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12 & 13 October | 20 & 21 Mehr

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Execution date has been set for Safar Angooti Oct 19. He was tried, convicted & sentenced at 17


Death-penalty trial of 7 Baha'i leaders imprisoned in Iran set for Oct 18th

Scream Now

URGENT Call to Action petition to overturn execution of Safar Angooti

URGENT Call to Action Petition to release seven Baha'i prisoners in Iran

Housien Alipour may be executed anytime. He was tried, convicted & sentenced when 16

Kobra Babaie sentenced to be stoned to death & it may happen anytime

Reza Ali Zamani sentenced to death for his 'role' in post election demonstrations


List of Juveniles on death row (160 as of Jun 09) stopchildexecutions.com

همراه شوعزیز
Wednesday 4th of Nov (Aban the 13th) another day for
Greens to show their endless power to the Islamic regime

Reports from Twitter:

English & پارسى

Iran's courageous women honored with award last week for 1-million-signature campaign

For a BBC interview with human rights lawyer Leila Alikarami and Azar Nafisi go here:

Weekend roundup- Councilman: No banknotes with slogans! Gen. pokes nose into politics
Karroubi: 'Give us air time!', Iran's human rights record gets darker

Clinton and Miliband today: Nuclear talks do not mean human rights in Iran are forgotten

The Association of Combatant Clerics published a sharp open letter to judiciary chief Sadegh Larijani
The association warned Larijani that if he is incapable of carrying out his duties he (Larijani)
would be held responsible for the continuing injustice in the country

The Combatant Clerics stressed that the constitution must be Larijani's road map
The Combatant Clerics cited five articles in the constitution which have not been respected by the judiciary
Article 168: Political and press offenses will be tried openly and in the presence of a jury, in courts of justice
Article 32: A suspect must be informed of charges. The preliminary case must be brought before authorities within 24hrs
Article 39: Affronts to the dignity of arrested, jailed individuals are banned and punishable by the law
Article 37: Presumption of innocence. No one guilty unless guilt has been established by a competent court
Article 38: Torture for extracting confession or acquiring information forbidden.Violations punishable by the law
Full text of Association of Combatant Clerics' letter to Larijani http://tinyurl.com/yghpywc
The Islamic Republic's constitution: http://tinyurl.com/yl27hpv
End of piece on Combatant Clerics letter.

Backroom schemes to prevent publication of official report on abuse http://tinyurl.com/yg8bt7x

Caller on Radio Farda:
100 Basij goons bused from Amir Kabir, Science/Industry and Tehran U to Azad U
100 Basij overwhelmed by 2,000 Azad U students at noon break
Azad U students' protest today was planned days ago, but Basijis were brought in from other
univs for ceremony in Azad U's mosque

Once Basij ceremony in mosque ended, they came out and chanted 'Death to hypocrites!
Basijis beat up a few students, but had to retreat when 2,000 came out of their classes

25 yrs old Mohamad Jalali arrested Jun 25, was beaten during arrest, taken to unknown detention center
Jalali was than sent to Evin Quarantine sec 7. He may now be in Evin sec 8. Court will not give fam status
According to court, Jalali's case is being prosecuted by judge Salavati. He will not give the family any info
Jalali was the only source of the family's income. His long detention has put his family in financial trouble

Reports say they are torturing & pressuring non-high profile political prisoners to make false confession

Apparently to make their scenario of velvet revolution outside influence realistic they want to back it up with confessions
Judge Salavati has been giving very harsh sentences to political prisoners & the human rights activists

1st VP Rahimi whose proven fake PHD caused some Parliament members to officially file a complaint is accusing the Parliament of interfering with & sabotaging Ahmadi's Gov with their conduct

Maryam Roustampour & Marzieh Amirizadeh arrested last March for converting from Islam to Christianity

The 2 originally charged with "anti-state activities", kept in solitary & interogated for hours daily
On Aug 9 the revolutionary court ordered the two to recant their faith in Christ which they refused
The two were unexpectedly taken to court last Tues & were charged with "crimes" of apostasy

Journalist Ahmad Zaydabadi is prohibited fr visitation & is under heavy pressure to sign a confession
Journalist Kayvan Samimi arrested post Elec by agents braking down his door & attacking him in his bedroom
Samimi under heavy pressure to do TV confession session & is now prohibited from visitation or phone calls

The fifth death sentence was handed down today. Davoud Ferbche Mirardebili was sentenced to death today
Sources who have spoken to him in prison say Mirardebili denied being memb of the monarchist group
Mirardebili told sources he had made few reports re labor unions for radio program which Ali Zamani hosted
Seems like they are hurring & handing down death sentences before Nov 4 to scare people

20 Azad university students have been summoned to the disciplinary office

Conflicting reports re recent sentences on whether these people were protestors or arrested before uprising

Office of the Association for Professional Journalists is still sealed by Prosecutor Gen without any charges

Attorney Mohamad Sayfzadeh stopped by Intel as he was boarding a plane & his passport was confiscated

MP Tabesh:
Why haven't the people responsible for Kahrizak violations been named & indicted

I believe the honeymoon for attorney general Larijani is over & he has to be held accountable

Journalist Kayvan Samimi in Evin under pressure to give false confession has sent out a message
"Standing firm & determine in the battle for my ideals, on the inside & out
with the inner battle
being more difficult". Thusday, praise to "me" & salute to "us"

Monday morning 100 family members gathered at Evin visitation center hoping to see their loved ones

Some families have not seen their loved one for more than 2 months, only had few phone calls
Bond has been set for some of the detainees but they are still not allowed to leave Evin
One of the cruel thing the guards do is, they pick few prisoners telling them they are going to be
released, tell them to gather their things & wait. They never go back to tell them they lied

Another thing they do, pretending they are releasing the prisoner, they walk them to the main
door, and than say, oh there is a problem with the exit paper work you can't leave

Some families go to the court Bldg asking for info & help. They are told the paper work has been
to Evin. When they go to Evin, they are told to go to the court Bldg
Status of some of the PPL arrested during Qods day marches is still unknown & families can't find info

Judges Hadad & Haydarifar who are responsible for sending 100's of post-Elec protestors to
and also responsible for sending protestors to Kahrizak where PPL were tortured &
are still working in the court system & still causing problems for the political prisoner & their families

Reports are about 2000 Azad Univ students are protesting, police & Basij used teargas, 1 arrest so far

Azad Univ students chanting "death to the dictator" & "coup government, resign, resign"

After meeting with Just. Dept. officials, 3 MP's confirm 4 sentenced to death are in imminent danger of execution

Behnoud was laid to rest this morning, 200 people were there carrying signs protesting execution of minors

Behnoud's father said, he hopes his son's death was not in vain & hopes it will help stop executions

Disciplinary action against Razi Univ in Kermanshah continues. Large number of students involved

67 yrs old Ali Saremi a political prisoner in Evin for 2 yrs, endured 6 months of physical & metal
, still sits in Evin with no news of release time. He was arrested during memorial service for mass executions of 80's

Auditor's office declares closed the case of missing 1 billion dollars that some MPs wanted to investigate

IRNA's report advises Mousavi & Karoubi to distance themselves from people sentenced to death or else

All death sentences were issued in procedures that were political not legal/It is urgent that everyone voices concern

There is a possibility that death sentence rulings will be illegally fast tracked in order to spread fear
Alizamani who was arrested before the election, was told by his interrogators that if he confessed to charges he would b free to go

By sentencing Monarchist & MEK prisoners to death IRI wants:
1) divide the movement
2) spread fear

Fifth death sentence issued in post election trials for Davood Farbacheh Mirardabili

Mirardabili's death sentence was handed to him today. He was accused of calling a pro monarchy radio station

Number of DEATH sentences handed in post election trials now stands at FIVE
4 were arrested before the election & 1 was in Southern Iran on business trip

Interesting: Kayhan hardliner daily says on its website that it will not be published for 3 days

The daughter of AN top adviser files for asylum after screening of her anti-torture film in German festival

Slogan Mousavi FB has posted for Nov 4th rally: "NO to West, No to East, Yes to National Green Gov (No mention of Islamic repub
lic) http://bit.ly/QY6A1

6 people 4 men & 2 women were hanged in Ahvaz prison one week ago

The execution of Behnoud has opened a debate among Iranians. His lawyer's website has been flooded with support messages and comments

There are more than 200 comments & opinions on one post the lawyer did right after the execution.
Most reformist news papers had sent reporters to Evin the night of the execution and have published reports on the crowd of supporters
Iranian bloggers have also written articles and have commented on the articles written by others. There is small group who blames the family of the victim who did not forgive Behnoud.
The majority blames the legal system which gives victim family the right to decide

There are also more fundamental discussions about capital punishment as a whole. Some think it is always wrong but most think it is wrong for minors. It seems that 2 different Irans faced each other in front of Evin gates the night of the execution
An intolerant and cruel Iran which was represented by victim's family and authorities and a tolerant and mature Iran which was represented by the crowd who had gathered to stop Behnoud's execution. How many Indifferent, quiet or unaware Iranians stand between the two groups, only future will show

Defense lawyer, Mohammad Saifzadeh, has been banned from leaving Iran. He represents Rouhinejad sentenced to death

Tehran prosecutor: Qisas (1 eye for 1 eye) is the right of victim's family & in Behnoud's case they wanted to exercise their right

Tabesh: Judiciary Chief's "Honey Moon" is over now.
Tabesh criticizes political detainees not freed, despite promises made by Ali & Sadeq Larijani. He demands both act.
He further expresses displeasure since Judiciary Chief hasn't even answered the letter sent to him by Minority Faction of Majlis.

Famous Iranian Singer Eftekhari clarifies his position...CONTINUED: http://tl.gd/lkbm

Basij & Police forces closed Tehran's Azad Technical University
...CONTINUED: http://tl.gd/lkkt

فراخوان دانشجویان تهران مرکز، تاریخ تجمع روز سه شنبه 21 مهرماه از ساعت 30/12 در دانشکده فنی این دانشگاه می باشد 3
Student of UNI of Tehran Centre inviting all the students to join the protest in Tuesday 21 Mehr 12.30 (Danshekade Fani)

12 Oct:
At 12.30. Students with green banners chanted anti coup gov slogans in the K.N. Toosi UNI’s restaurant

Students ended their protest singing “Yare Dabestani” inside the main hall of K.N.Toosi UNI at 12.45

AN´s visit in Shiraz is delayed. The newest is that he will arrive at 4 pm
Groups of ppl in Shiraz have been waiting for AN since early morning but the coup gov delayed his arrival
SOG are presence in Shiraz waiting for AN to come. Sec forces have blocked the streets around Hafeziye
Shiraz earlier today:
Sec forces asked ppl to leave the streets telling them AN is not here

People waiting for AN. Streets around Hafziye blocked http://bit.ly/1tp8t

100 of detainee’s family members gathered outside the Evin & Rev Court today to demand the release of their love ones

Today during the soccer game Esteghlal Tehran – Est Ahvaz ppl chanted anti AN slogans

Most of the student of Alzahra UNI left the hall during Rahim Pourazaghi`s speech

Heavy presence of anti riot forces & Basijis in Vanak Sq right now. They have stopped the traffic & control every cars
We are used to see Basiji checkpoint in some streets controlling all cars but you don’t see anti riot forces just like that
Basijis were already in Vanak Sq when the anti riot forces suddenly arrived & began to searching the cars

Anti riots been presence late at nights around the UNI dormitories since the opening of the UNIs but not in the streets
The coup gov try to intimidate the ppl using anti riot forces.
Anti riot forces & Basijis make ppl out of their cars and search them right now in Vali-Asr, Tajrish Sq & Modares

iranbaan (پارسى) & iran88 (English)
قاضی حداد یکی از متهمان پرونده کهریزک است که پیش از این برخی خبرها در خصوص برکناری او منتشر شده بود اما او که پیش از این
رئیس شعبه 26 دادگاه انقلاب و قاضی پرونده بسیاری از فعالان سیاسی، مطبوعاتی، مدنی و دانشجویی بوده، بازنشسته شده است
گفته می شود بازنشسته شدن حداد در مقطع زمانی فعلی، در راستای کنار رفتن بی سر و صدای او از مسند قضاوت است و
قرار نیست به اتهامات او درباره کهریزک رسیدگی شود

Judge Haddad is one of the main suspects of the Kahrizak case & there were reports of his step down but former head of 26th rev. court branch & judge of many political, press, social & student activists is now retired
It is said Haddad's retirement is to quietly move him away from his position to avoid Kahrizak prosecution

برخی اخبار از صدور کیفرخواست برای سبحانی، بازپرس شعبه دوم و حیدری فر، بازپرس شعبه اول دادسرای امنیت دارد
حکم انتقال بازداشت شدگان بعد از انتخابات به بازداشتگاه کهریزک توسط این دو بازپرس امضا شده بود
دو این بازپرس همچنان در شعب مذکور مشغول به کار هستند و پرونده های بازداشت شدگان سیاسی و مطبوعاتی توسط آنها رسیدگی می شود
سبحانی، بازپرس شعبه دوم دادسرای امنیت، به خانواده های زندانیان گفته است: " براساس دستور دادستان تهران، در ملاقات و آزادی تخته است

Reports of indict for Sobhani & Heydarifard, 2 interrogators who signed the transfer of post-election detainees to Kahrizak
The two are still working in the same branches & working on cases of political & press detainees
Sobhani has told families of prisoners that with order of Tehran's prosecutor there is no freedom & visits

مهدیه محمدی، همسر احمد زیدآبادی دیروز اجازه ملاقات با این روزنامه نگار را نیافت
مهدیه محمدی:
همچنان یک ماه است که از آقای زیدآبادی بی خبر هستیم

معاون آقای سبحانی گفتند پرونده آقای زیدآبادی به دادگاه فرستاده شده تا کیفرخواست نوشته شود و قرار است او را به دادگاه بیاوریم
احمد زیدآبادی همچنان در سلول انفرادی نگهداری می شود

Mahdieh Mohammadi, Zeidabadi's wife, couldn't visit him yesterday & hasn't had any news from him for a month
Zeidabadi's wife: Mr. Sobhani's deputy told us his case is sent to the court to have the indict issued & he's sent to court
Ahmad Zeidabadi is still in solitary

الهه مجردی ، همسر محسن میردامادی، خبر داد که همسرش از سلول انفرادی خارج شده و با عبدالله رمضان زاده در یک سلول نگهداری می شود
غیر از برخی روزنامه نگاران که در سلول انفرادی هستند،همه زندانیان سیاسی از سلول انفرادی خارج شده اند و در سلول های دو یا سه نفره زندانی هستند
خانم میردامادی:
پرونده های فعالان سیاسی در مرحله نوشتن کیفرخواست است
فردا قرار است به ملاقات آقای میردامادی برویم و گویا روندی دوهفته ای برای ملاقات ها تعیین کرده اند
وضع روحی آقای میردامادی خیلی خوب است اما حدود ده کیلو لاغر شده و برای رفع عفونتش دارو مصرف می کند
آقای میردامادی، دچار مشکل قلبی شده و 5 روز در بیمارستان بستری بود الان هم مری ایشان دچار عفونت شده است
آقای میردامادی منتظر کیفرخواست و از بلاتکلیفی به شدت ناراحت است و
از من هم کتاب خواسته که برای او ببرم و میخواهد در زندان ترجمه کتاب را شروع کند

Elahe Mojaradi, Mohsen Mirdamadi's wife said he is out of solitary & in the same cell with Ramezanzadeh
Except a few journalists who are still in solitary, most political prisoners are in 2-3 person cells
Mirdamadi's wife:
We are going to visit him tomorrow. Apparently visits are allowed every two weeks

Mr. Zeidabadi's mental status is good, but he's lost 10kgs & uses disinfectant drugs
Mirdamadi was sent to hospital for 5 days due to a heart condition & now his trachea is infected
Mohsem Mirdamadi is given an economic paper & has a TV in their cell
Mr. Mirdamadi is waiting for the indict & is tired of being in the limbo
He's also asked for a book to translate while in prison

به گفته خانم مجردی،در زندان یک روزنامه اقتصادی دراختیار محسن میردامادی قرارمی دهندودرسلول جدید تلویزیون هم دراختیار وی و آقای رمضان زاده است
خانم مجردی همچنین خبر داد که با آزادی بهزاد نبوی و تبدیل قرار او به قرار وثیقه مخالفت شده است
According to Ms. Mojaradi, release of Behzad Nabavi on bail is denied

خانواده دکتر محمد ملکی ، روز گذشته نیز موفق به ملاقات با او نشدند
خانواده مسعود باستانی نیز دیروز موفق به ملاقات با این روزنامه نگار نشدند
همسر دکتر ملکی:
روز شنبه نیز دکتر مولایی به دادگاه انقلاب مراجعه کرد ولی به او گفته اند «بنا برسخت گیری است و به هیچ کس اجازه ملاقات نمی دهیم

روز شنبه که دکتر زنگ زد حالش خیلی بد بود و گفت دکترش راعوض کرده اند و داروهای جدید حال او را بد کرده و لذا داروها را قطع کرده است
تقریبا مقاومت جسمی دکتر تمام شده و از سال
60 و سپس 80 همین طور به ترتیب توان دکتررا گرفته و اکنون هم او را ازبستر بیماری برده اند
نه کسی جوابگو است و نه کسی احساس مسولیت می کند
حال دکتر خیلی بد است و من به شدت نگران هستم بلایی سر او بیاید. آن موقع چه کسی پاسخگو خواهد بود؟
روند درمان دکتر قطع شده و دکتر مولایی درخواست کرده که دکتر به بیمارستان منتقل شود اما مخالفت کرده اند

Families of Dr. Mohammad Maleki & Masoud Bastani couldn't visit their prisoners yesterday
Ms. Maleki:
When Dr. Maleki called on Saturday he was in a bad condition. He said his doctor is changed & his med is stopped

No one answers & no one feels responsible
Dr. Maleki's treatment has stopped. Dr. Molaie has asked for his transfer to hospital but it was denied

خانواده بهمن احمدی امویی با این روزنامه نگار ملاقات کردند
ژیلا بنی یعقوب:
من این هفته نیز به صورت کابینی و از پشت شیشه توانستم بهمن را ببینم و همچنان بازجویش اجازه ملاقات حضوری نداد

مهم ترین نگرانی بهمن وضعیت زندانی های گمنام قبل و بعد از انتخابات در بند
209 بود و
می گفت متاسفانه در باره این افراد هیچ گونه اطلاع رسانی نشده و این افراد خودشان را فراموش شدگانی در میان تعداد زیاد زندانی های سیاسی می دانند
آنچه بهمن را آزار می دهد ،بلاتکلیفی است تا تحمل زندان .چرا که او یکصد و ده روز است که درزندان است و
بیش از یکماه و نیم است که بازجویی هایش تمام شده ،اما هنوز بلاتکلیف است و پرونده اش به طور کامل به دادگاه انقلاب ارسال نشده است
درحال حاضر نه وکیلش و نه ما به عنوان خانواده بهمن امکان هیچ گونه پیگیری قضایی را در باره اش نداریم
بهمن بارها از من درخواست کتاب کرده بود که متاسفانه ماموران زندان از پذیرفتن هرکتابی خودداری می کردند و
دو هفته پیش کتاب ها را گرفتند اما هنوز به بهمن نداده اند
Bahman Ahmadi Amouie's family managed to meet him
Zhila Baniyaghoub:
My biggest concern are the unnamed prisoners of before & after the election who are in ward 209

Unfortunately these prisoners feel forgotten among the political prisoners
Bahman is more concerned about his fate than his days in prison. His case isn't even sent to court yet
So far neither us nor his lawyer can do a legal follow up on his case. I can't even give him books he requested

هنگامه شهیدی ، روز چهارشنبه با این روزنامه نگار دربند ملاقات کردند
مادر هنگامه شهیدی:
علیرغم دستور قاضی و صدور قرار وثیقه ، تاکنون موفق نشده ایم وثیقه را به دادگاه بدهیم

یعنی با توجه به دستور دادستان برای عدم آزادی زندانیان، وثیقه را از ما نگرفته اند
یکشنبه روز تولد هنگامه شهیدی بود و خانواده و همکاران این روزنامه نگار در مقابل زندان اوین ، تولد او را جشن گرفتند
روز یکشنبه در مقابل سفارت ایران در لندن تجمعی برپا شد که تجمع کنندگان در آن خواستار آزادی هنگامه شهیدی شدند

Hengameh Shahidi's mother: Despite the prosecutor's order for bail, they dont' take our bail money
Her family celebrated her birthday on Sunday, in front of Evin. There was also a protest for her release in London

مینا جعفری، وکیل فریبا پژوه: پرونده فریبا در مرحله تحقیقات است و اتهامی که به او تفهیم کرده اند ، تبلیغ علیه نظام است
خانواده فریبا پژوه روز گذشته با این روزنامه نگار ملاقات کردند
مادر فریبا پژوه:
فریبا به ما گفته که تحقیقات ادامه داره و پرونده اش تکمیل نشده است و این بدین معنا است که هنوز بازجویی های او ادامه دارد

Family of Fariba Parjouh visited her yesterday. She's accused of propaganda against the system
Farbia told us that the investigation is ongoing, which means interrogations continue
Family of Jahanbakhsh Khanjani, who's in ward 240, met him last Thursday

جهانبخش خانجانی، عضو حزب کارگزاران سازندگی همچنان در سلول انفرادی در بند 240 به سر می برد
خاناوده آقای خانجانی، پنج شنبه هفته گذشته با این فعال سیاسی ملاقات کرده اند
همسر خانجانی:
از همان روزی که با روزآنلاین درباره وضعیت آقای خانجانی مصاحبه کردم فشارها بر ایشان شدید تر شده است

در ملاقات با آقای خانجانی که به صورت حضوری انجام بوده جوان 23 -24 ساله ای بی سیم به دست حضور داشته که به شدت زننده و توهین آمیزرفتارکرده است
مشکل کمر و گردن آقای خانجانی تشدید شده است و وضع روحی آقای خانجانی نسبت به دفعات قبل که ملاقات داشته اند، بدتر شده است از اضافه شدن بازجویی جدید به تیم بازجویی همسرش خبر داد
بازجو به آقای خانجانی گفته که اینقدر اینجا نگهت میداریم که موهایت همچون دندان هایت سفید شود مگر اینکه چیزهاییکه میخواهیم بنویسی

Family of Jahanbakhsh Khanjani, who's in ward 240, met him last Thursday
Khanjani's wife said a new interrogator is added to the team and that his back & neck problem has become worse
Mr. Khanjani is told he will be kept until his hair turns gray & writes whatever they ask him to

مصطفی تاج زاده با محسن امین زاده در یک سلول دو نفره نگهداری می شود
Mostafa Tajzadeh is in a 2-person cell alongside Mohsen Aminzadeh

همسرمحمد قوچانی:
قاضی شعبه 28 گفت که شما آشوب طلب هستید و قوچانی ایدئولوگ کروبی است پس باید در زندان باشد

Ghouchani's wife:
Judge of 28th branch: You demand riots & he is an ideologue of Karoubi so he's should remain in prison

همسر سعید لیلاز:
یکی از اتهامات همسر من دوستی با یکی از کارمندان سفارت انگلستان است در حالیکه
این کارمند سفارت در حال حاضر آزاد هستند و حتی از منزل خود به دادگاه آمد

Saeed Leilaz's wife:
One of my husband's charges is friendship with an employee of UK embassy while this employee is free

همسر مهدی شیرزاد:
قرص هایی آرام بخش به همسرم می دهند و وقتی ما پرس و جو کردیم دیدیم نصف این قرص ها را هفته ای یک بار به بیماران می دهند

هر گاه سوال می کنیم اتهام ایشان چیست می گویند سری است

Mehdi Shirzad's wife:
My husband is given sedatives & we are told only half of these pills must be given every one week

Everytime we ask about his charges, it is a secret

پسر کیوان صمیمی:
در این چند وقت اتفاقات عجیبی برای پدر من رخ داد که اصلاح اجباری سر و صورت، ضرب و شتم، حبس در سرویس بهداشتی و

درخواست هایی نامعقول مثل کنار گذاشتن فعالیت سیاسی، عدم ملاقات با وکیل، گم شدن پرونده و فشار و تهدید برای نوشتن مطالب دروغ از جمله آنها است
مدت ها است که بازجویی ها تمام شده اما از صدور وثیقه خودداری کرده اند. اگر
این بلاتکلیفی و اعمال غیرقانونی ادامه پیدا کند، پدر من اعتصاب غذا می کند
Keyvan Samimi's son:
Weird things happened to my dad including forced shaving of his beard & hair, beatings,

getting locked up in a bathroom, being asked to avoid contact with lawyer, his file getting lost &
being forced to write lies

It's been a while since his interrogations & still no bail order. If this continues my father will start a hunger strike

برادر عبدالله رمضان زاده:
طی مدت بازداشت برادر من دچار بیماری هایی شده است که ناراحتی ریه، گوارش و ناراحتی های پوستی از جمله آن ها است

برادرم گفت که هیچ کدام از اتهامات مانند «اقدام علیه امنیت ملی و تشویق به تظاهرات غیرقانونی» را نپذیرفته است

Ramezanzadeh's brother:
My brother has suffered a number a of illnesses while detained including digestive & respiratory ones,
my brother said he hasn't accepted any of the charges including acting against national
security & encouraging riots.

مهسا امرآبادی:
بیش از یک ماه از آزادی من می گذرد اما هنوز مدارک شخصی من اعم از گواهینامه، شناسنامه، پاسپورت
کارت ملی، گوشی های موبایل، کامپیوتر شخصی و غیره را به من نداده اند

Mahsa Amrabadi:
It's been over a month since my release & I still haven't got my personal documents back

همسر حسین نورانی نژاد:
هفته گذشته بازپرس شعبه 2 گفت پرونده همسرم به دادستانی فرستاده شده و دادستان مانع آزادی او است

در حالی که دادستانی می گوید پرونده همسرم به آنجا ارسال نشده است و بازپرس می گوید دادستان دروغ می گوید
بازجویی های حسین تمام شده است و برای او قرار وثیقه 100 میلیون تومانی صادر کرده اند اما دادستانی مانع آزادی ایشان است
Hossein Nouraninezhad's wife:
Last week 2nd branch interrogator told case is sent to prosecutor's office & denied released

This is while the prosecutor's office says the file is not sent there.

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter

English & پارسى

11 October | 19 Mehr

Hamed Rouhinejad sentenced to death after his arrest in post election events

Mohsen Makhmalbaf dedicated his award from Norenberg humanrights festival to Karroubi

Iran's armed forces Commander: the slogan "Iranian Republic" example of overthrowing the regime

Iranian Youth Association in Berlin held Meeting on violations of humanrights in Iran

Major shia clerics concerned about their weakening position in Islamic Republic

Khatami in Yazd: governments can no longer be authoritarian imposed upon people from above

Sazegara invited people to join Mournful Mothers' gatherings in Parke Laleh every Saturday

Read Sazegara's comments in @IranSIC Oct 11 newsletter http://txtb.in/5zO

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter

English & پارسى

12 October | 20 Mehr

Summary of Karoubi & Mousavi meeting

Negotiations to free Mohsen Safai Farahani from prison

Increasing worries about anti-satellite noise waves and its effects on Tehran citizens

Another execution under the age of 18 although Iran has signed the human rights covenant

Khatami again supported the million scale and "civil" protests to Iran election

Zeidabadi still under strong pressure to confess against himself in prison, wife says

Request for money billes marked with slogans by green protesters to be removed from circulation

2nd letter from reformist party to judiciary head in protest against injustice and illegalities

Commemoration of green martyrs in Khajenasir Uni

England banns British companies to trade with Iran

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Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran
12 October
: Green Shoots? http://bit.ly/weT5A
13 October: Government Threatens Karroubi: http://bit.ly/m0q5T

Analysis: So Who Controls the Islamic Republic?

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (12 October)

Letter from a Youth in Execution Row, to Heads of the Affairs

Behind the Scenes of a Scenario:
All Those Sentenced to Death Arrested Prior to Election

Alireza Beheshti Shirazi Responds to Ahmad Khatami

Iranian parliament creates special committee on Caspian issues

Iran and China to establish road building machinery factory

Easy Bourse:
TOTAL (NYSE: TOT) Interested in Iran's Pars LNG Project -State Co

Pipelines International:
Iran and France eager to join Nabucco pipeline

Market Rap:
United States Oil Fund Rises As Evidence Suggests
The United States is Preparing to BOMB Iran

Rant Rave:
Will the New MOP Bomb Be Used in Iran?

Mainstream Media

Iran sees possible Total deal worth $7.5-8 bln - Reuters

UK halts trade with two Iran firms over nuclear fears

Iranian official says sanctions won't hurt

Iran MPs back outlines of subsidy reform plan

Iran's Mousavi sees Inquisition-style clampdown

Iran launches case against Karoubi over rape claims

Israel, U.S. to hold anti-missile drill next week

U.S. Treasury would ask banks for help on Iran

Clinton to press Russia over sanctions on Iran

Clinton says did not ask Russia for help on Iran

U.S. says Medvedev backs sanctions if Iran fails to comply

FACTBOX: Sanctions against Iran

U.S. Treasury would ask banks for help on Iran

GS E&C confirms 1.6 trln won order from Iran

Iran says most of its oil is not sold in dollars

NY Times:
Iran journalists flee lest retribution for covering the election

Clinton to Question Moscow on Iran - US Official

Iran in Dispute With British Museum Over Loan of Artifact

Russian Minister Rejects Iran Sanctions

LA Times:
Iranian presidential candidate under investigation

Russian foreign minister opposes threatening Iran with sanctions

Iran launches probe of prominent opposition cleric

Jeruzalem Post:
US soldiers raided a freighter shipping arms from Iran to Syria or Hizbullah

Why Russia is not afraid of an Iranian bomb

Clinton to press Russia on Iran, arms control

US wants bunker-buster fast, denies Iran is reason

Iran parliament moves ahead with fuel subsidy cuts

Iran says Total ready to work on South Pars

Times Online:
British ban is warning to Iran that sanctions could bite

Iran starts criminal inquiry into defeated candidate Mehdi Karroubi

Iran Gives British Museum 2-Month Deadline Over Cyrus Cylinder

Clinton to Query Russia on Readiness for Iran Nuclear Sanctions

Iran's gas deal crucial for Switzerland: report

Iran says Obama's solution to Mideast conflict "catastrophe"

Brazil's Lula Befriends Iran's Ahmadinejad

Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
Obama's Nobel, Israel's problem?

Plan B for Iran? US Wants Bunker-Buster Fast

US speeds delivery of huge bunker-buster
bomb as Iran reveals secret mountain site

Wall Street Journal:
Iran Talks With RAK Gas To Export To UAE -State Agency

Al Arabia:
Iran starts case against Karoubi over rape allege

2 Yemeni nationals appeal convictions as Iranian spies

Iran opposition leaders demand to speak on TV

Ahmadinejad oversaw rapid rise in US imports
in the face of Bush's calls for nuclear sanctions

German Ship Transporting Arms for Iran

Irish Sun:
Hanging of juveniles putting Iran under pressure

Irish Times:
Trade between Iran and US rose by almost 600%
during Ahmadinejad’s first four-year term

The Netherlands condemns death sentence for Iranian protesters

The National:
Revolutionary Guard turns corporate

Iran's Karroubi faces legal move

A Dangerous Iran? Here's A Plan

Tehran Times:
Iran inks €1.2b gas deal with South Korean company

Iran expects to start import of Turkmen gas on Dec. 20


مراسم تشییع جنازه بهنود شجاعی فردا برگزار می شود

وحشت حکومت از رنگ سبز
Gov bans green in schools

Rooz Online:
از رای ما گذشته، زندگی ما را پس بدهید
Narges Kalhar, daughter of AN advisor: It's not about vote, give our lives back!
(She's now abroad)

کاهش محبوبیت کشتی گیر نابغه
Wrestling champion's popularity declined after dedicating his medal to AN

ناگفته های جنبش سبز در مصاحبه با محسن مخملباف
Interview with Mohsen Makhmalbaf on the green movement

اعلام خطر: تورم 60 درصدی در پیش
Warning: 60% inflation ahead

در دفتر پیگیری وزارت اطلاعات چه می گذرد؟
احضار و تهدید دختران دانشجو با شیوه‌های غیراخلاقی

Investigation office of min. of intel:
female students summoned & threatened in unlawful manners

زمینه چینی برای انحلال احزاب اصلاح طلب
Getting ready to remove reformist parties

مصاحبه من با وکیل بهنود شجاعی:بهنود در بی عدالتی مطلق رفت
My interview with Behnood Shojaie's lawyer:
Behnood left in complete injustice

گزارش من از وضعیت زندانیان سیاسی و مطبوعاتی
Fershteh Ghazi: My report on status of political & press prisoners

طاهرخانی:جریانی مرموز و مشكوك خواهان شكل‌گیری همگرائی در كشور نیست
Taherkhani (Kargozaran) : Rafsanjani's plan has nothing but the wellbeing of nation in it

مطهری:گزارش کمیته حقیقت‌یاب و کمیته ویژه پس از بررسی لایحه هدفمندسازی یارانه‌ها قرائت خواهد شد
Motahari : Reports of Truth finding & Special Committee will be read to (full) Majlis

آیت الله آیت الهی: فردی دروغگو مرا ترغیب به امضای نامه‌ای علیه آیت الله دستغیب کرد
Ayat. Ayatelahi apologizes: I was tricked into signing letter against Ayat. Dastgheib

اعتراض کواکبیان به توقیف سه روزنامه و بی توجهی هیات نظات به تخلفات روزنامه دولت
NSC Member criticizes ban of 3 Reform papers, attacks Gov media, says Gov Panel is biased

پارازیت در کمیسیون بهداشت و درمان مجلس
Majlis Health Commission hearing on Satellite Jammers

تابش: مردم منتظر برخورد با عامل اصلی جنایت کهریزک هستند
Majlis Minority Leader Tabesh: People want confrontation of real culprit responsible for Kahrizak

كمیسیون آموزش و تحقیقات به احمدی‌نژاد نامه نوشت
Education & Research Commitee demands AN to designate Education Minister for Majlis approval

هشدارهای مجمع روحانیون مبارز به رئیس قوه قضائیه
Combatant Clerics blast Judiciary's biased actions in letter to S. Larijani/warns of loss of people's trust

طاهرخانی:جریانی مرموز و مشكوك خواهان شكل‌گیری همگرائی در كشور نیست
Taherkhani: A "mysterious & suspecious current" doesn't want unity/wants to derail Conciliation Plan

یادداشت روز حیات‌نو/صلح، بهتر از جنگ
Hayyat-e No blasts Ejei for calling Iran's condition a "State of war"

احتمال طرح سئوال از احمدی‌نژاد به دلیل پاسخگو نبودن مسئولان دولتی درباره تشدید پارازیت
Majlis plan on questioning AN on Satellite Jammers

یاران خاتمی با 66 گل رز، سالروز تولد خاتمی را گرامی داشتند+عکس
Picture: Seyyed Mohammad Khatami's birthday

انتقاد فراکسیون خط امام از خودسانسوری نمایندگان،
روابط ناسالم برخی نمایندگان با دولت و محدود شدن رسانه‌ها
لاریجانی: تعطیلی کهریزک حاصل اطلاع‌رسانی کمیته ویژه مجلس بود

Ali Larijani: Kahrizak Closed as a result of Majlis commission's work
Ghanbari criticizes self-censorship of some MPs


18میلیارد دلار پول بی زبان ایران را چگونه دولت ترکیه صاحب شد؟
Campaign to identify driver of $18.5B truck confiscated by Turkey

احضار فوری 3 پزشک به بیت رهبری
Khamenei's health worsening
English summary: http://tl.gd/ljqt (via MikVerbrugge)

تعقیب و گریز و تیراندازی در خیابان مطهری تهران
Plain clothed agents chased & shot down young man in Tehran

نوری‌زاد:در شیعه كوچكتر به بزرگتر چنین می نویسد
Nourizad blasts Gov, criticizes colleagues for remaining silent in spite of catastrophy

كلهر:مادرنرگس بخاطراحمدی نژادطلاق گرفت
Kalhor (AN's advisor): Narges's mother divorced me because I worked with AN

Aut News:
تصفیه گسترده دانشجویان در دانشگاه صنعتی اصفهان
Large infilteration of students at Isfahan industrial university

ترک سالن سخنرانی رحیم پورازغدی توسط دانشجویان دانشگاه الزهرا
AN supporter lost temper when students boycotted his speech & left hall

تجمع اعتراضی دانشجویان دانشگاه ازاد تهران مرکز به خشونت کشیده شد
Protests in Tehran Markaz univ turned violent, school is surrounded by security forces


اعتراضات دانشجویان دانشگاه خواجه نصیر ادامه دارد
Student protest in K.N.Toosi Uni

فعلا منتظر گزارش كمیته ویژه مجلس درباره جنایات کهریزک نباشید
Report of parliament committee on Kahrizak & election unrest delayed once again

میردامادی بازجویانش را نصیحت می کند
Midamadi, Ramezanzadeh, Safaei, & Tajbakhsh still keeping up resistance in prison.
Officials frustrated.

پشت پرده صدور حکم اعدام برای محمدرضا زمانی
Details on Bardia (Mohammadreza) Zamani's death sentence

دادستان کل کشور از برخورد " به موقع" با موسوی و کروبی خبر داد
Ejeyi (prosecuter general) promises to take Mousavi & Karroubi to court in the "right time"

علیرضا افتخاری : اگر احمدی نژاد می آمد حقیقت را می خواندم
Eftekhari (singer): If AN had come to my concert I would sing sad songs

انصراف آلیا از تصدی وزارت آموزش و پرورش
Aalia no longer willing to stand as Education Minister in 10th Gov

نمايندگان حمايت از معاون اول احمدي نژاد را تکذيب کردند
Majlis Art 90 Commission takes up complaints, investigates 1st VP Rahimi

Hayat-e No:
از روز قدس به روز 13 آبان
From Qods day to 13 Aban:
How Regime changed to accept & recognize
Green Movement after show of force on Qods day

Jahan News:
گزارشگر ورزشی صدا و سیما پناهندگی اش را تایید کرد
Famous Iranian TV Sport commentator sought refuge abroad

Mowj Camp:
قدردانی از بسیجیانی که مردم را به خاک و خون کشیدند: 500 هزار تومان چک پول
$500 reward for Basijis

Radio Farda:
تشکیل پرونده علیه مهدی کروبی به خاطر «ادعای تجاوز»
Tehran Prosecutor confirms proceeding against Karroubi at Tehran Special Clergy Court

خروج نوری زاد از تشکل انقلابی نويسندگان
Nourizad resigns from association of revolutionary writers in protest

Bamdad Khabar:
پرتاب گاز اشک‌آور به تجمع مسالمت‌آمیز دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد/ گزارش کامل تجمع امروز
Report on Azad Uni raid: tear gas was used to disperse students

English summary: http://tl.gd/lkmb (via MikVerbrugge)

Iran Press News:
تجمع اعتراضی دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد به خشونت کشیده شد
Azad Uni escalation. Students fighting Basij & Police force

Mowj Camp:
حمله شدید نیروهای بسیج به تجمع مسالمت‌آمیز در دانشگاه آزاد تهران مرکز
Basijis attack Tehran Azadi Uni students

سپاه پاسداران، خودروسازی سایپا را می‌خرد
IRGC plans to buy “Saipa” the Iranian vehicle manufacturing company

نامه سرگشاده مجمع روحانیون مبارز به رییس قوه قضائیه
Full text of Association of Combatant Clerics' letter to Larijani

English summary in the Reports section of homylafayette (above)

Hammihan News:
چه کسیپاسخگوی خانواده زندانیان سیاسی است؟
Who's going to answer families of political prisoners

Javan Farda:
حسین مرعشی: نهادهای قدرت سرانجام در برابر جنبش سبز تسلیم می شوند
English summary:
Hossein Mar'ashi (Speaker of "Kargozaran" party, close to Rafsanjani) in an interview said: Today I
believe devoutly that this trueborn way which is presented by Mr. Mousavi as the "Green path of
Hope", and implemented by the ...people in the framework of a movement is the most deciding
factor. The power establishment cannot stand against it in a long term neither structurally nor legally
and has to devote to the people's will sooner or later. (via

ILNA (Iranian State Media):
انتقاد شديد دفتر آيت‌الله هاشمي رفسنجاني از جعل خبر توسط روزنامه ايران و رسانه‌هاي زنجيره‌اي همسو
Full report on the statement released by Rafsanjani's office

Government media makes up news, spreads rumors, and publishes false news
Rafsanjani's office explicitly cited Iran daily, the government's mouthpiece, as one of the lying news outlets


ePersianRadio.com Political Program
Please listen & send link to the people in Iran
12 October | 20 Mehr:
13 October | 21 Mehr: http://bit.ly/4F2KqT


تظاهرات گسترده ی دانشجویان دانشگاه تهران مرکز در محوطه ی دانشگاه
Azad university (central Tehran division) student protests

A Basiji student who filmed greens in Azad university today

تصاوير: جلسه‌ دادگاه "كيهان" و حسین شریعتمداری
Pictures of (Keyhan EIC) Hossein Shariatmadari's court session

Iran's Opposition Leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi
and Karroubi Meet, Blast Government

Children's Day Celebration in Mashhad, Iran

Khatami's birthday gathering

فـرشته آزادی، فـرشته ایران
Statues of Neda

Neda's picture stamped on an Iranian bank note

Behnoud's memorial services announcement
(Burial, 3rd & 7th services)

Green graffiti in Yosef-Abad Tehran

Green graffiti “V”

13th Aban graffiti in a bus

قطعه 257 بهشت زهرا محل دفن شهدای جنبش سبز
Behesht Zahra, section 257, Green Martryrs

Another green poster for 13th Aban

Poster: 13th Aban protest against the coup Gov executions

Poster: 13th Abaan "Na sharghi, Na gharbi, Dolate sabze meli"
"NO to West, No to East, Yes to National Green Gov

Cartoon: Fighting the fire of democracy in vain


Have u seen the 7 Baha'i faces

awaiting execution? PLEASE HELP!


همراه شوعزیز
Wednesday 4th of Nov (Aban the 13th) another day for
Greens to show their endless power to the Islamic regime

یک ماه تا تظاهرات ۱۳ آبان وقت باقیست:
اطلاع رسانی را از امروز شروع کنیم

Next Green demo 13 Aban
Inform the people in Iran

http://bit.ly/HU4nV http://bit.ly/2rO0g
http://bit.ly/2jLz0F http://bit.ly/bgdx7
http://bit.ly/3k1FCR http://bit.ly/KGWqP

http://bit.ly/5ca2S http://pic.gd/6f0313

Videos: Next protest day in Iran , November 4th 2009, Aban 13 1388

آبان۱۳‌: اعلامیه
Link for download more 13th Aban flyers

طرح چگونگی شروع و ماندن در خیابانها و شکل دهی هسته مردمی در روز 13 آبان
لطفا کامل بخوانید ونظرتان را ارائه دهید

How to organize the protest in 13th Aban

موج جدید تحریم سبز آغاز شد + تصویر
New wave of Green sanctions

ساختن مُهر دستی با پاک‌کن : ۱ مرداد
Home made V stamp , project green bill

وبلاگی برای آزادی مهندس شاپور کاظمی، برادر زهرا رهنورد
A blog to demand release of Shapour Kazemi (Zahra Rahnavard's brother)


Crimes against Humanity in Iran:

Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions

List of protests outside Iran

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Twitter profile picture,
to protest
executions and promote humanrights



Please sign & send to others

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URGENT Call to Action petition to overturn execution of Safar Angooti

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Protection & Self Help for Greens

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کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
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For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (پارسى)

How to Escape From Plastic Handcuffs

How to blur part of a video image

IHRDC funding stopped by US State dept! How you can help!

Mohsen Sazegara Monday 20 Mehr 88 Oct 12, 09

Mohsen Sazegara Tuesday 21 Mehr 88 Oct 13, 09

شیراز 20 مهر همزمان با حضور احمدی نژاد
Video from Monday, Shiraz protesting AN visit.
"Ahmadi shame on U, leave my city"
Hear the lionhearted woman. Bravo!

دانشگاه آزاد مرکز ۲۱ مهر
Student protest, Azad Univ. in Tehran 13 Oct

Compilation of videos:
درگیری بین بسیج و دانشجویان
Basij goons enter Azad University today


گفتگوی حنا مخملباف با "نرگس کلهر"دختر مشاور احمدی نژاد
Hana Makhmalbaf interviews Narges Kalhor (daughter of AN advisor)

CNN: Getting tough on Iran

CNN: Call for the release of Maziar Bahari from prison

کلینتون: موضوع اصلی رژیم و برنامۀ هسته ایش

افزایش مواد مخدر 95% در کشور


دیو بگریزد از آن قوم که قرآن خوانند

نمایشگاه کاریکاتور (غزه و بیروت) مزدوران رژیم


Iran Comments on Obama Peace Prize

Nazanin Afshin-Jam's interview with BBC (پارسى)

نعره های امیرالشیاطین "قاتل جوانان ایران" برای بسیج

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