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17 September | 26 Shahrivar


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Reuters: "Iran opposition leaders to attend anti-Israel rally"
Someone tell Israel & Reuters to get over themselves.
Qods day is not about them anymore,
its about the people of Iran and their search for freedom!

URGENT: Karrubi tobe in 7Tir Sq. tommorow 11 a.m. (+3:30 GMT)
فوری فوری: مهدی کروبی فردا ساعت 11 صبح میدان 7 تیر، رسانه شمائید

I've made maps of Ghods Day march routes in Tehran, Isfahan, and Tabriz

Kurdistan is cleaning house. First, the assasination of two judges, now their Assembly of Experts rep. WOW!

Freegate / Ultrasurf blocked
Rafsanjani marching with Karoubi tomorrow
Complete Karoubi evidence for crimes & rapes is in the "right hands", will be submitted to international court

They arrested more than 20 family members of political figures now. They're taking hostages w/o legal grounds
Mousavi met with Sharestani (rep of Grand Ayat Sistani) was informed Marjas will soon speak
The march goes on. ANY OTHER NEWS WILL BE FALSE!

Families of hikers held in Iran ask Ahmedinejad to bring them
with him to NY, plead for a Ramadan act of compassion

Mousavi went to Qum Wed, had dinner w the Society of Theologian Teachers & Researchers also the Reform Ayts
Mehdi Hashemi (Rafs son) asking to be given air time on IRTV to answer the fabricated charges against him
Last Sat 200 employees of Khoramshar (S. IR) mass transit went on 1 day strike for non payment of their wages

IRGC (guards) issued statement warning any disturbance & riots during Qods day will be confronted by Sepah
Karoubi announcing Qods day 11AM Haft Tir. Anti filtering software can be downloaded from his site

Greens 10 important points for Qods day march:
01. For over a decade now Iranians have been marching on Qods day for the freedom of the Palestinians
It's time that the Palestinians and the Lebanese show their support for freedom of the Iranian people

02. It is imperative for people to start early and show a massive presence of the Greens early on
03. Green protest have been based on, silence, peaceful march and none violent protest
04. Any negative Announcement i.e. bombs, etc. is from the coup regime. Do not pay any attention
05. March hand-in-hand, make a human chain; this will aide in group defense against anti riot police attacks
06. It is important to wear green clothing, scarf, green placards & flags so it can be captured by IRTV cameras
07. It is important not to do Green chants in small groups
Instead, smaller groups chanting Alloho Akbar can join together & become large groups
08. Remember Qods day will not be the last day of action for the Green Movement, we will continue our struggle
09. Person leading the Friday Prayer tomorrow is "devoid of justice". So praying with his lead is not mandatory
Tomorrow Greens will show their presence at Q-D march. However, they should go
home after the march and not show any presence at the Friday Prayer site

10. This year's Q-D will be the manifestation of the justice seekers against the oppressors.
Our Iran
has become Palestine. So for her freedom from the hands of occupiers &
tyrants &
for defending the ideals, honor and life of her citizens we shall march on

City of Rasht Green march route (article also below)

Urgent: Mousavi has not issued new statement Fake statement & email going around
(article also below)

They are becoming desperate. They filtered parlemnnews (Persian)
(article also below)

Most news sites after filtering operate from different address so both Tagheer & Parlemenews are accessible has been hacked

I have bn under hacker attack for last 4 days. Anything strange fr me is not me. I wont tweet for some hours

Posts by multiple bloggers suggest young people more defiant after IRGC warning

Farsnews (hardliner): On the occasion of Quds day a task force of Iranian hackers successfully hacked 500 Israeli sites

Mowjcamp: Sources say there are plans to arrest Mousavi & Karoubi after Qday. Holidays were announced for this purpose

Rouydadnews: Sources say IRGC commanders demoralized after Russia withdrew support. Won't use violence tomorrow, just scare tactics

Mobilization in Tehran, Police, Military and Hospitals are ready for tomorrow demo, Demo will begin Hafte Tir Sq.

Sec. Forces attacked some of intelectual's houses and arrested some including Fatmeh Sotudeh and Ali Pirhoseinlu

Families of Dr. Mohammad Maleki & Shiva Nazar Ahari met their loved ones in Evin

Hengameh Shahidi's family met her through a cabin. She was described weaker that last visit & very impatient
Shiva Nazar Ahari's bail amount was reduced from $500,000 to $200,000

خانواده دکتر محمد ملکی و هنگامه شهیدی در زندان اوین با عزیزان دربند خود ملاقات کرده اند

ملاقات خانواده هنگامه شهیدی با این روزنامه نگار به صورت کابینی بوده و اوضعیف تر و رنجور تر ازملاقات قبلی بوده وبسیار بی تابی می کرده است
قراروثیقه شیوا نظر آهاری که 500 میلیون تعیین شده بود به 200 میلیون تومان کاهش یافت


Blogs & Websites:

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (17 September)
  • Why Did Rafsanjani Give Interview to Arab Service of Iran State TV?
  • Report: Basiji Mobilising in Iran Town to Converge on Tehran on Friday
  • MediaWatch: NY Times & LA Times Feature #Rafsanjani Out of Fri Prayers; TV media unaware of Qods Day
  • Will Ahmadinejad be undone by his (mis)management of Iran economy?
  • Confirming: Leading Members of Islamic Iran Participation Front Arrested
  • Report: Mousavi meets Grand Ayatollahs and their representatives in Qom
  • Urgent: Karroubi Announces His Path for Rally: From His Offices (11 a.m.) to 7 Tir Square
  • Revolutionaire Guard issues Qods Day threat to confront those "who want to help the Zionist regime"
  • MediaFail Headline of Day: Reuters "Iran opposition leaders to attend anti-Israel rally"
  • Former VP Abtahi Bro-in-Law Mousavi-Nejad arrested
  • Former Tehran University Head Maleki (76 years old) Charged with Acting angaist National Security
  • Urgent: Ayatollah Dastgheib Condemns Khamenei
  • Urgent: Routes posted for Qods Day marches in Tehran, Isfahan & Tabriz
  • Urgent: Kurdistan rep on Assembly of Experts assassinated
  • Report: Writer Ali Pirhousienlou & Fatemeh Sotoudeh arrested

Iran: The NBC TV Interview with President Ahmadinejad

The letter of Shiva Nazarahari's father to Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani

CPJ urges Iran release journalists during Ramadan (with list of those in prison)

Khamenei commands plans to suppress Friday protests in Tehran:

Mainstream Media:

Israel defense chief: Iran not an existential threat

Iran opposition leaders to attend anti-Israel rally

Ahmadinejad urged to bring jailed Americans to NY

Iran Guards warn against protests during anti-Israel rallies

U.S. backs away from missile shield plan

White House says missile changes not about Russia

With missile move, Obama hands Russia a gift

U.S. worried about Iran "running out clock": Gates

Iran missile risk, not nuclear, downgraded

Turkey: Any Patriot missile buy not due to threat

IAEA denies report it is sure Iran seeking atom bomb

Barak says nuke-armed Iran couldn't destroy Israel

Ahmadinejad: Iran will never stop nuclear program

Iran Guards warn of Quds Day crackdown

Iran lashes out at Sarkozy's nuclear remarks

Iran has failed to grant Swiss requests to see Americans: US

Ahmadinejad tells US TV he regrets deaths of protestors

As Students Return, Iran's Regime Braces for More Protests:

'Torture, murder and rape' — Iran’s way of breaking the opposition

Ahmadinejad's desperate gamble

Iranians, urge IMF to investigate Turkey's $18bn windfall
(Ebrahim Yazdi amongst them)

Intelligence Agencies Say No New Nukes in Iran
Secret updates to White House challenge European and Israeli assessments

Washington Times:
Snubs await Ahmadinejad in U.S.

Outotec To Deliver Engineering And Smelter Technology To Iran

America To Shelve Iran Missile Shield Plan

Sacramento Bee:
Iran cannot silence its opposition

LA Times:
IRAN: Revolutionary Guard sternly warns protesters before Quds Day

Former Tehran University Chancellor Charged

Washington Post:
Interview Excerpts: Iran Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh

AP NewsBreak:
Nuke agency says Iran can make bomb

Iran Diaspora to Protest Ahmadinejad

Iran to build Aframax tankers for Venezuela

Guards warn against disorder on Quds Day rally

Leader condemns terrorist attacks in western Iran


وز قدس بعد از 27 سال بدون سخنرانی هاشمی؛ کودتاچی ها یک طرف؛ مردم یک طرف
After 27 years, Qods day without Hashemi; The coup government vs. the people

مصاحبه من با خانواده دکتر محمد ملکی
Fershteh Ghazi:
My interview with Dr. Mohammad Maleki's family
Dr. Maleki's wife:
The Islamic republic government & the leader himself are responsible for Dr. Maleki
He became weaker, his hands kept shaking & was suffering from irregular heartbeat & blood pressure, etc
His interrogator has said this ill prisoner is interrogated until midnight & he's still in solitary
You have the IRG, the army & missiles & yet a 76-year-old has threatened your national security

مصاحبه من با علی اکبر موسوی خوئینی؛ در بند 2 الف سپاه چه می گذرد
Fershteh Ghazi: My interview with Ali Akbar Mousavi Khoeini:
What goes on in band A of the IRG

دستگیری اصلاح‌طلبان ادامه دارد.بازداشت مهدی میردامادی،حسین نورانی‌نژاد وفیاض زاهد،تازه‌ترین نمونه‌ است
Arrests of reformists continues.Arrests of Mirdamadi,
Nouraninejad & Fayyaz Zahed are latest examples.

سفر چند ساعته میرحسین موسوی به قم و دیدار با آیت الله موسوی اردبیلی و آیت الله صانعی
Mousavi had a short trip to the holy city of Qom yesterday. He met with the
members of Researchers and Teachers Assembly of Qom Seminary. During this visit
he also met with Grand Ayatollah Mousavi-Ardebili in private. He then visited
Grand Ayatollah Sanai in his home where he also met with Grand Ayatollah Bayat,
Ayatollah Mousavi-Tabrizi as well as Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s representative
in Iran and Grand Ayatollah Montazeri’s brother

دفتر مهدی کروبی اعلام کرد که مسیر حرکت وی در راهپیمایی روز قدس از میدان هفت تیر ساعت یازده صبح خواهد بود
Karoubi Office: Karoubi will be walking from Haft Tir Square starting 11AM

ILNA:نمازعيد سعيد فطربه امامت رهبرمعظم انقلاب (خامنه‌اي)اقامه مي‌شود
ILNA: Khamenei will lead Eide-Fitr prayers

ILNA: محمود احمدي‌نژاد، در فهرست سخنرانان روز اول مجمع عمومي سازمان ملل متحد ( يك مهرماه) قرار گرفت
ILNA: Ahmadinejad's talk scheduled for first day of UN General Assembly meeting (Sep 23)

بازداشت برادر همسر محمدعلی ابطحی
Abtahi's brother in law was arrested minutes ago.
Mousavinejad is 27 years

نماينده رهبری درسپاه از سران اصلاح طلب خواست به خارج فرارکنند
Khomeini representative on IRGC asks reformist leaders to flee abroad

مريم صبری يکی از بازداشت شدگان سابق کهریزک اعلام کرد که درزندان بوده مورد تجاوز قرارگرفته است
Maryam Sabri, a former Kahrizak detainee, announced that she was raped while in custody

اظهارات بی سابقه ی یکی از فرماندهان سابق سپاه:
اگر قرار باشد روزی رهبری را خطاب قرار دهم با تفنگ سراغ ایشان می روم

ex-IRGC commander "I'm taking a rifle next time I see Khamenei"

اعتراض مهدی هاشمی به ذکر نامش در دادگاه‌‌های انتخاباتی
Mehdi Hashemi (in Beirut): "I'm willing to defend myself against accusations"

اعتراض مهدی هاشمی به ذکر نامش در دادگاه‌‌های رسیدگی به حوادث پس از انتخابات

Mehdi Hashemi objects to being mentioned in post Iran election courts.
Says he's prepared to defend on TV

علی اکبر موسوی خوئینی: در بند ۲ الف سپاه چه می گذرد / آقایان درصدد ایجاد فضای رعب و وحشت هستند
Koeini: "Sepah's A2 Jail is a "horror factory", illegal, must be shut down"

فراخوان بسیج ورامین برای روز قدس در تهران
Battalion of Basij Resistance Force stationed in Varamin mobilized for Qods day
Contact analysis: "A lot have not reported to base upon letter for mobilization, that's why they put banners"

مادر اشکان سهرابی:
پیشنهاد داده‌اند که ۱۰میلیون تومان بگیرید و در تلویزیون چیزهایی که می‌خواهیم را بگویید

Goverment offers mother of Ashkan Sohrabi (18 year old shot dead by Basijis)
$10.000 to appear on IRIB & read prepared statement!

در دیدارهای اخیر برخی مراجع قم،موضوع دعوت از آیت‌الله سیستانی برای سفر به ایران مطرح شده
Qom Ayats. want to invite Ayat. Sistani for a visit to Iran

یک رکورد بی سابقه ! 147 تیم خبرگزاری خارجی ازرسانه های جهان برای روزقدس در تهران مجوزگرفتند
147 foreign reporting teams have received permits to cover Qods day events in Iran

FARSNews: نماينده مردم كردستان در مجلس خبرگان رهبري ترور شد
FARSNews: Representative of Kurdistan on
Assembly of Experts was assassinated this morning

سایت تغییر برای برابری، بیست ویکمین بار فیلتر شد
Website of women's campaign for equal rights
filtered for the 21st time
new address is

حوادث اخيردرسنندج (كردستان):ترورنماينده كردستان درمجلس خبرگان، ترورقاضی شعبه 4 دادياری سنندج، ترور قاضی شعبه 4 دادسرا
ترورامام جمعه موقت سنندج وآتش گرفتن بزرگ‌ترين كارخانه توليد ماءالشعير &

Kurdistan (Sanandaj) recent events: Assassinations of Kurdistan rep on Experts Assembly,
2 judges, one temp Friday Imam
and a fire in a large factory &

بسیار فوری ( تظاهرات روز قدس سبز در رشت
City of Rasht Green march route

میرحسین موسوی بیانیه جدیدی صادر نکرده است
Urgent: Mousavi has not issued new statement
Fake statement & email going around

قهر کارشناسان اقتصادی ایران با احمدی‌نژاد
Economic experts no longer talking to Ahmadinejad

کمیته فیلترینگ، صدای نمایندگان ملت را فیلتر کرد
Parlemnnews filtered

علی پیرحسین لووفاطمه ستوده بازداشت شدند

Ali Pirhasanloo & his wife Fatemeh Sotoodeh,
both book editor & translator arrested tonite

تولید خاویار ایران سال به سال کمتر می‌شود
Iran caviar production decreasing by the year

احتمال حضور آیت الله العظمی یوسف صانعی در راهپیمایی روز قدس
According to “Tagheer” (Etemad-Melli’s new official website), there have been reports from Qom that Grand Ayatollah Saanei planned to travel to Tehran tonight and there is a high possibility that he would participate in Green Qods Day rally tomorrow ...side by side the people of Iran to condemned tyranny, oppression and assault in any form and anywhere in the world

احمدي نژاد انتخاب حامد کرزاي را تبريک گفت: هنوز نتيجه انتخابات اعلام نشده است
AN congratulates Karzai on his victory: Election results have not yet been officially announced!

IRNA:بمناسبت شهادت نماينده کردستان درمجلس خبرگان وامام جمعه موقت سنندج رييس جمهوردوروزعزاي عمومي اعلام کرد
IRNA: AN declares 2 days of mourning for death of Kurdestan rep on Experts Assembly & FP Imam of Sanandaj

برنامه‏ریزی برای دستگیری کروبی و موسوی، پس از راهپیمایی روز قدس
Mousavi & Karoubi's arrests planned for after Qods day

تصحیح یک خبر- منزل شخصی محمد نعیمی‌پور تفتیش شد اما وی بازداشت نشده است
Mohammad Naimipoor's house was searched & Fatemeh Dardkeshan was arrested

راهپیمایی کنندگان حامی احمدی نژاد با اتوبوس به تهران رسیده اند
Many AN supporters being bussed into Tehran from around the country

Please listen & send to the people in Iran

Student Information Center
مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی

17 & 16 Sept | 25 & 26 Shahr

Wednesday night Green Ramadan dinner

Green Qods day sticker on payphone in Iran

Fake Kayhan Headline (lol!)

Where is my vote stamps in Netherlands

KAL's new cartoon in The Economist


روز قدس را سبزمیکنیم
On September 18th we'll make Ghods day green & show the regime, green movment has only just begun...

نقلاب سبز: آخرین توصیه ها قبل از روز قدس! حتما مطالعه کنید
The Green revolution last recommendations before Quds Day

Everyone please call Barclay Hotel in NY : 800-496-7621 or 212-755-5900
Keep calling expressing your disgust at Ahmadinejad staying there

NYC protest, Sept 23:

March the green scroll across the Brooklyn Bridge
Please Distribute widely and post

List of protests outside Iran

Project Green Light

Flyers to distribute on Sept 23

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Shirin Ebadi Urges UN Sec General to go to Iran

Requesting UN members to walk out on Ahmadinejad on Sept 23rd, 2009

Petition for Isa Saharkhiz's release

Please sign this letter for NYC Mayor: Dont let AN enter NYC!

Protection & Self-help for Greens


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

کمک های اولیه به فارسی

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Anti filtering software can be downloaded from Karoubi's site


Mohsen Sazegara Thursday 26 Shahrivar 1388

دستغيب خامنه ای را خائن نامید و از او خواست توبه کند
MUST SEE: Ayat. Dastgheib calls Khamenei
a traitor, asks him to repent
(English translation will come soon)

NBC's Ann Curry interviews Ahmadinejad
NBC's Ann Curry asks Ahmadinejad re 'stealing' Iran election
He says he did not "see any problems" (English)

Ahmadinejad on Neda's death, free speech, stolen election, etc.

مصاحبه محسن کدیور با بی بی سی در مورد حضور سبزها در راهپیمایی روز قدس
Mohsen Kadivars take on Quds day (Persian)
In short: Iranians need to deal with AN first then Palestine

پیام آقای بنی صدر برای روزقدس
Banisadr's Message to the people of Iran for Ghods day (Persian)

کمیته حقیقت یاب
Banisadr on the prison abuse fact-finding committee

تهران کروبی در بهشت زهرا
Tehran July 30 - Woman talks to Karroubi:
"How much blood does AN want?"

شعارهای شبانه سبزها 25شهریور
Tehran Night Chants 16 September | 25 Shahrivar

بانگ الله اکبر اهالی شهرک اکباتان ، 26 شهریور
Allaho Akbar Shahrak-e-Ekbatan Tehran tonight

الله اکبر های شب قدس - 26 شهریور - محوطه ونک در تهران
Around Vanak Tonight, people shouting Death to Dictator!

راز آرماگدون : ویدئو مشترک روزنامه کیهان و سیمای جمهوری اسلامی
IRIB "documentary" says Green serve Elders of Zion

Farakhane Rooze Ghods 26 Shahrivar (Sept 17) Otobane Shahid Hakim
A poster of Green Qods day is being placed above highway

گفتگوی ابراهیم شریفی شاهد کروبی با صدای امریکا
Ebrahim Sharifi, A rape victim in IRI
prison is talking with VOA

گزارش شکنجه و تجاوز در زندان:خانم مریم صبری
Ms. Maryam Sabri Talks About Being Repeatedly
Raped in Prison (Persian, English Subtitle)

درس طائب "متجاوز به ترانه موسوی" به دانش آموزان

Iran : بحث جنگ و ترس بسیجیها از دوربین

هشدار:پرونده سازی برای بازداشت مخالفان

Cool music video: Iran vatanam in Solidarity with the people of Iran

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