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18 September | 27 Shahrivar

Quds day coverage:


Download the Quds day coverage from
Two parts
  1. Live coverage of Quds day
  2. Phone calls (Contains a phone call of a supporter of the Iranian regime (Begins at 39min25) Very Interesting!


People chanted if Karoubi gets arrested Iran will turn into Ghiamat (Judgement Day)
Source from Tehran: in Azadi st. they separated greens from AN supporters and threw tear gas at greens & tried to disperse them


Goverment websites are posting pictures from past protests and showing videos of past protests to downplay Greens

Internet Connection inside Iran had been severely limited or cut off in some parts hours before protests

Confirmed list of protests in: Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Rasht, Ahvaz, Qom, Mashhad and Kerman

Tear gas was used at Karim Khan St AND Hafte Tir as well as around Tehran University
Russia's flag was burned by Greens on Fatimi Avenue today
People were savagely beaten on Fatimi Avenue and many were arrested. Greens hid under cars to escape secforces
The worst scenes of clashes was Fatimi Avenue where secforces had hid in alleys in anticipation
Clashes were intense around Azadi Square and Azadi St as well

At Vanak, clashes broke out and some people are going towards IRIB

100s of secforces came out 2 the streets & gathered round the few ppl who chanted "death 2 israel"

Greens were strictly banned from coming onto to streets and were being forced to stay off streets
Some Greens tried to march down Dabeere Azam Ave, but were forcefully dispersed by secforces

Many Greens were beaten and at least 5 were arrested. Cell phones were also confiscated

Greens protested here too. Clashes broke out and some ppl were injured. Can't confirm numbers

Dozens of people have been injured in clashes

Clashes between Greens n secforces in different parts of the city Tear gas was extensively used

Clashes in Qum, Kermanshah and Rasht. Dozens of protesters arrested

Heavy Clashes in Tabriz, Gunshut heard, Police also used Tear and Pepper Gas

Fatemeh Dardkeshan, Daughter of Reformist Mahmoud Dardkeshan arrested. Her dad student of Ayt Montazeri

Paleman news confirms the minority religion MP's will travel to New York with Ahmadi


Radio Farda reports around 800 ppl gathered in front of IRIB main building chanting slogans
RT @sheydajahanbin Only parts of today's soccer match was televised, in black & white without sound! Hiding green effects & chants!
State TV sports commentator says we only have one camera at the soccer match & it is not functioning (videos below)

Family friend from Tehran:
As you know many people from villages & rural area were bussed into Tehran
many if not most of these ppl had not really seen or heard anti-govt slogans
when they were in Ghods protest they were shock to see anti-govt things
some of villagers then asked green ppl about election and what happened
some of villagers said they would tell their ppl in villages about election fraud
so in this way having ppl from villages & talking to them was good
now we know that green message will spread to villages even more now
they will tell their friend & family in villages and news will spread

gmail + yahoo both chat & email are down in Iran

Hearing the rooftop Allahu Akbars are "going extra crazy" tonight


Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (18 September)
  • 1st Qods Day Update: Tehran gatherings in several squares, also Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan
  • Report: Montazeri and Sane'i to join rally; 1000+ in 7 Tir Square
  • Mowj-e-Sabz features Revol Guard arrests, claims plan to arrest Karroubi & Mousavi after marches
  • Reports of protest chants from "God is Great" to "Death to Dictator"
  • Report: Gathering in Qom; CNN decides to cover Iran again "Tense in Tehran"
  • Reports indicate largest gatherings since June? 7 Tir Sq: "Too many people....forces in awe"
  • Chants heard: Long live Montazeri, upright be Sanei
  • Reports of tear gas used in 7 Tir Square
  • Reports of preps for Friday Prayers; Goverment figures in crowd, Ahmadinejad arriving
  • Reuters confirms EA news of clashes w secur forces, 10+ arrested
  • Excuse of Day (So Far): Iran State TV says "unfortunately" not allowed to cover rallies with copter
  • Ahmadinejad now speaking: we will snap analyse as soon as possible
  • URGENT: Running summary of Ahmadinejad speech
  • Ahmadinejad speech stands up for rights of Native Americans (really)
  • URGENT: Parleman News "confirms" attack on Khatami, forcing him to leave Qods Day rally
  • Ahmadinejad: "Zionists would even "assassinate US President" if they couldd manage it
  • Ahmadinejad: "This regime nears its end. Occupation, rape are nearing their end" [He means Israel, not Iran, right?]
  • Mowj-e-Sabz reports clashes in Isfahan, clashes & arrests in Tabriz
  • Questions: Khatami forced away from rally but:
  1. Did Karroubi address marchers?
  2. Where is Mousavi?
  • URGENT: Mousavi car attacked on way to rally. Also claim that Karroubi, Khatami forced to leave
  • Report: Protests, Arrests in Bushehr, Rasht, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Mashhad
  • Video Confirmation: Karroubi WAS at Tehran Qods Day rally
  • Mowj-e-Sabz, site of Green Movement, is down
  • Risks of "Western" media ignorance of Qods Day for
  1. Ahmadinejad denies Holocaust
  2. Nuke issue
  • The Proof: Khatami Was at Qods Rally Today
  • Report: More arrests of relatives of Ayatollahs #Montazeri & Rabbani
  • Mousavi Mystery: Some Thoughts on Photo Claiming He is at Rally
  • @AnnCurry agreeing with Ahmadinejad that Twitter is more of a threat to him than "mainstream" media?
  • Rah-e-Sabz - Much of Internet in Iran restricted, anticipating today's rallies
  • Josh Shahryar negotiates the issues around claim picture of Mousavi at rally
  • Mowj-e-Sabz: Clashes in Isfahan
  • 800 protestors in front of IRIB building in north
  • Urgent: Beyond "Mousavi PicGate:" The Question of His Legitimacy
  • Report: SMS Reconnected in Tehran
  • Another Arrest: Fatemeh Dardkeshan, daughter of reformist activist Mahmoud Dardkeshan, detained
  • Picture. Thousand Words. The image that establishes "tens of thousands" marched today
  • Photo of jostling of Khatami at rally emerges
  • More on Tonight's Censored Soccer Match in Iran
  • Urgent Analysis: Why did Ali Larijani Meet Senior Clerics Last Night? (Ask Khamenei)
  • Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust: NY Times Gets Its Priorities All Wrong

Snap Analysis and Summary Translation of Ahmadinejad Speech

Special Video: Tonight's Black-and-White Football Match from Iran State TV

Tehran Bureau:
Quds Day Updates

Selected Headlines

Mainstream Media

Iran security forces clash with protesters: witness

Protesters clash at Tehran rallies, two injured

Iran president says Holocaust a "pretext" to create Israel

NATO proposes new era of cooperation with Russia

Russia's Putin hails U.S. shield move, calls for more

NATO wants Russia to press Iran on nuclear plans

Ahmadinejad: Detained U.S. hikers deserved punishment

Clinton: Iran risks isolation, economic pressure

U.N. body urges Israel to allow nuclear inspections

White House condemns Iranian leader Holocaust comment

Revised U.S. assessment on Iran drives policy shift

NY hotel axes event with Ahmadinejad on guest list

NY Times:
Amid Protests, Iran Leader Calls Holocaust a Myth

Clashes Reported as Iranians Hold Demonstrations

LA Times:

Pro- and anti-government marchers face off in Tehran

U.S. faces a challenge in seeking Russia partnership on Iran policy

Clashes in Tehran as opposition defies regime warnings

Analysis: opposition protesters outflank Iranian regime, for now

Iran has the ability to make nuclear bomb, says leaked UN report

Ahmadinejad faces test of strength as fresh protests sweep Iran

Clinton warns Iran: talk to us about your weapons or face isolation

Courage in Iran
AN must be greeted by protests when he attends UN next week.
We must show courageous people of Iran they do not protest alone

Did the US do a deal with Russia?

IAEA secret report: Iran worked on nuclear warhead

Clashes reported at Iran Quds day rallies

Thousands defying Qods rally

Clashes erupt at Iran mass rally

Iran reformist attacked; Ahmadinejad slams Israel

Iran hard-liners attack reformist ex-president

Dueling marches pit Iran hardliners vs. reformers

Obama plan aims to squeeze Iran, reassure Israel

Protests Flare Up in Tehran

The Iran Experiment

Iranian Protesters Take To Streets Of Tehran, Other Cities

Iranian President Describes Holocaust As 'Mythical Claim'

Reformist Journalist Says Protests Put 'Ball In Court' of Opposition Leader Mousavi

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Has A Lot To Lose

German minister calls Ahmadinejad disgrace to Iran

Iran Asks IMF To Look Into Turkey Windfall: Report

Iran Opposition Protests Erupt as Ahmadinejad Attacks Israel

Rival Rallies Turn Violent in Tehran

Ahmadinejad: Americans ‘trampled the law’

Posh Hotel Cancels Banquet Because Of Iranian Prez
New York's Helmsley Hotel calls off banquet after knowing Ahmadinejad will attend

Iran regime battles new mass protests

Jerusalem Post:
Khatami reportedly attacked with knife

Iran security forces clash with protesters

Protesters chant 'death to dictator' at annual Tehran rally

New View Of Iranian Threat Key To Missile Decision

Al Arabiya:
Protesters clash with Iran govt forces at annual rally

Iran's shaky government - Not over yet

Huffington Post:
Protesters Transform Jerusalem Day Into Iran Day

New York Magazine:
Ahmadinejad Snubbed by Helmsley Hotel

Opposition Permission: members of the oppoisition flooded Tehran's streets

Thousands March In Dueling Iran Protests, Sep 18th

Salafists behind Kordestan assassinations, Iran says

Iran must 'now decide' on nuclear talks: Clinton

Washington Times;
Thousands march in Iran anti-government protests

Channel 4:

Timeline: Iran's election protests


بازداشت علی پیرحسینلو و فاطمه ستوده
Ali Pirhouseinlou & Fatemeh Sotoudeh arrested

سه نوه ديگر آیت الله منتظری به همراه همسرانشان بازداشت شدند.این افراد حدود ساعت یازده آزاد شدند
Three more of Ayat. Montazeri's grandsons arrested, along with their spouses

Hamed, Nasser and Hajar Montazeri, Grand Ayatollah
Montazeri’s grandchildren, as well as Marziye Elahiniya
wife of Hamed and Sara Azizi wife of Nasser were arrested
today when they were participating in Green Qods Day rally.
Also La’ya Rabani, Daughter of Ayatollah Rabani-Alamshi,
as well as her daughter, Zahra Doust-Mohamadi, and
Mohammad Hossein Rabani another grandson of
Ayatollah were arrested in today’s rally

رمضان عبدالله و خالد مشعل به جمع راهپيمايان روز قدس در تهران پيوستند
IRNA reports Hamas political chief Khaled Mashal has joined Quds demo !!!

موج سبز مانع از حمله گروهک فشار به سید محمد خاتمی شد
Keyhan's chief editor's son behind attacks on Khatami
The thugs who attacked Mohammad Khatami in today’s
Green Qods rally were led by Shariatmadari’s son,
Supreme Leader’s representative in Keyhan newspaper
(coup government’s propaganda) people resisted the attacks and with police
...interference the thugs had to leave. Karoubi was also among
thousands of people marching in main streets of Tehran.

هاشمي در راهپيمايي روز قدس شركت کرد
Hashemi Rafsanjani was present at Qods day rally

گزارش از راهپیمایی قدس سبز 4
Buses have been used to block Daneshjoo park & Keshavarz blvd.

صدای مردم صدای خداست/تظاهرات صدهاهزار تن از مردم تهران بر علیه دولت کودتا
The Green movement renews its chant of resistance

شليک صدها گاز اشک آور در اطراف دانشگاه تهران
HRANA: Hundreds of tear gas fired near Tehran University

حضور نیرومند "جنبش سبز" در راهپیمایی روز قدس
Strong presence of Green on Qods day

IRNA: ديدار محرمانه علي لاريجاني با مراجع
IRNA: Secret meeting between Ali Larijani & Qom Ayatollahs

رهبر معظم انقلاب:مردم عزیز کردستان با بصیرت کامل دشمنان خود را بشناسند
Khamenei:The beloved people of Kurdistan should use their insight to recognize their enemy

دستگیری 5 نفر در کرمانشاه
5 people arrested in Kermanshah

رویترز: حدود 10 اپوزیسیونرطی راهپیمایی روزقدس دستگیرشدند
Reuters: 10 people arrested in today's rally

HRA: يورش به مردم تبريز و شيراز، حضور نزديک به صد هزار نفر در فاصله بين هفت تير و ميدان وليعصر تهران
HRA: Protesters in Tabriz & Shriaz attacked;
Close to 100,000 between Haft-Tit & Vali-Asr square in Tehran

حمله شدید اینترنتی به وب سایت جنبش راه سبز و موج سبز آزادی
Two reformist sites (Jaras & Green Wave) attacked

در قدس سبز کرمانشاه ۵ نفر دستگير شد، کردانه
Kermanshah (West.Iran) 5 people were arrested, number of cell phons congregated

اعتراض مردم به حضور خاتمي ، کروبي و موسوي در راهپيمايي روز قدس
IRNA: Khatami is a monafegh (unbeliever)

هشدار! طرح تدارک دستگيری موسوی و کروبی در ديدار خامنه ای با فرمانده سپاه، وزير اطلاعات و رئيس صداوسيما
Khamenei discusses arrest of Mousavi & Karroubi with
IRGC commander, Information minister & IRIB head

قرارشد درصورت عدم تأثير تهديدها وناتوانی سپاه ازمهارسبزهامقدمات دستگيری موسوی وکروبی را فراهم کنند
It was decided if threats ar eineffective & IRGC can't suppress the Green,
they begin to prepare for arrest of Mousavi/Karroubi

برخورد خشونت آمیز علیه جنبش سبز در روز قدس
Violence on the greens on Qods day

ایجاد فضای رعب ووحشت دراصقهان وحمله به راهپیمایان سبزروز قدس
Protestors attacked in Esfahan

قدرت نمایی میلیونی جنبش سبز کودتاگران را شوکه کرد
Millions of greens "shocked" the coup government!

محدودیت شدید و قطع اینترنت در ایران از ساعاتی پیش
Internet is having severe problems in Iran, Gov is worried about pics+vids getting out

صف آرایی دولت واپوزیسیون ایران درروزقدس
Government and opposition face off in Qods day rally

تظاهرات در بوشهر،رشت،تبریز،اصفهان،شیراز،اصفهان،اهواز،مشهد
Protests in Bushehr, Rasht, Tabriz, Esfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Mashhad,...

روز قدس و نمایش حضورجنبش سبز
Qods day & Green movement's display of presence

دیدارعلی لاریجانی با آیت الله مکارم شیرازی شب گذشته در قم صورت گرفت
Ali Larijani met secretly with Ayat. Makarem-Shirazi in Qom last night

دیشب درقم: دیدار محرمانه دو مرجع تقلید، آیت الله صافی گلپایگانی وآیت الله نوری همدانی
Secret meeting of Ayat. Safi-Golpaygani & Ayat Nouri-Hamendani in Qom last night

کونومیست: دولت متزلزل در ایران

"شعارامروز:"کروبی قهرمان، امیرکبیرایران
Today's chant:"champion Karroubi; AmirKabir of Iran"

خبر فوری- بازداشت دو عضو جوان جبهه مشارکت
2 young members of the participation front arrested. no news on their names yet

برخی افراد سودجو با چاقو قصد حمله به سید محمدخاتمی داشتند که با ورود پلیس مهاجمان متفرق شدند البته عمامه ایشان انداختند.
شعاری که هم اينک مردم در ميدان وليعصر سر داده اند : خمينی کجائی ، ايران شده فلسطين
The plainclothes who tried to attack Khatami were armed with knife

حسین نعیمی پور و مهدی شیرزاد بازداشت شدند
Hossein Naimipoor & Mehdi Shirzad arrested


Please listen & send to the people in Iran
18 September | 27 Shahrivar

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center
(Special Edition with Qods day news)
18 September | 27 Shahrivar

عکس : صفحه اول امروز روزنامه ها
Front page headlines of Iranian newspapers
Saturday Sep. 19, 2009

Front page Saturday Etemad newspaper.
"Glorious presence of the Greens"

A very nice visual comparison of the green
movement with the Palestinian struggle
(top pictures are Iran & below pictures are

Hilarious picture of Qods day in Bolivia


از روز قدس / گزارش تصویری - تهران
Pictures of today from Tehran

Compare Fars News photos to Greens' amateur pictures

گزارش تصویری/ حضور سید محمد خاتمی در راهپیمایی سبز روز قدس
Pictures of Khatami in Tehran today and the attack:

Picure of Greens

Pictures of today

Pictures from Mehr & Fars News (State media)

Photo report from Jaras site:

عکس: راهپیمایی روز قدس در تهران
Photos from Qods day rally in Tehran

عکسی برای تاریخ: در راهپیمایی روز قدس سبز،
میر حسین موسوی با گامهای مستحکم میان جمع مداحان و جیره خواران

Picture of basiji trying to attack Mousavi

BBC: Iran Quds Day rallies

تظاهرات روز قدس در ایران
Pictures from Iran

Tehran Sept 18 - Azadi street

AN supporters bussed in for Qods day rally

Parked bikes of Basijis who attended Qods day rally

Weird AN supporter who's always in frontline
at Friday prayers showed up on Qods day too

(they have so few supporters that we can recognise them)

More pictures of Qods day rallies &

57 pictures of Green Qods day


Everyone please call Barclay Hotel in NY : 800-496-7621 or 212-755-5900
Keep calling expressing your disgust at Ahmadinejad staying there

NYC protest, Sept 23:

March the green scroll across the Brooklyn Bridge
Please Distribute widely and post

List of protests outside Iran

Project Green Light

Flyers to distribute on Sept 23

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Shirin Ebadi Urges UN Sec General to go to Iran

Requesting UN members to walk out on Ahmadinejad on Sept 23rd, 2009

Petition for Isa Saharkhiz's release

Please sign this letter for NYC Mayor: Dont let AN enter NYC!

Protection & Self Help for Greens


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

کمک های اولیه به فارسی

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Anti filtering software can be downloaded from Karoubi's site


Quds day videos from Iran

Collection of Qods day videos
(download Qods day vidios in Hi & Low quality)

Most significant
Qods day videos:

Mousavi with the crowds on Qods day (State TV report)

Martyr Sohrab's brave beautiful Mother at Green Qods Day rally

Anti-riot Police among protesters Qods day

Basiji is cursing at a old lady and people defend her, then gunshots are heard

Security forces attacking people in Qods day

حمله اوباش بسیج باتوم به دست به مردم در حال شعار
Thugs with batons attack people chanting slogans

Greens defying chant master

Greens around goverment announcers
(you see smoke of a burnt Russian flag)

Greens outnumber pro-ANs & chant "death to dictator" with their music

People protest in front of Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) building

روز قدس سبز مترو تهران
People in Tehran metro station on Ghods day chanting

Videos of Qods day with English captions from Guardian

Protests outside Iran

Greens attacked in Paris

Bruxelles (Belgium) greens protest in front of Iranian embassy

Reports of Qods day in Iran

فيلم : گزارش سی ان ان از تظاهرات امروز
CNN's report of today's protests

France24 report on Qods day rally


Mohsen Sazegara Friday 27 Shahrivar 1388

پخش سیاه و سفید بازی از ترس (دلقک بازی خیابانی)ی
TV shows black & white images of jam packed
stadium but says we can't cover the game

AN's complete interview with Ann Curry

Horrifying testimonies of past Crimes Against Humanity Committed by IRI (English subtitles)

MUST SEE 3 hours documentery "the power of nightmares"
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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