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06 & 07 October | 14 & 15 Mehr

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Death-penalty trial of 7 Baha'i leaders imprisoned in Iran set for Oct 18th


Execution date has been set for Safar Angouti Oct 19. He was tried, convicted & sentenced at 17


Execution date has been set for Behnoud Shojaie Oct 11. He was tried, convicted & sentenced at 17


Housien Alipour may be executed anytime. He was tried, convicted & sentenced when 16

Rahim Mohamadi EXECUTED Tues without the knowledge of his attorney or his family

Kobra Babaie sentenced to be stoned to death & it may happen anytime

Akram Mahdavi may be executed Oct 11. She was convicted for filling her 74 years old husband

IHRDC funding stopped by US State dept! How you can help!


Today, Students filled corridors, classes & bathrooms of Social Science Uni Tehran with copies of "Doctor Sorosh letter to Khamenei "

Tehran University fears widespread student protests because of deprivation of 100s students to entering the dormitory
To prevent student protest the deprivation is done gradually. First stage is to summon groups of students to the disciplinary committee
First group to summon are students living in buildings 1 & 3 of the girls dormitory "fatimie" & a few buildings of the boys dormitory

Tehran deputy prosecutor: According to article 527 of the Criminal law anyone forge graduation can be sentenced 1 to 3 years in prison
Mon 5 Oct. More then 500 students protested in Shiraz University, chanting anti coup gov slogans
5 Oct, Student protest in Khomeini International UNI of Ghazvin. More then 1000 students showing V-sign & singing anti Gov songs
For the third day Students of UNI of Science & Tech chanted Allaho Akbar in presence of extensive Sec guards & Basiji (5 Oct)
A large group of students in Shiraz University have chanting Allah Akbar every night in 2 weeks

Shopkeepers in Tehran Bazaar have find copies of anti coup gov articles & posters in their shops during last 2-3 days

Head of Shiraz Uni MohammadHadi Sadeghi: 20 to 30 files currently pending to disciplinary committee because of events after

Workers in Haft-Tape (Khozestan) on strike. Workers requests support from greens in their protest

Fire in Chaharsooghi market area of Tehran Bazaar 7-10 pm Mon 5 Oct

Doctor Mohammad Maleki is still in solitary confinement after 45 days his wife & lawyer strongly complained of illness problems
No news from Doctor Maleki in 14 days. Family supposed visit him on Monday which was announced by a judge but Interrogator didn’t allow it

Tehran authorities start a investigation because graffiti & slogans against regime official in subway stations, corridors & cars

Morteza Nabavi & Khatami had a meeting with Hajjarian in his home on Sunday (Oct 4)

6 Oct, Students distributed Green scarf’s & wristlets to others at the entrance of Bu-Ali Sina UNI in Hamadan & Azad UNI Tehran center 200-300 students chanted anti coup gov slogans .
The gathering was held in the lobby 12 PM
6 Oct, Students of Ferdosi UNI Mashhad chanted Allah Akbar in UNIs cafeteri. Most of the students wears green wristlets

Sec forces making every shop in Chaloos to put Khamenei`s posters in their windows

After some miner students protest in Ponak Azad UNI yesterday Sec forces took students mobile phones

Persian TV Executive in Los Angeles Ghasem Goli`s daughter arrested in Tehran suspected for murder

Because of the resent insults of Ayatollah Dasteghyb his supporter will gather in Ghoba Masque tonight

A prisoner in Uromiyeh named Amir Abdoulahnejad was the subject of sever beating by prison guards

Despite his serious injuries he was not transferred to a hospital & died in prison Sat night

Sunday a judge set bond for Ahmad Zaydabadi who was suppose to be released on bail on Monday
Tehran Prosecutor Gen stopped his release today. According to his wife, Zaydabadi is under extreme pressure to sign a pre written confession. It has been 20 days since any contact & she is very worried

2 more newspapers have been shut down, Arman & Tahlil Rooz(Fars Provd) . This makes 3 papers in 48 hrs

In last 2 years 35 people in the world were sentenced to death while under 18. 29 of them were executed in Iran

Monday young man received stay of execution in Mashhad. He was sentenced 2 death when 17 we all tweeted his name here
Lets all ask AG Larijani to reverse the death sentence of these young people & stop this inhumane practice

University students Site Amir Kabir is hacked again

MP Ghanbari:
We are hearing conflicting reports about 5+1 meetings. We need an official report

In the absence of official relations with the U.S., FM Motaki's visit to DC raises questions

Controversy brewing; Auditors have given their report to the Parliament. Numerous Gov violations indicated
Apparently Ahmadi's administration spendings for the first 3 months of the year(before Elec) not totally legal
The Auditors Tribunal report indicates Ahmadi spent a lot of government's money on his re-election bid
The Auditors Tribunal says it will publish a short version of their report to the public

Lots of personnel reshuffling in the Justice Department. As usual just playing musical chairs

The Basij Commander of Ghokhan-Khaneh village in Kurdistan was assassinated last night

Urgent: Behnoud Shoojai along with 3 other prisoners have been moved from Kouhardash to Evin for execution
Behnoud Shoojai was sentenced to death for a crime committed when he was 17 years old
Behnoud received stay of execution from Larijani on his first day on the job as Attorney General
Executing people for crimes committed when a minor is an inhumane practice that has to stop
Urgent: Order for execution of Safar Angouti has been issued. He was sentenced to death when a minor
Behnoud Shoojai is scheduled for execution on October 11, Safar Angouti scheduled execution is Oct 21
Both Shoojai & Angouti have questionable circumstances in their case. Both sentenced to death when 17

Despite the presence of security & Bajis, 200 students at Sajad Univ in Mashhad protested

Hadad is loosing his Justice Dept job. He & Ex Prosecuter Gen Mortazavi are rumored to be under investigation re Kahrizak
Mortazavi is trying to wash his hands off Kahrizak in interviews with the media. NO CHANCE U R GUILTY

Sharif Univ is in the process of summoning students involved in last Tuesday protest at the university

MP Tabesh is asking speaker Larijani to seriously pursue the cases of the political prisoners
MP Tabesh:
Why people whose interrogations have finished are still in prison and are not even allowed visitation

We were hoping with appointment of Ayat. Larijani as Attorney Gen the judiciary conduct would change

The IR HR Doc Center was just beginning their work investigating the abuse of post election protestors
Without additional funding the U.S. office for Iran Human Rights Documentation Center will close in May
Wonder if IR foreign ministers sudden visit to DC last week had anything to do with Obama cutting IR HR funds
What has Obama done right re Iran: NOT A DAMN THING

Akram Mahdavi scheduled execution 3 AM Sunday. She has been in prison 4 years charged with killing 74 year old husband
Mahdavi's lawyer or family have not been notified, husband family have been notified to be present for execution

What an honorable thing to do for IR Gov!! 12 members of the Teachers Union arrested on Teachers Day
Arrested teachers:
Alireza Javadi, Ali Akbar Baghani, Mahmoud Beheshti-Langaroudi, Esmaiel Abdi
Mohamad Dehghan-Azad, Mehdi Behlouli, Niknejad, Khatoun Badyer, Abbas Moarefi

Mojtaba Qurayshian, Mohamad Nouri, Javadpour

Feraydoon Raziyani arrested in Kermanshah last Friday and transferred to Evin. Reason for arrest unknown

MP Sarvari basically said Mortazavi full of it, Kahrizak violators will be charged regardless of position

Student activist Payman Aref in Evin 110 days, has had only 1 family visit has been put on "No visitation list"

Tuesday Rafsanjani meet with the MP cleric membs & said, in order to achieve national unity
those who crate dissension among officials should be identified and dealt with

Apparently ex Prosecutor Gen Mortazavi went on a self defense interview tour & damaged himself more
Mortazavi trying to defend himself re Kahrizak. As it turns out Kahrizak closed later than was reported
In his interviews Mortazavi said he had not meet with Parliament special investigative committee members

MP Tajari member of that committee said they reviewed Rohalamini & Mohamad Kamrani's case in Motazavi office
Tajari said, he doesn't know why Mortazavi said they did not have a meeting re Kahrizak
Tajari also confirmed that Mohsen Rohalamini's death was caused by blunt force injury to the head which he sustained before imprisonment & said, unfortunately lack of proper medical help
caused his death

Tajari confirmed that Mohsen's death was not due to meningitis as reported earlier
Tajari would not elaborate on his comment of "Mohsen's suffered his injury before imprisonment"

This week's FP speaker will be NAJA Chief Gen Moghadam & prayer svc conducted by Ahmad Khatami

Political prisoner Sayed Ahmad Houseini has been released in Gilan after posting bond (not free only out on bail)

Dinner banquet given by Ahmadi & cabinet for the Parliament members only 70 MP showed up 220 were absent

MP Ghanbari re Behzad Nabavi;
They didn't even treat the prisoners of war this way (he is in hospital)

Nabavi's interrogations have been completed & there is no reason to keep him detained
Seems like the case of some of these political prisoners is in limbo
We expect all of these political prisoners to be released & hope for the retun of normalcy

NAJA Chief Ahmadi Moghadam: Violations did occur in Kahrizak but rape was not one of them

An American cargo ship is docking at Port of Bushehr with it's cargo of livestock (what happened to embargo)

M. Moustafie lawyer for Rahim Mohamadi said his client was executed yesterday without he or the family being notified

Good news: Members of the Teachers Union who were arrested on Tuesday have been freed

20 years old Housein Alipour is on death row in Rasht for crime committed when he was 16 years old

Mohamad Reza Ali-Zamani who was arrested during post election uprising was sentenced to death on Monday

Ali-Zamani was part of the televised second show trials & gave his confession during that trial
None of the defendants in 2nd & 3rd show trials had their own lawyer & were represented by court appointed lawyers

Wife of Mohamad Ghouchani editor in chief of Etemad-Meli newspaper said her husband's interrogations have been completed but they have extended his prison time & will not let him out on bail
MP Tajari said there is new evidence in Ghouchani's case that needs further investigation

The way U.S. & Iran stopped media focus re human-rights. Ahmadi denied Holocaust, Obama talked nuke

Arbitrary detention: Saleh Deldam 22 years old/100 days in Evin/NO visit/Tribunal claims having no file on him

Summary (6 October):
7 activists sentenced to death in Ahvaz/3 news papers closed/NO prisoners released/No prison visits allowed

Saleh Deldar's father wrote to the prosecutor asking to know about his son's fate detained for over 100 days

Fariba Pajouh's Lawyer said after 2 months she has not been able to meet her client

Iranian State Media:
Suspicious groups write anti regime slogans and distribute pamphlets at Tehran subway stations

Baghbani, teacher arrested today, gave anti regime interview to Radio Farda /teachers union has ties to foreign powers

Students in Uni of Isfahan rallied when parents of Parandakh, student who committed suicide after being released went to get his belongings

Khamenei says IR military not a threat/US cuts funding to IHRDC/ coincidence?

Swiss ambassador met with Rafasnjani at his office today

Summary (7 October):
12 teachers were arrested/2 juveniles were scheduled to be executed & Khamenei said oppressors are destined to fall
University students all over Iran rallied & Mortazavi said Kahrizak abuse happened because of prisoner overflow

Lawyer of Behnoud Shojaie:
"I wish I were the one being executed not him/please pray for him and light a candle

Zahra Jabbari arrested on Qods Day, detained in Evin, on hunger strike for seven days

Rahim Mohammadi was hanged this morning in Tabriz without the knowledge of his lawyer
Rahim Mohammadi's wife, Kobra Babai set to be stoned to death shortly
Rahim Mohammadi & his wife had been sentenced to death on charges of spreading prostitution

Saleh Soltan-Zadeh, detaind since 2006 has been transferred to unknown place. He is on deathrow and worked in military

Prior to his transfer, Saleh Soltan-Zadeh told fellow prisoners he was going to be
executed/handed them his belongings & will

CHRR reports Mohammad Reza Alizamani (monarchist) arrested after the election was sentenced to death by Judge Salavati on Monday

Workers at Haft Tappeh's industrial-agricultural complex have gone on strike

Large numbers of Intelligence Ministry employees -- as many as 6,000 out of 30,000, per some reports -- are being 'retired'.

3 conservative Majlis reps have filed a complaint against 1st VP Mohammad Reza Rahimi.
Principlists Elias Naderan, Ahmad Tavakoli, Alireza Zakani accuse Rahimi of forging his doctorate.
The Majlis reps filed their complaint with the legislature's Article 90 Committee.
Article 90 Committee (article 90 of the constitution) investigates complaints against 3 branches of government.
A more detailed account of Principlists' complaint against 1st VP Rahimi on my blog

Tehran governorship asks Tehran city council members to stop visiting families of prisoners and victims.

At press conference Monday, New police chief Reza Radan: 'Kahrizak was a small mistake.'

Speaker Ali Larijani re-elected head of the Principlist faction of the Majlis: 24 of 32 central comm. votes.

Khomeini archives head responded to Mohammam Javad Larijani's attacks on the Khomeini family.
Javad Larijani, brother of Majlis and judiciary heads, has faulted Khomeini family for supporting Mousavi.
Javad Larijani:
Khomeini family shouldn't be behind a movement supported by MKO and Zionists.

Khomeini archives head Mohammad Ali Ansari responded with open letter published in Parleman News.
Don't you (Javad Larijani) think that ppl's protests may be to seek truth about the election?
These individuals who think investigating the Holocaust is the right of free-thinkers don't
allow the people to discover the simple truth about the election!

Principlist lawmakers tired of fake doctorates in Ahmadinejad government, sue 1st VP http://tinyurl.com/ydbp8pt

Majlis's Article 44 Committee will look into IRGC purchase of Iran telecom
Article 44 of the constitution defines the roles of the state, cooperative, and private sector in the economy
Article 44 of the constitution can be read here http://tinyurl.com/yajp9b5

Iran regime celebrates World Teachers' Day by jailing 12 union members

Hamas takes Iran's money, then refers to Persian Gulf as 'Arabian Gulf'!
In a speech in Damascus last Friday, Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal spoke of the 'Arabian', not Persian, Gulf.
Regime critic and member of Majlis security committee Ghodratollah Alikhani denounced Mashaal's hypocrisy.

Workers at Pars Wagon company in Arak have gone on a hunger strike
The plant's deputy union leader Mohammad Reza Madahi: The workers haven't been paid in 75 days
This is the 9th time in the past 6 months that Pars Wagon workers have gone on strike

Farhang Aashti's website http://www.ashtidaily.com Only print was suspended. Suspension contested at Tehran Court

Khamenei under pressure to throw Taeb & Mortazavi "to the wolves."

Today was humilitating: If the AN bunch really can't muscle up more than 7 votes within Principlists, they're history

Majlis session report:
Radan and Mortazavi's statements earlier this week disproved by report.
Although parts of report are classified, it is shocking, & incriminates Radan, Mortazavi & others

Hashemi family has compiled massive & irrefutable evidence of anti regime activities by Mesbahieh... CONTINUED: http://tl.gd/kddt

Majlis Source:
President declared Audit Reports on his Gov as "Classified". MPs are outraged, call for Judiciary to remove status

This whole thing is becoming a farce! AN & his allies are nothing but thugs & traitors... CONTINUED: http://tl.gd/kdf3

IMPORTANT Report leak: Khamenei ordered Kahrizak closed within 3 days of 1st arrests when the news on beatings reaction... CONTINUED: http://tl.gd/kdfh

Judiciary Source:
None of evidence submitted by Sarollah (IRGC) Intel can prove Mousavi or Khatami's attempts...
CONTINUED: http://tl.gd/kdfq

Iran an NSP Source confirms the Hashemi "Mesbahieh" file exists and says "It makes MKO look innocent."
More elaborate explanation from Source: NSP had reported on Mesbahieh & their plans 6 months before elections... CONTINUED: http://tl.gd/kdh1

Caveat: those reports embrace "Khamenei was innocent all along"
Narrative: possibly damage control


دستور دادستان تهران در مورد عدم آزادی زندانیان، پس از صدور حکم آزادی آنان از سوی قاضی پرونده ، بدعت جدیدی در سیستم قضایی کشور محسوب می شود
بازپرس پرونده در پاسخ به اعتراض خانواده ها گفته است: "رئیس ما دادستان است و ما از او دستور می گیریم

Tehran's prosecutor's order to stop release of prisoners after their release order is a new innovation by the legal system
The interrogator of the case has told the families: Our boss is the prosecutor & we get our orders from him

همسر زیدآبادی:
رسما ما را بازی دادند گفتند وثیقه بیاورید، بردیم اما بازپرس شعبه 2 دادسرای امنیت گفت دادستان جلوی آزادی زندانیان را گرفته است
بازپرس پرونده در پاسخ به اعتراض وکیل زیدآبادی گفت "همین است که هست و ما از دادستان دستور می گیریم و رئیس ما ایشان هستند
بیش از
22 روز است که از احمد زیدآبادی هیچ خبری نیست
Zeidabadi's wife: We've been played. The told us to take the bail money but the interrogator said the prosecutor avoided it
There's been no news from Zeidabadi for over 22 days

برای هنگامه شهیدی، روزنامه نگار و مشاور امور زنان مهدی کروبی در انتخابات اخیر نیز قرار وثیقه صادر شده
مادر هنگامه شهیدی:
قرار وثیقه 200 میلیون تومان بود که روز گذشته به 100 میلیون تومان کاهش یافت
بازپرس پرونده گفت که به دستور دادستان، در چند روزه آینده کسی آزاد نخواهد شد

There is a bail order for Hengameh Shahidi as well
Hengameh Shahidi's mother: The bail was set at $200,000, but it was reduced to $100,000 yesterday
Hengameh Shahidi's mother: The interrogator has said by the prosecutor's order no one we'll be released in the next few days

عیسی سحرخیز به خانواده اش گفته که به مدت طولانی در زندان خواهد بود
مهدی سحرخیز: مادرم گفته که ایرنا خبر از آزادی قریب الوقوع
20 نفر داده، اما پدرم گفته است که چنین خبری صحت ندارد و کسی را آزاد نخواهد کرد
پسر عیسی سحرخیز: وکلای پدرم درخواست تبدیل قرار بازداشت به قرار وثیقه را داده اند اما بازپرس پرونده گفته که نظر نهایی بازجوبه آنها ارسال نشده
و نمی توانند چنین کاری را انجام دهند
Isa Saharkhiz has told his family he'll be in prison for a long time
Mehdi Saharkhiz: My mother said IRNA reported 20 prisoners will be released soon but my father said it's not true

همسر مسعود باستانی:
دو هفته است که به وکیل مسعود می گویند که حکم مسعود در حال تایپ است
روز دوشنبه برای ملاقات با مسعود مراجعه کردم اما اجازه ملاقات ندادند
Masoud Bastani's wife: His lawyer is told for the past two weeks that his [release] order is being typed
I went to visit Masoud on Monday but I wasn't allowed

مادر فریبا پژوه: فریبا به طور مستقیم نمی تواند چیزی به ما بگوید اما هنوز بازجویی هایش ادامه دارد و به پایان نرسیده است
خانواده فریبا پژوه به صورت کابینی با این روزنامه نگار در روز دوشنبه ملاقات کرده اند
Fariba Pajouh's mother: Fariba can not tell us anything directly but her interrogations are ongoing
Fariba Pajouh's family have visited her through a cabin

مادر پژوه: حال جسمی فریبا خوب بود و حال روحی اش نیز بهتر از دفعات پیش بود اما از حالت هایش مشخص بود که به شدت تحت فشار است
Pajouh's mother: Her physical & mental condition had improved but it was clear she was under pressure

همسر پیمان عارف:
پیمان یک ماه و نیم در انفرادی بوده و اکنون یک ماه است که به بند 8 زندان اوین منتقل شده است
تاکنون فقط یک بار ملاقات به صورت کابینی به مادر پیمان داده اند و وکیل ایشان نیز موفق یه ملاقات نشده است
برای پیمان قرار وثیقه صد میلیون تومانی صادر شده اما با وجود تودیع وثیقه از سوی خانواده اش، او را آزاد نکرده اند
گفته اند که پیمان را برای محکومیت یک سال و نیم مربوط به پرونده قبلی اش به بند
8 زندان اوین منتقل کرده اند
پیمان در حالی به اتهام دفاع از آقای آقاجری باید یک سال و نیم حبس بکشد که خود آقای آقاجری تبرئه و آزاد شده است

Peyman Aref's wife: Peyman was in solitary for 1.5 months & he's been transfered to ward 8 for a month
So far only Peyman's mother has been able to visit him once & only through a cabin
$100,000 bail was set for Payman but despite payment of bail he is not released
Payman must spend these 1.5 years for defending Aghajari, who himself is freed

فعالان دانشجویی که روز جمعه بازداشت شده بودند طی 24 ساعت ، ده ساعت تحت بازجویی قرار گرفته اند
مهدی عربشاهی:در رابطه با جلسه جمعه و کلیت فعالیت تحکیم و تجمع دانشجویان در دانشگاه تهران و دانشگاه صنعتی شریف، بیش از ده ساعت بازجویی کردند
در حالیکه 15 فعال دانشجویی بازداشت شده در روز جمعه با تعهد آزاد شده اند احمد احمدیان و تربتی به بند 209 اوین منتقل شده اند
Student activists who were arrested on Friday were interrogated for 10 hours out of 24
Mehdi Arabshahi: They interrogated [us] for over 10 hours about the protests in Tehran & Sharif universities
While 15 students activists who were arrested are freed, Ahmad Ahmadian & Torbati were moved to ward 209

برادر احمد احمدیان:
احمد تاکنون هیچ تماسی با خانواده نگرفته و پی گیری های ما نیز هیچ نتیجه ای تاکنون نداشته است
متاسفانه در دادگاه انقلاب هیچ پاسخی ندادند و هنوز هم مشخص نیست که پرونده برادرم به کدام شعبه این دادگاه ارجاع شده است
سه شنبه هفته پیش برادرم را که ساکن خوابگاه کوی دانشگاه بود، از خوابگاه محروم و کارت خوابگاه و کارت تغذیه او را باطل کرده و

Ahmad Ahmadian's brother: No one has contacted the family so far & we haven't found a clue either
No one responded in revolutionary court & we still don't know to which branch he is transfered
3 weeks ago my brother was expelled & his dorm & meal cards were canceled & banned him from returning to the dorm

خانواده مصطفی تاجزاده روز گذشته با این زندانی سیاسی در زندان اوین ملاقات کردند
Family of Mostafa Tajzadeh managed to visit him at Evin yesterday

حنیف مزروعی برای جلوگیری از تحت فشار قرار گرفتن اعضای دربند حزب مشارکت از سردبیری سایت نوروز استعفا داد
Hanif Mazroie resigned from his post as editor in chief of Norooz to avoid the pressure on members of the participation front

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter

English & پارسى

5 October | 13 Mehr

Tehran’s Police Chief: Police forces don't need satisfaction of those he called “disruptive”

Dalai Lama expressed solidarity with Iran's green movement

Doctors emphasized on necessity of treating Behzad Nabavi away from stress & mental pressure

Letter to Haddad Adel: mourning mothers won't pacify til a fair trial with just judges

Disciplinary action taken against students who protested against Haddad Adel

Tehran's prosecutor stopped release of political activists despite issuance of bails

Read Mohsen Sazegara comments on @IranSIC Oct 5 newsletter

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter

English & پارسى

6 October | 14 Mehr

Videos of Student Protests and two docs on Student Protests (FA) attached to @IranSIC Oct 6

Future Plan for the Green Movement: Nov 4 demonstrations

Student Protests continued despite major restrictions (+Videos)

Hassan Rowhani: It's a mistake to accuse people of anti-Islamic and anti-revolution behavior

Reformist MP demanded investigations of satellite jumbling signals on people's health

Mortazavi & Radan refused to accept accusations about Kahrizak detention

Ansari: why those who question the reality of Holocaust don't allow investigation of the election? http://txtb.in/5oP

Beheshti Shirazi criticized Corps commander's for propagating lies against protesters

Mohsen Sazegara's comments on Ministry of Intelligence & Nov 4 demonstrations

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6 October: http://bit.ly/12dU2F
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Selected Headlines:
5 October:
6 October: http://bit.ly/3UMwM

Case of missing Iranian nuke physicist

Fariba Pajouh under Intense Interrogation

Possible execution for Akram Mahdavi Next Sunday

Urgent Alert: Man Charged in State Security case at Risk of Execution

Letter from a Youth in Execution Row, to the Heads of the Affairs

Iran senior clerics Rafsanjani and Rohani condemn divisive comments

Iran Needs Billions More to Pay for Gas, Diesel

Rooz Online English:
Must read. Who is the new Ruthless General in charge of Sepah

Washington TV:
Iran sentences seven to death for cleric’s assassination

Tehran Province puts an end to probe of recent violence

Letter from attorney to AG Larijani

Mainstream Media


Iranian womanrights activists win courage award

Gulf in talks on replacing US$ for oil: report

Iran plans to use new centrifuge at atom fuel plant

U.S. Treasury warns Iran may face sanctions

Oil shift from U.S. dollar would need broad backing: Iran Fin Min

Iran says "some countries" offer it nuclear fuel

Iran sees U.S. role in researcher's disappearance

NY Times:
U.S. Wonders if Iran Is Playing for Time

Iran Plans to Use New Centrifuge At Nuclear Plant

Support a Missile Ban

Russia Says New US Anti - Missiles Less Risky

US Officials: Iran's behavior will bring penalties

Maziar Bahari was given the permission to briefly talk with his wife

Cabinet secretaries: Iran talks a limited success

Iran FM accuses US in nuke scientist disappearance

Iranian opposition detainees freed in Iraq

Ahmadinejad says Geneva talks a 'step forward'

Iran closes three newspapers

Fox News:

Time for a Hail Mary On Iran

Chavez Jokes About Making Atomic Bomb

"Iran's women are not afraid", an article by Shirin Ebadi

Azar Nafisi at Guardian: Women who fight for freedom

Christian Science Monitor:
Geithner: Be vigiliant of terror financing risk from Iran banks

Fearful of Iran's influence, Saudi king reaches out to Syria

Wall Street Journal:
Iran Economy Min - US Dollar "Detrimental" To Economy

How Israel Was Disarmed

CBS News:
Iran, World Powers Agree To Further Nuclear Talks

Cooperation Rises between Iran and Taliban

Majority in US Would Back Attack to Prevent Iran Nuclear Bomb

Iran Says It Is Ready for Foreign Investment in Energy Industry

Voice of America:
Iran Needs Billions More to Pay for Gas, Diesel

Iran's Police Chief Denies Allegations of Prisoner Rapes


Anger as Iran holds up IAEA inspectors’ visit

Boston Globe:
Funds cut off for IR HR Doc Center

Is the U.S. Preparing to Bomb Iran?

Why We Know So Little About Iran's Nuclear Program

U.S. plans 'serious' sanctions if Iran diplomacy fails

Iran Receives Multiple Uranium Offers, Ahmadinejad Says

GMA news.tv:
Japan edges Iran to rule Asian volleyball tilt

United Press International:
Iran looms over Turkish role in missiles

Al Jazeera:
Iran closes leading newspapers

Laconia Citizen:
How can we trust Iran to act in good faith?

US Department:
Minimizing Potential Threats from Iran:
Administration Perspectives on Economic
Sanctions and Other U.S. Policy Options

Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
Saudi king aiming to split Syria-Iran alliance

Jerusalem Post:
Israel mum over Iran claim of international offers to sell it uranium

Documentary evidence reveals that Ahmadinejad may have been born Jewish

Russia Today:
Israel alleged Russia of helping Iran with nukes

Foreign Affairs:
Iran 's new hard-liners, who is in control?

Fars News Agency:
Ahmadinejad: Iran Ready to Buy N. Fuel from US



نامه به آقای لاریجانی در مورد توقف اعدام اطفال زیر 18 سال/ محمد مصطفایی
Lawyer of number of people who were sentenced when minor & are facing execution anytime asking for publicity


نامه برای آزادی مهدی شیرزاد
A letter from friends & classmates of Mehdi Shirzad, arrested student of Social Sciences

وبلاگی برای آزادی علی پیر حسینلو (الپر) وبلاگ نویس قدیمی و باسابقه ایرانی
A blog for Ali Pirhosseinloo's released

متن نامه نامه جمعی از مقلدان آیت الله العظمی دستغیب به آیت الله العظمی بیات زنجانی
Ayatollah Zanjani response to Grand Ayatollah Dastgheyb`s follower

سردار رادان: کهریزک یک اشتباه کوچک بود
Radan: Kahrizak was a small mistaked

اسناد مکاتبات جعلی دانشگاهی وزیر جعلی کار دولت جعلی
Fake correspondence of fake minister in fraudulent Government

Rahe Sabz:
اعتراف فرمانده نیروی انتظامی به خشونت عمدی ماموران علیه مردم؛یگان ویژه دیگر اثر ندارد
Police commander: Deliberate violence against people & special units doesn’t work any more

ادامه غیبت آیت الله هاشمی رفسنجانی در نماز جمعه تهران
Rafsanjani continues to miss Fridays' prayers

Khabar Online:
اعتراض مادر یکی از قربانیان حوادث انتخابات به اظهارات حداد عادل
Sohrab Arrabis Mothers letter to Haddad Adel, highly criticizing his position

پلیس: در کهریزک تجاوزی روی نداده است
Police commander, Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam:
No rape in Kahrizak detention centre

Gooya News:
محسنی اژه‌ای: کشته شدن ترانه موسوی در وقايع پس از انتخابات سر تا پا دروغ است،‌ فارس
Mohsen Ejei: The murder of Taraneh Mousavi is a big lie

Norooz News:
فرمانده ناجا: 13 آبان هم مثل روز قدس اتفاق خاصی نمی افتد
NAJA Commander: Just like Ghods-day nothing will happen on 13 Aban

گیجی و عقیمی،هدیه پارازیتهای ماهواره ای
Satellite jammers cause dizziness and infertility

هشدار حسن روحانی درباره 'تکه تکه شدن' جامعه ایرانی
Hassan Rohani warned of the widening chasm in Iran society

پیشنهاد سبزاندیش برای مرام‌نامه رسا
1st manifesto for Rah Sabz Omid (Mousavi's front) proffered by a group of educated elites

Sabzandish blog where you can download the PDF version of Rah Sabz Omid manifesto
(via IranRiggedElect)

Aut News:
آزادی محمد قوچانی سردبیر روزنامه اعتماد ملی به تعویق افتاد
Release of Etemad Melli's editor in chief, Mohammad Ghouchani delayed

رئیس دانشگاه شیراز: عده ای با گفتن الله اکبر اخلال ایجاد می کنند
Head of Shiraz university: Some are creating problems by chanting Allah-o-Akbar

جلسه دفاع آخر دادگاه 10 دانشجوی پلی تکنیک برگزار شد
Last trial session for 10 Poly-Technique (Amir Kabir) University students was held

فرمانده انتظامی تهران بزرگ در نشست خبری: حیف که خبرنگار هستید وگرنه پاسختان را می دادم!
Tehran Security Force Commander to ILNA "Pity you're reporters, or I'd answer properly"

Rooz Online:
دادستان تهران از قانون فراتر است

نظامیان باعث فساد شده اند
Ayat. Dastgheib in his latest statement:
"Military men (IRGC) are cause of vices in country"

كتاب دوجلدی تخلفات دولت در مجلس
IMPORTANT: National Audit Report to Majlis
(via MikVerbrugge)

تاکید تابش بر روشن شدن هر چه سریعتر وضعیت چهره‌های سیاسی دربند/ابراز امیدواری لاریجانی برای گشایش در پرونده بازداشت‌شدگان در آینده نزدیک

Ali Larijani expresses confidence on "detained case resolving in near future"

خانواده‌های بازداشت‌شدگان ممنوع الملاقات شدند؟
Tehran City council member answers Majlis...
Summary:http://tl.gd/k94c (via MikVerbrugge)

قنبری:متکی به مجلس بگوید که آیا با مقامات آمریكایی مذاکره کرده یا خیر؟
Ghanbari : Mottaki must tell Majlis if he did meet US Officials in DC

اعضای فراکسیون خط امام(ره) به دیدار مراجع تقلید می‌روند
Majlis minority faction will meet with Marjas,incl Ayat. Dastgheib for consultations

آیت‌الله هاشمی رفسنجانی: ترویج فضای شایعه سازی و تهمت، آفت تحقق وحدت ملی است
IMPORTANT: Principlist Clergy meets with Rafsanjani
http://tl.gd/k951 (via MikVerbrugge)

شکست فاحش حامیان احمدی‌نژاد؛ رای اکثریت اصولگرایان به لاریجانی
Ali Larijani reelected as Principlist Faction Leader with commanding majority...
Summary:http://tl.gd/k95l (via MikVerbrugge)

بهشتی: سردار جعفری! واقعیت از کسی اجازه نمی‌گیرد
Beheshti open letter attacks/criticizes Jafari /IRGC

مصباحیون کابینه احمدی نژاد
Mesbah-ians in AN's cabinet

اصرار بر کودتاچى بودن میرحسین براى چه؟
Hayat-e No: Why insist on a "Mousavi coup attempt"?

مصباحی‌مقدم:ترجیح اصولگرایان، تقویت جبهه پیروان خط امام و رهبری در برابر حامیان دولت بود
Mesbahi-Moghadam: Principlists choosing Imam & leadership followers over Gov supporters a big boost

رهبر انقلاب: معنای جمهوریت این است که اثری از دیکتاتوری و بی‌اعتنایی به مردم در مسئولان دیده نشود
Khamenei: Republicanism means not allowing dictatorship or neglect of people by officials

Summary:http://tl.gd/ke11 (via MikVerbrugge)

Iran Sarfaraz:
اعتراف ناخواسته یک نماینده مجلس لاریجانی و باهنر از پیروزی موسوی خبر داشتند
AN Supporter Ghadousi slips BIG TIME:
"Larijani & Bahonar knew of Mousavi's election victory"

Summary:http://tl.gd/kd9o (via MikVerbrugge)

عليرضا زاکانی، نماينده مجلس: اسناد و مدارک تخلفات سعيد مرتضوی بزودی به مقامات قضايی ارايه می شود، جهان نيوز
Alireza Zakani (MP): Evidence & docs on Mortazavi's crimes will be turned over to Judiciary soon

Summary:http://tl.gd/kddd (via MikVerbrugge)

رئیس کمیسیون امنیت ملی مجلس: نمایندگان ایران و آمریکا با یکدیگر دیدار داشتند
NSC Chairman admits: Yes we did have direct talks with US Officials

‌عمدي بودن آتش‌سوزي بازار‌ تهران
Article about fire in Tehran Bazaar Mon Oct 5

دستگيری دختر مجری لس‌آنجلسی به اتهام قتل
Persian TV Executive Ghasem Goli`s daughter
arrested in Tehran suspected for murder


ePersianRadio.com Political Program
Please listen & send to the people in Iran
6 Oct | 14 Mehr: http://bit.ly/nCYJW
7 Oct | 15 Mehr: http://bit.ly/nl77e


Compare IR economy 30 years ago with IR economy today

Saeed Lylaz (Reformist imprisoned)
birthday ceremony held outside Evin prison

Green Gandhi

Bandar Abas Friday after the derby:
Few hundreds people with green banners
chanted anti coup goverment slogans

تصاوير: آتش‌سوزي در بازار بزرگ تهران
Pictures from yesterdays fire in Tehran bazaar

مراسم چهلم محمدجواد پرنداخت در دانشگاه صنعتی اصفهان
Students held a Mourning ceremony for
Mohmmad Javad Parndakht in Isfahan Uni 6 Oct

Picture of Hajjarian & Khatami meeting in Hajjarian's home

Green graffiti in Abadan

Student protest Azad University Tehran

وقتی رژیم از حرکت دانشجویی می ترسد
تهدید دانشجویان شریف به اخراج و جواب دانشجویان به آن

Basijis warning to students & students answer

Green graffiti in Shiraz

13 Aban flyers


تیتریک: جانا سخن از زبان ما می‌گویی
Front page Kayhan:
Khamenei: "Oppressors are destined to fall"

نقدی وارد می شود
Cartoon: New Basij chief?

Cartoon: Iran nuclear search


یک ماه تا تظاهرات ۱۳ آبان وقت باقیست:
اطلاع رسانی را از امروز شروع کنیم

Next Green demo 13 Aban
Inform the people in Iran


Have u seen the 7 Baha'i faces
awaiting execution? PLEASE HELP!

List of protests outside Iran

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Crimes against Humanity in Iran:
Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions


Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Protection & Self Help for Greens

Follow @Iran_Techie for great
computer security & other tips


Help heal Iran
(پارسى & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (پارسى)


Mohsen Sazegara Tuesday 14 Mehr 88 Oct 6, 09 (پارسى)

Mohsen Sazegara Wednesday 15 Mehr 88 Oct 7, 09 (پارسى)

Video from 6 Oct student protest in Tehran Center Uni


تظاهرات دانشجويان دانشگاه آزاد شهرکرد
Student protest today in Shahre Kord Azad University

Ferdossi University in Mashad 06 October 2009

Azad University in Tehran protests 07 October 2009

دانشگاه علم و صنعت - 14 مهر
See how popular AN is at his very own university IUST

Oct 6 Mashhad city protest video

Tuesday Science & Tech university lunchtime protest

گفتگو با ساسان آقایی / وضعیت روزنامه نگاران بازداشتی
Interview with Sassan Aghai about Journalists situations in prisons in Iran

IRIBs attack at Sazegara, Norizadeh (پارسى)

مادر سهراب اعرابی: قاتل پسرم را معرفی کنید
Sohrab's mother: Identify the killer of my son

Unelected Khamenei warns of foreign post-vote plots (پارسى)

Heart breaking. CNN on The Glass House

Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama to keep China happy

احمدی نژاد:ما مشکلات جهان و آمریکا را حل میکنیم
AN says Geneva talks were positive and hopes on more cooperation
(What happend to Death to America?)

زنان ایتالیا از مادران عزادار ایرانی حمایت کردند
Italian women in solidarity with the mourning mothers in Iran

مشترک عزیز اینجا همه دروغ میگویند؛راستی بهداشت چی شد؟

دنبالۀ ماجرای مسخره پیدا شدن سعیده پورآقایی

آمریکا تحریم ها ی وسیعی را برنامه ریزی کرده

پاسخ 2 روز اول به ناصر حجازی

چین و ترکیه حامی رژیم وطن فروش

چرا فرماندۀ کل عبا هر روز رژه میرود

گازوئیل رژیم مثل خود رژیم گوگردش زیاده

یمنی ها نگران فعالیتهای تروریستی رژیم در یمن

در شهر ما سزای پریدن ...تفنگ نیست

Mir Hossein Mousavi

Mousavi Protests In Tehran and Song For Freedom

Yareh Dabestani Man, performed by
German guitarist and American flutist

World of Iran (in German: Iran Deine Welt)
Compilation of cartoons about Iran election etc.

U2 Goes GREEN -Sunday Bloody Sunday
LIVE 360 Tour GA Dome, Atlanta Oct 6

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