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14 September | 23 Shahrivar



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Khomeini archives filed a lawsuit against Keyhan newspaper

Human rights lawyer Dadkhah and Mousavi adviser Beheshti were released from jail

Supporters of regime critic Ayatollah Saanei demonstrated in Ghom on Saturday night (video below)

MUST SEE: Footage: Father of a dead protester takes IRGC officer to task
(video also below)
Why is the IRGC being used to defend a murderer? I've been threatened

I'm announcing that if I'm killed Mr. Alavir (IRGC officer) is responsible
My life is in danger. I'm a 40% invalid veteran. I served in the IRGC for 28 and a half years
But these people have defended a murderer. That's my complaint
IRGC officer:
Come to the ceremony and complain. Do whatever you can
If you were a man, you would have given your consent

Why should I? If they'd killed your child, would you have consented? What a foolish expectation!

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Persian Blog with about 1 Million Blog Filterd in Iran in fear of 18th Sept rally
Users can not add New Posts (article also below)

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Rumor that Foreign press may be allowed to cover Qods day
My guess is they'd park them somewhere tightly controlled
to make them promote Qods massage with out seeing any green

Mohamad Mehdi & Mohamad Ali Montazeri,Grand Children of Ayat. Montazeri arrested
Mohamad Sadeq Montazeri also arrested
Arrest warrant was issued by Special Court for Clergy.Arrest made in their home shortly before Iftar
They want to silence Montazeri by taking his Grandchildren hostage.
They are Ahmad Montazeri's 3 sons (article also below)

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Reformist MP present at the meeting between Karoubi & Larijani
Majlis panel report was not discussed during the meeting which is a popular website where ppl from Iran post and discuss was brought up in today's trial
1 of the accused in today's trial was arrested after he posted instructions for blackout on Balatarin website

The mention of Balatarin website has worried a lot of Iranian bloggers who post regularly on the popular website

Family of Mehdi Nejati, killed during protests say authorities buried his body in the grave of someone whose name was close to his
Father of killed protester Ahmad Nejati says he sleeps next to his grave. He is afraid agents would steal his buried son's body

Kayhan daliy's tomorrow's headline: "Funding and training for riots came from the US"

HRA: New charges were brought up against Shiva Nazar Ahari. New charge is continuing her activities while in prison

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Abdoulah Momeni's wife said after 40 days of no news from him, I am happy to see him alive & sitting in court
Deputy Prosecutor in court today: Internet has become a threat, there are 24M Internet users in Iran
Deputy Prosecutor: Some sites are just created to spread false news about Iran
One of the defendants in court today was charged with being the creator of 9PM blackout idea (plug in irons)
Judge in court today told reporters, per Article 188 they are not allowed to use the defendants name in their reports
Prosecutor said today: Internet has been used to paint an unrealistic picture of Basij & NAJA
Abdoulah Momeni was charged with anti Islamic Repul activities, providing news to anti Gov media & distributng flyers

They also charged Momeni with holding interviews with anti Gov radios. Momeni was spokesman for Mousavi's camp

The internet, blogs, news sites & emailing were big topic to today's show trial

Green sites have been under cyber attack last 24+ hours. Norooz went out yesterday & is still out

Karoubi held a meeting with Larijani from 2.30 PM to 5 PM. Per mutual agreement contents wont be made public

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Mohammad Ozlati Moghadam, head of the committee of devotees to Mousavi's campaign released

In Iran staying up all night wasn't helpful because night time burglary has turned into robbery
They answered people's doubts in a fair but not with reasoning, with bullets & beating
Wish Karoubi wasn't alive to hear a complaint of sexual abuse by a citizen of the Islamic Republic
I'm talking so the history remembers how in this nation they lost their shame & damaged the religion the country
What happened to one of my witnesses was a lesson not to release other witnesses to the ex-prosecutor of Tehran

It seems Karoubi, who's only crime was revealing Taraneh's case has unlocked a serial murder's case
... and his mouth sacrificed Etemaad Melli as well since the paper was shut down right away

I said in the meeting how could I film a rape to present you the video as evidence?
... Did you expect me to attach the weapon of rape as well?
...When I see the rushed reported of the investigation committee I become certain the members are ordered to end it

... in these reports there are quotes from me that aren't my words
... They've become so bold that they want to prosecute me instead of the criminals
The real trial is among people. We should see who the people will accuse

Complete Text of Karroubi Letter to The Iranian People: (article also below)

Majid Nayeri of Mojahedin-Enghelab was released last night after 89 days in prison

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A. Larijani met with Karroubi at Supreme Leader's request and conveyed him a message from Khamenei
To Larijani's request that Karroubi should keep quiet until things return to normal,
Karoubi said:
You expect me to keep quiet so a bunch of people who have spent their life opposing the Imam (Khomeini)
run things and commit whatever crimes they want. I prefer death to this silence (article also below)


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محمد عزلتی مقدم ، رئیس كمیته ایثارگران ستاد انتخاباتی میرحسین موسوی شب جمعه آزاد شد

در انتخابات اخیر بیدار ماندن تا صبح هم کارساز نبود؛ چراکه قبح دزدی شبانه ریخته و این بار کار به رهزنی رسیده بود

رسش و ابهام مردم درباره سرنوشت رایی که داده بودند را پاسخ دادند اما نه با برهان و منطق که با گلوله و باتوم و چماق و ضرب و شتم
کاش کروبی زنده نبود و نمی دید که روزی در جمهوری اسلامی شهروندی نزد او بیاید و شکوه کند که در ساختمانی بی نام و نشان،
توسط افرادی بی نام و نشان تر،هرعمل قبیح وغیر معمولی براوصورت گرفته ازلخت وعریان کردن افرادونشاندن آنها در مقابل یکدیگر تا فحاشی های وقیحانه
و ادرار کردن در صورت آنها و رها کردن چشم و دست بسته دختران و پسران در بیابان
می گویم، تا در تاریخ بماند که چگونه عده ای در این مملکت چادر حیا را دریدند و غیرت دین و کشور را جریحه دار کردند

حوادثی که از سر یکی از شهود ما گذشت درسی شد تا بقیه شهود را دست و پا بسته در اختیار دادستان معزول تهران قرار ندهیم
گویی مهدی کروبی همه جرمش این بود که اسرار ماجرای ترانه را هویدا کرده و از سناریویی مشابه با سناریوی قتل های زنجیره ای پرده برداشته بود
و زبان سرخ او سر سبز روزنامه اعتماد ملی را نیز بر باد داد که به محض افشای این ماجرا روزنامه نیز تعطیل شد
در جلسه گفتم که مگر در حین ارتکاب تجاوز می توانسته ام فیلمبرداری کنم که اکنون فیلم آن را در اختیار شما قرار دهم
و مگر من در محل ارتکاب جرم حاضر بوده ام و نخ انداخته ام که اکنون به شما بگویم چقدر فاصله میان آنها بوده است
و آیا شما توقع دارید که من آلات جرم و تجاوز را هم ضمیمه پرونده می کردم؟
در جلسه سند دیگری دادم مربوط به خانمی که در خیابان بازداشت شده و همانجا در داخل ماشین ون به او و دختری دیگر تجاوز شده بود
به گزارش شتاب زده کمیته پیگیری که نگاه می اندازم یقین پیدا میکنم که اعضای این کمیته نیز دستور داشته اند که سروته ماجرا را جمع کنند
در این گزارش سخنانی از زبان من روایت شده است که من نگفته ام
آنچنانکه از این هیاهوها و شتابزدگی ها برمی آید مشخص است که قبای آقایان لای در مانده است
وقاحت اما به آنجا رسیده است که به جای مجرمان و مباشران و مسبان این مظالم، مهدی کروبی را می خواهند محاکمه کنند

محکمه واقعی در میان مردم است و باید به میان مردم رفت و دید که آنها چه کسی را محکوم می کنند و چه کسی را صدای حق خواهی خود می دانند

مجید نیری، عضو سازمان مجاهدین انقلاب اسلامی ایران، شامگاه دیشب بعد از 89 روز از زندان آزاد شد

فرزندان سید حسین موسوی تبریزی و فرزندان دو تن از افراد مرتبط با بیت آیت الله منتظری، آقایان ناظم زاده و احمدی نیز بازداشت شده اند

آخرين کلماتی که دکتر محمد مصدق درمجلس چهاردهم به زبان آورد: خاک بر سر اين مجلس! خاک بر سر اين مجلس


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  • Urgent: 3 grandsons of Ayatollah Montazeri arrested

Translation of Karroubi's Letter to The Iranian People
Karoubi in an open letter to Iranians while describing some of the brief disasters
that took place in events after the election, protested to the way his previous letter
(in which revealed the allegations of rape in prisons)was processed in judiciary’s 3-member committee.
Also he emphasised that the true judges are the people and one should ask them
who they condemn and who they believe is defending their rights?!

Translation of Rafsanjani's Qods declaration (Persian article below)
Rafsanjani: "Be assured that night is always darkest before sunrise"

"God willing your courageous presence on Qods day will be a wake up call to the fools"

Judiciary: Prosecute Karoubi; Sadegh Larijani: I Agree

Young Iranian Says He Was Raped In Prison, Pressured To Stay Silent

Iran dismisses reports on U.S. selling airplanes to Tehran

WJC: World must boycott Ahmadinejad speech at UN

Iran’s clergy urged to end silence on crackdown

Releases Report: Forced Confessions: Targeting Iran's Cyber-Journalists

Karroubi welcomes a chance to appear in court

Links on Mir Hossein Mousavi میر حسین موسوی

Links on Zahra Rahnavard زهرا رهنورد

Mainstream Media:

NY Times:
Iran Opposition Leader’s Aide Is Free

Reformist Details Evidence of Abuse in Iran’s Prisons

LA Times:
October talks scheduled on Iran's nuclear program

IRAN: Mehdi Karroubi refuses to back down from rape allegations

IRAN: Ayatollah calls government a 'military regime,' calls for clerical revolt

IRAN: Mehdi Karroubi refuses to back down from rape allegations

Iran's aviation regulation seen as a factor in air crashes

Iran agrees to October nuclear talks

Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of IRI's founder, sued Kayhan for libel

US, 5 Other World Powers Expected at Iran Talks
"Iran Says It Can Counter Military Attack"

Iran tries 6 more activists for demonstrations

Has Robert Gibbs undermined Barack Obama's talks with Iran?

Seattle Times:
Iranian conservative harshly criticises regime

Obama Is Pushing Israel Toward War
President Obama can't outsource matters of war and peace to another state

Al Arabiya:
Mass trial resumes as Iran reformists speak out

Iran starts fifth trial over post-election unrest

TIMELINE: Iran's nuclear program

Iran's talks with world powers to start on October 1th

UN must empower IAEA, avoid more sanctions: ElBaradei

Iran's talks with world powers to start next month

Iran inquiry rejects accusations of detainee rape

U.S. to focus on nuclear issue in Iran talks: White House

Any issue can be raised in atom talks: Iran official

U.S. presses Iran on refusal to discuss nuclear program

Is Chavez helping Iran build the bomb?


پلمب خبرگزاری امید توسط وزارت اطلاعات
Omid news agency run by Haddad-Adel's son
(Mojtaba Khamenei's brother-in-law) shut down by Intel Min.

واکنش همسر عبدالله مومنی به حضور او در بیدادگاه امروز

دقایقی پیش مهدی کروبی برای برگزاری نشستی مشترک با علی لاریجانی وارد مجلس شورای اسلامی شد
Karoubi entered the parliament for a meeting with Larijani

پيام مهم آيت الله العظمى منتظرى به مراجع تقليد،علما وحوزه‌هاى علميه
Grand Ayat. Montazeri's important message to sources of emulation, religious scholars and clerics

پنجمین جلسه به محاکمه فعالان رسانه ای و اینترنتی اختصاص دارد
Fifth show trial dedicated to Internet and media activists

برای دیدار با علی لاریجانی مهدی کروبی وارد مجلس شورای اسلامی شد
Minutes ago Karroubi entered the parliament for a meeting with Ali Larijani

پس از 40 روز بی خبری مطلق/ حضور عبدالله مومنی در بیدادگاه کودتاچیان
After 40 days of absolutely no news, Abdollah Momeni appears in show trial

ادامه دیدار علمای برجسته با آیت‌الله صافی گلپایگانی

Meetings between high-level clerics and Ayat. Safi-Golpaygani continue during Ramdan

کمک ده میلیارد ریالی دولت به مدیر خبرگزاری فارس
$1million aid of AN to private account of FARSnews manager

هدیه 400 میلیون دلاری احمدي‌نژاد به هوگو چاوز در معامله خرید بنزین
$400 million gift of Ahmadinejad to Chavez in gasoline purchase contract

مطابق توافقنامه چاوز واحمدی نژادایران بنزین مورد نیازحود را50 درصد گرانترازونزوئلاخواهد خرید
Per terms of contract between AN & Chavez,
Iran will pay a 50% surcharge for gasoline purchases from Venezuela

پيام مهم آيت الله العظمى منتظرى به مراجع تقليد:در مقابل کارهای خلاف به نام دین و مذهب، سکوت نکنید
Ayat. Montazeri to Sources of Emulation:
Do not stay silent in face of wrongdoing in the name of religion

نامه شیخ مهدی کروبی خطاب به ملت ایران در مورد تجاوز در زندان ها
Karroubi's letter to the people of Iran regarding prison abuses

پاسخ مهدی کروبی به گزارش هیات سه نفره/ قبای آقایان لای در مانده است
Karroubi's response to 3-member panel:
Gentlemen have left their religious garb by the door

واكنش مجلس به گرانفروشی بنزین چاوزبه ایران:خرید بنزین بالاترازقیمت جهانی ازونزوئلاغیر قانونی است
MPs: Ahmadinejad's Purchase of gasoline from Venezuela at above market prices is illegal

نامه شیخ مهدی کروبی خطاب به ملت ایران در مورد تجاوز در
Karroubi's letter to the people of Iran on prison abuses

نامه مهدی کروبی خطاب به ملت ایران
After IRIB & Judiciary call Karroubi's claims baseless, Karroubi writes letter to people of Iran

طلاعیه سایت نوروز: فیلتر و تهدید و تخریب شدیم، اما باز می‌گردیم
Norooz web site announcement: We were filtered & damaged, but we'll be back!

جلسه کروبی و لاریجانی پایان یافت
Meeting between Karroubi, Ali Larijani & Alikhani has concluded.
They have agreed not to reveal any details

جزئیات ملاقات دو ساعته مهدی کروبی و علی لاریجانی علنی نمی شود
Details of the two hour meeting between Karroubi & Ali Larijani will not be made public

ILNA: روايت عليخاني از ديدار امروز كروبي با رئيس مجلس
ILNA: Alikhani's account of the meeting today between Karroubi & Ali Larijani

مهدی کروبی: می‌خواهند سر و ته ماجرا را جمع کنند
Mehdi Karroubi: They want to wrap things up

پيام آيت الله العظمى منتظرى به مراجع عظام تقليد، علماء و حوزه هاى علميه ‏
Ayatollah Montazeri writes to the great ayatollahs
and all clerics urging them to take action

کروبی: برای تحقیق قضایی موتور سوار مسلح سراغ شاکیان فرستادند
Karroubi:To follow up on the allegations
they dispatched armed motorists to the plaintiffs

اینترنت متهم شد، اما خبر زندانی نمی‌شود

مسئول ایثارگران ستاد موسوی آزاد شد
Mohammad Ezlati-Moghaddam (Mousavi aid) released from prison

نوادگان خمینی در میان اصلاح طلبان
Khomeini's grandsons among reformists

کروبی:این فجایع مایه ننگ جمهوری اسلامی است
Karoubi:These atrocities are a disgrace to the Islamic Republic

تكذیب ادعای العربیه درباره نقل قول منتسب به رهبر معظم انقلاب
Khamenei's website denies Al-Arabiya's account
of meeting between Khamenei and Rafsanjani

سید یاسر خمینی به دیدار محمد رضا جلایی پور رفت

«حضور مومنی در دادگاه با بازگشایی دانشگاه‌ها بی‌ارتباط نیست»
Momeni's presence in today's show trial not unrelated to opening of universities

فراخوان هاشمی رفسنجانی برای شرکت مردم در روز جهانی قدس
Rafsanjani calls for participation of the people on Qods day rallies
هاشمی رفسنجانی:مطمئن باشید که فجر صادق همیشه بعد از تیره ترین زمان شب طلوع می نماید
انشاءالله حضورغیورانه شما در راهپیمایی روز قدس بیدار بیدارباشی جاودانه به غفلت زدگان باشد

درگیری خونین در بند 1 زندان گوهردشت کرج
Bloody clashes in Wing 1 of Karaj Gohardasht prison

کروبی از حضور در دادگاه استقبال کرد
Karroubi welcomes the opportunity to participate in a trial

نساجی مازندران فروخته شد
Mazandaran textiles sold

پیام رهبری به مهدی کروبی
رئیس مجلس به دستور مقامرهبری با کروبی دیدار داشته اند و آقای لاریجانی حامل پیام رهبری هستند

A. Larijani met with Karroubi at Supreme Leader's
request and conveyed him a message from Khamenei
(translation of this article is above, in the Tweets section of @

دکتر صادق واعظ زاده معاون علمي و فن آوري رييس جمهور از سمت خود استعفا داد
Dr. Sadeq Vaez-zadeh, Ahmadinejad's Science and Industry VP resigns

سه نفرازنوه های آیت الله العظمی منتظری بازداشت شدند
Three of Ayat. Montazeri's grandsons arrested

بازداشت سه نوه آیت الله منتظری و چند نفر از آشنایان ایشان در قم
In addition to grandsons of Ayat. Montazeri
children of 3 of his friends have also been arrested

(Four other people whose fathers are close to Montazeri
were arrested along with Montazeri grand sons
Son/sons of Seyed Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi also arrested
Sons of Messrs Nazemzadeh & Ahmadi both close to Montazeri also arrested)

پرشین بلاگ فیلتر شد
Persianblog filtered

پرشین بلاگ مسدود شد

حملات جدید کیهان و ایرنا به حسن خمینی

خانواده احمد نجاتی کارگر خبر ۲۰:۳۰ را تکذیب کردند

گزارش من از جلسه امروز دادگاه

خانواده های عیسی سحرخیز و احمد زیدآبادی با این دو روزنامه نگار درزندان اوین ملاقات کردند

همزمان با انتشار نامه به مراجع، فرزندان آیت الله منتظری دستگیر شدند
Arrest of grandsons of Ayat. Montazeri concurrent
with publication of his letter to maraje

Links on Mir Hossein Mousavi میر حسین موسوی

Links on Zahra Rahnavard زهرا رهنورد


Karoubi's letter read by Saeed Ghaemmaghami (Begins at 31:10)

Student Information Center
مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
14 September | 23 Shahrivar
(Persian & English)

عکس : صفحه اول امروز روزنامه ها
Front page headlines of Iranian newspapers
Tuesday Sep. 15, 2009

The Root Cause of Khamenei's Fear of Humanities and Social Sciences

Even FACEBOOK confessed in court today

Obi-Wan Karoubi


روز قدس را سبزمیکنیم
On September 18th we'll make Ghods day green & show the regime,
green movment has only just begun...

NYC protest on Sept 23:

List of protests outside Iran

Project Green Light

For anybody who wants to make a NEDA mask for demonstrations

Flyers to distribute on Sept 23

Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Shirin Ebadi Urges UN Sec General to go to Iran

Requesting UN members to walk out on Ahmadinejad on Sept 23rd, 2009

Petition for Isa Saharkhiz's release

Please sign this letter for NYC Mayor: Dont let AN enter NYC!

Protection & Self-help for Greens


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه


Mohsen Sazegara Monday 23 Shahrivar 1388 (Persian)

Protest in front of Sanei's house - Qom 12 Sep

Candlelight vigil on Neda's grave on Ghadr night, Sep 12 (Persian)
Her mother crying: '
Your eyes have so much to say. What were you seeking?'

Vigil at Sohrab Aarabi's grave

MUST SEE: Iran a revolutionary guard slaps father of martyr Unknown date
(Persian, translation is above, in the Tweets section of @

Nightly protests, 13 Sept. 2009 in Tehran

تناقض های گزارش صدا وسیمای تزویر درباره کهریزک

Illigitimate Foreign Ministry Press Conference-Qashqavi (Persian)

Amir Javadifar Tribute on today his birthday

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