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01 October | 09 Mehr

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مهر10- دربی سبز / بادکنک های سبز در استادیوم آزادی
Join the Green derby on Friday October 2 (10 Mehr)

Reports from Twitter:

English & پارسى

Full translation of last night's excellent Newstalk with Nourizadeh and Sazegara

Protests despite crackdown, Assembly of Sleepers, and the insatiable Revolutionary Guards

In clashed between Gov forced & the culprits of recent assasinations in Kurdestan 4 people were

Gov announced that 2 killed were affiliated with a terrorist group trying to create chaos in the
western region
Two killed were government forces. They also announced the arrest of 14 people from this group

What are they trying to do? 1st they meet with Mousavi and now the minority faction of the parliament says in upcoming days they will meet with Rafsanjani & Khatami and later they will
meet with Karoubi

Head of Tehran Justice Dept Alireza Avaie said they will probably have one more court session
in the same manner as the last rial they held where reporters were allowed inside the court room

Avaie: re the 20 verdicts that were handed down: None of them were high profile individuals

Prominent Journalist & financial analyist Saeed Laylaz is under pressure in Evin. According to his wife
Laylaz is in solitary & in complete isolation. Last two weeks he has been prohibited from
visitation & contacting his family. His wife says if they continue to treat her husband this way

& continue to refuse visitation rights, then she will reveal what hardship they are putting
their loved ones under & she will reveal what sort of things they want him to confess

The wave of disciplinary action against university students continues:
8 Sistan & Balouchestan university students have been expeled for 2 terms

Last week Intel agents went to a print shop owned by Jafar Kazemi, searched & siezed docs there accompanied him to his home, searched & siezed docs, CD's, pic albums & arrested Kazemi

9 days ago 8 Chameran university students in Ahvaz were arrested. There whereabouts is unknown

Is anyone paying any attention to how many arrests have been made in the recent weeks?

If Rajavi (Ashraf) thinks Iranian people are working so hard to get rid of an Islamic Regime & replace it with
an Islamic-Marxist Regime, well they are just full of it
They are torturing young people in Iran to make them confess to being part of Rajavi's cult
Does Rajavi care about putting people in danger in Iran. Heck no she doesn't even care for her own people in Ashraf

You want to find out about MKO (Ashraf/Rajavi) just google them. Be sure not read their own propaganda

MKO (Ashraf) are on U.S. & Canada terrorist group list. EU removed fr their list after 7 years legal battle

Taeb is leaving Basij and joining Sepah as Deputy Chief of Intelligence

Regime has been playing musical chairs with top level jobs. They are keeping loyal people in high level positions

Source close to Hajjarian:
When askd why he is out before others he said "I was better at playing my designated character"

Katouzian: "Majlis Fact Finding Commitee hasn't met in over a month. It seems there's no real intention of uncovering truth"

Expediency Source:
"Investigations should be entrusted to people who weren't part of Gov, not potential guilty of or associated to crimes"

(I'm guessing Expediency Source means this is something that came up during negociation, not source opinion)

AN cabinet shaky, several ministers threatening to step down, 3 open posts haven't found takers

AN trying to reconcile with old companions to counter Conciliation Plan
But it's not working. He's on phone all the time trying to rally Khamenei's cronies. He is desperate

Source on who from Mousavi's camp could be appointed to panel: "I heard of Hassan Khomeini & Alireza Beheshti considered"

Very interesting report from source close to Expediency
Much of evidence would have been lost after hasty act of Prosecutor if it hadn't been for Karoubi.
His evidence package is irrefutable & was examined by top regime officials, Marjas & political elite.
It has been brought up that Karoubi deserves a seat on investigation panel

Judiciary Source on Tehran Prosecutor warranting Karoubi/Mousavi Offices raid:
Order came from the very top (but source refused to say who)

Hadad Adel's Offce: "He never signed Rahimi recommendation for parliamentary commission. Signature on that paper is fake"

HRA: Hamidreza Mohammadi detained in Evin shows symptoms of A type flu

Fararu reports Hossein Taeb, commander in chief of Basij forces has been taken off his position/ given new job in important branch of IRGC

The sentences given 2 six students add up to 27 years and 8 months for all of them

5 prisoners were hanged on Wednesday in the city of Taybad. 1 other female prisoner hanged on Sunday in Sarakhs

Ashkan Eskandari arrested in Behesht Zahra started to chant slogans when he was taken to ward 209, severely beaten by guards

Wards 209,240 and 2A in Evin have no more space 2 receive new prisoners

Bahai student Mena Reazii was denied registration after being questioned about his faith

Iran analysts say the best case outcome of today's talks would be...more talks. Success in
Geneva = an exercise in "confidence-building"

Ahmadinejad calls nuclear talks a chance for "change." Geneva = a welcome distraction from his woes at home

Iran negotiator Jalili & US Undersecretary Burns meet on the sidelines of nuclear talks in Geneva, reportedly chat during lunch break

IRNA, Iran's state news agency, makes reference to a second round of six-party talks at the end of October.
US confirms: 2nd round Iran negotiations later this month. The Geneva talks thus hit the low bar set for "success."

Obama: "constructive start," El Baradei to Iran in days ahead, if Iran does not live up to obligations US will move to "increase pressure"

کاوه قاسمی کرمانشاهی، فعال حقوق بشر در کرمانشاه توسط نیروهای امنیتی بازداشت شد
Kave Ghasemi Kermanshahi arrested 2 days ago. He is HR activist in Iran

مهدی گرایلو،از فعالان دانشجویی طیف چپ از سوی شعبه 28 دادگاه انقلاب تهران به تحمل 5 سال حبس تعزیری محکوم شده است
Mehdi Gerayloo, leftist student sentenced to 5 years in prison


مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter
30 September | 8 Mehr
(English & پارسى)

Saeed Hajjarian, prominent reformist released after 109 days in detention

Mousavi opposed any sanctions by world powers [for stopping] Iran's nuclear programs

Head of Iranian Police Forces: 10 police officers in jail regarding Kahrizak incidents

Association 4 Defense of Press Freedom called 4 immediate release of detained journalists

Islamic Association of Students in Iran in a statement reviewed incidents after the coup

Read Sazegara's comments on Student Protests and the upcoming football match

Sept 30 newsletter with video of Student Protests in Sharif + Tahkim Vahdat statement

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Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (1 October)
  • World Media Distracted by Nuke Program Talks as Obama Admin Puts Itself in Corner
  • Moves for "National Unity Plan"? And what is Mousavi's strategy?
  • Reading Obama Admin Clues for Today's Iran Nuke Program Talks
  • NY Times Headline Distorts Article on Arab Views of Iran Nuke Program
  • Iran Labor News Agency - "IAEA: Iran Should Accept US Offer" on Nukes
  • "West" Media Obsesses over Geneva; Klein of Time Writes "Clueless" Piece on Ahmadinejad
  • NY Times Hysteria - Lots & Lots of Nuke Plants! (Based on the words "And Others")
  • Nuke Programme: Fars Publishes Account of Morning Talks in Geneva
  • Grand Ayatollahs Safi-Golpaygani & Makarem-Shirazi hold discussions
  • Nuke Program: No Fistfights So Far - Talks in Geneva "cordial & businesslik
  • Waiting for News from Geneva Talks on Nuke Program; What is Mousavi's Strategy?
  • Iran FM Mottaki Tells UN 4 Officials/Scientists Kidnapped since 2007; Link to Qom Revelations?
  • For Min Mottaki meets twoUS Congressmen in Washington trip
  • Businessman Bijan Khajehpour released on bail on Wednesday
  • Nuke Program: 30-minute bilateral US-Iran talk in Geneva; more discussion expected
  • Urgent: Iran talks w "5+1" powers will resume at end October
  • Nuke Program Snap Analysis: Tehran Gets Win with More Talks; Obama Faces Tough Decision
  • Nuke Program: Press TV Gushes over "Positive" Outcome; Brtain, France "Hard-Line" but US "Flexible"
  • Live-blogging today's Iran nuke talks - Summary: Big win for Tehran. Really big.
  • Nuke Program: US Weak Post-Talk Statement, Urges Iran "Concrete, Practical Steps"
  • Nukes: FM Mottaki Blames Britain for mislead Obama with "wrong info"; part of strategy to divide US-UK
  • Nuke Program: Sec State Clinton "Talks Productive but Wait & See Re Iran Action"
  • URGENT Deal Emerging - Russia to Enrich Uranium for Iran Nuke Program
  • Nuke Program: Obama confirms US line "Constructive Start" but "will increase pressure" if necessary
  • Nuke Program: Times of London, desperate for Iran defeat, gets story all wrong

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (1 October)
  • Hajjarian out on bail
  • Talking with Iran: a Geneva score card
  • Waltzing with Tehran
  • Iran Again: Is Everyone Bluffing?
  • Burns of US and Jalili of Iran meet
  • Iran Accepts More Talks, IAEA Site Inspection
  • Same as It Ever Was: Talking Head in Pittsburgh

Iran Quest:
The Islamic Republic’s militia training in public schools

Mainstream Media

Iran intel marked by differences, not disarray

Iran moderates held in "hard" conditions: website

Iran raises nuclear issue in Geneva talks: diplomat

Iran tells Solana it won't give up "rights": report

EU's Solana: Iran to work with IAEA on facility

Clinton says Geneva talks "productive"

Iran says talks created opportunity to remove concerns

U.S. urges Iran to demonstrate peaceful intentions

Iran has disclosed all nuclear sites: Mottaki

Pentagon sees U.S. defense in 2010 for Iran rockets

Obama to comment on Iran talks

SNAP ANALYSIS: Limited Geneva deal wins Iran sanctions respite

IAEA chief will go to Iran this weekend: U.S.

Iran's aid to Iraq insurgents less broad-based: U.S.

NY Times:
Possibity of nuclear armed Iran alarmes Arabs

On the Eve of Talks, Iranian Makes a Washington Visit

As U.S. Plots Iran Strategy, Envoy’s Visit Hints at a Thaw

LA Times:
International talks on Iran's nuclear program begin

U.S., Iranian officials meet one-on-one during nuclear talks:

Supporters hold vigils for US hikers held in Iran

Iran, world powers agree to meet again

Dubai & China main hubs for evanding sanctions

U.S.: Iran must change or 'pay price'

US and Iran hold highest level talks for 30 years

Iran 'to allow UN nuclear visit'

Fox News:
Obama Engagement with Iran Begins,
US-Iran Hold Historic Direct Nuke Talks

Times UK:
Iran bows to sanctions threat and agrees to nuclear inspection

CS Monitor:
Is Iran hiding other secret nuclear sites?

Gasoline war with Iran looms

Baltimore Sun:
Don't let Israel poison Iran talks


Khorasan News:

محسن رضایی: مجمع تشخیص گزارشی درباره واگذاری سهام مخابرات به رهبر انقلاب
Rezaei: Expediency council preparing report on IRGC TelCo takeover

Mohsen Rezai confirms having received a complaint on Telco shares transferred to IRGC in violation of laws

Expediency Council is investigating & formulating a report for Khamenei. TelCo/IRGC scandal
(via MikVerbrugge)

کودتای 22 خرداد فرزند مشروع فاجعه 25 ساله
Shocking Saeed Emami Interrogation Protocols reports (he assassinated many dissidents in the '80s, incl. Ahmad Khomeini)
"Orders came from Falahiyan, Khoshvaght, Mesbah, Khazali, Janati & Gaha. I didn't consider our acts murdererous or criminal.

When I received order on Ahmad Khomeini, I hesitated. So Mesbah & Khoshvaght (Khamenei's reps) sat down with me
They explained that even people related to revolution families must be eliminated, when they threaten Khamenei & Regime."

Peiknet's copy of S. Emami's leaked Interrogation Protocol:

حریق در بازار تهران برای اخطار به بازاری ها
Fire in the Tehran bazaar was a warning

محافظه‌کاران چه خواهند کرد؟
URGENT: Hayyat-e No: "Reformists agree to plan with conditions: #1. Release of all prisoners"

Hayyat-e No:
"Extremists (coup/IRGC) are desperately trying to derail conciliation plan to save their interests"

Hayyat-e No critisizes the publishing of inaccurate draft plan by Yaddashte rooz, says accurate text seen by all involved
Provocative parts NOT in plan. Also says Reformists have already given suggestions/proposals.
Hayyat-e No Article ends with a Question to Principlists & Authorities:"Isn't it time to remove known extremists & their media?"
"All concerned officials & personalities are aware of irrefutable evidence against these extremists' crimes against Nation"
(via MikVerbrugge)

واگذاری مخابرات در مجمع تشخیص مصلحت بررسی می‌شود
Expediency council questions past 2 years' "Privatizations", preparing investigation report

واگذاری مخابرات در مجمع تشخیص مصلحت بررسی می‌شود
Dr.Tavasoli: I have no knowledge of (1st VP) Rahimi's PhD" which GovermentbMedia said he confirmed

ما سبزها دو گروه متحد هستیم یا جمهوری خواهیم یا مشروطه خواه
Gofetman On where Republicans stand with in Green movement & why Republicans & Reformers shouldn't split their coalition

راز لو رفتن مرکز اتمی قم) منوچهر متکی: چهار کارشناس و دانشمند هسته ای ما ربوده شده
Mottaki: 4 Iranian nuclear personnel kidnapped (how Qom was leaked?)

In 2 days Mottaki has told 2 stories on where nuke info came from: terror group (MKO) and debriefing of kidnapped IR nuke experts (via sbelg)

Mowj Camp:
بهزاد نبوی در بیمارستان بقیه‏الله بستری شد
Behzad Nabavi has been admitted to Baghiatollah hospital

Political prisoner Behzad Nabavi has been hospitalized. Prior to his arrest Nabavi was under
physician care for prostate enlargement problem. 67 years old Nabavi was arrested on June 13

He was released 11 days later but the same night plain clothes attacked his home without warrant & re-arrested him. He has had only 1 family visit & has refused to sign a false confession
According to his indictment he is quoted as saying "I will never betray Mousavi"
(via persianbanoo)

خبرهایی از اوین- تشدید فشارها بر هنگامه شهیدی
News from Evin: increased pressure on Hengameh Shahidi

محمدرضا لطفی در سوگ مشکاتیان نوشت:
جمهوری اسلامی نگذارد در تاریخ بنویسند که این نظام با هنرمندانش سر دشمنی داشت

Mohammad Reza Lotfi: Don't let history remember this goverment as one that was the nemesis of all artists

علی جنتی : جزایر سه گانه ایرانی است اما باب گفتگو باز است
Janati's Son (IR's Kuwait Ambassador) "Guld Islands are Iranian, but can be negotiated with Emirates"

In other words: ill-wisher's son ready to negociate IRI sovereign land with UAE (via MikVerbrugge)

حضور آیت‌الله مكارم درمنزل یكی از مراجع
Marjas: Ayat. Makarem Shirazi met Ayat. Golpaygani Safi at his house for discussions

چهار کارشناس و دانشمند هسته ای ما ربوده شده؛ شکایت می کنیم
Mottaki:"4 of our Nuclear Scientists have been kidnapped"

پاسخ وزیر راه به خبر کپی کردن مقاله
Transport Minister : I didn't cheat I forgot to mention (plagiarized) source

Ayande News:
احمدی نژاد در بهشت، موسوی و كروبی در اردوگاه شیطان + فیلم
IRGC exhibition in Qom places Mousavi, Karoubi in Devil's camp/Ahmadinejad in God's camp...

Iran Global:
چرنوبیل سپاه در تهران
Report on last night's of Sepah scramblers."Not even Microwave ovens work"

آریتمی قلب دبیرکل دربند جبهه مشارکت را به بیمارستان کشاند
After 100 days of detention, Mirdamadi was hospitalized for treatment, he's back at Evin
while long time prisoner Nabavi is in hospital awaiting heart surgery

Radio Farda:
دادستان تهران: رویدادهای پس از انتخابات «عقبه مردمی» داشت
Tehran Prosecutor General: "Post election protests were supported by the people"

Iran News Agency:
آزار واذيت مردم در اتوبان يادگارتوسط مزدوران حكومتي
Picture: Yadgar Highway yesterday Coup force humiliating citizens under pretense of drug test

اسراییل گفتگو با جمهوری اسلامی ایران را «اتلاف وقت» خوانده است
Israel thinks Talks with Iran is a "waste of time"


Can someone give this guy a tissue paper


مهر10- دربی سبز / بادکنک های سبز در استادیوم آزادی
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Mohsen Sazegara Thursday 9 Mehr 88 Oct 1, 09 (پارسى)

The Truth about Qom (English & پارسى)

The Truth about Islamic Revolution in IRAN
(From 1:25 in English)

Netherlands TV Interview With Ebrahim Sharifi

Interview with Mr Hamid Dabashi Sept 26, 2009, NYC

Ahmadinejad on why the elections were legitimate

Ahmadinejad's answer to the Japanese journalist

Fake president (Ahmadinejad) press conference 01 Oct 2009

امروز-ژنو:تکرار اشتباهات یا معامله ای جدید

Today Geneve talks پارسى

شعار دادن داخل واگن مترو
New video from Qods day: Metro Protest, Tehran 18 sep

New video protest 23 Sept. 2009 in NY

New video: Tehran Universty protests on 28 Sept 2009

U2 in Washington DC supporting Iranian people 29 Sept 2009

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