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02 October | 10 Mehr

Final Version

Reports from Twitter:

English & پارسى

Not all the reports are confirmed...

Reports about the Green Derby (football match)

Doors opened 8 am & more than 60-70 thousand supporters have entered the Azadi stadium

Lots of sec forces & plainclothes in & outside the stadium. Sec forces check everyone for greens banners before they let them in

Sec forces presence in every bus going to Azadi stadium

Police & Plainclothes does physical inspection looking for mobiles & green banners

Authorities saying that is sold-out & no tickets left. Crewed outside the stadium. Sec forces tries to calm people

Sharifi head of the disciplinary committee asked supporters to ONLY encourage your team. NO political chants

The supporters for two teams chanting more political slogans & green signs among the supporters seen everywhere in Azadi

Many Green balloons in the air at Azadi Stadium

The supports chanting: Na ghermez na Abi faghat sabze rahai
Mobile net is not working around Azadi

Some supporters beaten by Sec forces, miner clashes both in & outside Azadi stadium
The game will start in 7 minutes. People chanting & supporting their teams but even political slogans

Afshin Ghotbi booed in Azadi Stadium

Plainclothes watching “the protest leaders” very closely & taking away anybody who starts chant anti coup govt slogans

Some people changed to green shirts when the game began & Sec forces start arresting anybody with green shirt or banner

One “leader” arrested when he was informing others in Azadi about the Protest gathering outside the Russian embassy 13 Aban

Impossible to chant during the game. Sec forces every where. Plainclothes mixed with ordinary supporters

So far: More then 15-20 people arrested in Azadi today

Supporters singing anti coup goverment slogans by changing the words in slogans normally used in the derby

Mostly red & blue Very few wearing green. Sec forces did not let greens inside Azidi & people changing to Green inside arrested

People chanting Ya Hossien Mir Hossien in Azadi right now
Red & blue chanting Ya Hossien Mir Hossien
Sec forces start beating people. People: YA HOSSEIN MIR HOSSEIN
Pro goverment supporters start fights. You can still hear Ya hossein

V-signs can be seen every where. Sec forces tries to control the situation around the exits

At the end when people start to chant sec forces were paniced, didn’t know what to do! So many agents but still not enough

CNN Sources:
Hunreds of security officers wearing bright neon jackets standing guard throughout packed Azadi stadium

Azadi stadium pakced before game. Most fans showing red and blue team colors

Halftime in Tehran - Perspolis 0 Esteghlal 0

Cell phones at Tehran's Azadi stadium seem to be inaccessible. Perspolis 1 Esteghlal 1
Fans chant game is fixed. "Tabani! Tabani!"

No green allowed inside Azadi Stadium. "Take off your green or go home." said stadium security guards

Football fans forced to take off green shirts in Tehran. Some wrapped blue & red team flags around bare torso

One football fan put black socks over green sneakers to be allowed in Tehran's Azadi Stadium
All green confiscated from football fans in Tehran before they entered match

Chant at Tehran football match: "Ma footballeh ba seeyasat nemeekhaym!" (We don't want football with politics)
No anti-govt chants during game but loud chants after game in stadium parking lot. "Marg bar toh! Marg bar toh!"

1-1 tie had football fans in Tehran chanting game is fixed. "Tabani! Tabani!"

Police Chief: 7 people have been arrested so far around the stadium, 3 for selling drugs, 3 for scalping tickets and 1 for getting into scuffle with others. He said inside the stadium & parking lot is being monitored by cameras 3

Last minutes of the game chant: Football ba siyasat nemikhaiem nemikhaiem - Ya Housein Mir Housein
50 female police officers were present outside Azadi stadium today!!!

Winner of the game today- THE GREENS -chant of Ya Hossien Mir Hossien was broadcast live on IRIB

80 thousand fans surprise security forces at Tehran derby when the whole stadium started chanting, Ya hossein - Mir Hossein

Despite the heavy security presence at the end of today’s (Oct 2, 2009) important football
match in Azadi stadium (Tehran), fans were chanting “Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein” , “Mousavi,
Mousavi”, “ We don’t want politics in football” , “death to dictator”... and other slogans in support
for the Green movement and in protest to Ahmadinejad and his coup administration ... We are

Fans chant 'Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein' in final minutes of the match.


The Iranian wrestler who won a Gold medal and gave it to AN as gift is getting hammered on IR blogs

Sept 30 was Molana Day (Rumi) & it was celebrated in many parts of the world except Iran

World famous 13 century Persian poet & sufi master is buried in Turkey. They like to claim him for themselves
Rumi's poetry has been translated into many languages. His poetry is written in Farsi
A handful of his poems are written in Arabic. Not a single poem was written in Turkish
Sufi's believe that everyone has the inherent ability to connect with God. No mullah is needed

In a statement Azadi Uni denies reports of Dr. Rahnavard (Mousavi's wife) teaching at Azadi university

Prominent Journalist & financial analyist Saeed Laylaz is under pressure in Evin
Laylaz is in solitary & in complete isolation. Last two weeks he has been prohibited from
visitation & contacting his family. His wife says if they continue to treat her husband this way
and continue to refuse visitation rights, she will reveal info on the horrible treatment that her
husband is receiving & she will also reveal what sort of things they want him to confess

House cleaning is reaching Oil Ministry. 150 high level management have been targeted for removal
Apparently these days in Iran your political affiliation counts for a lot more than your resume
Ahmadi's payback to people who didn't support his presidential run continues. The mayor of Babol has been fired!

Reformist Dr. Abdoulah Ramezanzdeh in solitary at Evin for 100 days, had 3rd family visit on Thursday

Farsnews reports that IAEA chief Mohamad ElBaradei will be traveling to Iran soon. Date not set yet

Behzad Nabavi who was transferred from Evin to hospital, went under surgery & is in ICU now

The medical examiner office has released their report on Ramin Aghazadeh Ghahremani
Ramin was arrested during post election riots. Shortly after his release Ramin died
Medical examiner reports cause of death as severe infection in the wounds he received while in detention

15 members of student group Daftar Tahkim Vahdat arrested at Jamshidiyeh Park in an apparent preplanned move

MP Tajari of the Fact Finding Commission said release of some of the political prisoners have been delayed due to new evidence that has been found in their case but some will be released on bail soon

Human rights activist & lawyer Abdoulfatah Soultani was on his way to Germany
Authorities confiscated his passport at the Airportand. Soltani was recently released from Evin on bail
Soltani was banned from leaving the country for last 5 yrs. His new passport was issued 10 days ago

Another young man killed by plain clothes as reported by Nooroz site:
Amir-Mehdi Hamzehlouie along with 2 friends were arrested by plain clothes at Ghaytariyeh park

They were placed in a van, allowed one of the young men to call his parent to inform them of the arrest
The arresting agents had identified themselves as police but were in plain clothes, the boys
asked for their ID. The plain clothes got angry & said how dare you ask for our ID & start beating the boys
Amir-Mehdi was injured severely, the plain clothes who were equipped with police gear & radio become nervous & throw the boys out of the van. As they sped away they ran over Amir-Mehdi's foot
Amir-Mehdi died on the way to Shohada hospital. This event has not been reported on official police reports

Shiraz university chancellor said 40-50 student cases are being reviewed by the disciplinary office
He said so far none are being expelled. He also denied the reports of nightly chants at the university

I'm getting actual report of Kahrizak trial now. Apparently went well (officer implicated coup)

Judiciary source:
Pre-trial interrogation of Kahrizak officers:
Colonel says he had orders from Judiciary/Radan
, the others say they had orders from him but confirm Top IRGC Commanders & Judges instructed/ordered them.
Interrogated officers also attest special teams of Sepah Intel were brought in to interrogate
Side note: this is a source close to Nat. Sec. Council committee

Tuesday night: Bayat-Janjani on Datgheib's push at Experts:"a Jihad for God & Justice, a Practical act of Wisdom"

Mottaki wants to meet Clinton, waiting for ok. Wants to prepare AN/Obama meeting. AN thinks it'll help him survive
I'm not sure if he wants to meet Bill or Hillary.. Are they going to send Bill to every rotten regime now?

Habibollah Asgarolladi's letter of apology/confession to Head of SAVAK General Nassiri

No more new stories in the state media on US involvement in the making of velvet revolution/ Kind words only

Mottaki and FM spokesman insist the he went to DC only to meet for 8 hours with consular staff nothing else

Rahesabz: At least 14 members of office for consolidation of unity (student organisation) were arrested in different this morning
Arrests of 14 members of office of consolidation came after they had met this morning
3 of the people arrested today are members of the central committee of office for consolidation of unity

IRNA: Intel ministry official denies reports that cars of 2 famous clergy were set on fire in city of Khoy

Khamenei to visit Mazandaran province in northern Iran on Tuesday
Qum FP Imam: those who have a problem with supreme leadership principle will not give up by mediation

If we want to know who will be arrested the next day we have to read Kayhan daily. For days it was talking about Tahkim Vahdat office

IRGC Chief on national unity plan: No deal with those who broke the law and opposed the election results, they should first accept results

IR chief nuke negotiator, Jalili, met with Swiss forein minister

Makarem Shirazi:
"1 group won the election with 24 million votes, 1 lost with13 million votes & a 3rd small group was getting orders from foreign powers

During a visit in Evin, Ramezanzadeh said to his family he is standing firm & has not accepted any of the charges and is still in solitary

Guardian had best list of Iran's dead, detained - not updated for 2 weeks
I think people with to little to tweet about could do a lot more good for Iran by updating

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter
1 October | 9 Mehr

(English & پارسى)

Detained reformists Mohsen Mirdamadi & Behzad Nabavi hospitalized

Tehran's prosecutor talked about public influence of events after

2009 Lech Walesa award granted to three Iranian women's activists

Wives of detained reformists asked Judiciary head abt their husbands' confinement

"Nature" discussed Kamran Daneshjoo's accusation of plagiarism

Mohsen Sazegara's comments on 5+1 summit & actions for the upcoming football match

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Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (2 October)
  • Phone call tween Ayatollahs Bayat-Zanjani & Dastgheib; IRGC in trouble over telecom buy?
  • Ayat Safi-Golpaygani has separate chats w Tehran Mayor Qalibaf, Prosecutor Gen'l Ejeie
  • Attention turns to Esteglhal-Persepolis football match ; hundreds of security guards mobilised
  • Detained reformist politican Behzad Nabavi hospitalised and in intensive care
  • Today's Friday Prayer: Iran Weapons for Defense anti "evil enemies", never give up nuke rights
  • Security forces prevent protest at Esteglhal-Persepolis football (0-0 at halftime)
  • Protest & Football - Chants, victory signs at Esteglhal-Persepolis football match
  • Football Politics Takes Over from "Other" Politics - Fans Chant Suspicions of Match-Fixing
  • Report - 15 members of student group Daftar-Tahkim-Vahdat arrested
  • student group Daftar-Tahkim-Vahdat calls for freeing of 15 members

Latest Iran Video: Nuclear Official Jalili on CNN (1 October)

Nuclear Programme: Big Win for Tehran (and Obama?) at Geneva Talks

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (2 October)
  • Iran arrests al-Qaida militants
  • Iran agrees to allow inspection, export uranium
  • New Doubt Cast on U.S. Claim Qom Plant
  • At least 14 students arrested

Number of Students Arrested by Anti-Riot Guards

Prominent lawyer banned from leaving Iran

Green Movement: An Original Model for Non-Violent Opposition

Basij will merge into IRGC ground forces
Why Sunni Arab Regimes Fear Democracy in Shiite Iran

English statement of Iranian scholars'
letter on recent Iran-US negotiations

White House lashes out at Fox News for 'lies'

Mainstream Media

Iran nuclear talks with U.S. and allies eases tension

Iran intel marked by differences, not disarray

Q+A: What's behind Geneva agreement on Iran's enriched uranium?

Q+A: After talks with Iran in Geneva, what next for U.S.?

ElBaradei bound for Iran to pin down Geneva accord

Iran security forces detain student activists: report

NY Times:
Iran Agrees to Send Enriched Uranium to Russia

Authorities in Iran Arrest 18 Students

U.S. Wonders if Iran Is Playing for Time or Is Serious on Deal

Florida company fined $3m for Iranian transactions

An interesting deal (in principle)

The hawks are circling | George Galloway

The Star:
Tehran uses Canada in backdoor smuggling plans

World leaders give Iran a thums up for the violation of human rights

Iran Is Open to Sending Uranium Abroad for Processing, Officials Say

Springtime for Mullahs

Obama hails Iran's nuclear talks

France warns US on deal with Iran

What about Bushehr? A Little Realism about the Iran Deal, Please

Split Over Iran Nukes

LA Times:
Deal buys Iran time to obscure
activities at nuclear plant, officials say

Times UK:
Iran has bought itself time and saved face

2 Iranian dissidents say they were raped in captivity

Huffington Post:
Majority Of American Jews Think U.S. should Strike

Brown and Sarkozy rowed with Obama over Iranian nuclear announcement

"Press"TV (Iranian State Media):
Cleric says Iran takes pride in new nuclear plant


جلوه جواهری، فعال کمپین یک میلیون امضا، به شش ماه حبس تعزیری محکوم شد
Women's rights activist Jelveh Javaheri who was arrested Jun 13 was sentenced to 6 months in prison

ادامه نگهداری دو تن از بازداشت شدگان تجمع بهشت زهرا در بند 209
Two of those arrested on 40th anniversary of protest victims are still in ward 209

Mowj Camp:
جشن تولد سعید لیلاز پشت درهای بسته اوین برگزار شد
Birthday party for Saeed Leilaz behind Evin's closed doors

خبر فوری- بهزاد نبوی تحت عمل جراحی قرار گرفت و هم اکنون در آی.سی.یو. بستری است
BREAKING: Behzad Nabavi underwent an operation & is now in ICU

آخرین خبر از شهراورد آبی و قرمز - وحشت نیروهای نظامی از شعارهای هواداران
Latest news from the derby: security forces were clearly afraid

وکیل بهزاد نبوی و ابطحی: با موکلانم ملاقات نداشته‌ام و از پرونده آنها بیخبرم
Nabavi & Abtahi's lawyer: I've had no contact with my clients & have no news of their case

عبدالله نوری: دستگيري حجاريان زیان جبران‌ناپذیری به حکومت وارد کرده است
Abdollah Nouri met Hajjarian yesterday, said his arrest was "irreparable damage to regime"

این سعید، همان سعید است
According to those who've met Hajjarian after his release, his ideology hasn't changed

پانزده عضو دفتر تحکیم بازداشت شدند
15 members of office for consolidation of unity (student organisation) were arrested
Names of the student group who were arrested this morning:
Mehdi Arabshahi
(, Milad Asadi (,
Nasim Sarabandi(F)
(, Mona Ghafari(F) (,
Farid Hashemi (, Ezat Torbati(F), Majid Abbasi, Zahra Nikseresht(F),
Siyavash Hatam, Hamzeh Moazan, Ahmad Ahmadian, Amir Housien Moazami
Mohamad Rezaie, Hamed Azizi, Sajad Alahaadi, Sara Esmizadeh(F),

persianbanoo & madyar)

Advar News:
واکنش دفتر تحکیم وحدت به بازداشت اعضای این اتحادیه: این اقدامات انداختن جرقه در انبارهای باروت است
The student group who's members were arrested this morning issued statement asking for immediate release of the students saying these arrests will not help the volatile atmosphere of
the universities

Failing to release the students immediately is like putting a match to a dynamite warehouse
(via persianbanoo)

Ayandeh News:
یك چشمه از "پاكدستی"! رسانه های دولتی
Haj Ali Akbari confirms Government illegally funding of AN's campaign through Bornanews

پشت پرده تصاحب مخابرات توسط برخی نهادها
TelCo: Sepah unable to pay 1st installment or provide required guarantees for takeover

جزئیات تازه از شكست پروژه افراطیون برای حذف آیت الله دستغیب
Rafsanjani didn't allow Dastgheib to be removed from Experts

Rahe Sabz:
عبدالله نوری در دیدار با حجاریان: قطعا حکومت در اهداف خود شکست خورده است
Abdollah Nouri at Hajjarian's: The government are clearly defeated in their goals
گفتگوی تلفنی حضرات آیات عظام بیات زنجانی و دستغیب
Grand Marjas Ayatollah Bayat-Zanjani & Ayatollah Dastgheib's phone conversation

DW Persian:
بازداشت دسته‌جمعی اعضای "دفتر تحکیم وحدت"
Reports of the mass arrest of Tahkim Vahdat members this morning

BBC Persian:
فرمانده سپاه ایران: بسیج دانشجویی منتظر فرمان مافوق نباشد
IRG commander told the Basij student members that they DO NOT
need to get commend form their superior to deal with Student Unrest

تسلیم پاسخ علی خامنه ای به اوباما
Mottaki delivers SL's written reply to Obama's letter

Tabnak (Iranain State Media):
جوابیه سفارت ایران در کویت به یک خبر + توضیح "تابناک"
Ali (son of) Janati retracts eventual Islands talks comment "That's not what I meant"

ILNA (Iranain State Media):
ديدار خصوصي دو مرجع تقليد
Qalibaf & Ejei (separately) met w Grand Ayat Golpaygani Safi

Fars News Agency (Iranain State Media):
دستگاه قضائي با همه عوامل فتنه برخورد لازم داشته باشد
Taeb: Judiciary should confront heads of riots/enmities

هرگز با قانون شكنان و مخالفان آراي ملت نمي توان طرح وحدت ريخت
IRGC Jafari says NO to unity plan "Won't unite with lawless & opponents of majority vote"

The good with anti unity plan propaganda is:
1) not convincing and
2) Jafari speaking against national unity is harmful to coup itself
well done
... (via MikVerbrugge)

افشاي جزئيات جديد از فعاليت كميته سفراي ستاد ميرحسين
"Mousavi conspiracy to remove Supreme Leader"


Listen & send link to people in Iran
2 October | 10 Mehr

تصاویر: خانواده محمود احمدی نژاد
Pictures: AN at home with his family (this is our President)
Remember this is propaganda. AN is a well known millionair.
When he was mayor of Tehran houndreds millions of $ went missing.

عکس برادر میرزائی (احمدی نژاد) در سالهای 60
Picture: AN (then aka Mirzaei) & Mahsouli at
prayer when they were interrogators & executioners

Pictures: Basij using chains to hit someone

Picture: LOL

Picture: NY taxi sign reading:
In Iran, You are killed for opposing the govenrment

Cartoon: One Basijillion Rials banknotes design

Cartoon by Mana Neyestani
Pinnocio and the magic atom bomb

جلوه‌های تصویری هنر سبز
Some green art for Iran


List of protests outside Iran

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Videos from the Green Derby (football match)

Collections of videos from Azadi stadium:

Azadi Parking and Attack by Police


Mohsen Sazegara Friday 10 Mehr 88 Oct 2, 09

CNN: Christiane Amanpour gets an exclusive
interview with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator

CNN: Reza Aslan & Abbas Milani analyse US Iran relationship

CNN: Iranian claims rape in prison

Russia Today: Russia to process uranium for Iran, Obama welcomes

Amir Javadifar's father mourning his son's death (heart breaking)

هدیۀ مزدورحمید سوریان به تیر خلاص زن
Hamid Soryan, iranian wrestling champion give one of his latest medal to AN

Reza Pahlavi and the Green Movement in NY,Sept. 25, 2009

بابک داد10مهر:رژیم باج می دهد تا بماند
Part 1:
Part 2:

متلک انداختن ابطحي به ا.ن
Abtahi makes fun of Ahmadinejad

امروز-ژنو:تکرار اشتباهات یا معامله ای جدید
Jalili urges states to rid off you nuke weapons

ثبت "نوروز" در فهرست میراث ناملموس یونسكو

پول نفت به غزه وبیروت؛ خیریه برای مردم ایران

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