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09 October | 17 Mehr

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Reports from Twitter:



Execution date has been set for Behnoud Shojaie Oct 11. He was tried, convicted & sentenced at 17


Death-penalty trial of 7 Baha'i leaders imprisoned in Iran set for Oct 18th

Execution date has been set for Safar Angouti Oct 19. He was tried, convicted & sentenced at 17

Reza Ali Zamani sentenced to death for his 'role' in post election demonstrations

Housien Alipour may be executed anytime. He was tried, convicted & sentenced when 16

Kobra Babaie sentenced to be stoned to death & it may happen anytime

Akram Mahdavi may be executed Oct 11. She was convicted for killing her 74 years old husband

Rahim Mohamadi EXECUTED Tuesday without the knowledge of his attorney or his family

List of Juveniles on death row (160 as of Jun 09)

Regime officials enraged over 'My life for Iran' slogan!

Mouthpiece media Press TV's report on Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani

Please contact George Galloway MP and Yvonne Ridley who continue to work with Press TV
George Galloway MP, House Of Commons, London SW1A 0AA tel: 020 7219 6940
Yvonne Ridley:

They have hacked the web site of Behnoud Shojaie's lawyer. I posted his letter to Larijani yesterday
Behnoud's lawyer has other clients who were and sentenced to death when a minor. Let's pray he is fine

Why aren't we hearing anything from the Reform leaders on the execution sentence of a protestor?
I think it's time for Mousavi to come out and condemn this death sentence
The international media will cover Mousavi if he makes a statement re this execution

Azad Univ students who were on probation & had to be approved for re-registration say they were interrogated for hours & some were told cooperation & providing info to Intel entities is a must

Nematolah Akbari head of the Reformist educators in Gilan was summoned to Intel on Tues & was arrested

Mousavi campaign worker Majid Zamani is under heavy pressure in Evin to confess to new charges

After 100 days in Evin & 2 televised confessions Zamani has been moved to solitary for more interrogation

They want Zamani to confess to being an American spy & they want him to say he was trained in the U.S.

Akram Mahdavi in danger of execution for being poor. At age 20 Akram was forced to marry a man 50 yrs older
She filed for divorce 2 times which was rejected. She killed her husband 3 yrs ago & was sentenced to death in lieu of $60000 fine to be paid to her husbands family. Akram does not
have that much money


A Bahaii resident's car was set on fire in Rafsanjan in the middle of the night/other similar incidents on the rise

Family friend in Tehran: many basij are now talking about their unhappiness with goverment

AN plans to visit Shiraz Mon 12th Oct. Ppl of Shiraz are arranging a unwelcoming ceremony for him

Preparation for 13th Aban: CDs with videos from Ghods & recent student protests been distributed to ppl
University of Tech students will join the demo on 13th Aban

IRGC`s agents disguised as students moved in Tehran UNI dormitories to identify protest leaders

Tense situation in Tehran UNI. Sec guards & plainclothes agents monitor everything. Students frustrated

Students try to keep focus on 13th Aban. Plans to remain in the streets after the demo outside the former US embassy

Coup gov tries to prevent a mass gathering w/ execution threats but the people reaction is the opposite

Young ppl are more frustrated & angrier now after 4 months resistant. Nothing to lose

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter

English & پارسى

8 October | 16 Mehr

Future Plans of the Green Movement: Thursday protests + Joining mournful mothers + Nov 4th Rally

Khomeini's grandson absent at reunion of armed forces commanders at Khomeini' shrine

Reformist organization asked for for revision of IRGC's entering political & economic fields

Ali-Zamani, an post election detainee, sentenced to death penalty by Tehran's Revolutionary Court

Atefeh Nabavi, student participating in June 15 demo charged with the "hostility" crime

US government stopped financial support of "Iran HumanRights Documentation Center"

Police commander of Iranian Armed Forces denied rape assaults in Kahrizak detention

Read Sazegara's recom's for student protests & Green movement presence in universities

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Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (9 October)
  • Very quiet on political front but gas subsidy cut points to economic problems
  • Evaluating the Revol Guard's Expanding Reach in Iran Economy (The Telecom Deal)
  • Closure of Uni Newspaper (for Saying Holocaust is True) From Last Year, Not This Week?
  • Looking Ahead - Major Green demos on 3 Nov (anniv of taking of US Emb in 1979)?
  • Picture/text of poster for 4 Nov demos circulating in Tehran
  • A Build-up to Mass Demos on 4 November?
  • Ahmad Khatami Friday Prayer Looks Away fm Home, Focuses on Iran "Victory" in Nuke Talks
  • More on Ahmad Khatami Friday Prayer re protestors as "enemies of Islam"

Iran: Karroubi Reply to Ahmadinejad on US TV (9 October)

Tehran Bureau:
Karroubi reacts to PBS Ahmadinejad interview


Amnesty International:
Amnesty International calls on Iran to
halt executions -14 in immediate danger

Fate of Two Political Prisoners Remains Unknown

Mainstream Media

Clinton to talk Iran, Afghanistan on Russia trip

Iran to "blow up heart" of Israel if attacked: official

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

FACTBOX: Obama prize gets mixed response in Middle East

NY Daily News:
President Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize win mocks award;
GOP has ammunition on Iran, Afghanistan

Iranian nuke defections offer peek at shadow war

Investor's Business Daily:
MOP + UON Spells Trouble For Iran

Wall Street Journal:
US, Allies Confer on New Iran Sanctions

Iran Looms as Obstacle for Sailors

Iran Gas Chief: Wants To Reach Output Of 1BCM/Day By 2014

The Associated Press:
Iran looms over Clinton trip to Europe, Russia

Jerusalem Post:
'Iran will blow up the heart of Israel'

Radio Free Europe:
Necessary Gesture Or Bad Decision?
US Cuts Funds To Iran Rights Group

Prize should push Obama to help end injustice: Iran

Washington Post:
Analysis: Peace Prize Awarded Based
on Achievement or Aspirations


Behnoud Shojaie's lawyer asking for prayers for Behnoud

Aut News:
1700 کارگر واگن پارس دست به اعتصاب غذا زدند
1700 Pars Wagon workers on hunger strike

Mowj Camp:
عزت‌الله سحابی: ضروری است که خاتمی، موسوی و کروبی اتحاد خود را حفظ کنند
Ezatollah Sahabi: It is crucial that Khatami, Mousavi & Karoubi stay united

احتمال آزادی بهزاد نبوی
Behzad Nabavi might be released

احمدی‌مقدم:پلیس در حریم خصوصی مردم تجسس و مداخله نمی‌كند
Ahmadi Moghadam: Police will respect
privacy rights/ Won't invade homes

خرید سهام مخابرات توسط سپاه زیر ذره‌بین سازمان بازرسی
National Inspectorate has started official
examination of Sepah's Telco takeover

سردار رجب‌زاده: با درایت از نظام دفاع کردیم بدون این‌که یک نفر را بکشیم
Chief of Tehran Police Sardar Rajabzadeh:
Police didn't even kill 1 person

باهنر:بهارستان نباید دنبال پاستور بدود
Bahonar: Majlis shouldn't follow Government

انتقاد لاریجانی ازشكستن حرمت مراجع در عید فطر
Ali Larijani condemns attacks on Marjas by Gov Media

«هرکس جمهوری بخواهد دشمن ما است»
Tehran Friday Prayers:
A. Khatami declares Republicans enemies of regime

Summary: (via MikVerbrugge)

بازداشت یك عضو شورای شهر تبریز، به جرم حمایت از میرحسین موسوی
Tabriz city council member & Mousavi supporter
Alaedin Nourmohamadzadeh has been arrested by Intel


Please listen & send to the people in Iran
9 October | 17 Mehr:



Iranian Homeless Family Erect "Home" in a Tehran Street

Poster: 13th Aban, Inauguration of the Worlds greatest
Hotel in Tehran with capacity for 5 millions people.


همراه شوعزیز
Wednesday 4th of Nov (Aban the 13th) another day for
Greens to show their endless power to the Islamic regime

یک ماه تا تظاهرات ۱۳ آبان وقت باقیست:
اطلاع رسانی را از امروز شروع کنیم

Next Green demo 13 Aban
Inform the people in Iran

Have u seen the 7 Baha'i faces
awaiting execution? PLEASE HELP!

List of protests outside Iran

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Crimes against Humanity in Iran:
Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions


Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Protection & Self Help for Greens

Follow @Iran_Techie for great
computer security & other tips

IHRDC funding stopped by US State dept! How you can help!


Help heal Iran
(پارسى & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (پارسى)


Mohsen Sazegara Friday 17 Mehr 88 Oct 9, 09 (پارسى)

The "Confession" That Means Death for
Post-Election Detainee Ali Zamani

بابک داد17مهر:گفتگو با رژیم ضد مردمی بی نتیجه
Part 1:
Part 2:

مشاورتیرخلاص زن:تلفات سوانح مهمتراز کشته های انتخابات
Part 1:
Part 2:

رهبرمکار؛رئیس جمهوردروغگو؛وزیران دزد و مجلس خفه

Martyrs of Freedom

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