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23 & 24 September | 1 & 2 Mehr

Final Version


English & پارسى

Reports about NYC protest:

Heading to the UN with full pockets of I am Iran writsbands and a special feeling of excitement
At 42nd and 3rd around a thousand green protesters rallying toward UN
Saw Ali Afshari, former student leader in the crowd
We're now a block away from UN, crowd getting bigger
Crowd chanting ya hossein, mir hossein
A mix of green , red and yellow flags in front of UN
I have to be honest and fair, this gathering is not only small but also split 4 ways between communists, monarchists, greens and MKO
Of all groups, MKO is the mosr prepared with a full stage, sophisticated sound system and multiple cameras covering the event...disappointing and disturbing
Just talked to sazegara for a few minutes. The afternoon session is taken over by greens
Third and 47th is packed with greens, no sign of red, yellow or flags
I talked to a few ppl on the train inclduing a church delegate that was on his way to AN's dinner
I wonder where MKO finds the money from to run such orginzed expensive campaigns

Please don't forget to throw some nice ripe peaches at the Iranian mission in NY...

Roundup of New York protests with video and photos:

Demonstrators in front of UN are singing 'Ey Iran' patriotic song
Many green flags and pre-revolutionary Iranian flags are being hoisted in front of UN by protesters
Toronto cyclists are arriving at UN rally site
Huge cheers as Toronto cyclists arrive. 'Bacheha Moteshakerim!' 'Thank you guys!'
Toronto cycling group leader in front of UN:
'At one point we were climbing a hill and we were tired.'
'To encourage ourselves, we started saying, Mardomeh Iran. Zendan Evin. Boro jelo. Pa Bezan!'
'Mardomeh Iran. Zendaneh Evin. Boro Jelo. Pa bezan.' (Ppl of Iran. Evin Prison. Go forward. Keep pedaling)
The crowd starts chanting with the cycling leader: 'Mardomeh Iran. Zendaneh Evin. Boro jelo. Pa bezan!'
'Mardomeh Iran. Zendaneh Evin. Boro jelo. Pa bezan!' (People of Iran. Evin Prison. Go forward. Keep pedaling!)

In front of UN:
'Hey hey, ho ho, Ahmadi has to go!' 'Hey hey, ho ho, Ahmadi has to go!'
Zendaniyeh siassi azad bayad gardad!' (Political prisoners must be freed!)
2:20PM: 5,000 front of UN, 2,000 front Iran mission. Iran mission group to move to UN 3PM. AN speech 5PM

Canada's FM will go 2 the assembly right b4 AN speech & will walk out as soon as AN starts
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon will boycott the speech under direct orders from Prime Minister Stephen Harper

AN to take part in Dinner reception organized by students tonight (does not say where)
Seats of the restaurant where AN is eating are walking out on him to join protesters outside restaurant

NY's Essex House Hotel, owned by Dubai's Jumeirah Group, gives Iran's Ahmadinejad the boot

Qaddafi slams the UN, calls the Security Council "dictatorial," vaguely compares himself to Caesar of Rome, & blames H1N1 on an unnamed army...and Qaddafi accuses the Security Council of " Al Qaeda." Calls for more democracy in the global power structure


US refused to issue visa for journalist & photographer working for state newsagency IRNA
Shiva Nazar Ahari to be released shortly, hope everything goes well

AN to give interviews to Aljazeera & Washington Post.
Had an exclusive with CBS this morning
AN to take part in sec Gen's lunch reception today
Obama continued to describe his country's pro war policies in his UN speech
Assemly of experts issues end of seesions statement.Rafs did not preside, statement read by Ahmad Khatami
Khamenei met 24 september with Rafs and the rest of the assembly of the experts reps

Assembly of experts:
supreme leadership #1 pillar of the system
international oppressive forces behind the post election unrest
we congratulate the reelection of AN

Rafs left the meeting of Assembly of experts after he received an important call
Rafs had a meeting with KH yesterday,will have another one today

Member of Assembly of experts: Rafs plan not discussed in assembly,but at Rafs house, if KH approves it we will too

Farsnews: a few oppressive countries walked out but Syrian delegation was extremely respectful
Tabnak website (conservative close 2 Rezai) publishes pics of empty seats during AN speech

Mowjcamp reveals more details on AN reception. American students were invited & handed pre written question to ask AN
American students who were guests at AN reception say they were not allowed 2 film/take pics
American students say there was only 1 Iranian student at reception/guards took him out when he tried to ask question
One american student who was at An reception writes an email 2 a green protester he met after the reception
American students says in email he is worried IR TV will use clips of reception 4 propaganda
Email from American student:
Hello, My name is [...], you spoke with me earlier(I was in the black suit with a [...] tie)
I was interviewed by the Iranian media after I participated in the discussions
I want to share with you what they asked me and how I answerer in case the Iranian media splices what I have to say

Last clause in the closing statement of Assm of experts warned there r plans to cause unrest in universities

There are reports Ayat Sanei's rep in Sari has been arrested after being summoned by the clerical court (Not confirmed)

People angry in Iran after AN showed pic of Egyptian woman when he was asked about Neda by Couric (CBS)
AN: American hikers have illegally entered Iran & will be dealt with accordingly

Finally after 103 days in Evin 209 Mostafa Tajzadeh was allowed a family visit
They wanted Tajzadeh to do TV interview & confession. His reply: I will, as long as I can say what I want
Zaydabadi's interrogator told him, if you don't write down the confession we want, we'll make you eat the paper
Esfahan Sanat Uni has sent letter 2 parents of 50 students warning any involvement in protest will be dealt with
Journalist & HR activist Saeed Matinpour suffering fr long infection in Evin. Request for transfer to hospital dynied
Student activist Mohamad Reza Loutfi arrested w/o warrant in Mshhad. Books & computer confiscated
Sepah Commd Brig Gen Jafari confesses: Sepah does not enter any venue without specific orders

About 130 family members of those arrested Q-D protested in front of court Bldg today, demanding their release
About 60 family members of the political prisoners protested in front of Evin today

56 yrs old Kobra Banizadeh Amir-Khizi sentenced to 5 years in Kouhardash prison
she was arrested at THN airport on her way to visit her children at camp Ashraf(MKO)

Journalist & HR activist Saeed Matinpour suffering fr long infection in Evin. Request 4 transfer 2 hospital denied

Khamenie: Post Elec events were absolutely preplanned. I'd say they were, top level arrests were preplanned

Meeting with student group in NY AN said: Religious minorities enjoy freedom under the constitution in Iran
Ahmadi talked re the rights of Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese & Afghans. What about the rights of Iranians?

Majlis Source:
MP's emboldened by Rafsanjani's speech, bets being accepted on when AN Goverment will step down, be disolved
Commender: We are waiting for proposal spearheaded by members of Expediency council, such as Mr. Rezaei. We are hopeful

Rafsanjani received heads of Experts in his expediency office as Head of expediency last night. (he's both head of Experts & Expediency)

Jafari & Gharaati's latest declarations are outrageously disrespectful of Khamenei & Iran, really odd

Source on Rafsanjani and Khobregan Fiasco
Why Rafsanjani, Dastgheib, Harisi& others left Khobregan (experts) meeting

Source Rumors on Hassan Khomeini's political future
Hassan Khomeini groomed by Rasfanjani for a political career

Insider Opinion: Mousavi has embraced Rafsanjani's viewpoint

Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar: Foreign influence likely behind Kurdistan officials deaths

فخرالسادات محتشمی پور امروز صبح در زندان اوین با مصطفی تاج زاده برای اولین بار ملاقات کرد
محتشمی پور:تاج‌زاده نسبت به اتفاقات پس از انتخابات در کشور کاملابی‌اطلاع بود و گفت که از سه روز پیش روزنامه کیهان در اختیار او قرار داده‌اند
محتشمی پور:تاج‌زاده به مرتضوی گفته مشکلی برای مصاحبه ندارم اما فقط حرف‌های خودم را می‌زنم

Majid Khorami member of the participation front & head of campaign 88 in northern Khorasan province arrested
Fakhrosadat Mohtashamipour visited Mostafa Tajzadeh in Evin this morning, for the first time

شیوا نظرآهاری با قرار وثیقه 200 میلیون تومانی آزاد شد
Shiva NazarAhari released on $200,000 bail


Blogs & Websites:

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (23 September)
  • Ahmadinejad Distraction, Zeidabadi "Confession"
  • Ahmadinejad blames foreign governments for post-election conflict
  • “The govt has no role in these events… Undoubtedly, some foreign govts had a role to play in it…"
  • Confirmation that Mohsen Mirdamadi deputy Azar Mansouri arrested
  • Ahmadinejad blames foreign goverments for post-election violence in interview

English Text of Letters between Mousavi and Montazeri (13 and 22 September)

Kamran Daneshjou, Iran's science minister,
plagiarized a S. Korean physics paper

Giuliani to Keynote Anti-Ahmadinejad UN Rally

7 ways to support Iranian Democracy

The Future of the Green Movement

Mainstream Media:

Obama star power faces new test at U.N meeting

China firms selling fuel to Iran as U.S. sanctions loom

Obama to say U.S. can't confront world's problems alone

Iran, North Korea must be held to account for nukes: Obama

Israel calls for boycott of Iran leader U.N. speech

Iran detains leading female reformist

Obama: U.S., Russia agree Iran may face new sanctions

Iran leader slams Israel in U.N. speech text

Obama: U.S., Russia agree Iran may face new sanctions

Iran hit with new demand as U.N. meets

Iran President slams Israel, defends election win

Six powers demand "serious response" from Iran

Netanyahu wants Israel recognized as "Jewish"

Iran leader sees Western plot, but no armed conflict

Factbox: Dim outlook for expanded sanctions against Iran

Time to consider far tougher Iran sanctions: Britain

Tech-savvy Iranian youth take aim at Ahmadinejad

Netanyahu attacks Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial

Netanyahu calls at U.N. for world to act on Iran

Italy: G8 backs talks with Iran but time limited

China, Britain diverge on Iran nuclear sanctions

Iran strike would be dangerous precedent: Gaddafi

Iranian leader says he'll seek leniency for hikers

Quotes from Ahmadinejad's AP interview

National Post:
Canada to walk out on Ahmadinejad's UN speech

Some U.S. Scholars Skip Talks With Iran's Leader

Huffington Post:
Ahmadinejad: "Obama Should Read Up On History And See Iran As Friend"

Iran keeps close watch on students

China signals opposition to Iran sanctions

Timothy Garton: We can't decide Iran's struggle.
But we can avoid backing the wrong side

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's renewed attack on Israel hastens walkout

NY Times:
Iran turmoil has its day in NYC

PBS Frontline and Tehran Bureau team up

Iranians Blanket Brooklyn Bridge in Green

LA Times:
Green-clad protesters rally near UN to protest Iran election and Ahmadinejad

Iran's president extols himself and denounces Israel

Sarkozy rejects Iran's offer on detainees, calls it 'blackmail'

Iranian filmmakers hit out at Ahmadinejad

Russia eases over Iran

Iranian-Americans Protest Ahmadinejad's Presidency

Netanyahu Blasts Ahmadinejad at U.N.

London Times:
Russia to join sanctions against Iran

Ahmadinejad’s Nuclear Offer
Newsweek interviews Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad offers to buy US uranium




سرنوشت نامعلوم 25 میلیارد دلار در آمد نفت در دولت نهم: پيدا کنيد 25 ميليارد دلار را
The unknown fate of $25,000,000,000 oil money

منبع خبر دروغ کیهان در مورد خاتمی کجاست؟ کیهان: جورج سوروس خودش گفت!
Keyhan's source of the lie about Khatami: George Soros told us himself!

غیبت هاشمی رفسنجانی در جلسه پایانی مجلس خبرگان
Rafsanjani's absence in assembly of experts meeting

محتشمی‌پور: تاج‌زاده به مرتضوی گفته مشکلی برای مصاحبه ندارم اما فقط حرف‌های خودم را می‌زنم/
تاج‌زاده از اتفاقات پس از انتخابات در کشور کاملا بی‌اطلاع بود

Tajzadeh is still in solitary & according
to his interrogator his case is open
Mohtashamipour: Tajzadeh has told Mortazavi
"I don't mind an interview but I will speak my own words"

علیرضا بهشتی پاسخ احمد توکلی را داد
Alireza Beheshti Shirazi (editor in chief of Kalame Sabz paper) has responded to Tavakoli

آیت الله هاشمی رفسنجانی:یك جریان مرموز، دوستی میان مسولان رده بالای نظام را مانع‌ منافع خود می‌بیند
Rafsanjani:"A secret group interprets our reconciliation approach as against their interests"

پزشکیان:اگر اشتباهات از بالا اصلاح نشود، امکان برگشت وجود ندارد
Reformist MP Pezeshkian embraces Rafsanjani's view, Khamenei's points, calls for corrections from top

اصلاحیه / مهدی نیاکی بازداشت نشده است
Mehdi Niaki (journalist) was not arrested

بیانیه جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی در محکومیت بازداشت معاون سیاسی دبیرکل جبهه مشارکت
The participation front's statement on Azar Mansouri's arrest

نخستین تماس تلفنی بازداشت شدگان جوان مشارکت
First phone calls by young members of the participation to their families

Roudah News:
بیستمین عضو جبهه مشارکت ایران اسلامی بازداشت شد
Majid Khorami was the 20th member of the participation front to be arrested

امريکا از صدور ويزا براي تيم خبري ايرنا خودداري کرد
No US visas for IRNA's news team

BBC Persian:
سپاه پاسداران ایران بانک می زند
IRGC to start up a Bank

هشدار هاشمی رفسنجانی نسبت به حملات علیه خانواده آیت الله خمینی
Rafsanjani warns of "enemies of Revolution" attacks
on Khomeini Family & Camp, Khomeini Shrine today

احمدی نژاد در نيويورک: برخی سياسيون مقصر کشته شدن عده‌ای پس از انتخابات هستند، ايلنا
AN called some politicians responsible for death of protestors!

DW Persian:
واردات بنزین به ایران از سوی چین
China exports gasoline to Iran

سرقت علمی وزیر علوم بعد از "کردانیسم"
The irony of Iran's science ministry, Kamran Daneshjou,'s plagiarism

آیت‌الله طاهری در نامه به منتظری: باید به حکومت فشار آورد
Ayatollah Taheri wrote in a letter to Montazeri: Pressure has to be put on the regime

Salaam News:
اعتراف مهم سردار جعفری: ورود سپاه به سیاست در اجرای فرمان مافوق است
Jafari: IRGCs interference with politics has been by order of highest authority (as in: Khamenei)

هشدار مير حسين موسوي نسبت به شعله ور شدن خشم مردم؛
Mousavi's new statement!
حضور محترم اعضاى خبرگان رهبرى
Dastgheib asks assembly to hear people & invite Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami to speak to assembly
رئیس ستاد اقامه نماز آقائی که خودش هالوست
Tehran Friday Prayer commitee chief Gharati:
We like Iran but are not patriots. Patriotism is against Quran!

هشدار نسبت به جریان مرموز این بار توسط هاشمی
Rafsanjani warns of "Secret current"

دستگیری ها به بازار تهران رسید
The arrests have reached Tehran's Bazaar

مجلس خبرگان کارش تمام شد
Report from assembly of experts meeting: a meeting to praise Khamenei

سال تحصیلی زیر سایه امنیتی آغاز شد
From alteration of history lessons to putting Howzah in charge of schools.
A school year under security

دستگیری ها به بازار تهران رسید
Bazari arrested by AN's Intel Ministry

پشت پرده جریان شهادت ساختگی سعیده‌پورآقایی چه گذشت؟
Behind the scenes of Saedeh Pouraghaie's staged testify

بیانیه محمدرضا شجریان در سوگ پرویز مشکاتیان
Mohammad Reza Shajarian's statement on Parviz Meshkatian's death

تصاویری که نشان دهنده ی اوج خالی بودن سازمان ملل در زمان سخنرینی ا.ن هست
149 of 192 delegations weren't there to listen to AN's "speech"

سپاه پاسداران در ایران بانک می‌زند
IRGC granted full banking license by Central Bank

RFI Persian:
اظهارات مجاهدین خلق در مورد کشف تأسیسات مخفی اتمی
N. Korea /Iran Nuclear Warhead Joint Venture & more

Peyke Iran:
نامۀ یکی از نجات یافتگان اردوگاه مرگ خطاب به سازمانهای حقوق بشری جهان
Kahrizak survivor to HRW: Top IRGC & Judiciary participated in beatings, torture ect...
Kahrizak survivor had nothing to do with election, arrestd on madeup charges of murder, describes horrors of Kahrizak, even before Election
Kahrizak survivor says he witnessed 9 deaths & knows of


Report from on NYC protest:
23 September: Download link:
24 September: Download link:

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center
22 September
23 September

تصاوير: ديدار اعضاي مجلس‌خبرگان با رهبرانقلاب
Pictures from Khamenei & Rafsanjani and Assembly of Experts meeting

Etemad front page today:
Central Bank says 25 Billion USD missing from Oil sales

Science Minister Kamran Daneshjou now
claims his degree is from an Iranian university

عکس هایی از راه پیمایی روز قدس تهران
(جمعه 27 شهریور) که یکی از دوستان برایم فرستاده

New pics from Qods day in Iran

متن کامل سخنان احمد ینژاد در سازمان ملل
Full transcript of AN's speech

تصاوير: نشست اساتيد و دانشجويان آمريكايي با احمدي نژاد
Pictures of AN with American students

Daily News front page 24 September

Poll conducted by NY DailyNews after AN's UN address

Green paint makes "Mirhossein Mousavi Street" in Esfahan

عکسهایی از مراسم تشییع جنازه پرویز مشکاتیان در تهران
Photos from Parviz Meshkatian's funeral in Tehran

Pictures from NYC protest:

Photoblog: Human Screen

Pictures from @JoanneMichele

Pictures from @chri09

Pictures from @rcand

Pictures from @Ahura3

گزارش تصویری سفر رئیس دولت کودتا به نیویورک
Collection of pictures of 23 & 24 September

Pictures of the Green scroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

CHRI crew getting ready to go deliver the UN letter!!


Videos about NYC protest:

Complete Video of the Human Screen
protest against An in NYC Septermber 22

Original Video of the Human Screen
protest against An in NYC September 22

ویدیو: تظاهرات معترضین انتخابات ایران در نیویورک
Video Cycling for Human Rights in Iran featured on BBC

Iran protest at UN, CNN report 1, sep. 23 2009 - 1 Mehr 1388

Iran protest at UN, CNN report 2, sept 24 2009 - 2 Mehr 1388

CNN Ahmadinejad protester in NYC 23 Sept 2009

CNN: Iran protestors outside U.N.

CHRI member articulates its initiative to CNN

Video report from BoomGenTV on GreenNY

Night protest in front AN Hotel

تجمع حامیان جنبش سبز مقابل سازمان ملل:ما همه یک صداییم،ما همه یک نداییم
Rally of greens in front of UN: We are one voice, We are one Neda

Sar Omad Zemeston by Arash Sobhani

Green scroll across Brooklyn Bridge

NYC green protest against AN


Mohsen Sazegara Wednesday 1 Mehr 1388

Mohsen Sazegara Thursday 2 Mehr 1388

Ahmadinejad speech at UN

For comparison purposes: Shah addressing UN 1948

Fareed Zakaria on AN's speech

Green Demo 23 September in front of IRI embassy London

Gathering of prisoners family in front
of the revolutionary court 23 Sept 2009

Allaho Akbar in Tehran (Wed 23 Sep 09)

سخنان احمدی نژاد در بدو ورود به نیویورک
AN's first interview in NY (Persian)

Ahmadinejad interview with France channel 2

AN's outrageous answer to CBS reporter's question regarding Neda

Stephen Harper On Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Hassan Khomieni refusing to stand
with Ahmadi for taping of TV news

Hadi Ghafari dar rooze ghods
Hojjatoleslam Hadi Ghafari on Qods day
human shield around him after Basij attack

Who is Ayatollah Sanei?
Watch this Financial Time exclusive video to find out

U2 supporting Iranian people in Boston 20 Sept

U2 Sept 23rd 09 Sunday Bloody Sunday, Giants Stadium, NJ

No to Ahmadinejad 9/23/2009 Revolution نه به احمدی نژاد - انقلاب

Shakila and Shariar, Aryai Nejad

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