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03 & 04 October | 11 & 12 Mehr

Final Version

Reports from Twitter:


Mohsen Safaie Farahani has been in solitary at Evin for 105 days. Farahani a member of the
ParticipationFront, a one time Parliament member, Ex Head of IR Soccer Federation & member
of International Soccer Federation has been kept in solitary for no apparent reason as his
interrogations finished 60 days ago. He has not agreed to sign a false confession nor has he
agreed with doing a TV confession session

Hajarian who was detained for 3 months says he was in solitary for 1 month, then was moved
somewhere where he didn't see anyone other than his interrogators. He says he was totally unaware of outside events. He had no source for news, they even refused to give him Kayhan newspaper
Hajarian says he could hear the chants of Allaho Akbar at night & assumed people were chanting outside Evin

3 female journalists have been banned from leaving the country & their passports have been confiscated
Badrolsadat Mofidi, Farzaneh Roostaie & Zahra Ebrahimi are the 3 journalist who are banned from leaving Iran

Large number of Shahid Beheshti university students have been summoned to the disciplinary office

Hadad Adel has asked for disciplinary action for Tehran Uni students who protested his presence at Tehran Uni
Tehran Uni Chancellor Farhad Rahbar has summoned 15 of the protesting student to the disciplinary office
In a staff meeting Rahbar said he will discipline those students harshly to set an example for other students

The CEO of four newspapers will go on trial on Sunday because the regime didn't like what they reported
Etemad-Meli, Talk, Liyan & Mowj are the four newspapers that will stand trial on Sunday

15 members of the student group who were arrested Friday morning were interrogated & released Saturday morning

MP Motahari:
Ahmadinejad is an Independent & not a Fundamentalist...

Ahmadinejad & people he surrounds himself with have their own Faction with specific "ideals"
The rule of law is being used as a tool to hold on to power & remove opposition from the scene
The dispute between some of the Marja Clergy and the administration stems from
administration's egotistical & pretensious manner that they act towards the Clergy
During confirmation hearing of his proposed ministers, lack of experience in their
proposed fields was a problem for most MP's, so there was great probability of rejecting 7-8 candidates
However, after receiving the Leaders message, we all came to an understanding that there may be other justifications involved that we don't understand, thus we decided to approve most of his candidates

Sanyeh news (very close to AN) reported the departure of Gen Firouzabadi the joint chief armed forces
Farsnews saying the news is denied by Firouzabadi's office, saying he was appointed by Khamenei & his appointment did not have term limit. Sanyeh is still carrying the news plus the denial!!
Sanyeh also says just as they correctly rprtd Taeb's move, they'll soon report more top level changes

The case of Fayaz Zahed senior member of Etemad-Meli Party has been taken over by Intel prosecutor
Zahed's lawyer says his client was suppose to be in Intel's custody for 10 days &then turned over to Prosecutor General
Zahed has been in detention since August 16 and his lawyer has not been allowed to meet with him

Illegitimate & unelected president has started pressuring university student by expelling & finning them
Science & Tech Uni students are pretty upset over the disciplinary office verdicts handed down to 6 students
7 more Science & Tech Uni students have been summoned by the disciplinary office

Science & Tech students have issued statement: They will chant Allaho Akbar 12.30 PM daily at cafeteria

So touching their statement starts with; In his name & in the name of Kiyanoush Assa & all the martyrs

10 students from the Teachers Academy have been expelled 1-2 terms
2 of the student who were among the 18 arrested Friday morning have not been released & sent to Evin
Ezat Tourbati & Ahmad Ahmadiyan are the two students arrested Friday & sent to Evin
The 16 students who were released say, they were interrogated for hours & warned before release

Among bloggers in Iran, it is an honor to have your site filtered or hacked, bloggers boast about this

MP Ghanbari:
Pro Ahmadinejad MP's are trying to unseat Speaker Larijani, if it happens

than the Parliament looses it's independence & becomes a formality under control of the administration

Gen Radan: Re Kahrizak, 10 people were interrogated & 8 warrents were issued

Ahmadi's house cleaning of those who didn't support him continues. Governors of Qum & Esfahan are changing

Ahmad Zaydabadi's wife has posted bond & he is supposed to be released tomorrow
20 of the detainees that their interrogations have finished are to be released on bond soon
Famous names among those are:
Atriyanifar, Abtahi, Kiyan Tajbakhsh, Shahab Tabatabaie
Saeed Shariyati and Abdoulah Momeni.
Lets hope the news is ture it's been reported by IRNA

Reminder: All those released on bail, are just released on bail. Sentencing awaits all of them

Hamed Safepanahi arrested in Kurdistan 2 months ago, family has no info & doesn't know his whereabouts

On Sept 23, 70 post election detainees were moved from Evin sector 7 (general) to quarantine sector (filthy, horrible)

Large number of Shahid Beheshti students have been summoned by the disciplinary office, specially dorm residents

Few weeks ago few pro gov sites said Karoubi has transferred $24,829,000 out of country so must be defecting

Karoubi's son in statement saying his dad has not even transferred $1.00 much less such big amount
He also questions the large amount of money missing from Tehran municipality budget when AN
was the mayor & also he is questioning &25 B missing from Oil ministry. Basically he is saying
attention should be paid to all the nouveau riche who moved from small towns to North Tehran(rich)

Radan: 400 closed circuit TV cameras will be installed in Tehran, 200 ready to be installed this year

At Radan's news conference female reporters were handed Chadors (full cover) before entering the room

After Tehran U students protested Hadad Adel's appearance at the Univ, he had asked the Chancellor
to discipline the students. 15 Tehran Univ students have been summoned by the disciplinary office

Mahin Gorji, Radio Farda BJ is still in Coma, Mahin's Bro think the Crash is Suspicious

I lost 2 friends Amir & Rosa (Radio Farda BJs) in car crash near Prague, some people think it is Suspicious

Mehdi Ahhahyari, student activist, sentenced to 2 years in prison

Fayaz Zahed's (Etemad Meli newspaper) case has been transferred from public servants tribunal to Intelligence tribunal
Workers of Haft Tappeh agricultural &industrial complex went on strike today

Scores of Uni of Beheshti students summoned & questioned by Uni security re their acivities bfore during & after

Military tribunal in charge of case against police officers charged in Uni of Tehran dormitory attack

A group of MPs say Larijani should resign from principalist faction if he wants 2 remain speaker of Majlis

IRNA denies news that Basiji general Firoozabadi has been removed from his position as chief of staff of military

Farsnews (Iranian State Media):
Karoubi & Mousavi have started a nation wide email & sms campaign in Universities/planning to cause massive unrest

Kayhan (Iranian State Media):
Arts & Literature page: Intel. Ministry's units dismantled network distributing illegal computer games

Mult. Gov officials & AN allies declare Nuke negotiations = success contrary to foriegn media propaganda/Iran delegation didn't give up Nuke rights

Media tribunal has a jury committee and today judiciary replaced all its members with new appointees

Political prisoner, Kobra Banazadeh has lost sight in one eye after she was denied treatment for a medical condition

Majlis Karhrizak Inquiry committee to read its report in open session of Majlis on Wednesday

MP Soroori: Majils inquiry committee initially received 140 cases of complaints/number has not increased since

IRGC commander says with the request of police, IRGC & Basij were in charge of post election events for two months following
IRGC claim that they were in charge important because it can take abuse file out of the hand of judiciary

MJ Larijani today at Uni of Sharif:
"Mousavi started his coup at 11pm night of the election & parted ways with IRI"
MJ Larijani on possibility Mousavi works with in system:
"Hard to know what he really thinks & his biggest fault: tostand against regime"

At least 58 Kurdish citizens have been killed by security forces in border areas of Kurdistan

Kurdish prisoner Shirin AlamHoobi transferred to ward 209 Evin, her charges could end in death
penalty sentence
Since last week 3 Kurdish prisoners who are on death row have been placed in solitary confinment

Attorney Mostafai writes letter to Larijani (judiciary) asks for a meeting to stop imminent execution of minor clients

Khamenei appoints Basiji general Mohammad Reza Naghdi as the head of Basij Forces replacing Taeb
Taeb has been appointed as the intelligence chief of IRGC
Boss of Kayhan says anything less than full trial for leaders of riots is to break the law| maybe Khamenei will appoint him to a new position too

Radan:Police looking into illegal import of indecent shoes that have Allah written under their heels

Khamenei's contribution to national reconciliation plan was to promote top torturers to top jobs in IRGC, Police and Basij

Website has been designed for new nuclear site" Fardo the nuclear Village of Iran"

Iran Basij Resistance Force is merging with Sepah Ground Force, to be commanded by Hossein Taeb...Jafari's idea

Iran Source:
Mashai bragging about re-opening Embassy in Washington D.C. soon. His influential US allies arranging Obama/AN Meeting

All the people freed these past days, and Principlists lashing out at Gov are a sign Plan is moving forward

A. Larijani told AN supporters:"No concessions; Don't need your vote"He vows to push ahead with investigations & duties

Summary of posted on Rafsanjani's site:

Apparent Principlists message "We're not with them (coup), Rafsanjani's right, they're some secret sect. IT WASN'T US"

فیروزآبادی از ستاد کل نیروهای مسلح می رود
Firouzabadi General of the Armed Forces resigns

2 political activists in Tabriz Hasan Ark journalist & Ebrahim Dashti were arrested & taken to taken to unknown location on Mon 21Sep

Fars (Pro Gov): Al Arabiye fabricated the sounds (Ya hossein Mir Hossein) of derby soccer game to claim thousands support a special person

Hamid Sorurrian Wrestler Fans turned away from him, with hate.
Sorurrian had said he is in such a love with AN

Abtahi`s investigation team taking over interrogation of Ramezanzadeh in round two which is fabricating a “confession”

A Group students,Faculty of Law & Political Sciences Tehran UNI chanted anti Govt slogans in the end of Gholam-Hossein Elham`s class

Threats & widespread summoned of students to the security institution In Isfahan University

Students protest in Sharif Uni during Larijani´s visit. Students chanted: Marg Bar Dictator & another anti coup govt slogans.
Basijis with posters of Khamenei attacked protesting students in Sharif Uni. Students keep chanting: marg bar dictator

Mohsen Kadivar: Most important achievement of green movement so far is that people knows now that the main problem isn’t the president, it’s Khamenei

Judge Hassan Haddad & 2 other of well-known judges are among the list of Kahrizak defendants

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter

English & پارسى

3 October | 11 Mehr

Videos of Slogans chanted at Friday match & Student Protests at IUST attached Oct 3 newsletter

Soccer match between Persepolis & Isteghlaal turned into a political arena Videos attached

108 Masters & PhD students condemned recent violence by oppressive regime against people of Iran

Journalists & member of youth branch of Participation Front visited Hajarian

IRGC commander: young commanders should take action even without orders from higher authorities

Central Council of Foster Unity Group members arrested on Fri & released on Sat

Mehdi Mirdamadi, son of detained reformist Mohsen Mirdamadi, released after 1 month

Dr Milani: campaign's rooted in people of Iran IraInt'l attention can't solve legitimacy problem

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Leaked IAEA Report on Iran Nuclear Programme

Rafsanjani Makes A Public Move with "Friendship Principles"

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (3 & 4 October)
  • Hajjrian asks for news
  • Zarghami faces three conditions to continue IRIB reign
  • Former student claims Daneshjou no plagiarist
  • Haddad-Adel struggles to maintain order in university classroom
  • Khamenei reshuffles military top brass

Basij will merge into IRGC ground forces

Amnesty International:
Abbas Housieni is scheduled to be executed
for crime he committed when he was 17

Mowj Camp English:
Ahmadinejad’s VP a fraudster
28 Mordad

Rooz Online:
Zibakalam: Iran - G 5+1 Talks Will be Inconclusive

Mainstream Media

IAEA chief to visit Iran over enrichment site

Qatar National Bank denies investing in Iran oilfield

Israel silent on Iranian nuclear talks

LA Times:
Deal buys Iran time to obscure activities at nuclear plant, officials say

IRAN: U.N. nuclear chief arrives in Iran:

NY Times:
Report Says Iran Has Data to Make a Nuclear Bomb

Black Market Shows Iran can Adapt to Sanctions

German Firms Feel Pressure Over Tehran Trade

Iran Diplomacy Shifts to U.N. Watchdog by Jay Solomon

Ahmadi says Obama made a big mistake

Congress ready to penalize Iran if diplomacy fails

Official says US in intense negotiations with Iran

White House sees progress from talks with Iran

Top Iran reformists to be freed on bail soon: IRNA

Iran's Khamenei reshuffles Revolutionary Guards top brass

Muted media response to Iran nuclear talks

Iran 'co-operation' draws praise

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past

CS Monitor:
It was Uncle Sam who first gave Iran nuclear equipment

Analysis: Iran is winner in nuclear talks, at least for now

The Washington Post:
The Coming Failure On Iran

Iran's leader: Obama wrong to say nuke site hidden

Washington Times:
The coming war with Iran

Iran agrees nuclear inspection - but not yet

Huffington Post:
Susan Rice: White House In "Intense
Negotiations" With Iran + Video

Iranian State Media:

Iran: We reached no deal to ship nuclear fuel

Salehi gives upbeat forecast on talks with IAEA

Tehran Times:
Cleric MPs to examine EC’s national unity plan

Farce News Agency:
MP Speaker Ali Larijani criticizes IAEAs performance on political issues


تحولات گسترده در سپاه پاسداران
بسیج در نیروی زمینی سپاه پاسداران ادغام می شود
Enormous structural change: Basij to be merged into IRGC

کشف مدارک جدید، بهانه ای برای تعویق آزادی بازداشت شدگان
New evidence - an excuse to delay release of the prisoners

متکي در سفر پرحاشيه خود به واشنگتن اعلام کرد اگر لازم باشد با اعضاي کنگره امريکا گفت وگو مي کنيم
Mottaki Iran foreign minister: we will talk directly with US congress members if necessary

Hammihan News:
حجاریان از زندان می گوید
Iran Saeed Hajjarian talks about 3 months of detention / 2 months at an unknown location

مطهری:احمدی‌نژاد ازفرقه‌ای خاص است،نه اصولگر
Motahari: AN is of a certain sect, not a Principlist

عماد افروغ: اتهام زنندگان ومنفعت‌طلبان باید ازکانون‌های مرتبط باحقوق مردم حذف شوند
Afrough (Prinicplst): Slanderers & Political Opportunists must be removed from public office

پیغام‌هاى جدید براى میرحسین
Iran Conciliation Plan: Hayyat-e No report

Iran Conciliation plan close to finalization, awaiting final agreement of Mousavi & Karroubi whose demands echo Rafsanjani's sermon
Iran Conciliation plan: "They want release of prisoners,change in attitude of IRIB, allowing both sides to voice their views and an end of "security" atmosphere."

فك پلمب دفتر شورای احیای آثار شهید بهشتی
Iran: Judiciary removes seal from Beheshti Foundation's office/Office open again

سعید ابوطالب: آنارشيسم فرهنگی بر دولت حاكم است
Abutaleb (Principlist): Cultural Anarchy rules Government

سردار عراقی: بسیجی‌ها دوساعت کتک می‌خوردند اما حتی یک تیر هم شلیک نکردند
خودشان کشتند و به نام بسیج و نیروی انتظامی تمام کردند

Sardar Araghi: IRGC & Basij were in charge of cntring protests, we didn't kill anyone

نادران: هیچ سندی دال بر «دکتر» بودن رحیمی وجود ندارد
Iran Naderan (Principlist) :"No proof for (1st VP) Rahimi's PhD / blasts AN

یکی در گوش پاستورنشین‌ها نجوا می‌کند؛ آقایان تیغ‌تان نمی‌برد
Move by AN suppoertrs to unseat A. Larijani from Principlist Faction presidency a total failure

قرائت گزارش کمیته ویژه در مجلس به چهارشنبه موکول شد
Report of Spec Commitee on post-elex detainees postponed to next Wednesday's Majlis Session

اسدالله عسگراولادی: میلیاردر نیستم
Iran A. Asgaroladi: AN's Handling of Economy doesn't get passing grade.
My (election) support was out of loyalty to Khamenei

Note that A. Asgaroladi was screaming his heart out defending AN before... Now he'd rather talk about economy than politics? (via MikVerbrugge)

فدایی:سیدحسن خمینی برای ما شاخص خط امام نیست
ریاست لاریجانی حاصل توافق با احمدی‌نژاد بود

AN Supporter MP Fadai:"Hassan Khomeini doesn't folllow Imam's line
Ali Larijani must be replaced"

Mowj Camp:
خبرهایی از اوین - بازجوی ابطحی به سراغ رمضان‏زاده رفت
News from Evin: Abtahi's interrogator to interigate Ramezanzadeh

روزنامه اعتمادملی، امروز به دادگاه می‌رود
Etemad Melli paper to go to court today

Rahe Sabz:
پاسخ به نامه ی دوستی فاضل
A poet has responded to Khamenei's poem with a poem!

نخستین روایت سعید حجاریان از ماه های بازداشت
Saeed Hajjarian's first account of his days in detention

HRA News Agency:
پرونده سعیده پورآقایی: خطای رسانه ای یا دام اطلاعاتی؟
Was it an Intel trap to discredit Greens?

Emruz News:
نهمین بیانیه خانواده های زندانیان سیاسی؛
خاطیان همچنان به فتنه گری مشغولند و عزیزان ما به جرم ناکرده در زندان

Ninth Statement from families of political prisoners

نشست 68 دفتر پژوهش حزب مشروطه ایران جنبش سبز
68th meeting of Constitutionalist Party’s Research Office "Green movement"

Bizim Tabriz News:
با طرح ادعای کپی برداری انتشار مقاله وزیر راه در یک نشریه بین المللی لغو شد
Scientific Journal pulls Behbahani's (Iran Transport Minister) article due to plagiarism

روح الامینی: برادر احمدی نژاد آیندگان می پرسند چرا به هر قیمتی ماندی
Rouholamini blames AN for split in Principlists / Implies AN should step down

Aut News:
انجمن اسلامی دانشگاه امیرکبیر: استبداد ادامه یابد، این بار قصه یکسره خواهد شد
Amrikabir Student Assoc: "We won't stand down until unconditional release of detained students"

بیانیه بیش از 450 تن از فعالان جنبش زنان در حمایت از جنبش دانشجویی:
به اعمال خشونت علیه دانشگاهیان پایان دهید

More than 450 activist of women's movement in
Iran signed a statement in support of student

Khabar Online:
درخواست هاشمی‌رفسنجانی از رئیس قوه قضاییه برای رسیدگی به پرونده منسوبین خود
Rafsanjani to S. Larijani: Investigate accusations/slanders against my family & anounce results

عطریان‌فر و ابطحی آزاد می‌شوند
Abtahi, Atarianfar, Tajbakhsh, Tabatabai, Shariati,Momeni among others, will be freed

J.Larijani booed when entering Sharif Uni, only around 50 Basiji students at his speech, others chanting outside

Farda News:
ناگفته‌های مرتضوی از بازداشتگاه کهریزک
In light of being Majlis committee's main suspect for Kahrizak: Mortazavi "Wasn't Me"

نادران با ارايه اسناد جديد؛ چرا به اتهامات رحيمي رسيدگي نمي‌شود؟
MP Elyas Naderi is asking Ahmadi to officially answer charges re the fake degree of his 1st VP Rahimi

من یک "لباس شخصی" به زحمت 15 سال دارم!
I am a “plainclothes”, roughly fifteen years old!

دیدار ائتلاف حزب الله با هاشمی رفسنجانی و رضائی
Hezbollah coalitions metting with Rafsanjani & Rezai

یک نشریه ی اسرائیلی: عمه ی احمدی نژاد در اسرائیل زندگی می کند
A Israeli journal: Ahmadinejad`s aunt lives in Israel

Iranian State Media:

واکنش فرمانده سپاه به طرح وحدت ملی
IRGC cheif dennounces national unity plan (refered to by Rafsanjani)

کمیته نخبگان کشور تعطیل است
Katouzian (MP & member of truth seeking committee):
I don't know why our committee has not had any meetings!

فعالیت گسترده فرهنگی در جنوب ایران با پول‌‌ وهابی‌ها
Saudi Royals promote "Wahabism" in Sunni
provinces of Iran in an effort to undermine IRI

دادستان تهران:پخش تلویزیونی محاکمه افرادی که اتهامشان ثابت نشده غیرقانونی است
Tehran Prosecutor Gen: Broadcasting of court sessions illegal & an offence

رسانه، ابزار براندازی نظام‌های مستقل در دنیا است
AN: "Media is a tool to overthrow independent systems"

AN: "Western media would use story of a detainee slipping in a bathroom to bring havoc over an 'independent system"

خاطره دستيار ارشد رييس جمهوري از تجمع مخالفان در
AN`s Senior Assistant (next biggest liar after AN)
memory from opposition gathering in NY


Picture: Iran Khamenei's Zolfaghar Combat Force
Note creepy salute

Picture: Iran picture Heads of Security Forces
Not 100% on choreography

Picture: Behzad Nabavi in Hospital

تصاوير:كشف محموله قاچاق درسفارت آرژانتين
Pictures of what IR claims Argentinean diplomat was smuggling out of Iran

Picture: Grafitti: AN, Enemy of the people

نجمع مادران شهدا در پارك لاله به روايت تصوير و فيلم
Pictures & video of mourning mothers march in Parke Laleh

نقاشی‌های سبز
Pictures: Some Green Art

توافق خونین
Cartoon: Obama & AN's deal

گزارش تصویری/ دیدار البرادعی با احمدی‌نژاد
Picture: ElBaradei meeting with AN


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محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (پارسى)


دانشگاه صنعتی شریف
Videos from todays student protest
in Sharif Uni against Javad Larijani

فریاد " یاحسین، میرحسین " در سلف دانشگاه علم و صنعت
Chantings in the Elm-o-Sanat Uni's Canteen

Mohsen Sazegara Saturday 11 Mehr 88 Oct 3, 09

Mohsen Sazegara Sunday 12 Mehr 88 Oct 4, 09

صحبت‏های پسر شهاب‏ طباطبایی با سعید حجاریان
Hajjarian & son of detaind Tabataba'i

Elbaradei on Iran Nuclear Issue

Amanpour's Discussion table about Iran 04 Oct

Zakaria's GPS discussion table about Iran
Part 1:
Part 2:

زارش بازجویی لري كينگ از تیرخلاص زن

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

رسانۀ "اطلس" ابزار جدید رژیم برای ترویج ترور

سیما تزویر ونحوۀ ساخت خبر دروغ

دروغ:خریدار مخابرات هیچ ارتباطی با سپاه پاسداران ندارد

Mothers of Martyrs gathering in Laleh Park 04 October

از دست این حکومت اشک خدا درآمد - روز قدس 27 شهریور

Tehran 18 sep Chant:" Because of this regime, even God is Crying"

حمله به مجتمع مسکونی سبحان
Sobhan Complex, Tehran. Basij damage property

سرود جدید ای ایران در جواب احمدی نژاد

Parodie of Ey Iran song in reaction of AN

George W. curses Ahmadinejad in UN Speech :)

Original Yare Dabestani
with scenes from 79 revolution

U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday Carter
Finley Stadium Raleigh NC October 3

Beginning of the End

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