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21 September | 30 Shahrivar

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The protests in Iran last Friday were a fantastic show of solidarity

Rape victim Ebrahim Sharifi's interview with Radiofarda:
Ebrahim Sharifi, computer science & Italian language student talks to Radiofarda re his arrest

Ebrahim Sharifi:

I was returning home from the Italian Consulate when I heard someone calling me
I went towards the person calling me, all of a sudden they grabbed me, handcuffed & blindfolded me
They trew me into a car pushing my head down behind the seat

Radio Farda:
How come in judiciary panel report they indicate there is no history of your arrest

Ebrahim Sharifi:

Just what do you expect them to say. From the very beginning, when Mr. Moghadami started to
interrogate me, I told Mr. Karoubi that this prosecutor is talking to me as though I have received money

from you to become a witness or as if I have become a pawn in a political game

Radio Farda:

After your arrest where was the first place they took you & did they explain your charges

Ebrahim Sharifi:

I was not interrogated the entire time. They only asked for my name when they released me

Radio Farda:

Where did they take you to?

Ebrahim Sharifi:

A place where I could not hear cars anymore
They took me out of the car & pushed me. All I could hear was the sound of my breath & others
I was laying on my stomach. I don't know if I feel sleep or not
Early in the morning I could hear a woman's voice screaming "Don't, don't, don't hit, don't hit"

Radio Farda:

Which detention center were you at?

Ebrahim Sharifi:

I don't know, I was handcuffed & blindfolded

Radio Farda:

How long were you at this detention center

Ebrahim Sharifi:

From June 23 to June 30

Radio Farda:

When exactly were you raped.

Ebrahim Sharifi:

The fourth day they took me for a mock execution session
I told them, if you are going to execute me than do it, what kind of games are you playing
Someone hit me in my stomach, I feel down, he continued to hit me in my stomach

He told someone else "take him & make him pregnant". I was vomiting blood
They pulled me by my arm, took me to a room & tied me to the wall

Radio Farda:

You had said you didn't know if that same person raped you or some one else did

Ebrahim Sharifi:

I think it was the same person. But I am not certain it was him or a foreign object was used
Even judge Mohamadi asked me if I resisted or protested in any way?
I answered him I wasn't capable of thinking at that time

Radio Farda:

What were your feelings at that time?

Ebrahim Sharifi:

I was vomiting blood & also due to what had just happened I passed out
The man told me, "you can't even protect your-----how are you going to make velvet revolution"

Radio Farda:

When you became conscious where did you find yourself

Ebrahim Sharifi:

I was in a medical clinic, laying in bed, IV in one arm & the other arm cuffed to the bed
Some one came in & asked a doctor if I was going to die or should they take care of me themselves

Blindfolded and handcuffed they threw me into a car drove me to Sabalan highway where they
threw me out on the side of the road, told me to count to 60 & than they left

Radio Farda:

What was the first thing you did after you arrived home?

Ebrahim Sharifi:

None of my family members knew of my rape until Mr. Alameh's video. Only Mr. Karoubi,
few Parliament members and Justice Dept officials & some of the clergy knew of the rape
The next day, a friend who is a lawyer advised me to make an official complain

I went to the public prosecutor's office in Elahiyeh, filled an official complain
After being harassed there I was able to obtain a letter from a judge

The judge told me to go to Niyavaran PD, he also said this could be the work of Monafeghin(MKO)

Radio Farda:

Did you bring up the matter of your rape with the judge?

Ebrahim Sharifi:
No I did not

Radio Farda:

Than when did you decide to bring up the matter of your rape

Ebrahim Sharifi:

I didn't want to talk about the rape. At the police station they told me it's best not to follow this case
They said this sounds like the Ministry's work, and I should thank God that I am still alive
I still had pain in my stomach & back, I was able to get a report from the medical examiner office
A friend suggested I should go to a clergy or to Mr. Karoubi
Mr. Karoubi seeing my tears & the tone of my voice asked if I was hiddng anything
He asked everyone to leave the room, quoted an Ayeh from Quran and asked if anything like
that had happened to me, I said yes. I started to cry, he hugged me & was extremely upset
After a month and a half Mr. Moghadami interrogated me, took me to the medical examiners office
They told me too long had gone by & they could not make a rulling.
The police had told me that the
medical examiner's office would be able to even pin point the size of the object used

End of Ebrahim Sharifi piece

Rape victim Ebrahim Sharifi now lives outside of Iran. His family & friends are being pressured to give
TV interview and deny all of his rape charges. HRA is very concerned about his families safety

IR HRA spokesman says, what happened to Sharifi was not a one time accident but seems to be a
systematic torture method not limited to only 1 prisons in Tehran but in other cities in Iran as well
The rape victims both male & female, usually young & from religious families who are set free after the rape

An official memo dated 7/19 stamped urgent & top secret was sent from Sarallah base to Ministry of Heath
prohibiting hospitals releasing any medical files or patient info to the victims of post elec uprising

Yesterday sitting behind Khamenei during Eid Fetr prayer service were Larijani brothers & AN. Absent on stage was Rafsanjani
Rafsanjani sat in front row facing Khamenei along with Hassan Khomeini. They both avoided after prayer functions
The biggest absentee from the front row was ex-pres Khatami. Mousavi & Karoubi did not attend either

3 Tehran Univ student who had been summoned by Intel were sent to Evin after they went to Intel office

Since last month over 100 Tehran U students have been summoned by Intel. Fears are more will be arrested

Hadi Rasai son of Participation Front memb Jamshid Rassai was arrested Q.D & detained 24hrs in Rasht
Hadi says while in detention he was beaten & hit constantly with metal chain. During interrogation each time they asked a question they hit him on his head with chain
After they found out his dad a Reformist, told him they have 2 beat him harder for his revolutionary ideals

Writer Omid Shoukri's passport confiscated on return fr Turkey. 2 dys later went to retrieve it he was arrested

Rafsanjani's place was held vacant at Fitr dignitaries reception which he didn't attend for 1st time ever

Mousavi & Karubi arrests have been put on hold in new truc of Khamenei & Rafsanjani
Nateq-Nouri & Rafsanjani are trying to curb crisis, and are very concerned with a popular movement
detached from reformists or Mousavi/Karubi.It seems that masses are simply against regime.
There are shockwaves & shivers going through ranks of Principlists, 3 major factions of which are on
the verge of breaking up. It looks like Principlists don't really feel like keeping AN's faction within their ranks.
Many traditional conservatives,progressive conservatives & some opportunist hardliners don't believe
Khamenei can do anything to regain ppl's trust. This fuels internal fights.
Nothing can be predicted from here on. More here:

Hilarious Quds day anecdote from Rooz:
There was an IRIB Toyota Landcruiser filming greens. Greens started protesting.
A group of 20 Basijis in civilian clothing, with walkietalkies appeared asking what was going on.
A loud voice from midst of green shouted "Karoubi is in that car!"
upon which Basijis took out batons & smashed all windows & destroyed IRIB car with crew inside :-)

IRNA: The questionable behavior of Hassan Khomeini continues (Reffering to meeting with families of prisoners)

IRNA: George Soros very happy about his 2004 meeting with Khatami
IRNA: Soros: Khatami told me religious government not the way to achieve democracy
IRNA: Riot leaders plan to revive green movement by provoking university students. Plot unfoiled in Yassoj western Iran
IRNA publishes a biography of Shohreh Aghdashloo, winner of Emmy award, saying she is Bahaii

AN appoints close allies as ambassadors to major European capitals

Rafsanjani to preside the annual session of assembly of experts tomorrow

The sale of IR telecom to be held next Sunday. Three major bidders in line

IRGC claims its anti aircraft defense units shot down three objects over Persian Gulf
News paper close to IRGC says the Ayatollahs who did not see the new moon on Saturday are an uneducated bunch

All passenger flights canceled from/to Tehran airports for 4 hours tomorrow because of war games (exercise)

Times UK: We have been accessable to 500 pages of documents including handwritten testimony by victims, medical reports & interviews

Kayhan Front Page: George Soros: I had two memorable meeting with Khatami
Looks like Khatami's pic on the front page of most newspapers has really pissed off AN

IRIB airs popular soccer program. Viewers boycott by not sending answers via SMS to questions asked re soccer league

HRA publishes partial list of ppl arrested on Qday.Evin officials refuse 2 admit they r detained.No info on their whereabouts
100 family members of ppl arrested on Qday gathered in front of Rev court on Monday 2 protest & demanding info

I've posted a weekend roundup of the news on

Komala Party says regime is behind recent assassinations of
its own people in Kurdistan province to justify future crackdown

IRGC Naval Commander Ali Razmjou said today that shining flying objects had been observed over the coast of Bushehr
Razmjou said that 1 of the 3 UFOs had been shot down but the wreckage has yet to be found
Iran's first nuclear reactor is in Bushehr

The highly conservative Alef web site sharply criticized Ahmadinejad's economic policies
Alef web site:
During Khatami's presidency the economy was like a bus sputtering along aimlessly, but

during Ahmadinejad's presidency, the driver tried to flaunt driving talents he did not
For example, in the past 4 years, tarrifs on imported sugar were at 130% one day, 0% the next

One day the Industry Minister would boast that Iran would be making mobile phones
and the next day, the Commerce Minister would say that import taxes on mobile phones were down
One day the Labor Minister would complain about the dearth of credit
and the next, the Finance Minister would wail that that the Labor Minister did not understand
that you can't create jobs by printing money!


Koroush Zaem, member of the central council of the national front of Iran was release on bail today

کورش زعیم، عضو شورای مرکزی جبهه ملی ایران امروز با قرار وثیقه آزاد شد

اصلاح خبر: میزگرد حجاریان ، عطریان فر و شریعتی در شبکه اول صدا و سیما ، فردا شب (سه شنبه) و چهارشنبه شب پخش خواهد شد

After 2 weeks Alviri hasn't heard his charges & he's still in solitary in ward 209
با گذشت دو هفته از بازداشت هنوز اتهامی به مرتضی الویری تفهیم نشده است و وی همچنان در بند 209 زندان اوین و در سلول انفرادی نگهداری می شود


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  • Claim - Revol Guard Orders Iran Minister of Health to Withhold Records of Recently Injured
  • IRNA Attacks Khomenei Grandson for Visits to Detainee Families

Tehran Bureau:
Selected Headlines (21 September)

Mainstream Media:

Israel says still has military option on Iran

US sees hand of elite Iranian unit in Afghanistan

Rights groups seek U.N. probe of Iran rape charges

Iran’s Ahmadinejad to Deliver ‘Peace' Message to UN Assembly

France Condemns Iran's Khamenei for 'Cancer of Zionism' Comment

Iran's anti-government protesters take to the streets again

Ahmadinejad's isolationism

Israel's army chief: All options on table vs. Iran

Ahmadinejad Proud of Holocaust Denial

Iran warships clash with pirates in Gulf of Aden

Brzezinski: Obama Admin Should Tell Israel U.S.
Will Attack Israeli Jets if They Try to Attack Iran

Iran's Crisis: The Protesters Who Won't Go Away

Will Germany Back Obama's Iran-Sanctions Coalition?

The Economist:
Iran, Still Angry

NY Times:
Obama and AN, the politics of face time

Baltimore Sun:
Iran is our most dangerous enemy

Iran's oil terminals move to private hands

British FM to chair meeting on Iran at UN: London

"Press" TV (Iranian State Media):

Every 10 minutes an Iranian contracts Alzheimers

Iran to display 'sophisticated' air defense system

(Iranian State Media):

Iranian FM Arrives in New York

Iran Seeking Consensus among Gas Producers

Eight Legislators to Accompany Ahmadinejad in NewYork Visit

Tehran Times (Iranian State Media):
Majlis to review Iran-Venezuela gasoline deal


به دعوت کمپین مبارزه با جنایت علیه بشریت،تجمع اعتراض به شکنجه و تجاوز

معلوم نیست آقایان چگونه هلال را رویت کرده اند

حکومت، یک تنه در مقابل همه مراجع تقلید

هشدار توکلی در مورد پایان "مدارا" با خاتمی، موسوی و کروبی

تصویر بخشنامه "خیلی محرمانه" سپاه به وزارت بهداشت:
بیمارستان ها مدارک پزشکی مصدومان اخیر را تحویل ندهند

Leaked top secret urgent letter shows IRGC ordered health ministry not to release documents on Iran election victims

گزارش من درباره سخنان امروز رهبر جمهوری اسلامی؛
اقرار متهمان علیه خودشان هم اعتبار ندارد

کنسرت سبز گوگوش در مالزی
Green Googoosh concert in Malaysia

میزگرد حجاریان، عطریانفر و شریعتی، امشب در شبکه اول تلویزیون
Round table with Hajjarian, Atrianfar & Shariati, Tuesday on IRIB channel 1

شهره آغداشلو برنده جایزه معتبر اِمی شد

ارائه شکایاتی از روند بازداشت‌های اخیر به کمیسیون اصل نود
"Art 90 Commite" takes several cases of post-election arrests vs Judiciary/Exec branch

اولیاء: امام خمینی(ره) به خانواده خود فرموده بود، پس از من کسانی که با من مخالفند به شما حمله می‌کنند
Imam Khomeini to his family: "After I'm gone,my enemies will attack you"

هاشم‌زاده هریسی: پخش اعترافات در ماه رمضان مردم را آلوده گناه كرد
Hashemzadeh Harisi (of Experts): Broadcast of confessions contaminated people with sin

باهنر : نگرانم احمدی‌نژاد وزیران را عوض کند
Bahonar: We'll force goverment to abide by laws. I'm worried AN will start changing his ministers

Bahonar was one of the Majlis who spoke in favor of Gov during confidence sessions

IRNA: احتمال اعطاي جايزه صلح نوبل به کروبي براي اتهام زني عليه نظام اسلامي
IRNA: Karroubi may receive Nobel Peace Prize for smearing Islamic Regime

ايرنا : احتمال اعطاي جايزه صلح نوبل به کروبي براي اتهام زني عليه نظام اسلامي
IRNA: Twitter campaign to nominate Karroubi for Nobel Peace Prize"

IRNA: العربيه: حضور رفسنجاني در نماز عيد فطر به معناي توافق پشت پرده است
IRNA: "Al Arabiya:Rafsanjani's presence in Fitr
Prayers indicates behind the scenes agreements"

احمدي نژاد درفكر تبادل 3 توريست آمريكايي دستگیر شده در ايران با زندانيان ايراني در آمريكا است
Ahmadinejad wants to exchange 3 American tourists for 3 Iranians detained in the US

ورود 7 بوئینگ و 8 ایرباس به ناوگان هوایی کشور
Addition of 7 Boeing and 8 Airbus aircraft to Iranian air fleet

نیویورک شهری که دوست می‌دارم
I love New York

پرویز مشکاتیان آهنگساز برجسته و نوازنده سنتور، به علت نارسایی قلبی در منزلش درگذشت
Parviz Meshkatian, prominent composer & Santour player passed away due to heart failure

گزارشی از بازداشت نزدیک به هفتاد نفر در روز قدس مشهد
Arrest of close to 70 in Mashhad

عکس : خبرگزاری فارس حتی سخنان خامنه ای را تحريف و سانسور کرد
Fars news even twists and censures Khamenei's words

تحريم جوايز دولتی از سوی بيش از صد شاعر ایرانی
Over 100 Iranian poets boycott government prizes

احمدی نژاد و مشایی عازم نیویورک
AN & Mohsaei on their way to NYC

کیهان از احتمال تعطیلی دانشگاه ها خبر داد
Keyhan mentions rumors of closing the universities

شمس الواعظين: اظهارات اخیر رفسنجانی نشانه آشتی پشت پرده است
Rafsanjani's recent comments indicate behind the scenes reconciliation

مرتضی الویری-عضو سابق فرماندهی سپاه اسیر کودتای سپاه
Morteza Alviri, former commanding officer of IRGC, in custody

یک آبروریزی دیگر: حضور تنها پنج کشور در افطاری سفارت ایران در پاریس
Another fiasco: Only five countries reps show up for Iftar in Iran Consulate in Paris

احضار و بازداشت دانشجویان ادامه دارد: ۱۰۰دانشجو دانشگاه تهران احضار و ۳ دانشجو بازداشت شدند
Summons and arrests of college students continue: 100 Tehran U students summoned, 3 arrested

بند 209 و بند سپاه پاسداران زندان اوین مملو از دستگیر شدگان 27 شهریور است
Ward 209 & IRG's ward in Evin full of September 18 detainees

داریوش همایون: پایه‌های حکومت، سست‌تر از رژیم پادشاهی است
Dariush Homayoun:Regime is weaker than days of the Shah

هشدار حامیان کودتا به سیدحسن خمینی
Supporters of the coup have warned Hassan Khomeini

هجوم کالاهای وارداتی، تعویق عرضه سهام مخابرات و اصلاح پول ملی
Iranian agriculture and industry unable to compete with flood of imports

استقبال از پرداخت فطریه به حساب کمیته پی گیری موسوی و کروبی
Donations of Fetriyeh to Mousavi & Karroubi's detainee followup committee popular among people

فرودگاه‌های تهران ازساعت 8 صبح الی12:00روزسه‌شنبه31 شهریوربه علت انجام مانورنظامی تعطیل خواهندبود
Tehran airports will be shut down for 4 hours on Tuesday (Sep. 22) for military exercises

IRNA: فرمانده ارشدسپاه بوشهر:شي نوراني در خليج فارس مورد اصابت قرارگرفت
IRNA: Commander of Bushehr IRGC: Luminous object attacked in Persian gulf

بازداشت حداقل 200 نفر از معترضین در روز قدس
At least 200 arrested on Qods day

یک زن، معاون احمدی نژاد شد
Ahmadinejad appoints woman as his science & technology VP

خرید بنزین از ونزوئلا زیر تیغ مجلس
Parliament to review gasoline purchase from Venezuela

مرتضوی جلوی آزادی قوچانی را گرفت
Mortazavi blocked release of Ghouchani

شمس الواعظین:از تهدیدات سایتهای پاپوش سازنمیترسم
Shams-ol-vaezin: I'm not afraid of the threats made by web sites

افشای سند تازه‌ای در مورد دستور مقامات نظامی و قضایی برای برخورد با معترضان
New documents reveal that high level judiciary & IRGC officers were knowingly involved in Kahrizak events

افشای نقش موثر فرمانده بسيج در سرکوبهای خيابانی اخير: حسین طائب
Role of Taeb is suppressing street protests


Please listen & send to the people in Iran
21 September | 30 Shahrivar

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center
(Special Edition with Iran election news)
20 September | 29 Shahrivar

عکس: پسران احمدی نژاد در نماز عید فطر
AN's sons at Fetr prayers

عکس : صفحه اول امروز روزنامه ها
Front Page Headlines of Iranian Newspapers
Tuesday Sep. 22, 2009


There wont be any Basij with batons, any tear gas or any arrests in NY.

Just as the world has been watching Iran, Iran will be watching New York.
Remember; shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, tweet by tweet we will free Iran.

NYC protest, Sept 23 & 24:

March the green scroll across the Brooklyn Bridge
Please Distribute widely and post

Follow the journey of champs @chri09
riding from Toronto to be at NYC on 23rd

List of protests outside Iran

Project Green Light

Flyers to distribute on Sept 23

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan


Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Shirin Ebadi Urges UN Sec General to go to Iran

Requesting UN members to walk out on Ahmadinejad on Sept 23rd, 2009

Petition for Isa Saharkhiz's release

Please sign this letter for NYC Mayor: Dont let AN enter NYC!

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Mir Hossein Mousavi's Birtday Gift
هدیه تولد میر حسین موسوی
به مناسبت روز هفتم مهر ماه، روز تولد میر حسین موسوی برای امضای هدیه به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید
September 29 2009: Birthday of Mir Hossein Mousavi. Click the link to sign his Gift

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Protection & Self Help for Greens


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Anti filtering software can be downloaded from Karoubi's site


Mohsen Sazegara Monday 30 Shahrivar 1388

Leaked goverment intelligence wireless
communication from Qods day (English subtitles)

"مرگ بر توله سگهای رهبر" در روز ایران

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