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16 September | 25 Shahrivar


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Karoubi's new personal web site is

EA: Cyber-Concern: Traffic from Iran on Twitter
and FB down and Norooz, Saham News both down" <- that's today <- that was Sept 9th
RT @AnnCurry: back to Iran for the first interview with AN since Iran election


Goverment bans wearing Green, Yellow or black or carrying green banners, wristbands, headbands, shawls
S.Larijani confirms prosecution of "leaders who asked people to protest elections"

Remember Rahnavar said that if Rafsanjani doesn't lead prayer, stop at Enghelab, don't go to University
Green Freedom Movement source: most of Tehran knows abt Qods plans so if they cut off tel/internet, it won't disrupt Already has over half a million hits! WOW!

Referring to Ahmadinejad's speech on Ghods Day Friday Prayers, Nasrollah Torabi, Majlis representative from Shahreh Kord said:
"They shouldn't pick speakers who will decrease the turnout.' Torabi is a member of the Imam Line Faction"
Torabi invited protesters to attend the demonstrations and warned security forces against the use of force
"The people wish to peacefully voice their opinions in a legal rally. They are the people of Iran and have not come from abroad

It's a joke to tell people to not wear green, yellow, or black clothes, otherwise you will be confronted" (article also below)

Another assassination attempt in Sanandag. Judge Hahan Davtalab was shot in the neck & is in hospitalized
9 Anoushiravan Univ students were sentenced to 10 months in prison & expeled from school for 5 years
Payamenou Univ student & blogger sentenced to 91 dys for being disrespectful to Leader on his blog

Judge kept asking irrelevant questions, was obvious he had already made up his mind
We have said many times none of us have any contact with Monafeghin group (MKO)
None of the students believe in or have any contacts with Monafeghin (MKO)
He charged us with being at the protest. Per Article 27 of constitution we have the right to peaceful protest
With harsh sentences, they are trying to send a message to the students not to engage in any protest

Sahamnews, Etemad-Meli's news site has been hacked
Green site reports, tall partitions being installed around main area of FP site. What they are concealing is unknown

Hasan Khomeini will join the PPL's march on Quds Day
Hasan Khomeini: Quds Day is not just for Jerusalem, but for the oppressed to confront the oppressor & the tyrant

Iran Blog: Price we are paying for living in an oppressed society is much higher than the price we have to pay to oppose it

The City of Varamin's Basij battalion 201 is being called in for a one day mission

Ayatollah Amjad:
We will all be responsible for even one slap inflicted on anyone's face
The clergy who have remained silent are afraid of loosing their turbans
We are all brothers, we have to help each other, we pray & await our prayers to be answered

Iran Blog: Parents who made the 79 revolution happen owe it to us to be present at ours. Don't leave us alone

Picture: Nourinejad last blog entry (before arrested): Quds Day, the Day for freedom from barbarians

Goverment has announced its employees can take Saturday & Monday off. Sunday is already a holiday (Fetr)
S. Larijani warns Mousavi & Karoubi after they announce they will participate in Quds rally
IRIB: 104 foreign media orgs to cover Quds day. NBC & Aljazeera are among them
Mowjcamp says cyber attacks on reformist sites have intensified. most anti filtering software don't work
FarsNews: opposition groups plan to cause disturbance during AN visit to NY

Ali Larijani today: Quds day is about the Palestinian issue and the rights of Palestinian people

Anti Israel rhetoric high in state media and goverment officials
Looks like they are trying to divert international media attention, from Green rally

Mousavi FB: They are trying hard to provoke people and turn Qods day into a security issue & justify use of violence
Multiple twits from Tehran suggest loud Allah Akbars all over the city. Wonder if journalists could hear them?

Shiva Nazar Ahari's family can't come up with $500,000 bail, her interrogator says even if they do she won't be released

Shiraz Qods committe says they'll block roads leading to prayer site if needed to counter disturbance

4th Victim of Kahrizak Prison confirmed, Ramin Aghazadeh Ghahremani killed by Sec. Forces in Kahrizak in July
People Shouted Deat to Dicator on roofs in many part of Tehran, Isfehan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Khoramabad, Karj and Abadan

Statement from the "Mothers of Mourning" says their demonstrations in Laleh Park now mourn both Iran election victims and all those killed since '79

Hossein Nooraninejad head of the PR of Participation Front arrested a few hours ago
Mehdi Midamadi the son of Mohsen Mirdamadi (In Prison) was arrested minutes ago

حسین نورانی نژاد، رئیس کمیته اطلاع رسانی جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی ساعاتی پیش بازداشت شد
مهدی میردامادی فرزند محسن میردامادی دبیرکل زندانی جبهه مشارکت دقایقی پیش بازداشت شد


Blogs & Websites:

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (16 September)
  • Khamenei to Artists: Make "Proper" Art as in 1980-1988 during war with Iraq
  • Report: Iran state radio says Ahmad Khatami to lead Qods Day prayers
  • URGENT: IRNA says Ahmadinejad to introduce Friday Prayer address by Ahmad Khatami
  • Did Ayatollah Sane'i Iftar lead to arrests of Montazeri, Mousavi-Tabrizi relatives?
  • URGENT: Cyber-Concern: Traffic from Iran on Twitter and FB down and Norooz, Saham News both down
  • Kaleme & Mowj-e-Sabz still up
  • MediaFail: Guardian skips news for "Chinese Jeans with name of Allah angers Iranians"
  • Imam Khomenei grandson Hassan invites Iran people to march on Qods Day "anti oppression"
  • NBC Television of US i-viewing Ahmadinejad today, broadcasting tomorrow AM
  • Ayatollah Mousavi-Tabrizi: Regime pressure will not stop him & Qom clerics
  • Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani will in Qum on Quds Day & will speaks at Hazrat Maoumeh Shrine
  • Cyber-Bounce: Etemade Melli site still down but has Karroubi set up an alternative?
  • Iran Goverment declares Saturday & Monday (as well as Sun end of Ramadan) national holidays
  • Why are tents being erected around Tehran University before Friday prayers?
  • Rafsanjani, in i-view, downplays absence from Qods Day prayers
  • Report: Khamenei Rep to Revolutionaire Guard Warns against Arrests of Mousavi, Karroubi
  • Artists Give Khamenei A Difficult Time in Tues Meeting

The Supreme Leader and the Larijani-Karroubi Meeting

Kayhan and IRNA Renew Attacks on Hassan Khomeini

Karoubi: Prison Rape Undeniable

Act V of Tehran judicial travesty

"The Kremlin Wants A War in Iran"

Brief Report on Unit 209 in Evin Prison

Eyewitness Description from Evin Prison & Info on Death of Amir Javadifar

Washington Post urges U.S. to raise human rights issue with Iran

Ex-Israeli minister says Israel may be forced to attack Iran

U.S. backs Canada in bid to free Maziar Bahari

Mainstream Media:

LA Times:
Powerful Iranian cleric barred from delivering Quds Day prayers

IRAN: Book says U.S. spies pump Dubai visa applicants for intel

Iran attack: Israel ex-minister sees end-year deadline

IAEA's poor nations split on Iran's attack ban bid

Iran opposition leaders to attend anti-Israel rally

NY Times:
Clinton Lays Out Iran Requirements

Roger Cohen: How to Talk to Iran

Iran Opposition Leader Sidelined From Rally

Just Another American Hit Man, Actor and Journalist Living in Iran

WP (editorial):
A Test for Iran

US should insist on discussing human rights issues raised by show trials

Iran is a nuclear power: Ahmadinejad aide

US lawmakers call for new Iran sanctions now

Obama, Sarkozy discuss Iran, G20 Summit

Indian consortium dumps Iran oil interests

Israel To Strike Iran If No Sanctions - Ex-Deputy Defense Min

Iranian Judge Shot in Kurdistan’s 3rd Attack in Week


Iran replaces reformist cleric for annual sermon

CS Monitor:
Why Europe wants stiffer sanctions on Iran

Iran warns India on gas pipeline

Huffington Post:
Ann Curry In Iran To Interview Ahmadinejad

Iran schools open despite flu threat

Iran to import 5 bcm of Azeri gas

Iran rejects French claims of working on nukes


ILNA: بر آورد نهايي خسارت کوی دانشگاه تهران حدود یک میلیارد و 300 میلیون ريال
ILNA: Cost estimate for damages to Tehran University dorms $1.3 million

HRAIRAN بی خبری از سرنوشت یک زندانی محکوم به اعدام
HRAIRAN No news of Sarnoosht, a prisoner sentenced to death

فرشته قاضي: مصاحبه من با آیت الله حسین موسوی تبریزی
Fershteh Ghazi: My interview with Ayat. Hossein Moussavi Tabrizi
The authorities know these pressures have no effect on my (or Qom's scholars') position & action
My sons or sons of Mr. NazemZadeh & Mr. Ahmadi aren't clerics, so why are they tried in clerics' court?

باشگاه ابومسلم مشهد، کلانتری شد
AbooMoslem sports club turned into a police station!

احمد منتظری:امیدوارم مملکت نجات پیدا کند
Ahmad Montazeri: I hope our countery will be freed

وحشت حکومت از حضور گسترده مردم
Goverment terrified of widespread
participation of the people on Qods day

اولین نماز روز قدس بدون هاشمی رفسنجانی
First Qods day FP without Rafsanjani

IRNA: احمدي نژاد سخنران پيش از خطبه؛احمد خاتمي امام جمعه روز قدس
IRNA: Ahmadinjed & Ahmad Khatami will deliver Qods day FP speeches

دعوت حزب اعتماد ملی از مردم برای شرکت در راهپیمایی روز جهانی قدس
Etemade Melli Party invites the people of Iran to participate in Qods day rallies

حضور سید حسن آقای خمینی در راهپیمایی روز قدس
Hassan Khomeini, the Grandson of Emam Khomeini in a statement while inviting
everyone to participate in Qods Day rally stressed that (reffering to Imam
Khomeini) Qods Day is an international day which is not just dedicated to Qods,
but a day for the oppressed to fight oppressors & tyrants

دولت از تعدادی از خبرنگاران خارجی برای تهیه گزارش از مراسم روز قدس دعوت کرده است
A number of foreign journalists have been invited to cover Qods day events in Iran

سومین حادثه تروریستی در یک هفته:ترور قاضی شعبه 4 دادیاری سنندج
Thirds "terrorist" attack of the week:
Another Judge in Sanandaj target of "terrorist" attacks

محرومیت ۲۵ ساله هشت دانشجو از تحصیل
8 university students barred from continuing
education for a collective of 25 years

اوباما و سارکوزی: ایران از قطعنامه‌های شورای امنیت تبعیت کند
Obama & Sarkozy: Iran should follow the Security Council resolutions

پاسخ رئیس قوه قضائیه به حامیان دولت
S. Larijani threatens those who critisize him for not allowing confessions on TV

رییس قوه قضاییه، رهبران معترض به انتخابات را به مقابله تهدیدکرد
S. Larijani threatens reformist leaders with legal action

آمار قربانیان كهریزك به 4 تن رسید
Number of Kahrizak martyrs reaches four

یک روزقبل وبعد ازعید فطرتعطیل شد
The days before & after Eid-e-Fetr declared national holidays

عوامل ستاد نمازجمعه درحال نصب چادرهای برزنتی بلند به دورمحوطه اصلی نمازجمعه دردانشگاه تهران هستند
FP location inside Tehran University has been covered up to block outside viewing

اروپا نيز به مقابله با فيلترينگ اينترنت در ايران ياری خواهد
Europe will help Iran with anti-filtering software

درگیری و اعتراضات کارگران در پارس متال/اعتراض کارکنان زن کارخانه تن ماهی جاسک
Worker protests at Pars Metal Co./
Female worker protests at Jask tuna factory;
both over unpaid wages

سازمان مجاهدین انقلاب اسلامی:به گفته امام خمینی، روز قدس روز مقابله مستضعفین با مستكبرین است

علی لاریجانی روز قدس درقم سخنرانی می‌کند
Ali Larijani will give a speech in Qom on Qods day

طائب:ازسطح تهدید نرم واردجنگ نرم شده‌ایم
Taeb: From soft threats, we have advanced to soft war

آیت‌الله یوسف صانعی:روز قدس، ظلم و ستم را نفی کنید
Ayat. Sane'i:On Qods day, eradicate abuse and brutality

هشدار تلویحی لاریجانی به کروبی و موسوی
Veiled warning of S. Larijani to Karroubi & Mousavi

ترابی:خنده‌داراست که به مردم بگویند لباس زرد،سبزیا مشکی نپوشید وگرنه با شما برخورد خواهد شد
Torabi (MP):It's comical they tell ppl don't wear green,
black or yellow, or you'll be confronted
(English translation above in the Tweets section of

پاسخ رئیس قوه قضائیه به حامیان دولت
S. Larijani responds to pro-government voices

فشار بر معلمان در آستانه اول مهر
Pressure on teachers with start of school year

تلاش برای امنیتی کردن فضای کشور
HRANA: Attempts to impose security atmosphere in Iran

نه بزرگ ايرانيان مقيم آمريكا به ضيافت احمدي نژاد
Big Number of Iranians residing in US to Ahmadinejad shindig

نامه ۲۷استاد دانشگاه:رژیمی که وحشیانه ترازهرمهاجم بیگانه با ملت خویش رفتارمی کندازهربیگانه ای بیگانه تراست
27 Tehran University professors to Khamenei:
A regime which teats its people with such
brutality is more foreign than any foreign power

اولین مصاحبه آیت الله هاشمی رفسنجانی پس از انتخابات
Rafsaniani's first interview post Iran election
"I don't think it's necessary for me to
give the Qods day speech. I've done it for 30 years.

The fact that I am not leading the prayers
should not take political dimensions.

No matter who gives the Qods day speech,
it's the same talk on rights of Palestinian people"

با دستگیری موسوی وكروبی آنها تبدیل به قهرمان می‌شوند/ درقضیه بنی صدر،نظام به وی اجازه داد تاازكشورخارج شود
Khamenei's repesentive on IRGC:
Arresting Mousavi & Karroubi would turn them into national heroes

دردل سازنده فیلم تبلیغاتی میرحسین موسوی با رهبر انقلاب
Khamenei's meeting with film makers back fired when one,
Majidi, asked him where is our country going to?
Filmmaker Majidi told Khamenei: Why am I on the black list of IRIB?
We h
ave become a society based on lies

خوانش فتوای آیت‌الله منتظری در سراسر جهان
Discussion of Ayat. Montazeri's fatwa on the program of International Literature Festival of Berlin

حمله به کروبی و موسوی گسترش می‌یابد
Attacks on Karroubi & Mousavi intensify

متكى: گفت و گوى ايران و آمريكا در نشست اول اكتبر «مستقيم» نيست
Mottaki: Oct. 1 talks between Iran and US won't be "direct"

مادر شیوا نظرآهاری : دخترم و بسیاری از زندانی ها در بند 209 اوین به جای غذا بیسکویت می خورند
Mother of
Shiva Nazar Ahari: My daughter and most prisinors in section 209 of Evin dont get any food, only cookies

بر فوری- فرزند میردامادی دقایقی پیش دستگیر شد
Now they are taking the kids, Mirdamadi son arested


Please listen & send to the people in Iran

Student Information Center
مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی

15 September | 24 Shahrivar

شا هـپور كاظمى را آزاد كنيد
Shahpour Kazemi, brother of Zahra Rahnavar, is one of
the most innocent victims of the Coup. He has been
taken hostage and is now being tortured in the prison.
Let’s unveil the lies and raise awareness about the
true graceful nature of Shahpour Kazem

شا هـپور كاظمى را آزاد كنيد
Free Shahpour Kazemi (Brother of Zahra Rahnavard) Facebook page link:

اعلامیه‌ای که دیشب در غرب تهران پخش شد
This flyer was passed around in West Tehran

WOW, now that's Graffiti
'Death to Khamenei'


روز قدس را سبزمیکنیم
On September 18th we'll make Ghods day green & show the regime, green movment has only just begun...

نقلاب سبز: آخرین توصیه ها قبل از روز قدس! حتما مطالعه کنید
The Green revolution last recommendations before Quds Day

NYC protest, Sept 23:

March the green scroll across the Brooklyn Bridge
Please Distribute widely and post

List of protests outside Iran

Project Green Light

For anybody who wants to make a NEDA mask for demonstrations

Flyers to distribute on Sept 23

Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Shirin Ebadi Urges UN Sec General to go to Iran

Requesting UN members to walk out on Ahmadinejad on Sept 23rd, 2009

Petition for Isa Saharkhiz's release

Please sign this letter for NYC Mayor: Dont let AN enter NYC!

Protection & Self-help for Greens


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

کمک های اولیه به فارسی

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه


Mohsen Sazegara Wednesday 25 Shahrivar 1388 (Persian)

Very powerful message from Saeed Ghaemmaghami (Persian, English subtitles)
Please donate to his radio station:
so he can continue spread his message to the people in Iran

Green Path of Hope, Documentary for Mousavi's new movement (3 Parts)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

گزارش شکنجه و تجاوز در زندان:خانم مریم صبری (Persian)
Maryam Sabri (21 years) reports about torture and rape in prison
after she was arrested for attending to after election protest

چرا رژیم جنایتکار سنگ قدس را بسینه می زند

WHERE IS MY VOTE? Mont Blanc 4810m
Iran's Green Movemenet's flag on top of Europe's highest peak (Mont Blanc)

شعر زندگی ام کجاست؟

Mowjcamp Final
New song + video clip: "where is my vote, give it back to me!"

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