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10 & 11 October | 18 & 19 Mehr

Final Version
Behnoud was executed on 11 October at 5 a.m. local Tehran time. He was born in 1988



Execution date has been set for Safar Angouti Oct 19. He was tried, convicted & sentenced at 17

Death-penalty trial of 7 Baha'i leaders imprisoned in Iran set for Oct 18th

Housien Alipour may be executed anytime. He was tried, convicted & sentenced when 16

Kobra Babaie sentenced to be stoned to death & it may happen anytime

Reza Ali Zamani sentenced to death for his 'role' in post election demonstrations

List of Juveniles on death row (160 as of Jun 09)

Reports from Twitter:

English & پارسى

Reports of Behnoud Shojai's execution

حدود 100 نفر دم در زندان اوین هستند
خانواده بهنود شجاعی در مقابل در زندان اوین هستند. خانواده‌ی شاکی هنوز نیامده است. جو ملتهب و پراحساس حاکم است نماینده‌ي یونیسف و وکلای بهنود شجاعی هم مقابل زندان اوین هستند کسانی که جلوی زندان هستند با توجه به جو حاکم امیدوارند که حکم اعدام متوقف شود
هر لحظه بر تعداد کسانی که جلوی زندان اوین هستند افزوده می‌شود، دانش‌جویان و فعالین زن و مدافعان حقوق‌بشر
حاضر هستند
جمعیت مقابل در زندان اوین به بیش از 200 نفر رسیده است. ماشین‌های گشت نیروی انتظامی هم حضور دارند
پروین فهیمی مادر سهراب اعرابی جلوی زندان اوین است و در تلاش برای نجات جان بهنود
خانواده مقتول آمدند و رفتند داخل. بهنود را آوردند و جلوی چشم آن‌ها اعدام کردند
همه کسانی که جلوی اوین بودند با شیون و گریه و فریاد التماس می کردند. به هیچ جایی نرسید
از خانواده مقتول همه بهنود را بخشیدند و رضایت دادند جز مادر مقتول. تنها مادر مقتول بود که به اعدام بهنود شجاعی رضایت داد
حامد بهداد، هنرپیشه سینما هم برای نجات جان بهنود تلاش کرد

About 100 ppl in fron of Evin right now

Behnoud's Family outside Evin. Family of victim not there yet.Very tense

A Rep from UNICEF and the lawyer are also in front of Evin
People who are there are hopeful that the execution will be stopped
he crowd is getting bigger/Many students activists and women advocates in the crowd
The execution time (Hour) has been postponed for now.
We are hoping it will be stopped
The crowd is about 200 now.
Police patrol cars are present
. Sohrab Arabi's Mum in front of Evin Prison; supporting efforts to stop the execution
The family of the victim went inside. Behnoud was brought in & executed in front of them
All those who were in front of Evin cried out and begged... But it made no difference
Hamed Behdad, Actor, was also there and tried to save


I have gone to everyone I could think of to stop Bahnoud's execution but no-one is listening
Behnoud was once taken with 4 other people to be executed & witnessed how they died

A group of HR activists, students & women advocates ave gathered in front of Evin prison

Hoping to get the victim's family's consent & stop Behnoud Shojai's execution

At about 2.30 am Tehran time over 100 activists are in front of Evin along side Behoud family &
at the time of the report the family of the victim had not yet come to Evin
It is believed the a representative of
UNICEF is also present in front of prison
Many activists, Mothers for peace as well as artists were among people who were present along
side Behnoud Lawyer & family

Last minute efforts were done to stop the execution.
Victim's mother was the only person who refused to give her consent

Abdollahi from Unicef, Hamed Behdad (actor) & Sohrab Arabi's mother were among the people
who tried to save Behnoud's life


For those of you who weren't here, we all went thru some very tough emotional hours here for Behnoud
We kept hope & prayed until the last minutes.
Behnoud did not deserve to die
Weather you believe in capital punishment or not, this was a total unjust sentence
At 17 Behnoud got involved in a group fight where one boy was killed

Behnoud was tried & sentenced at age 17 without legal representation.
He was sent to prison were
he lived with adult hard core criminals.
Behnoud was almost executed 3 diff times but received last min stay
Few other times he received stay of execution few days before the scheduled date
This morning there were a group of 100 PPL including Sohrab's mother trying to get the victim's(
Ehsan) parents to agree with stopping the execution.
's mother seemed to be agreeable.
Every one was hopeful
Inside, when Behnoud was brought out of the cell, he was pleading &
begging for his life
Ehsan's mother kept saying "I can't think now, I can't think now".
She than started saying
she has to see the rope around his neck.
They stood Behound on a stool & placed the rope around his neck

After few moments
Ehsan's parents walked over to Behnoud & push the stool away from under his feet Behnoud did not want to die, he was pleading for his life. He was given false hope by the victims parents
Behnoud's lawyer says soon as the stool was removed he could not stand & watch, the room went
His lawyer says he tried his best to no avail.
He should have not been executed but he was
Behnoud's Lawyer Mohamad Moustafie has to go thru this again with Safar Angooti Oct 19


Despite posting bond journalist Ali Pirhousienlou not been released, has contacted family only once in 1 month
Pirhousienlou & his wife Fatemeh Sotoudeh were arrested last month.
She has since been released on bail

After 50 days Shahpour Kazemi (Mousavi's brother-in-law) contacted his family & informed them he is
being kept in an apartment somewhere.
Kazemi has been detained for 103 days & was kept in Evin 209
Kazemi was kept in solitary for more than 60 days & is under heavy pressure to give false confession

Shahin Kazemi (Mousavi's nephew) was also arrested 20 days ago. His whereabouts is unknown
Shahpour Kazemi told his family he was aware of his son's detention & had meet him once during detention
It isn't known where the appartement they are keeping Kazemi is. Either part of Evin or 1 of the secret detentions
Kazemi & his son are not political activist. It is believed they are being kept in retaliation to Mousavi

Dr. Mohamad Maleki, Saeed Laylaz & Mostafa Tajerzadeh are still being kept in solitary at Evin
76 years old Dr. Maleki who suffered from cancer has not had any contact with his family in 2 weeks

ABCnews finds an actress banned from leaving country more news worthy than execution of Behnoud

3 consecutive earth quakes hit southern Iran Sat morning, the quakes measured at 3.3, 3.4 & 4 richter scale

Akram Mahdavi's step-children stopped her execution. They will be paid money in lieu of execution
Court will be held Mon to determine the amount of fine. Akram will remain in prison until fines are paid

Activist Ali Mahmoudi was arrested by Intel in Kurdistan. His home & place of bus were searched for 10 hrs
Intel agents seized Mahmoudi & his wife's (1 Mil signature campagne activst) documents, files, books & computers

AG Larijani's first official act as the new Attorney General was to sign Behnoud's stay of execution 2 months ago

Vahdat Institute of Science for girls in Karaj was closed & sealed by the order of prosecution today
Vahdat Institute is owned by the Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufism
ISNA quoting a Justice Dept official reported 3 death sentences have been issued for 3 post election protestors
Because the sentences can be appealed and changed the names of the protestors are not published
Have not been able to confirm the death sentence reports other than the ISNA report

Parlemannews now quoting Justice Dept spokesman re 3 death sentenced issued for post-Elec protestors
Report says the verdicts have been given to the attorneys of 2 Monarchists & 1 MKO member
Per Justice Dept spokesman these verdicts can be appealed in higher courts.
Names of the defendants haven't been released
Justice Dept spokesperson also said 18 previously issued verdicts for post-Elec protestors... have been appealed
The Appeals court will review these 18 cases soon (no info on the verdicts given)

Committee of Human Rights Reporters is now reporting on new death sentences. 1 Monarchist & 1 MKO memb

If I had Shirin Ebadi's name recognition I would be raising hell all over major media over executions in Iran

This morning another death sentence was handed down. Hamed Rouhinejad accused of being a Monarchist
They now have sentenced 4 people to death in connection with the uprising

Hamed Rouhinejad, Arash Rahmanpour, Naser Abdoulhousieni & M. Reza Ali-Zamani have recieved death penalty

39 yrs old Mohsen Jafari was sentenced to 4 yrs in prison & fined in connection with the uprising
On Jun 14 Jafari went to the rescue of a group of women who were being beaten with baton by police
Five days later when Jafari was on a trip out of town they arrested him.
Family had no news until 7/1
In prison they pressured Jafari to sign a false confession saying he was throwing rocks at the police
Jafari read his confession during televised show trial, had a court appointed lawyer who didn't defend him

Yesterday Mousavi went to Karoubi's house for a meeting. Reporters were present

2 Science & Tech Uni student NP have been summoned BECAUSE THEY USED THE WORD MARTYR FOR KIANOUSH ASA

20 post-Elec protestors have been sentenced from 6 months to 5 yrs. THEY HAD VIDEO OR PICS of them
20 that were just sentenced were first taken to Bajis & Sarallah detention centers before being moved to Evin
HR Reporters issued a list of the newly sentenced per info given to them by families
Note: When these PPL arrived at Evin they all had visible signs of having been beaten

Karoubi supporter Eftekhar Barzegarian was arrested 35 days ago in Mashhad by Intel agents
Family has no info. Rumors are he is not well at all. Also some unconfirmed Intel rumors that he is dead

Wave of arrests continues in Kurdistan. 11 PPL were arrested in Kamyaran & Tabeh by IRIG & Intel agents

Lawyer say Akram Mahdavi's execution scheduled for Sunday has been postponed

More than 1 month after his arrest, Dogmechi (Bazaari) still held incommunicado/Family has been interrogated too

Aut News:
Naser Abdol Hosseini, Arash Pour Rahmani & Mohammas Reza Ali Zamani were sentenced to
Naser Abdol Hosseini has been found guilty of waging war against God & ties to MEK
Arash Pour-Rahmani 20 years old has been found guilty of acting against state security & ties to monarchist group
IRGC Chief wants Interior Ministry & National Security Council to issue new guidelines for political parties

1000s copies distributed to ppl in Tehran-Inviting them to stay in the streets 4th Nov

Flyers scatter in Tehran Bazaar - asking the shopkeepers to close their shops Aban 13th (Nov 4)
Coup Gov knows 13 Aban will take green protesters to the next level & its reaction is execution

Sec agents pressures family members of Mohsen Dokmechi who was arrested in his shop in Tehran Bazaar
Mohsen Dokmechi arrested for financially supporting familie of the detainee’s.
His family has no news about him since his arrest

Sec agents spreading rumour in Tehran bazaar that more arrests waiting for those who support the protesters

Coup Gov fears that the 13th Aban protest will reach Tehran Bazaar if protesters stay in the streets

We need all people of Iran out in the streets on Wed Nov 4. Please use any possibility you have to inform the family & friends inside

AN´s speech in Hafeziye Stadium in Shiraz is cancelled. Thanks to all green in shiraz. MA BISHOMARIM! WE ARE COUNTLESS!

Mourning mothers & families protest today 18 Oct in Laleh park. 170 to 200 people participated in
the protest
Plainclothes attacked & arrested one young man during the protest in Parke Laleh today
All mothers in the park demanded that the plainclothes must release the arrested young man but he wasn’t released

Group of contractors & workers of Saad-Abad Palace were protesting outside the Palace Protesters outside the Saad-Abad Palace plans to continue their rally in front of the parliament

11 Oct:
100s Students in a High Scholl in Ghazvin Sq area suddenly start to chant Allah Akbar

The students refused to be silent & continued to chant.
Vice principal had to close the school & send them home
Today, Once again students showed their protest by singing “Yare Dabestani” in Tehran
University’s restaurant

Students of Khajeh Nasir Toosi University chanted anti coup gov slogans outside the UNI main hall
Basjis did take pictures of the student with green banners chanting slogans inside the main hall of Khajeh Nasir Toosi Uni

Mondays protest gathering in Shiraz will be at Mollasadra street & around the section of Cinema Saadi & Paramount

It is been so hard to get satellite signal in Tehran today. I think IRGC using their new device


امروز مینا جعفری، وکیل اکرم مهدوی ایمیل زده که حکم اعدام اکرم به دلیل اعلام رضایت یکی از
شاکیان فعلا متوقف شده است

امیدوارم بقیه شاکیان نیز رضایت دهند و اکرم به زندگی بازگردد اما انها شرط رضایت را در پرداخت 60 میلیون توان اعلام کرده اند دوستان لطفا کمک کنید زندگی زنی را بخریم تاکنون فقط 18 و نیم میلیون جمع شده است و زندگی اکرم در گرو کمک های ماست کمک‌های خود را برای نجات اکرم به شماره حساب 0302917750001 سیبا نزد شعبه مبارزان بانک ملی و همچنین شماره ۱۶ رقمی ملی کارت سیبا 6037991054199785 به نام مینا جعفری واریز نمایید شماره حساب بانکی مجله‌ی آوای زن، برای ارسال پول از خارج از ایران نیز بدین شرح است :
Bank Account : 99 604200 5685 68 IBAN: SE19 9500 0099 6042 0056 8568 BIC-kod ( Swift-adress :NDEASESS

According to an email Akram Mahdavi's lawyer, her execution is temporarily stopped with one plaintiff dropping complaint.

I hope other plaintiffs drop their complaint too, but they are asking for $60,000 & so far only $18.5 is collected

Send you money to: Bank Account : 99 604200 5685 68IBAN: SE19 9500 0099 6042 0056 8568 BIC-kod ( Swift-adress :NDEASESS

بهنود شجاعی به قرنطینه زندان منتقل شده است او و صفر انگوتی صبح فردا اعدام خواهند شد. کسانی که می توانند ساعت 3 صبح به زندان اوین بروند و
تلاش کنند خانواده مقتول را به رضایت ، راضی کنند . بهنود و صفر هنگام ارتکاب جرم ، کودکانی بیش نبوده اند
این شماره های دادستانی تهران است تماس گرفته به اجرای حکم اعدام بهنود شجاعی وصفرانگوتی اعتراض کنید. وقت تنگ است 66974370 و 66974372 و66974371

علی محمودی فعال اجتماعی و نویسنده و عضو انجمن ادبی شهر مریوان در غرب ایران بازداشت شده‌است

احکام صادر شده برای معترضان به انتخابات که در دادگاههای نمایشی محاکمه شدند: علیرضا اشراقی به پنج سال زندان، محسن جعفری چهار سال
مهرداد ورشویی سه سال، یقوتیل شائولیان دو سال و شش ماه، فرامرز عبداله نژاد به دو سال و چهار ماه، امیر حجتی دو سال و سه ماه
موسی شاه کرمی دو سال و سه ماه، کامران جهانبانی دو سال، حسین باستانی دو سال، حسین اعزامی دو سال، مهدی فتاح بخش یک سال و نه ماه
مجید مقیمی یک سال، محمد فراهانی ده ماه، ماه محمد رسولی 10 ماه، میثم قربانی شش ماه و 74 ضربه شلاق و ایمان پور رضا به شش ماه زندان محکوم شدند
خانواده های این افراد چندین بار به دفتر قاضی صلواتی مراجعه کرده اند و گرچه به آنها وعده توجه به تجدید نظرخواهی داده شده
اما خبری از آزادی با وثیقه نیست
این بیست نفر به اندرزگاه هفت و هشت عمومی منتقل شده اند
در آخرین روزهای شهریورماه احکام یاد شده به این افراد ابلاغ شد و این روزها آخرین فرصت تجدید نظرخواهی آنان است
در حالی که برخی از آنها حتا امکان اعتراض نسبت به این احکام (از طریف لایحه های دفاعی مستدل) را نداشته اند

Mehrdad Varshoie 3 yrs, Yaghoutil Shanoulian 2 yrs 6 months, Faramarz Abdollah Nezhad 2 yrs 4
months, Amir Hojjati 2 yrs 3 months
Mousa Shah Karami 2 yrs 3 months, Kamran Jahanbani 2 yrs,
Hossein Bastani 2 yrs, Hossein Ezami 2 yrs, Mehdi Fatah bakhsh 1 yr 9 mths
Majid Moghimi 1 yr,
Mohammad Farahani 10 months, Mah Mohammad Rasouli 10 months, Meysam Ghorbani 6
months & 74 slashes, Reza Imanpour 6
Families of these people have talked to judge Salavati many times & despite promises no release on bail issued

The verdict was announced to these people in mid September & they have a few days left to
this is while some of them didn't even had the opportunity to appeal these decisions

یکی از نزدیکان علی زمانی تاکید کرد که پرونده او و روحی نژاد هیچ
ارتباطی با انتخابات و وقایع بعد از آن ندارد

محمدرضا علی زمانی و حامد روحی نژاد در اوایل اردیبهشت ماه از سوی ماموران امنیتی بازداشت شده اند
این دو نفر پس از سفر به عراق از همکاری با انجمن پادشاهی ایران منصرف شده و داوطلبانه و با همکاری وزارت اطلاعات ایران به تهران بازگشته بودند
علی زمانی و روحی نژاد ،ضمن قطع ارتباط خود با انجمن مذکور، اطلاعات خود درباره این انجمن را در اختیار دستگاه امنیتی قرار داده بودند
وزارت اطلاعات به علی زمانی و روحی نژاد تضمین داده بود که هیچ گونه برخوردی با آنها نخواهد شد
اوایل اردیبهشت و درحالیکه چند ماه از بازگشت آنها به ایران می گذشت، این دو نفر به اتفاق تعداد دیگری از اعضای انجمن پادشاهی ایران بازداشت شدند

Someone close to Ali Zamani told the case against him & Rouhinezhad has nothing to do with

These two were arrested in April when returning to Iran from Iraq after refusing to work with the royal association

The two had ended their connection to the association & had given information to the intelligence forces
Min. of intelligence had promised them there will be no arrests. However they were arrested a few
months after their return

محمد سیف زاده، وکیل حامد روحی نژاد:علی زمانی هم پرونده ای موکل من، روحی نژاد است وپرونده آنها هیچ ارتباطی با انتخابات ووقایع پس از آن ندارد
سیف زاده:
من نمیدانم به چه مناسبتی، اسم آنها در پرونده معترضان حوادث بعد از انتخابات آمده است و
چرا این دو نفر را به دادگاههای معترضان به انتخابات پیوند میدهند من واقعا حیرت زده هستم
حکم اعدام حامد روحی نژاد نیز صادر شده است
علی زمانی هیچ گونه ارتباطی با اصلاح طلبان و قضایای مربوط به انتخابات ندارد و وقتی او را به پرونده اصلاح طلبان و معترضان اضافه
می کنند نشانگر این است که اهداف و نیات دیگری در پشت پرده دارند و من این قضیه را خیر نمی بینم

Mohammad Seifzadeh, Rouhinezhad's lawyer:
The case of Ali Zamani & my client has nothing to do with

I don't know why their name has showed up under the list of post-election protesters.
I'm surprised
The execution verdict has been issued for Hamed Rouhinezhad
Ali Zamani had no connection with the reformists or anything election-related, and
his name
being added to their case, is not a good sign of what goes on behind the curtains

شیرین عبادی:
با اضافه کردن علی زمانی به پرونده معترضان به انتخابات قصد دارند اعلام کنند کلیه اعتراضات به انتخابات و

وقایع بعد از آن، از خارج از کشور نشات می گیرد در حالیکه این قضیه دروغی بیش نیست و این سناریو ها را کسی باور نمی کند

Shirin Ebadi:
By adding Ali Zamani's name to case of reformists, they're trying to show the protests origination from outside
while this is only a lie & no one will believe this scenario

مهندس شاپور کاظمی برادر زهرا رهنورد است. اسم اصلی خانم رهنورد، زهره کاظمی است که پیش ازانقلاب با نام زهرا رهنورد به مبارزه سیاسی می پرداخت و
بعد از انقلاب نیز همان اسم زهرا رهنورد را حفظ کرد و با همان نام شناخته شد. مهندس شاپور کاظمی ، هیچ نسبتی با زهرا کاظمی ، خبرنگار عکاس که
در زندان اوین کشته شد ندارد

Shapour Kazemi is Zahra Rahnavard's brother. Rahnavard's birth name is Zohreh Kazemi.
She changed her name before revolution
she kept the name Zahra Rahnavard after the revolution.
Shapour Kazemi has no relation to late journalist Zahra Kazemi

وبلاگ من در بلاگفا به لطف و زحمت برادران و خواهران ارزشی ، تبدیل به خانه عفاف شده است
بدین وسیله اعلام می کنم که وبلاگ ایران بان در بلاگفا هک شده و هیچ ارتباطی با من ندارد از دوستانی که به وبلاگ من لینک داده بودند تقاضا دارم لینک وبلاگم در وبلاگ ها و سایت هایشان را به آدرس تغییر دهند
My blog in blogfa is hacked & has turned into a brothel. This blog has nothing to do with me

My only blog is . Please update your links


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10 October | 18 Mehr

Karroubi's son: broadcasting agencies give more time to trials than addressing abuse claims

Washington Post: A posthumous award for Neda would've recognized sacrifices ...

Tehran police commander: Police forces from various divisions present in schools

Judicial authorities sentenced 3 post election protesters to death; decision is up for appeal

Amnesty International demanded cancellation of execution order for Ali-Zamani

Sazegara recommendations on forming groups in schools and universities
Sazegara's analysis: Government is scared from people's reactions to arrests & protests

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2 get death sentences for post-election uprising in Iran

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CBS News:

Iran Plans New Centrifuges For 2nd Enrichment Site

US Sees Signs Iran Is Moving In Right Direction

Iran will enrich uranium if third-party deals fail

Mystery over missing Iranian in Saudi deepens

Victim's parents hang young Iranian murderer


Iran will enrich uranium further if talks fail

Clinton downplays threat to Pakistan nuke arsenal

Russia's arms sales to Iran and the Arab world concern US, Israel

How credible a threat is Iran's military?

Jerusalem Post:

Israel, US to simulate response to war

Iran hangs 'man' convicted of murder as minor

Mousavi: Israel will not attack Iran under current circumstances


ANALYSIS / Nobel prize is signal to Obama to avoid war in Iran

ABC News:

Actress, Movie Maker Barred From Leaving Iran-Report

NY Times:
Clinton Warns Iran Of Need For Nuclear Progress

Ottawa Citizen:

Khatami condemns Iran's "show trial" of reformists

Clinton woos Russia over Iran sanctions


Iran Death Sentences Seen As Move To Intimidate Opposition

Times of India
Israel, United States to hold key missile exercise amid nuclear row with Iran

Tehran Times:

Iran, Total resume talks on Pars LNG



صدا گرفته بود، تنها گفت تمام شد، بهنود اعدام شد، نگذاریم صفر انگوتی را اعدام کنند!
What happened in front of Evin this morning. The account of one who was there

در فیس بوک به نوشته ای برخوردم که گفته بود
Plaintiffs signed doc last year agreeing to fines in lieu of executing Behnoud

امشب، شب تاریخی نفرت از مجازات اعدام!
Bâbak Dâd: Tonight is not fo sleeping, tonight we must show the hate of death penalty

بهنود شجاعی در مقابل چشمانم اعدام شد
Behnood Shojaie's last minute told by his lawyer

اعتصاب های اجتماعی
Mohsen Sazegara: Strike

توقیف نمایشگاه آثار گرافیتی گروه «چیز» در اهواز
Picture: Ahvaz, Coup Gov closed an art gallery because of green images

Hamihan News:
آخرین گفتگوبا بهنود
Behnoud's last interview

بهنود شجاعی اعدام شد
Behnoud Shojai was executed

یکی دیگر از متهمان وقایع اخیر به اعدام محکوم شد
Hamed Rohinejad the forth of post election
defenders sentence to the dead penalty

پشت پرده یک سناریو: معترفان محکوم به اعدام دادگاه‌های نمایشی قبل از انتخابات بازداشت شده بودند
ALL 4 Prisoners sentenced to Death were in jail at least 40 days befor election

Rahe Sabz:

ابهامات یک حکم جنجالی؛ محکوم به اعدام ماه ها پیش از انتخابات دستگیر شده بود
Article re Ali Zamani's death sentence.
Note: Official news agencies have not confirmed nor denied this death sentence

جوان کشی کم نظیر تاریخی؛ اعدام های ۶۷ فراموش نمی شود
Unparalled killing of the youth in history, let's not forget 1988 executions

آشفتگی محمود احمدی نژاد در سیاست های کلان کشور؛ بی اعتنایی به
برنامه ریزی

ديوان سبز حافظ
Even Hafez is green!


جنبش سبز می تواند در راهپیمایی 13آبان شرکت کند
Tehran police Sardar Ahmadi Moghaddam:
Green movement is allowed to protest in 13th Aban

Aut News:

اعتصاب غذا و تجمع اعتراضی دانشجویان پردیس ابوریحان دانشگاه تهران
Pictures of yesterdays student protest in Tehran University


دیدار نماینده آیت‌الله موسوی اردبیلی با میر حسین موسوی
Representative of Ayatollah Mousavi-Ardebili met with Mousavi

شرط خواننده مشهور برای اجرای برنامه: احمدی‌نژاد نباشد
Pop Star refuses to perform if Ahmadinejad attends festival

نادران: وجود موارد تکان‌دهنده دیگری در مورد رحیمی
Naderan has "shocking evidence" against
VP Rahimi far beyond fraudulent academic degree

دادگستری:حكم اعدام برای 3 متهم حوادث پس از انتخابات صادر شد
Judiciary: 3 Death sentences issued not final, subject to revision


مصاحبه من با وکیل اکرم مهدوی: برای خانواده‌ اکرم مهم نیست که او اعدام شود
Fershteh Ghazi:
My interview with family of Akram Mahdavi:
It doesn't matter to them if she is executed

زهرا رهنورد: غضب الهی دامنگیرتان می‌شود

Rooz Online:
شش ماه تا پنج سال زندان برای شهروندان معترض
6 months to 5 year prison term for protesting citizens

فراکسیون اکثریت مجلس در آستانه فروپاشی
The parliament's majority faction about to collapse

جمع آوری ۲۹ هزار شکایت علیه موسوی
29 thousand complaints collected against Mousavi

اعتراض به ادامه بازداشت محمد ملکی
Objections to continued arrest of Mohammad Maleki

پس از ۴ ماه شکنجه می‌خواهند زیدآبادی را بشکنند
They want to kill Zeidabadi after 4 months of tortures

دانشجویان در نوبت بازجویی نهادهای امنیتی
Students awaiting prosecution by security agencies

مشاور احمدی نژاد مراجع منتقد را ازعدالت ساقط دانست
AN's advisor: Critical religious figures lack justice

گزارش من از کشمکش برسرسه وزیر باقیمانده احمدی نژاد
Interview with mothers who were trying to save Behnood Shojaie

هشدار صریح خاتمی: نظام با زور دوام پیدا نمی کند
Khatami warns: the system will not survive by force

مرحله دوم تغییرات ساختاری سپاه با رویکرد امنیتی
Second stage of IRGC's restructuring

دیدار میرحسین موسوی با مهدی کروبی
Mousavi has met Karoubi at his home


فرمانده ناجا: دیگر نیاز به گشت ارشاد نداریم
Police chief: we no longer need morality police

Akhbar Rooz:

دانشجویان پردیس ابوریحان دانشگاه تهران اعتراض کردند
Student protests in the Abureihan campus of Tehran University

ILNA (Iranian State Media):
مرتضي طلايي:اسکناسهايي که شعار ضدانقلاب برآنها نوشته شده ابطال شوند
Talaei (City council): Central bank should announce greened bills void

پيدا كنيد پرتقال فروش را
Iran Telecom: We didn't install noise equipment & we don't know who did it!



Was Khomeini's Father A Brit?


A sad ending for Behnood :'(

گزارش تصویری: حضور فعالین اجتماعی و
حقوق بشری در مقابل زندان اوین برای جلوگیری از اعدام بهنود شجاعی

Pictures of the protest against Behnood Shojaee's execution

An Ayatollah takes back his
signature against Dastgheib

Green way of hope

Stop the Execution of Ali Zamani (Poster)

13th Aban poster “stop the execution”
"The dead penalty is inhumane
especially the execution of children ...."

Poster: SOG will reclaim the streets at
10 AM, 13th Aban 1388, Wed 4 Nov 2009

Poster: Green traffic 13th Aban

Invitation by some detainees' family members

پوسترهایی برای 13 آبان سبز
More posters for 13 Aban:

Green graffiti: "Marg bar basiji, tole sage Khamenei"
Litterly: "Death to Basiji, Khamenei's puppies" (An big insult in Persian)

Green graffiti in a public phone booth

Green graffiti in University of Kashan

Green graffiti in the corridor of IRIB University

Green graffiti “AN's home” :)

More green graffiti

Green slogans spreading in Tehran on money bills:
“Where is my Vote? I want my country back”

Cartoon: The burden of Nobel


Twitter profile picture,
to protest
executions and promote humanrights

Have u seen the 7 Baha'i faces

awaiting execution? PLEASE HELP!


همراه شوعزیز
Wednesday 4th of Nov (Aban the 13th) another day for
Greens to show their endless power to the Islamic regime

یک ماه تا تظاهرات ۱۳ آبان وقت باقیست:
اطلاع رسانی را از امروز شروع کنیم

Next Green demo 13 Aban
Inform the people in Iran

Videos: Next protest day in Iran , November 4th 2009, Aban 13 1388

طرح چگونگی شروع و ماندن در خیابانها و شکل دهی هسته مردمی در روز 13 آبان
لطفا کامل بخوانید ونظرتان را ارائه دهید

How to organize the protest in 13th Aban

موج جدید تحریم سبز آغاز شد + تصویر
New wave of Green sanctions

وبلاگی برای آزادی مهندس شاپور کاظمی، برادر زهرا رهنورد
A blog to demand release of Shapour Kazemi (Zahra Rahnavard's brother)

Crimes against Humanity in Iran:

Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions

List of protests outside Iran

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan


Please sign & send to others

Stop Child Execution In Iran

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Protection & Self Help for Greens

Follow @Iran_Techie for great
computer security & other tips

IHRDC funding stopped by US State dept! How you can help!


Help heal Iran
(پارسى & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (پارسى)


Mohsen Sazegara Saturday 18 Mehr 88 Oct 10, 09 (پارسى)

Mohsen Sazegara Saturday 19 Mehr 88 Oct 11, 09 (پارسى)

بهنود شجاعی اعدام شد
Iran Tehran 11 Oct 09 Behnood Shojaie is Executed
Interview with Behnoud's lawyer

فیلمبرداری مخفیانه از عاملین رژیم
Iranian gov agents in Stockholm

پرده برداری از مجسمه ندا آقاسلطان
A statue of Neda unveiled

محسن مخملباف جایزه اش را به کروبی تقدیم کرد
Makhmalbaf dedicate his award to Mehdi Karroubi

English article:

The dissaperance of a Iranian scientist
though to be linked to Iran's nuclear programme

Obama is reffering to Neda during his Nobel peace prize speech

Leila Alikarami got Politkovskaya
Award For Campaign of Equality in Iran

PressTV : Keyhan Newspaper Court

Gathering of Martyr's mothers in Laleh Park in Tehran

CNN: Hillary Clinton's view about Iran Election October 2009

امید مهر:رژیم بمب اتمی می سازد
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

کلینتون:حرف زدن کافیست؛ رژیم باید عمل کند
Clinton: Iranian regime has to act

بیرگیتا اولسون ،
نماینده پارلمان سوئد و حمایت از انقلاب مردم ایران در صدای آمریکا

MP, Birgitta Olsson´s Support of Iranian Revolution

Caller tells Obama to stay out of the
fight between Iranians and the regime

نسل کشی با برنج (آرزنیک دار) هندی

رژیم روانی"بچه اعدام کن" و همایش عملیات روانی

نعره های امیرالشیاطین "قاتل جوانان ایران" برای بسیج

گزارش الجزیرا از فقر در جنوب تهران
Arabic:Aljazeera report about ppl' poverty in south of Tehran

ناله های دروغگاه سپاه دربارۀ اوباما و جایزۀ نوبل
Iran state TV lies about Obama & Nobel prize

واردات کفش ازچین تولیدات کفش را نابود کرد
Shoe import from China has distroyed
the Shoe making industry in Iran

ركود و بيكاری در اقتصاد كشور؛ بانکها هم پول ندارند
Unemployment, even the banks dont have money

Iran regime worst human rights abuser in the world

سخنان خمینی در بارە کردستان
Speech made by Khomeini on Kurdistan 1980

Joke Theater after Friday Prayer in Tehran 09 October 2009

شورای نگهبان حافظ کودتا و بردۀ خامنه ای جانی

مجری سیما تزویر: افتتاح سال نوی میلادی در قم

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