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9 & 10 September | 18 & 19 Shahrivar



not all the tweets are 100% confirmed, but most are very reliable

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Products to Sanction:
  1. Imported Cigarettes
  2. Mohsen Rice
  3. IranCell
  4. Nokia


The regime crackdown is entering a sinister new phase, as the circle of opposition advisers is whittled away
On Monday, the offices of the committee investigating the deaths and abuse of protesters was searched

On Tuesday, Karroubi's office was shut down after documents and computer equipment were confiscated
Regime agents then arrested Morteza Alviri, head of the committee looking into election fraud
Alviri's office was searched by security forces and documents and computer equipment were taken
Later in the day, Alireza Beheshti, head of the abuse and deaths committee was arrested and his office was shut down
Emadeddine Baghi, head of the association for the defense of prisoners, was also arrested yesterday
Baghi's office was searched and documents and equipment were taken by security forces
The regime is notching up the pressure in the lead-up to mass rallies planned for Ghods Day, Friday Sep 18
More than ever, the turnout on Ghods Day has become a gauge of the Green movement's durability

Tehran IRGC head Araghi: 36 dead - 3 in Kahrizak, 10 whose place of death is known
Araghi: As for the rest, unclear where they died and who shot them

In a remarkable open letter to Khamenei, Abdolkarim Soroush predicts the end of religious despotism in Iran
Known as the Islamic Martin Luther, Soroush is a prominent philosopher. He teaches at Georgetown University
In 2005, Time Magazine put Soroush on its list of the 100 most influential people in the world

Soroush published his open letter to Khamenei today, Thursday September 10 (Farsi, article also below)
Soroush writes:
"The fading fear of the people and the vanishing legitimacy of the concept of Supreme Leadership...

...are the greatest achievements of the revolt of honor over plunder. The lion of courage and resistence has been awakened
We will celebrate the disappearance of religious despotism
A moral society and a government beyond religion are the beacons of our Green nation
You were ready for God to be shamed, so as to preserve yourself from shame
You were ready to let people turn their backs to religion, but not to you
You said 'The regime's honor has been rended.' I had never heard such good news in my life
Treason and fraud were not enough, you turned to murder and crime...
...Treason and crime were not enough, you added the rape of prisoners to everything else...
Murder and rape and fraud were still not enough, you added accusations of spying and dishonor to the lot...
You are now the prisoner of a closed regime that you yourself created long ago... which neither criticism, nor opinions, nor science, nor information flourish"

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AN trying to declare Sept 19th holiday so people leave Tehran for long weekend

Khamenei has announced state of emergency, using NatSec powers to crush oponents

Khamenei wants Green destroyed. NatSec warning of Mousavi, Khatami, Karoubi arrest before Qods day
First arrest is Karoubi, then Khatami & a while after Mousavi, which will conincide with Martial Law declaration

Iranian Republicans, Nationalists, Royalists (hand full), Leftist groups talking about armed revolution now
Coup started purge of Non-Conformants in ministries. Many either fired or arrested. Incl. people who were leaking to us

Khamenei's office distributing CDs to University Profs with confessions & documentary about Velvet Revolution,
citing Rafsanjani, Khatami, Karoubi & Mousavi as conspirators (Farsi)

Resistance alliance in formation. Planning raids & attacks on sensitive facilities & Goverment
If arrests & threats don't work, they'll cancel Qods day
Khamenei has been given "evidence" by IRGC Intel on "plot" against him by Rafsanjani, Khatami, Karoubi & Mousavi.
Khamenei got intel by new Intel Minister "widespread protest is over. Now only some left overs & best time to attack."

New commander of Rasulollah (NorthTehran) confirms Basij mobilization & determination to crush any attempt by "protesters & subversives"
Khamenei sent serious warning to all Marja not to get involeved in "Matters of State" or face consequences
Khamenei to Safi-Golpaygani "In Velayat-e Faqih, only Supreme Leader rules, President & Ministers are just his tools of Governance & employees"

Ayat. Nouri-Hamedani retracts his congrats to AN

Zarghami head of IRIB affrimed by Leader, will remain in his position. Will be out in a few days. Nothing will change there
Alireza Beheshti got in to verbal fight with a Security Agent of Sepah, who started beating him severely
His head was broken, his glasses smashed in his face & beaten all over. He fainted, so agents brought him to hospital for treatment
After treatment, he continued his protest which led to him being beaten up again & dragged out of Sepah Hospital

Coup planning to cut off/distort communication/internet starting 48 hrs before Qods day to prevent Green coordination
University dorms being closed & evacuated ahead of Qods day

URGENT: Sharivar 24 disturbances on communication networks will be created!

Khamenei's camp worried: he seems to be losing touch with reality, is no longer in control of thoughts & deeds
Khamenei complains of severe headache attacks, receives heavy pain killers, shows signs of possible Schizo/Paranoia/Bipolarity

Report of repelled Basij attack on protests,fighting back & prevented arrests yesterday in Median Shahid
This has apparently been happening since yesterday in almost all north Tehran neighborhoods

Khamenei's Friday Prayer notes: if they're real, FP will be a non-event and rehash of previous declarations

Kahrizak commander (freed 3 hrs after 1st arrest by order of AN) arrested again yesterday by S. Larijani's order

AN brought charges against Karoubi at Judiciary asking for an arrest warrant
Charge against Karoubi is "provocation of masses to participate on Qods Day"

Pres's legal dept. argues Karoubi provokes unrest & anti Goverment demonstrations, distorts truth to weaken regime
Arrest warrant against Karoubi is applied under "Social Order & Security" laws
Karrubi's arrest warrant issued. Arrest is imminent

(not confirmed)

URGENT: Mousavi's arrest warrant issued. Arrest may take place tomorrow. Communication black out will follow

Sazegara, Nourzadeh, Makhmalbaf confirmed having recieved "precise" info on arrest plan for Reform heads (which we leaked earlier)

Picture Iranian daily: Offices of A...(Ayatollah) Karoubi sealed. AYATOLLAH? Promoted by Marja
It is an unwritten law that no Ayatollah can be jailed. (Khomeini convinced grand ayats to promote him before Savak could get him)

Confirmed: Reformist "Confession" CDs arrived at Basij (Mosque) outlets (Farsi)

Flyer from Jebhe Sabze Azadi, the Green Freedom Movementon, Arrest on Mousavi & Karoubi & total revolt declaration (Farsi)

Flyer title: Green Movement Warning to Coup. Then a Sure of Quran, which says "the infidel oppressors will be destroyed..."

...and they (evil ones) will be given 4 months to walk earth before they are destroyed"

Prepare to pour in to streets upon imminent arrest of any of our leadres. Everyday from Enghelab (revolution) to Azadi (freedom) squares
Total revolt is announced till reign of infidels is crushed

Dari-Najafabadi compared Mousavi with Imam Ali (having been wronged) today on IRIB

Dari-Najafabadi is the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice of Iran
Ali was chosen to lead Umma but was betrayed, caved in to keep peace but was finally 4th leader

Multiple sources indicate Sayyedi Green Shals, clothes & head scarves sold out everywhere in Major iranian cities

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Karroubi's Facebook: Karroubi's son was arrested for 4 hours then released (Farsi)

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IranCell is sending SMS to customers saying lines will be disrupted until Saturday

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Sobhani, interrogator of 2nd branch of revolutionary court issued $500,000 bailout for Mohammad Ali Dadkhah

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In collaboration with @EANewsFeed I will be live-translating Khamenei's speech on Anonymous Iran (Friday september 11th)
If you want to get it live, I'll post an announcement just before the session starts on twitter so everyone could get notified
Read this if you want to get live translation of Khamenei speech:


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از روز سه شنبه 24 شهریور اختلالات شدیدی در اینترنت و شبکه تلفن همراه بوجود خواهد آمد

خط های تلفن همراه چه ثابت چه اعتباری از امشب با مشکل مواجه خواهد شد و گفته شده فردا موسوی بازداشت خواهد شد

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صادق نوروزی، رئیس شورای سیاسی سازمان مجاهدین انقلاب اسلامی آزاد شد

سبحانی، بازپرس شعبه دوم امنیت دادگاه انقلاب برای محمد علی دادخواه، قراروثیقه 500 میلیون تومانی صادر کرد

زهره آشتیانی، خبرنگار سایت اعتماد ملی بازداشت شد

سایت نوروز، توسط کودتاچیان از دسترس خارج شده اما به زودی سایت نوروز بازخواهد گشت


Blogs & Websites:

BREAKING NEWS: Mousavi's 12th Statement (Original Farsi article below)

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran
(9 September)

  • The Stakes Are Raised
  • Revol Guard Navy commander presses foreign-led "soft war" pretext (in contrast to Khamenei)
  • Mousavi response to raids, arrest of Beheshti "Won't let r leaders b taken hostage silently"
  • Urgent: Karroubi website (Etemade Melli/Saham News) Suspended?
  • International press cover raid on Karroubi offices but weak on Beheshti arrest
  • BBC don't notice raid on Karroubi offices
  • Another Crackdown - Head of Assoc for Defense of Prisoners arrested
  • Urgent: Did Sadegh Larijani just fall in behind Ahmadinejad?
  • Detained Karroubi aide Alviri: "bomb in hearts of people could explode at any time"
  • URGENT: Mousavi statement condemns arrests, asks followers to be calm & not be intimidated
  • Clerics Strike Back? Report of Ayatollahs Pursuing Talks anti "Illegiatimate" Iran Gov't
  • Iran nuke proposals to "5+1" countries takes over from stories of internal conflict
  • Updated English translation of Mousavi statements on arrests of aides
  • The Real Challenge for Ahmadinejad? Iran Oil Revenues down 51%
  • Sadegh Noroozi, head of political council of Mojahedin-Enghelab party, released from detention
  • Clerical Moves:
  1. Qom Meeting Leads to Golpaygani Letter, Rejected by Khamenei
  2. Qom Meeting Asks Sistani to Talks, one Ayat Withdraws Congrats to AN
  • Alviri interview (plus great comments)
  • More on Sadegh Larijani Criticism of Opposition; Move behind Ahmadinejad?

Iran: Ahmadinejad’s “All-In” Move?

Tehran Bureau (9 September)
Selected Headlines:

  • Alireza Beheshti beaten, taken to undisclosed location
  • Beheshti reportedly admitted to hospital unconscious with broken skull
  • Beheshti’s wife gives account of his arrest
  • Ex-IRGC cmdr, Mousavi aide arrested
  • Ahmadinjad recalls nominee letters from Majlis, MPs spur over reason
  • Abtahi calls Karroubi from Evin prison, scolds him
  • Russia denies mystery ship was carrying missiles to Iran

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran
(10 September)
  • Iran drops off agenda of international media until Friday Prayers by Khamenei
  • Report that Zohreh Ashtiani of Karroubi website Saham News arrested
  • Zohreh Ashtiani of Karroubi website Saham News released after 12 hrs of questions
  • Amnesty - reports that Caspian Makan, Neda Soltan fiance, released from detention
  • Norooz, vital site for recent news, down with "Internal Server Error"
  • Deputy Speaker of Parlement Bahonar says: Karroubi should be charged if he not prove detainee abuse
  • Want Proof of Velvet Revolution in Iran? Raja News (State TV) Has Super-Duper Color Chart (with Arrows!)
  • Reformist Islamic Iran Partic Front supports Mousavi Green Path of Hope
  • Youth wing of Karroubi party condemns security units & judiciary, promises turnout on Qods Day

Iran & Venezuela Going to Kill Us All (WSJ/WP Say So!)

Tehran Bureau
(10 September)
Selected Headlines:

  • Arzi asks mourners to pray for death of protest leaders
  • Safar-Harandi to run Etelaat

Dissent at home: Many within our family disagree with Khamenei, says his nephew

IRGC implicated in 9/11, according to class-action case in New York Federal Court

Delusions of candor: Tehran IRGC commander puts the latest spin on unrest

GREAT READ: A translation of Mashayee's views (Ahmadinejad's best man)

19 yr old student Mahsa Naderi in critical condition in Evin Prison

Neda's Fiancé Released From Tehran Prison, Amnesty Reports

Iran admits prisoner died from abuse

Amnesty International says Iran rape victims at renewed risk

Iran: CPJ calls for humanitarian release as Ramadan ends

Wave of Arrests of Christians in Iran

Iran's Powerful Revolutionary Guard Chief Comes Under Fire

Iran angered at exclusion from Caspian Sea summit

Iran criticizes US over visa denial

More students summoned and suspended from Kashan University

Links on Mir Hossein Mousavi
میر حسین موسوی

Links on Zahra Rahnavard زهرا رهنورد

Main Stream Media:

Free Maziar Bahari

"New Tweets, Old Needs"

(Opinion): Roger Cohen OpED in NYTimes

U.S. Says Iran Could Expedite Nuclear Bomb


Venezuela, Iran In $760M Oil Invest Deals - Agencies

The Emerging Axis of Iran and Venezuela
The prospect of Iranian missiles in South America should not be dismissed.


Ally of Iran's Mousavi detained, website says

Iran to submit proposals to powers "very soon": TV

U.S. says Iran nearing atomic bomb capacity

Iran faces Western atom pressure, to present proposals

Netanyahu secretly visited Russia: reports

U.S. hopes for "serious" nuclear response from Iran

Major powers set to discuss Iran offer on Wednesday

Iran commander says 36 died in vote unrest: report

Iran would not talk nuclear work with powers: TV

Chavez's ties with Russia: arms, energy, politics

Russia says Iran proposals something to work with

U.S. says Iranian proposal "not really responsive"

Iran wants global system to end nuclear arms: report

Iran defiant, but Russia against oil sanctions

Iran ready for 'all-encompassing' talks: Web site

World powers said unlikely to rush sanctions on Iran

Iran's overture given short shrift by western powers

A green day for Iran

Gates urges Arabs to strengthen military ties with eye to Iran

Venice film festival gives voice to Iranian opposition

US to prosecute bank over Iran links

Whu: Iranian leader unlikely to go to Obama event

Tehran Targets Opposition in Raids and Arrests,8599,1921122,00.html?

The Age:

Iran closes in on critics

LA Times:

Mehdi Karroubi:
'Authorities investigated victim instead of rape'

The Economist:
Proliferation from North Korea and Iran:

Will Russia and China pitch in?


خبر مهم - بیانیه شماره 12 مهندس موسوی

دو عضو شورای نگهبان هنوز دو شغله هستند

محاکمه غیرعلنی متهمان فجایع کهریزک

شرایط حکومت نظامی بر کشور حاکم است

حلقه محاصره موسوی و کروبی تنگ تر شد

انتشار خبر ضرب و شتم شديد عليرضا بهشتی و انتقال وی به بيمارستان

بلندای تكبیر و تدارك اعتصاب عمومی در پاسخ به اقدام كودتاچیان
امشب هم بر پشت بام‌ها الله اکبر می‌گوییم

بنیاد حفظ و نشر آثار شهید بهشتی پلمپ شد

بیانیه 200 تن از هنرمندان حوزه تجسمی

یکه‌تازی کودتا همچنان ادامه دارد
بازداشت یکی از اعضای ارشد ستاد ایثارگران میرحسین موسوی

شکايت مجمع تشخيص مصلحت از ايران، وطن امروز و فارس

نامه ۱۷۰ نفر از استادان دانشگاه‌ها، مدال آوران المپيادهاي علمي و دانشجويان دکتری به رئيس قوه قضائيه

بیانیه مجمع زنان اصلاح طلب در خصوص حوادث اخیر

پاسخ منفی رهبر به آیت‌الله صافی؛ پشیمانی آیت‌الله نوری همدانی، دعوت از آیت‌الله سیستانی
ادامه‌ی تحرکات ضد کودتا در قم

نامه خطاب به خامنه‌ای
جشن زوال استبداد دینی

پاسخ سایت نوروز به دروغ پردازی های اخیر رسانه های ستاد کودتا در خصوص انتشار اسامی شهدا

حکم رئیس سازمان صدا وسیما تمدید شد

خانه‌تکانی گسترده در وزارت نفت؛ 150 مدیر نفتی می‌روند

داستان مرده شوری که به مرده تجاوز کرد

ضرب و شتم فرزند شهید بهشتی حتی در بیمارستان!
گزارشات دریافتی از بیمارستان شهید لبافی نژاد

یک فرمانده سپاه مرگ بازداشتی‌ها در کهریزک را تایید کرد

علی جمالی، عضو شورای مرکزی سازمان دانش‌آموختگان ایران
مؤمنی سه ماه است در وضعیتی اسف‌بار در زندان به سر می‌برد

علت دفن جمعی اجساد گمنام، ساخت دستشویی بود

هر ۵ روز یک تجمع کارگری,06,15/102

صادق آهنگران: من و خانواده‌ام همچون گذشته سینه چاك خط امام و فدایی رهبریم

استقبال جبهه مشاركت از تشكیلات "راه سبز امید"

یه خبر خوب: بازداشت زهره آشتیانی ، خبرنگار سایت اعتماد ملی تکذیب شد

تأئید قتل در کهریزک از سوی فرمانده سپاه

ابراز نگرانی از وضعیت عبدالله مومنی

فدائیان خلق ایران
پلاتفرم ۹ ماده ای موسوی، می تواند مبنای گفتگو باشد

جنبش سبز، جمهوری خواهی و چشم اندازها

شاخه جوانان و دانشجویان حزب اعتماد ملی با صدور بیانیه ای اقدام نهادهای امنیتی و قضایی را در روزهای اخیر محکوم کرد.
رفتارهای نیروهای امنیتی و قضایی در روزهای اخیر کاریکاتوری از اقدامات نهادهای امنیتی در دهه 50 است

اظهارات تاسف برانگیز منصور ارضی در شب احیا

صفار "اطلاعات" ر ا کیهانی می کند

باهنر: ادامه محاکمات سیاسی در ایران غیرعلنی خواهد بود

Links on Mir Hossein Mousavi
میر حسین موسوی

Links on Zahra Rahnavard زهرا رهنورد


Please Listen & send to the people in Iran

09 Sept | 18 Shahr:
10 Sept | 19 Shahr:

Very informative:
Green Brief #71 (8 September)

Green Brief #72 (9 September)

Student Information Center
8 September:
9 September:

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجويی
شهریور 17
شهریور 18

ابطحی و عطریانفر رسید cd

این اعلامیه را پرینت گرفته و پخش کنید_ هشدار به سران کودتا
Green Movement Warning to the Coup!

اعلامیه پخش شده در شهر مشهد برای روز قدس

A list of detention centers across Iran

IHRDC Newsletter: Election Unrest Continues

Newely found Martyr RIP Hamed Makari Anvar

A unique interactive tribute to innocent victims of the Iranian unrest

Pic: TARANEH'S Memory Lives through Street Art



روز قدس را سبزمیکنیم
On September 18th we'll make Ghods day green & show the regime, green movment has only just begun...

For more information on the NYC protest, please check:

List of protests outside Iran

Project Green Light

For anybody who wants to make a NEDA mask for demonstrations

Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Shirin Ebadi Urges UN Sec General to go to Iran

Requesting UN members to walk out on Ahmadinejad on Sept 23rd, 2009

Protection & Selfdefence for Greens:


Help heal Iran (Farsi & English)

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens


Mohsen Sazegara Wednesday 18 Shahrivar 1388 (Farsi)

Mohsen Sazegara Thursday 19 Shahrivar 1388

اتوبان نیایش شعار روز قدس روز سبز
Banner over freeway: 'Ghods Day (Friday Sep 18), Green day'

Sept 7th Tehran Night Chants

Nephew of Khamenei, IRGC giving orders to Khamenei

Extended interview with Iran's first female vice president (English)

شهدای نهضت سبز ایران

VOA: Persian News Talk (Farsi, English translation here:
(Host: Jamshid Chalangi, Guest: Alireza Nourizadeh & Mohsen Sazegara)


Green wave of Iranian artists
(Music Farsi)

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