unrelated forces intervention"
Last week they were going to confront students, protestors, anyone who dares look suspicious... and now this :)

An insider’s view on what the plan really is about:

Tehran police chief Gen Rajabzadeh said there were no arrests at Tehran university Monday night

Salamnews quoting a source says 400 businesses that officially or unofficially were monetary contributors to Mousavi's presidential campaign have been identified

Today, national unity is of outmost importance

The Green movement united the people who were dissatisfied with the establishment
An Internet Network in cyber space has been formed which has proven quite effective
We had not issued any statement regarding Qods day, however, despite all the warnings we
witnessed mass presence of marchers. This was the direct result of this cyber network

Poet & writer Mahboub Boudaghi arrested month 1/2 ago in Zanjan. Reason for arrest or charges unclear

Kudistan Governor: Confessions of those arrested for recent assassinations will be aired on TV

Haddad Adel whose name was on the National Unity Plan published yesterday by Farsnews, denies ever being involved in the plan

Intel. Ministry confirms having seized a shipment of antiques belonging to a diplomat

Tabnak says the recent natural gas contract with Pakistan has been drafted using & is subject to French laws

Saeed Malekpour's wife: "A caller said you are being watched & could be arrested & brought back to Iran from Canada"
"My husband who is computer expert, is being forced to collaborate with site"

Green Derby (2 Oct): Doors open from 7AM/security patrols to stop ticket scalpers/no-one allowed to exit after entering

Tehran head of judiciary:
Military tribunal most probably in charge of Kahrizak case

20 people who received sentences were found guilty of damaging public property/no political figure among them
Most of the accused will be released on bail in near future like Hajarian

Interesting twist: Judiciary questions 3 judges including Mortazavi re Kahrizak, then says military in charge of Kahrizak file!

AN's deputy, Rahimi has filed complaint against 3 newspapers and websites for publishing news on his fake degree

Mowj: When asked about Rafsanjani's "crisis exit plan", AN said what crisis? I don't see any problems. You should ask Rafsanjani about it.

AN says nothing wrong with IRGC take over of Telecom, was done according to the law

3 law & political science professors at the Uni of Allemeh have been forced into early retirement

WINEP, is a U.S. Think Tank that has been urging sanctions & Military action on Iran. Senior Member: MOHSEN SAZEGARA! Shame!

Everyone, Google WINEP=Washington Institute For Near East Policy to find out SAZEGARA is senior member of this bunch of warmongers

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter
29 September | 7 Mehr

Sharif University students protested in response to Kamran Daneshjoo's visit+Videos

Around 200 students protested at Tehran Azad University+Video

Ahmadinejad advised against attending university opening ceremony by Tehran’s authorities

300+ activists called 4 Ayatollah Montazeri’s leadership in fight against injustice

Green activists called on soccer teams 2 join GreenMovement at Friday’s soccer match

Verdicts of 20 individuals arrested after Iran Election unrests decided

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Iran says it's heading to Geneva talks with "positive approach," while hinting it may consider withdrawing from the NPT


Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (30 September)
  • Iran Goverment Still Considering Temp Closure of Unis for "Swine Flu"
  • 10 officers arrested in connection with Kahrizak detainee abuse
  • URGENT: Report - Saeed Hajjarian freed from Evin Prison this morning
  • Mousavi meets reformist Imam Khomeini Line - Was Nat'l Unity Plan the topic?
  • MP Ghanbari criticises Parl committee for avoid issues of Kahrizak, secret burials, abuses
  • NY Times notes Tuesday protests at Sharif Uni
  • Must Read Piece on Social Media and Info Inside Iran "We See Everything You Produce"
  • Reformist Imam Khomeini Line to meet Rafsanjani & Khatami (but what about Karroubi?)
  • Wednesday: Reformists Meet Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Khatami (re Plan?); must read on info inside
  • Mousavi "National unity is of utmost importance" - Reference to an agreed plan?
  • URGENT: Mousavi abandons "political party" opposition for social movement (within existing system?)
  • Another Clue to "The Plan": Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi Calls for "Unity Committee"
  • Mystery of Day: Why is For Min Mottaki in Washington?
  • Parleman extends story on Mousavi meeting with reformist Imam Khomeini Line

Mousavi Meeting with Reformists (30 September)

English Text of Karroubi 2nd Letter to Rafsanjani

Video/Transcript: "Will Israel Attack Iran?"

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (30 September):
  • Iran's biggest fear: Human Rights
  • U.S. Story on Iran Nuke Facility Doesn't Add Up
  • If Americans killed Neda where is her Martyr's title?
  • IAEA: Iran violated obligations
  • Negotiators prepare for Iran talks
  • A list of Iran's delegation to Geneva

Dissent at the Top

Iranian ministers in plagiarism row

Radio Zamaneh:
Montazeri advises Iran officials to end oppression

Mainstream Media

BNO News:
Breaking News:
Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki to
hold U.N. news conference on Thursday:


Iran holds 10 policemen in jail abuse case: report

Britain differs from U.S. view on Iran bomb design

Israel rethinks anti-Iran warnings

Iran broke law by not declaring atom site: El Baradei

Iran says Geneva talks are "test"

Iran says will not discuss second nuclear plant

Iran nuclear talks to start "difficult process": U.S.

Iran foreign minister in U.S., but no talks planned

LA Times:

Iran offers conflicting messages

IRAN: Secret nuclear plant broke
transparency law, says IAEA chief

Washington Post:
"Forget the Nukes" The Most Fruitful
Target Is Iran's Weakening Regime

Ahmadinejad's Opponents Fear Sanctions
May Hurt Ordinary Iranians

NY Times:
In Dispute With Iran, Path to Iraq Is in Spotlight

Daily Telegraph:
The clever way to impose sanctions on Iran
Supporting the people is the best route to
blocking Iran's Bomb, says Reza Pahlavi

Showdown in Geneva

Jeruzalem Post:
Russia: Our position on Iran depends
on Teheran's readiness to cooperate

Why Iran Sanctions Won't Work

Iranian Businessman Freed

"Press"TV (Iranian State Media):
Mottaki to visit Iran interests section in Washington


Said Hajjarian is free he was released from Evin before noon today

Rooz Online:
دادگاهی که با ماموران پر می شود عادلانه نیست
Verdict for election protesters: a court filled with agents is not fair

Mowj Camp:
پرویز پرستویی جایزه جشنواره خود را به مردم ایران تقدیم کرد
Parviz Parastouie offered his award to the people of Iran

بلند پروازيهاى اتمى رژيم درآذربايجان همچنان فاجعه مى آفريند
Ardebil province: highest cancer rate in Middle-East,
Uranium mining causing environmental/health disaster

Ayande News:
مدیر ومشاور باسابقه نفتی عزل شدند
Recently15 managers & consultants in Oil Ministry have been removed by ANs goverment

سال زندان برای توهین ‌به ‌رهبری و احمدی‌نژاد و تظاهرات
Alireza Eshraghi sentenced to 5 years & six months prison for insulting Supreme leader

آیت الله حائری شیرازی خبر فارس راتكذیب كرد
Ayat. Shirazi:"Never said Rafsanjani's Plan is a lie / Experts meeting was in harmony with Excellencies"
Shirazi: "Wasn't Me!"
Fars News: "Yes it was: here's a soundfile"

That's the third person justifying themselves out of nowhere in one day... (via MikVerbrugge)

میرحسین موسوی در جمع اعضای فراکسیون خط امام(ره) مجلس:
جنبش سبز در چارچوب نظام است و به دنبال اصلاح انحرافات

IMPORTANT: Mousavi last nights meeting with Minority Faction: Green is with in regime/Good for Principlists & reformers alike

NOTE: Mousavi reaching out to reconciliation while Beheshti just published a big thank you letter to Marja, Elders, people etc... for support (via MikVerbrugge)

میرحسین موسوی: نیاز به وحدت ملی امروز بیش از هر زمان دیگری احساس می‌شود
جنبش سبز کسانی را که از نظام قهر کرده بودند را به سرنوشت کشور علاقمند کرد
جنبش اعتراضی مردم به مراتب بیشتر از مسئولان رسمی نسبت به منافع ملی متعهد است
کشورهای خارجی به عدم كارآمدی مسئو
Complete coverage of Mousavi meeting with Minority Faction reps

English Report:

قنبری:گزارش کمیته حقیقت‌یاب مجلس باید روشن‌کننده مسائل بازداشتگاه‌ کهریزک،
دفن دسته‌جمعی کشته‌شدگان و موارد مطرح شده در نامه کروبی باشد

Ghanbari criticizing "missing parts" of Truth Finding Commitee (Classified parts)

Ghanbari criticizes that especially Kahrizak, Burials & Karoubi's allegations are not in public/unclassified truth report
This is a confirmation of sorts of relatively old leaks re: classification (via MikVerbrugge)
Partial Translation:
MP Ghanbari:

"Parliaments Fact Finding Commission's report should only reflect the truth

In preparing their report the FFC should only consider the need for people to know the truth
Revealing the facts (prisoner abuse) will only prevent them from happening in the future
We should not just blame the lower level people for Kahrizak. The real culprits, the ones who
ordered these actions should be revealed & punished

The rape charges in detention centers that Mr. Karoubi is talking about are extremely
important. The citizens expect to see a report from the Parliament on these matters
If their (FFC) report is not satisfactory, we will use other means to generate a complete report
We hope that our citizens will be satisfied that the FFC report is truthful & satisfactory"
Ghanbari is the third MP within the last 2 days warning the Parliament's Fact Finding Commission to be truthful in their prisoner abuse report. Do they know something we don't? (via persianbanoo)

فلاحت پیشه: دانشجویان باید آزادانه سئوال بپرسند و سیاسیون هم پاسخ بدهند
چالش‌های فیزیکی با دانشجویان قابل جبران

NSC MP: Confrontation with students causes damage
They Should be allowd to voice political opinion freely

Fars News Agency (Iranian State Media):
بازداشت 10 پليس مرتبط با ماجراي كهريزك
10 Officers related to Kahrizak arrested by order of Judiciary of Armed Forces

Tabnak (Iranian State Media):
علی آبادی تحمیل کنند استعفا می دهم
Oil Minister Ali Abadi threat to resign

ILNA (Iranian State Media):
وزير دادگستري از علني بودن دادگاه متهمان بازداشتگاه كهريزك خبر داد
Minister "Spec Judiciary Commitee of 3 promised Kahrizak case would be tried publicly"

Rouydad News:
آیت الله منتظری: از سرنوشت حکومت شاه عبرت بگیرید
Ayat. Montazeri:"Learn a lesson from Shah's fate,
you can't rule by creating fear, arrests, etc"

English translation:

رازهای جذابیت "مخابرات" برای دوستان سپاهی ام
Mohammad Nourizad explains why IRG is interested in the telecom company

Aftab News:
تغيير رئيس ‌دفتر آيت‌الله هاشمی رفسنجانی
Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani, Head of the Expediency Council chairman resigned

Norooz News:
اعتراضات دانشجویی این بار در دانشگاه خواجه نصیر
Student protests, this time in Khaje Nasir university

BBC Persian:
سفر وزیر امور خارجه ایران به پایتخت آمریکا
Breaking News: Iran's foreign minister has travelled to Washington.
Confirmed by the US officials

State department says visa arrangements for Mottaki were done in the last 24 hours. No meetings scheduled with US officials (via sbelg)

Farda News:
خورشیدی: کلهر دو تا کشیده به من بدهکار است
Khorshidi to speaker of President'sOffice:"I owe you 2 slaps in the face"

HRA News:
بازجویی از مرتضوی و قضات مشهور در رابطه با پرونده‌ی کهریزک
Judges Mortazavi, Hadad, Salavati & Heidari-far interrogated by Judiciary about Kahrizak

IR HRA reports the Justice Dept questioning of these judges probably more formality than anything
Haydari was directly responsible for sending the post Election protestors to Kahrizak. Gov announced his removal from bench but shortly after he was quietly back at work.
Sources say Haydari carried out orders from his superiors Judge Hadad & the then Prosecuter Gen Mortazavi (via persianbanoo)

Washington TV:
واردات بنزین از ونزوئلا به ایران منتفی شد
Katouzian (MP): Oil import from Venezvuela has been cancelled

طى نامه‌اى اعتراض آميز به کعبى مطرح شد حمايت طلاب فارس از آيت‌الله دستغيب
A group of clerics in Fars province write in support of Ayatollah Dastgheib's criticism of Khamenei

اطلاع رسانی کنید
Yahoo users in Iran read this!


گزارش تصویری - اولین شب آزادی سعید حجاریان
Photo reports: First night of Hajjarian's freedom

Photo: In front of Bank Melli, 'My silence is not acquiescence.'

Photo Essay: Wide Spectrum of Iranian opposition protests in New York

گزارش تصويري ديدار چاوز و قذافي
Photo Essay: Chavez & Ghaddafi
AN missing out on bonding activities...

گزارش تصویری دیوارنویسی سبزها در دانشکده علوم اجتماعی دانشگاه تهران
Green graffiti in Uni of Tehran social science dept


مهر10- دربی سبز / بادکنک های سبز در استادیوم آزادی
Join the Green derby on Friday October 2 (10 Mehr)

List of protests outside Iran

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Crimes against Humanity in Iran:
Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions


Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Protection & Self Help for Greens

Follow @Iran_Techie for great
computer security & other tips


Help heal Iran
(پارسى & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (پارسى)


Mohsen Sazegara Wednesday 8 Mehr 88. Sep 30, 09 (پارسى)

Fire at Tehran's Bazaar Sept 29 2009

Nazanin Afshin-Jam in NYC

Ahmed Batebi on Human Rights in Iran
Part 1:
Part 2:

اتم که هیچ؛حتی سنگ به رژیم سنگسار روا نیست

مشكلات اتباع افغاني براي ثبت نام فرزندانشان در مدارس
Racism towards Afgani people in Iran
Afgani people waiting 20 days
line to sign their childeren for school

Complete Documentary of what really
happened in Iran after election

In Memory of Parviz Meshkatian

سرودی برای جنبش سبز ایران
A new epic song for the green movement

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29 September | 7 Mehr

Final Version


English & پارسى

Reports about student protests

There is word that nightly chants were heard in Uni of Tehran & Sharif Uni dorms & Sharif students plan to protest tomorrow

Students of Sharif Uni are in front of this Uni and chanting against gov

Kamran Daneshjou went to Sharif Uni today but students did not let him go to central library

Source from Sharif Uni:
Green students amassing, protests starting at Sharif University

Pictures/videos of Sharif protests soon
2000 students at Sharif Uni awaiting arrival of Danshjou with big sign "Sharif is no place for cheating Daneshjou" (joke is: Danshjou, name of new Science Minister means "Student" & he faked/copied his academic papers)
Full size protests, anti Gov & AN slogans: "Death to deceiving Gov/Go to hell liar (Daneshjou)/Death to Russia, Canons, Tanks, Basijis have no more effect" singing Yare Dabestani while clapping. Big time protest
Mobile service down at Sharif. Crackdown likely on the way

RT @
RTfromIran: There were security forces and still are, just they dont quite know anymore what to do
. There is this general talk between them that they maybe should let people just protest till they get tired.

RT @
GEsfandiari (Sharif interviewee) said there was no violence, no arrests so far. He predicted protests to continue.

Major anti-riot/security force at Hafte Tir Square , they are busy on walkie talkies, coordinating something.

Multiple & constant reports: 7Tir Sq massive number of security forces
Around 100 people moving from Karimkhan Bridge towarsd Vali-Asr, chanting Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein

Student protest in Sharif Unversity of Tech. At least 2000 students chanting outside the UNI library in Azadi st

Student Protest been planned in University polyclinic (medical Science) Tehran
Authorities have warned all students: Any gathering in the Uni dormitory in Tehran will be crushed & students will be punished
Student protest in Shiraz University today

Heavy Security forces presence in Hafte-Tir Sq (16:20)

60-80 Basiji presence in Keshavar Blv (16:40)
More Sec forces in Tehran’s main Sq as usual

A group of 100 near Karimkhan bridge moving to Vali-Asr chanting: Ya Hussein Mir Hussein
The group of people in Karimkhan chanting: Ya Hossien Mir Hossein scattered before the Sec. forces arrived

Sec. forces in Haft-Tir prevent people to gathers in groups

People gathers in the Taxi & Bus stations around Hafte- Tir Sq
People in Karinkhan & Hafte-Tir start to chant: Mir Hossien "tavlodate mobarak" (Happy Birthday)

More people join them. Sec forces every where. No clashes
Hafte-Tir Sq. Sec forces tries to scatter people but they continue chanting: Mir Hossein Tavalodat Mobarak

People gathered in Haft-Tir is around 500-600. Mostly students

Few hundred protesters gathered around Haft-Tir Sq at 7 pm tonight. Police forces scattered them shortly after. No clashes.
Police forces stopped few Basijis who tried to start fight with group of students in Hafte-Tir Sq.
A police officer to protesters: Today isn’t Mousavi's birthday. Haven’t you heard it? Come back Esfhand 11!

Once again Security forces are presence in all main Sq & streets in Tehran
Some miner protest today around Hahefz st in Tehran
More Sec forces have been placed around the University dormitory tonight. But you could still hear the sounds of Allah Akbar at 10pm
Students of Amir Kabir University of tech planning a protest tomorrow

Earlier today. Couple of hundreds of Students of Amir Kabir Uni where involved in some clashes with Sec forces around Vali-Asr Sq
Students with green banners walked from Uni (Amir Kabir) to Vali-Asr Sq chanting “Ya Hossein Mir Hossein”


MP Elham ( he was booed yesterday in Uni of Tehran): "We should not let minor incidents that took place in Kahrizak take front stage"

Topic popular among Iranian bloggers & journalists, Mousavi's demand not to make a big deal out of his birthday, not create a cult of personality

Supreme council of cultural revolution announces creation of International, Khomeini award some people are really angry with Karoubi for Noble peace

BBC: Popular sports magazine closed after publishing news about 30 thousand derby tickets handed to security forces

Hegameh Shahidi's lawyer says prison officials refuse to let her client sign the statement of defense

Kayan's editorial attacks Mousavi's recent statement, says contrary to what he claims, Mousavi supports sanctions
Kayhan: Sentences have been issued for 20 of the accused/ they can appeal

Popular topic among Iranian bloggers: IRGC using hazardous technology to jam satellite signals

Majlis has about 290 MPs. 239 voted for pro nuclear statement today

AN says he asked 7 questions from Ban Ki Moon but Sec Gen could not answer any of them

Hossein Ezami arrested during protests has been sentenced to two years in prison. he is planning to appeal
Mohsen Jafari sentenced to 4 years in prison. He was arrested after he was identified in protest picture

White house says second nuclear plan will be on the table regardless of what Tehran wants

Tehran Uni girls dorm residence have been warned to stop chanting Allah-o Akbar from their balconies

Second wave of disciplinary committee punishments have been handed down to Kermanshah Razi Univ students

Mehdi Shadram expelled for 2 terms, banned from using facilities & fined $5000
Morad Taymouri banned from using facilities & fined $5000
Reza Sahrahifar expelled for 2 terms, banned from using facilities
Aptin Peghah expelled for 2 terms, banned from using facilities
Milad Gholami expelled for 2 terms, banned from using facilities
Mohamad Jafari expelled for 2 terms, banned from using facilities
Sajad Hayati expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities
Arman Mirzaie expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities
Ehsan Hayati expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities
Elham Hashemi (F) expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities
Mina Afzali (F) expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities
Ronak Mohamadi (F) expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities
Pendar Alirezazadeh expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities
Masoud Kakazar expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities
Freshteh Arbabi (F) expelled for 1 term, banned from using facilities

Babol Univ disciplinary committee has issued their verdict for 10 students ranging from 2 terms expelled banned from using facilities(dorms) & for some diciplinary letter in their student file

Purging of University instructors continue. Five Alameh Tabatabaie university law school instructors specilizing in human rights issues have been removed from the university roster
Dr. Mehamad Reza Bigdeli, International Law expert & Dean of the Law School at Alameh U forced into retirement

Big article in Rajanews re soft war & recruiting students in universities as officers in the soft war army
IR HRA site is out again, Mousavi's Kalameh site still out

MP Sazdar:
Parliaments Fact Finding Commitee should release their report without any regards to politics
Those who try to conceal the facts should know that people are able to distinguish between truth & false
If we feel their report is not completely satisfactory, we will use every legal means at hand to find the truth

MP Pezeshkian:
The Fact Finding Commission's report should be factual w/o any regards to politics

If the commission's report is based on facts, there will be no problem, but if fabricated, then the actual people who were there will call them out on it. Reality & the truth, however bitter it may be needs to be told
We expect this report to be completely factual & honest, In the end justice will prevail & the truth however bitter it may be has to be revealed

There are talks of canceling the Sepah buy of 51% IR Telecom shares
Apparently according to law majority control of an industry cannot be given to a government controled entity

Attorney Abdoulah Nejad was tried & sentenced to 28 months
After one of the post elec protests as he was leaving Azadi metro station, he got into a scuffle with plain clothes. Someone was video taping the incident. Nejad was arrested shortly after that incident

Kayvan Amiralyasi was tried & sentenced to 5 yrs in prison. Kayvan part of a leftist group was arrested along with other members of the group 2 years ago, he spent 5 months in prison & was out on bail

IRGC Telco takeover becoming a huge Iran domestic scandal . IRGC takeovers reviewing/questioning going on
by Iran constitution, Armed forces can have limited commercial ops to support/enhance their capabilities, but not business empires

Afer IRIB head, Shariatmadari (Keyhan) rumored next to be fired flwd by Raja & Fars news editors.

Shariatmadari likely to lose current court case, Judge asked him to name sources to prove it's not defamation
J.Larijani is trying to replace AN within NeoCons, hoping to be their candidate for next president election

Judiciary/NSP meeting S. Larijani confirms: Evidence based on 3rd party confessions/accusations will be dismissed
S.Larijani & A.Larijani come to an agreement during closed door session of Judiciary/NSP
Judiciary will reconsider files of post election prosecutions/arrests, signs decree to prosecutors & judges (meaning Coup heads have no "evidence" anymore)

New scrambling went online in Tehran last night, distorting Sat TV reception. Could cause problems for they really need the scramblers to down airplanes...

Students & profs left hall this morning at IPM workshop, when J. Larijani started to speak / 7-8 people stayed
IPM is a workshop of 3 Tehran universities, that J. Larijani heads. Workshop is supposed to run for 3 days

Source leak:
Khamenei & Rafsanjani discussion on Qods day eve:

Nat. Sec. Panel assessment of Qods day:
Actual Tehran
Qods day turnout was close to 4 Million.
Biggest nationwide protests ever recorded in history of Iran!

Red alert issued: Regime has no realistic resources to fight masses & if fire ignited, collapse within weeks rather than months!

When Javad entered event at Majlis, Ali jokingly said "There comes our great disaster"

Fars News:
Customs confiscated 250 boxes of antiques that an Argentinean diplomat was shipping out.

Argentina has linked 5 senior Iranian officials to 1994 Buenos Aires bombing.

Shadi Sadr, Ladan Borumand, Roya Boroumand have won Lech Walesa Human Rights award

Ove 300 intellectuals and religious figures have signed a letter of support for Montazeri and Saanei

National alumni assoc. spokesman Abdollah Momeni's confession was broadcast last night
Momeni's wife, Fatemeh Adinevand, gave an interview to Internet news sites
They've kept Abdollah Momeni in coffin-like cells for months
My husband has been physically and mentally tortured
And now they've broadcast this forced confession which has nothing to do with his beliefs
The gentlemen of the regime were shocked and angered by Tehran University rally yesterday
They think they can extinguish student protests by broadcasting Momeni's confession

IAEA Chief El Baradei:
Iran was late in declaring 2nd enrichment facility in Qom

Iran does not have a viable nuclear weapons program
Iran has written to IAEA requesting assistance in procuring nuclear fuel. IAEA wants to help

CNN Sources:
(Khibaneh Kareem) Scores of opposition supporters celebrating Mousavi's birthday clash with police in Tehran

Scores of opposition supporters pass out chocolate to celebrate Mousavi's birthday then clash with police

Swiss diplomats in Iran off with three detained American hikers, for the first time

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter
28 September | 6 Mehr

As the academic year started, 1500 students protested at Uni of Tehran against the coup government

In a letter to Hashemi Rafsanjani, Karroubi criticized performance of Assembly of Experts

Mousavi released his 13th Statement and thanked other nations for supporting people of Iran

Uni of Tehran students protested presence of Haddad-Adel at Department of Philosophy

At a Sweden Film Festival, Bani-Etemad asked Iranians to hold gatherings every Saturday

Read Sazegara's latest comments on Assembly of Experts+ failure of AN's NY trip+ IRGC latest trade

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دور جدیدی از فشارها و بازجویی های طاقت فرسای روزنامه نگاران زندانی آغاز شده و آنان برای اعتراف دروغ، تحت فشار روحی و جسمی قرار گرفته اند
New wave of pressures & interrogations for imprisoned journalists: fake confessions under mental & physical pressure

احمد زیدآبادی، سعید لیلاز، بهمن احمدی امویی و مسعود باستانی از سوی بازجویان مورد ضرب شتم قرار گرفته اند
Ahmad Zeidabadi, Saeed Leilaz, Bahmad Ahmadi Amouie & Masoud Bastani being by interrogators

هنگامه شهیدی و فریبا پژوه تحت فشار هستند تا به اعترافاتی مورد نظر بازجویان تن دهند
Hengameh Shahidi & Farbia Pajooh under pressure to accept the interrogators' confessions

به یکباره 4 نفره به سلول این زندانیان می ریزند وآنها را مورد ضرب و شتم قرارمی دهند واین روزنامه نگاران را مجبور به استحمام با آب سرد می کنند
4 people raid into their cells, beat them & force them to take a bath with cold water

خانواده سعید لیلاز، تحلیل گر اقتصادی و روزنامه نگار سرشناس ایرانی روز گذشته موفق به ملاقات با او نشدند
Family of Saeed Leila, economical analyst & renowned journalist, did not manage to visit him yesterday

همسر لیلاز:دو هفته است که نه ملاقات می دهند و نه تماس تلفنی و با توجه به نوع برخورد ها ، موج جدیدی از فشار شروع شده
Leilaz's wife: We haven't been allowed a visit or a phone call for 2 weeks. It seems a new wave of pressure is on

همسر سعید لیلاز: همسرم در حالت ایزوله و بایکوت کامل است. به گفته خودش نه صدایی می شنود و نه کسی را می بیند
My husband is in complete isolation & boycott. According to him, he doesn't hear a voice or see anyone

مادر هنگامه شهیدی:هنگامه در زندان دچار مشکل کلیه شده اما فقط 4 بار در 24 ساعت اجازه دستشویی رفتن می دهند
Hengameh Shahidi's mother: Hengameh suffers from kidney disease in prison but is only allowed 4 bathroom trips per 24 hours

هنگامه فقط فریاد می کشید و می گفت که به همه بگویید مرا به شدت تحت فشار گذاشته اند و حتی اجازه دستشویی رفتن هم نمی دهند
Hangameh was only screaming & saying: Tell everyone I'm under intense pressure & can't even go to the bathroom

مادر هنگامه شهیدی:ما نگران ناراحتی قلبی و افت فشار هنگامه هستیم و الان هم که مشکل کلیه پیدا کرده به شدت نگران هستیم
Shahidi's mother: We're worried about her heart condition & drop of blood pressure & now she has kidney problems as well

خانواده هنگامه شهیدی دیروز با این روزنامه نگار ملاقات کردند
Hengameh Shahidi's family managed to visit her yesterday

خانواده بهمن احمدی امویی، مسعود باستانی و عیسی سحرخیز دیروز با این روزنامه نگاران در زندان اوین ملاقات کردند
Families of Bahman Ahmadi Amouie, Masoud Bastani & Isa Saharkhiz met them in Evin yesterday

ژیلا بنی یعقوب: به صورت کابینی با بهمن ملاقات کردم و نه حضوری. متاسفانه تاکنون بازجوی بهمن اجازه ملاقات حضوری به ما نداده است
ژیلا بنی یعقوب: بهمن، خودش را برای تحمل مدت طولانی تر زندان آماده کرده است، چون اصلا در باره احتمال آزادی اش حرفی نزد
Zhila Bani Yaghoub:
I met Bahman through a cabin, not in person. So far I haven't been allowed an in-person visit
Bahman has prepared himself for a longer prison term, because he didn't say a word about his release

خانواده فریبا پژوه هم دیروز با او ملاقات کردند اما به خانواده احمد زیدآبادی اجازه ملاقات داده نشد
Fariba Pajooh's family met her as well, but Ahmad Zeidabadi's family weren't allowed a visit

مادر فریبا پژوه : فریبا در زندان قرص های آرام بخش مصرف می کند و لاغر شده و رنگ پریده بود اما در کل حال عمومی اش خوب بود
Fariba Pajooh's mother: Fariba uses sedatives in prison. She was thin & pale but over all in good condition

فریبا پژوه به خانواده اش گفته در سلول جدید ه اتفاق هنگامه شهیدی، یخچال و لویزیون در اختیار دارند و سلول جدید به مراتب بهتر ازسلول قبلی اوست
Fariba Pajooh has told her family she is in a better cell with TV & a fridge along with Hengameh Shahidi

مادر فریبا پژوه: ما را در یک نوع سردرگمی مطلق قرار داده اند. دادستانی و بازپرس هیچ جوابی نمی دهند
Fariba Pajooh's mother: We are put a complete confusion. Neither the prosecutor not the interrogator give us any anwers

مسعود باستانی را وقتی پشت کابین آوردند به شدت به هم ریخته بوده. مهسا پرسیده چه اتفاقی افتاده مسعود گفته که داشتم می اومدم گوشم رو پیچوندن
Ms. Bastani: For a few days pressures on Masoud Bastani & other journalists in prison has increased & they're being beaten

هر چه مهسا امرآبادی از مسعود پرسیده که منظورت از پیچوندن گوش چیه، آیاکتکت زده اند، مسعود پاسخی نداده است
خانم باستانی:چند روزیست که فشارها بر مسعود باستانی و سایر روزنامه نگاران زندانی شدت یافته و این روزنامه نگاران مورد ضرب و شتم قرار گرفته اند

مسعود نگران حکم است و می گوید که به احتمال زیاد حکم سنگینی برای او خواهند برید و بازجوی مسعود گفته که قاضی، نظر مساعدی نسبت به مسعود ندارد
مسعود باستانی اکنون با عبدالله مومنی، شهاب الدین طباطبایی، هدایت الله آقایی و رضا نوربخش در یک سلول نگهداری می شود
Masoud is worried about the verdict. His interrogator has told him he's not optimistic about his case
Masoud Bastani is kept in the same cell as Abdollah Momeni, Shahb-e-din Tabatabaie, Hedayatollah Aghaie & Reza Nourbakhsh


Blogs & Websites

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  • "Mere acceptance of this Plan by SL would be quite something"
  • "Khamenei would have to implictly recognise that he not been able to cope with situation alone"

Analysis: So What's Significance of National Unity Plan?

Text: Mousavi Statement to His Followers (28 September)

What is Iran's Military Capacity?

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (29 September):
  • Gov denies crackdown on honkers supporting protesters
  • Swift justice for any fouls during Friday soccer mathch
  • Former oil minister says Ahmadinejad wants him back
  • Iranian Students Protest for Second Day
  • Tehran University students told to behave
  • Majlis truth-finding committee urged to tell the truth

Essay: Me and My Basij Friend

Qom & men with almond-shaped eyes

Comment: only way to confront Ahmadinejad is to support opposition

Forget bombing, forget sanctions Iran's
worst fear is a human rights campaign

Another look at AN's remarks to the world

Dedicated to 16 year old Hossein Ali

Mainstream Media

Gates favors diplomacy not military action on Iran

Iran warns Israel of last breath if it attacks

China urges all sides to ease tensions over Iran

Tehran students protest minister's visit

Iran warns West against "past mistakes"

Russia: Iran missile tests no reason for sanctions

Swiss confirm visit to U.S. hikers held in Iran

Iran says will not discuss second nuclear plant

Iran owns 10 percent of French nuclear fuel plant

NY Times:
Student Protest st Tehran University

How to Press the Advantage With Iran

China’s Ties With Iran Complicate Diplomacy

LA Times:

IRAN: Nuclear plant will open to inspectors

Iran, weapons, secrets and threats

Israel mutes its rhetoric against Iran as talks loom

Iran says advanced missiles can target any threat

Iran will allow Swiss access to detained Americans

Washington Post:
U.S. Aims To Isolate Iran if Talks Fail

U.N. Chief Says Iran Must Prove Its Sincerity on Nuclear Issue

White House to Go After Iran's Oil Income.

White House to Go After Iran's Oil Income

U.S., Allies Seek New Ways to Sanction Iran

Iran Has No Right to Nuclear Technology

Iran to let Swiss officials visit 3 detained U.S. hikers

Thursday meeting with Iran to test Obama 'engagement' policy

Would Sanctions on Gas Imports Really Hurt Iran?

The Globe and Mail:
Dealing with Iran will require diplomacy with a hard edge

Iran nuclear site built 'in case of attack'

Daily Express:
Saudis will let Israel bomb Iran Nuclear site


Rooz Online:
جیره کتک و آب سرد برای روزنامه نگاران
Fereshteh Ghazi's report on imprisoned journalists: allowance of beating & cold water

دانشگاه خطرناک است وارد نشوید
Security forces warned AN that Uni is dangerous, don't go there

شریفی ها یکصدا: دولت کودتا، استعفا، استعفا
The university didn't stay quiet - Sharif students: "The coup government, resign"

حکومت نظامی غیررسمی درخیابان ها
Unofficial martial law on streets of Tehran following university protests

زندانیان را آزاد کنید
Ayatollah Beheshti's son: release the prisoners

من رهبر را به براندازی متهم می کنم
Fereshteh Ghazi's interview with Ahmad Ghabel: I accuse the leader of abolition, he should stop the stubbornness

مرگ دو روزنامه نگار ایرانی
Two Iranian journalists died in a car accident

Amir Zamanifar & roza Azhiri, two young journalist for Radio Farda died yesterday in a car accident.
Radio Farda reporter Mahin Gorji is in coma due to the accident (via iranbaan)

موج جدید تصفیه استادان علوم انسانی
Purge happening in faculty of Allameh-Tabatabayi university, Iran's largest social science Uni

خبرگزاری ایسنا: صدای استاندارتهران درمورد بازداشت راننده های بوق زن راضبط کرده ایم
Tehran Governor denies summoning green honking car owners/ISNA reporter: Got Sound file

حمله نيروهاي مزدور و سركوبگر به كوي دانشگاه
Police entered Uni of Tehran dorm tonight and arrested 2 students

Khabar Online:
دکتر جمشید پژویان: احتمال ابطال معامله مخابرات وجود دارد
There are rumors that the IRGC acquisition of telecom deal may be announced void

Azadi Press:
سازماندهی گروههای چماقدار برای سرکوب دانشجویان
Basij is organizing to fight student protests

پسر شهيد همت: به پهلوي مادرم چنان با باتوم ضربه وارد کردند که ما تا نيمه شب در بيمارستان بوديم
Family of a famous martyr (Hemmat) have been beaten violently in Iran election protests

احتمال ابطال معامله مخابرات وجود دارد

Possibility of cancellation of IRG telecom deal

قنبری: طرح هاشمی رفسنجاني در دستور كار جلسه فراكسيون خط امام قرار دارد
Ghanbari: Faction to discuss Rafsanjani's Reconciliation committee this week, Rafsanjani should be part of it

قالیباف: امروز خطا کردن بعد از 30 سال قابل پذیرش نیست
به صدا و سیما انتقاد دارم/ ضعف و اشکالی در مجموعه را به گردن دشمنان بیاندازیم

After 3 months of silence Qalibaf speaks : Extremely critical of Gov, IRIB, IRGC

تعطیلی7 روزه کلاس دانشگاهها دراوج آنفلوآنزایA
Universities closed for 7 days by ministry of health "due to Swine Flu"

اعتراض دانشجویان در کنار مراسم رسمی
Complete report on yesterdays Student unrest

شعبانی: شریعتمداری بیش از اندازه پایش را از گلیمش دراز کرده
Shabani: Shariatmadari (Khayan) has gone way too far

MPs preparing petition for new Culture minister, on Shariatmadari's defamation & provocation campaigns (via MikVerbrugge)

اظهارنظر كارشناسی مركز پژوهش‌های مجلس درباره طرح قانونمند نمودن به‌كارگیری عناوین علمی
Parliamt Research Unit: "Proven Forgery of Dr/Engineer/Masters title = 1-3 years jail sentence, mere document is not proof, have to prove attendance of classes, submit all results of tests/grades achieved" (via MikVerbrugge)

نریمان: موضع گیری محمد جواد لاریجانی، خاطرات تلخ مذاکرات جنجالی او با نیک براون انگلیسی را زنده کرد
Nariman criticizes J. Larijani: He's not politician & should keep quiet/So unlike his family

دادستان تهران: ما نباید ما كیسه بوكس مطبوعات خاص شویم
Tehran Prosecutor General: We must stop partisanship, be independent & adhere to laws/can't prosecute one side or the other
This is the gravest post revolution challenge, only way to deal with it is to stop enmity, revenge & partisanship in Judiciary & enforce & follolw all laws from here on, no matter if some like it or not (via MikVerbrugge)

Ayande News:
تعامل بامراجع وبزرگان برای حل مشكل نظارت بر انتخابات
Mohsen Rezai speaks out on Election fraud, coup attacks on personalities (full interview)

Rezai: General Counsil dismissed all protests, saying they trust the executive branch on handling elections (via MikVerbrugge)

تجمع اعتراضی،این بار در دانشگاه شریف
Protest in Sharif University

اعتراضات دانشجویی بر علیه دولت کودتا در دانشگاه شیراز
Yesterday's Shiraz Uni protests

از دیشب تهران تبدیل به یک مایکروویو بزرگ شد
New equipment for disrupting satellite channels with
noise has turned Tehran into a giant Microwave

خبر فوری : آژیر قرمز در تهران !
روز شنبه سپاه سیستم جدید ارسال پارازیت خود را با قدرت بالای 1 گیگاهرتز در تهران تست میکند

More news of health hazards & details of new
noise signal equipment being installed in Tehran

شکایت عطار از قاضی مرتضوی
A lawyer files a legal complaint against Mortazavi & other officials

Tabnak (Iranian State Media):
انتقاد ظریف علی لاریجانی از برادرش
A. Larijani criticizes J. Larijani's attacks on Mousavi, Khatami, H. Khomeini, calls it "Lunatism"

A. Larijani on his brother's recent remarks: Such talks are not conducive for reconciliation, against national interest (via MikVerbrugge)

Mehr (Iranian State Media):
توضیح رئیس دانشگاه شریف درباره تجمع برخی دانشجویان/ آسیبی وارد نشده است
Sharif Uni Dean says: There were protests but not violent

آتش سوزی در ناصرخسرو اطفاء شد

Another report "Fire in Naserkhosrow"

Fars News Agency (Iranian State Media):
طرح تفاهم ملي
Fars news website publishes a copy of National unity plan

The proposed national unity plan asks to creation of an oversight council/suggests possible candidates for it
Rafsanjani plan says the national unity committe should include reps from all parties including one from Mousavi side (via sbelg)

Kayhan News (Iranian State Media):
پيدا كنيد بيانيه نويس را! خبر ويژه
Arch-conservative Keyhan daily is amazed that the Participation Front is still issuing statements.
On the front page of its Monday issue, Keyhan demanded: 'Find this communiqué-writer!'
'A group is issuing statements in the name of the Participation Front's student organization.'
'The group has extended its alms bowl and begged students to to be present in protests.'

'The group's statement has accused the regime of radicalism and asked students to remain calm.'
'The communiqués have been issued at a time when this party's main members are in prison or have resigned.'
'So who is writing these statements? Find this street peddler!' (via homylafayette)

Rahe Sabz:
حمایت 310 فعال سیاسی و مدنی از فراخوان شجاعانه آیت الله العظمی منتظری و آیت الله صانعی
310 Political/Social personalities endorse Montazeri's call to fight injustice, support Ayat. Sanei

IRGC Commander Ghasemi: 2 million Greens on Qods day in Tehran were either Savaki or MKO (way to go Ghasemi, you only just admitted the turnout was massive...) (via MikVerbrugge)

Saeed Ghasemi, an IRGC commander acknowledged 2 million greens on streets on Qods day

Saeed Ghasemi (an IRGC Commander) called for himself & other guards to replace secular professors in universities!
Ghasemi: I cry that son of martyr Hemmat has turned against Khamenei, it's due to bad influence of secular profs (via IranRiggedElect)

Aftab News:
حدادعادل برخی اظهارات منتسب به خود در خصوص هاشمی را تكذيب كرد
Hadad Adel: I didn't say Rafsanjani tried to convince Experts to fire Khamenei. I wasn't there.

موسوی، رفسنجانی، خاتمی، سيد ابراهيم نبوي
Comparison of goverment rule under Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Khatami & how things were

رييس کل دادگستری تهران: حکم ۲۰ متهم حوادث پس از انتخابات صادر شده است، ايسنا
Judiciary Chief on post election courts: Only 1 or 2 sessions & we should be done

Rokhdad News:
لاریجانی علیه لاریجانی
Larijani vs Larijani

Ali Larijani has seemed unhappy with his brother's harsh remarks against reformists (via IranRiggedElect)

Mowj Camp:
خبر فوری - دانشگاه شریف یک صدا فریاد مرگ بر دیکتاتور
Today: Students chant "Death to dictator" in Sharif university

متن‌ شکایت‌نامه یک وکیل از مرتضوی
Text of a lawyer's complaint of Mortazavi

آتش‌سوزی همچنان در تالاب گندمان ادامه دارد
IRGC Takeover of Iran TelCo likely to be turned down by supervisory committee

Commission on market competition (AntiTrust) says Gov violated Art 44 in transferring TelCo to IRGC (via MikVerbrugge)

Bamdad Khabar:
بیش از هزار دانشجوی دانشگاه آزاد، روز تولد میرحسین را جشن گرفتند
More than thousand Azad University students, celebrated Mousavi birthday today.

Rouydad News:
وحشت دولت دهم از آغاز اعتراضات دانشجویی
Possible university closure discussed in an emergency meeting at Intel. Ministry
Rouydad reports during a meeting today one Intel ministry official suggested University protests spontaneous not planned (via sbelg)

دانشگاه تهران به دانشجویان ساکن کوی این دانشگاه هشدار داده
حق برگزاری تجمع را ندارند و در صورت شرکت در تجمعات بدون مجوز با آنها برخورد خواهد شد

Tehran's university warned students against protests

حسین طائب: دشمن پس از این در هر مناسبتی مشکل ایجاد می‌کند
Taeb (Basij commader): the enemy (greens) will use any event or ceremony to protest

تعطیلی بی سر و صدای کمیته حقیقت یاب مجلس
The truth seeking committee in parliament seems to have been dismantled

حداد عادل به دانشجویان «ناسزا گفت
Audio: Hadad Adel after been booed by students: "I will put you all in prison"

Peyke Iran:
تیراندازی در زندان اوین
Report claims gun shoot was heard inside Evin compound,
apparently as result of a scape attempt

دادگستری تهران :حکم ۲۰ متهم وقايع پس از انتخابات صادر شده است
Tehran's judiciary: verdict is in for 20 post-election suspects


Front page of Tehran newspapers

نشست محرمانه
Audio: Sec. forces meeting about Uni opening
We have spys everywhere :-)

عکس: تظاهرات امروز دانشگاه تهران
Pictures from Sharif University protest

Hilarious: "AN's gmail inbox" :-)

Fallen crew of crashed IRAF AWACS "Simorgh"
These people were "Arteshi"(Soldiers) not part of coup

A child's drawing of Qods day

Ahmadinejad = Pinoccio

Picture: Karroubi visits Tajernia's family while he's in prison

تصاویر: آتش سوزی در بازار طلا فروشان تهران
Gold Bazar in Tehran after the fire was put out

Cartoon: مجلس خفتگان


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For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (پارسى)


Student protests

Video collection of today's Sharif Uni demo

Sharif University, purporting to be from today 'Political prisoners must be freed!'

Sharif University, 'Montazeri, Saanei, the true clerics!'

Sharif University, singing patriotic pre-revolutionary song 'Ey Iran!'

Sharif University, 'Ahmadi, you lewd person, the 63% are here!'

Sharif University, 'As long as Ahmadi's around, every day will be like this!'

Protest Azadi UNI today

اعتراضات دانشجویان در دانشگاه آزاد واحد تهران مرکز
Student protests in Tehran Azad University Center

More video of Sept 28 student protests in Uni of Tehran


Mohsen Sazegara Tuesday 7 Mehr 88. Sep 29, 09

AN on Charlie Rose

Tehran Allaho Akbar (29 Sept / 7 mehr)

Happy Birthday Mousavi 29 Sept. 2009

1986 video Imam Khomeini advises Mousavi & Khamenei
to forgo ambitions & just try to serve people

CBS: Iran Options: Transparency vs. Sanctions

CBS: Americans Held in Iran

CNN: Joy Behar on Ahmadinejad

پرتاب موشکهای سجیل و شهاب 3 در رزمایش پاسداران
Missile test firing of Shahb1,2,3 & Sajil (پارسى)

سخنان خر در جمع اعضای دولت کودتائی ا.ن
Khamenei's speech (پارسى)

Qashqavi out of proportion lies about Ahmadinejad at UN (پارسى)

Interview with MP Daryoush Qanbari on Nuclear Issue (پارسى)

خلیج فارس اشتباهی از کتاب جغرافی حذف شده
Persian Gulf is mistakenly deleted from geography books (پارسى)

حمایت چین از رژیم و نابود شدن نساجی ایران
Chinese support of Iranian regime and the end of the textile branch (پارسى)

Ahmadinejad's team in New York

New videos of June 24 Iran election unrest in Rasht

Behrouz Ghaemi wears a green wristband on XFactor

جنبش سبز در کنسرت استاد شجریان
Master Shajarian's concert in Amsterdam goes green

Moein Concert in Arbil Iraq. People chanting: “Mousavi Mousavi”

Rooze Ghods: Revolution in slow-motion

Rachel Maddow on Empire State building color

Funny: Our beloved leader :-)