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26 September | 4 Mehr

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Analysis of King interview from an Iranian Blog
When king asked Ahmadi about how could 40 M votes be counted & results announced
less than 24 hrs & Ahmadi responded, they have thousands of workers counting the ballots
King should have asked, how come the official news agency announced the election results at 8 PM
Another point King should have asked, how come SMS & Internet stopped working night before Elec
When king asked him about crack down on the post election protestors, AN response was, he was not involved
King should have said his Intel Ministry was heavily involved in the crack down
When asked about Neda, AN responded with story of a girl who was killed in Venezuela
King should have asked, what about Sohrab, or Mohsen Rohalamini or Amir Javdianfar, who killed them
When asked about Mousavi and reformist leaders arrest, AN responded it was not his decision to make
it is the responsibility of the Justice Dept. King should have asked did you not in a meeting
as the head of National Security Agency request their arrest (this was stopped by Khamenie)
When asked about Holocaust, AN answered with a question of his own. He has done this before
Any one familiar with his interview technique should have been prepared for this
Ahmadi lied, deceived & attacked. The interviewer should have been better
prepared & more knowledgable about the events in Iran to be able to actually interview him

End of analysis piece

150 families of those arrested Q-D protested in front of court Bldg today, demanding info re their loved ones
Court has not yet confirmed names of all those arrested last week & the ones they have, their charges not clear
About 100 families gathered in front of Evin hoping to find info re their loved ones arrested Q-D
EA family has rep at both sites (Court & Evin). With all the news of torture & rape, they are very concern

So far names of 59 PPL arrested Q-D have been published by media. Police previously announced 35 PPL arrested

Sanati Univ in Esfahan cracking down hard. 45 students summoned to disciplinary counsel & refused regestration
Students at Sanati Univ have been warned engaging in any anti Gov activity will be dealt with

Last meeting of Assembly of Experts who by constitution are charged with overseeing performance of Leader renewed allegiance with Khamenie saying he is the sole choice that befits the robe of Leadership
Group of Assembly of Experts were trying to remove Ayt Dastghayb fr the Assembly. It was rejected by Khamenie

Activist & Karoubi supporter Housein Mahdavi was arrested by Intel agents in Khoramabad
Student activist Ali Kantouri was sentenced to 32 months in prison

IRGC Air Force to hold major war games (exercise) tomorrow

The Tribunal for Public servants has been given the task of collecting & receiving complaints against Mousavi

Janati: if judiciary in Iran is incapable of dealing with rioters, ppl should take matter in their own hands

IRNA: Intel Ministry units have arrested 4 members of terrorist group with ties to foreign powers, weapons found in the house

IRNA: AN back in Tehran
Tabnak: Ayat Shirazi calls on political elite to end disagreements

Interesting to see if AN will be allowed to handle fall out from nuclear issue or Khamenei will try to take control

AN has created a 5 men special committee to spread fabricated news and rumors.
Soros, Khatami meeting is one such story
the special committee was also in charge of fabricating news on post election victims
Head of 1 news agency, a known cyber expert, a TV Anchor and an intelligence official are part of this committee

Kayhan: Following an advice by Khamenei, 26 members of Assmb. of experts withdrew letter asking for Ayat. Dastgheib to be investigated

Pezeshkian, Bahonar, A.Khatami, Alikhani, Ghambari have publicly mentioned Rafsanjani's plan. Meanwhile MSM & pundits whine about AN
Source: Leader is reviewing draft of plan today.

Insider Opinion : Rafsanjani plan working draft (and more)

Tavakoli & Nat. Sec. Council tearing AN appart for fiasco in NY, Nuclear disaster & alienating the world.

Former Foreign Min. top diplomat cites disastrous & catastrophic situation of Foreign Ministry

Iran holds missile maneuvers Sunday, while Israeli FM calls the new nuclear site evidence Iran wants a bomb. Tenser than usual in the region

News lost in the sensationalism of AN NY trip

وبلاگ ایران بان در بلاگفا ، هک شده است و هیچ ارتباطی با من ندارد تنها وبلاگ ایران بان که متعلق به من است
My blog on blogfa is hacked. My only blog is at

فاطمه ستوده ، همسر علی پیرحسینلو آزاد شد
Fatemeh Sotoudeh, Ali PirHosseinlou's wife was released


Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (26 September)
  • Media hysteria over Iran nuke issue overlooks post-election conflict, props up Ahmadinejad
  • Is Rafsanjani Taking Political Initiative Thru Expediency Council?
  • Ahmadinejad on CNN Larry King, which normally i-views "anyone loosely connected with Michael Jackson"
  • Press TV Highlights Ahmadinejad Strategy on "Secret Nuke Plant"
  • Nonsense & War Talk from "Western" Media on 2nd Enrichment Facility
  • The "Die Zeit" Rumours - New System of Supreme Leaders, Qalibaf Replaces Ahmadinejad
  • Political activist Maysam Roudak detained
  • Pro-Ahmadinejad Assy of Experts member Ka'abi starts petition for Ayat Dastgheib dismissal
  • MPs Ghanbari, Alikhani call for Rafsanjani plan as "best solution for exit from current situation"
  • Two purported images of 2nd uranium enrichment plant near Qom
  • Wall Street Journal unwittingly exposes weakness in claim of Iran milit program
  • Khamenei Military Advisor Puts Out Today's Warning of "Velvet Revolution"
  • Pro-Karroubi activist Housein Mahdavi detainedControversy over 2nd nuke facility; Attempt to remove Ayat Dastgheib from Assy of Experts
  • Grand Rafsanjani plan?; More arrests of activists; War talk in US media
  • Report - Iran Ministry 5-person commit spends millions on disinfo, including Soros-Khatami meeting

English Translation of Die Zeit article
Rumours of Iran change (new President/new Supreme Leaders)

Tehran Bureau:
Hard to Keep a Good Thing Down

Ahmadinejad: 'Sanction us!'

Students guided on appropriate
questions to pose to Ahmadinejad

Ethicist blasts Ahmadinejad on IRIB

Iran & its nuclear obligations

Publisher retracts paper by Iran's science minister

Mowj Camp:
More plagiarism in Ahmadinejad’s government

Mainstream Media

Obama demands Iran come clean on nuclear program

U.N's Ban voices "grave concern" over Iran facility

LA Times:

Time for talk with Iran may be over

Disclosure of secret nuclear plant further
divides Iran's hard-liners, opposition

NY Times:
Iran’s Leader Mocks West’s Accusations

Iranian Protester Flees Country After
Telling of Rape and Torture in Prison

Washington Times:
Iran to allow IAEA visit nuclear site

Washington Post:
Angry Reaction 'Shocked' Head of Iran's Nuclear prgrm

'Ahmadinejad has enough uranium to go whole way’

Iran to hold missile defense exercise on Yom Kippur

The Star:
Obama accuses Iran of evasion before Geneva talks

The Globe and mail:
Nuclear Goals unites leaders against Iran

US welcomes Iran inspection offer


مخالفت رهبرى با حذف آیت‌الله دستغیب از مجلس خبرگان
Khamenei strongly opposes ousting Ayat. Dastgheib from Experts

علیخانی: برخی نظامیان تحلیل‌های نادرستی از بیانات رهبری ارائه می‌دهند
نظرات رهبری با منافع برخی افراد ناسازگار بود

Alikhani embraces Rafsanjani's plan/says IRGC has divergent interests, defies Khamenei

Alikhani on plan being devised by "some" members of Expediency under Rafsanjani's direct responsibility: Shame that Rafsanjani's sincere suggestions (of his FP) were not heeded in the beginning. The complete realisation & enforcement; of his suggestions is certainly going to take us out of this crisis. Some Military Leaders misrepresent Khamenei's speeches. Khamenei's opinion was clear but in protecting their own interests they carried on with (illegal) accusations, which amounts to protection of "certain groups" interests. (via MikVerbrugge)

قنبری: هاشمی برای نزدیك كردن دوطرف به یكدیگر بهترین گزینه است
Majlis Minority Leader Ghanbari: "Rafsanjani's plan best venue for reconciling conflicted parties"

Ghanbari goes on, stressing importance of restoration of peace & order; and that; members of the (rescue) panel would have to be known & trusted; experts & just; mediators, not being in camps of either side.
(opinion : Conflicting parties = Khamenei vs Green. Panel not having members of either group leaves Trad Cons, Prog Cons & Khomeini; camp for panel) (via MikVerbrugge)

رهامی:در رژیم گذشته هم مطبوعات جرات چنین برخوردی را با علما نداشتند
Even under Shah, press wouldn't have dared criticize Marjas

Kerman Name:
سردار خورشیدی ، پدر داماد احمدی‌نژاد : اگر هر یك از مردم كه به خیابان‌ها آمدند، یك چوب در دست می‌گرفتند، كل ارتش نمی‌توانست با آنها مقابله كند/ به چشم خودم دیدم كه در انتخابات، رای‌ها را به سادگی جابه‌جا می‌كردند
Sardar Khorshidi "If each protester had a stick on Qods day, Army wouldn't have withsood them"

HUGE: Sardar Khorshidi says he personally witnessed vote rigging! (Sardar Khorshidi is the father of AN's son in law)
Translation: & (via MikVerbrugge)

Mowj Camp:
سند رسمی سرقت علمی یکی دیگر از وزرای کابینه کودتا، این بار:‌ وزیر راه‌
More plagiarism in Ahmadinejad’s government

Rahe Sabz:
ترس از تجمع سبزها دیدار احمدی نژاد با کارکنان دولت ایران را لغو کرد
AN's meeting with government employees in NY cancelled due to fear of green protests

سی ان ان: چرا به زندانیانتان تجاوز می کنید؟ احمدی نژاد: به من ربطی ندارد
CNN: Why do you rape prisnors? AN: That doesn't concern me.


Ahmadinejad picks his nose during Larry King interview

Canada's national post cover , must see :)

Photo Essay , Project Green NY

Protection & Self Help for Greens


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran (Persian)

Anti filtering software can be downloaded from Karoubi's site

Follow @Iran_Techie for great computer security tips.


Mohsen Sazegara Saturday 4 Mehr 1388

Ahmadinejad Interview on CNN's Larry King

Larry King to Ahmadinejad: What Happened to Neda?

New video from june, people helping a wounded riot police
People yelling: "Why do you hit people?"

Dictator Ahamadinejad returns home to opress its own people

عسکهای جدید ازتاسیسات مخفی اتمی رژیم (English)
France 24: Photos from Iran's new enrichment plant

نمازچمعه: جنگ داخلی با سنگ و شیشه ما را نمی اندازد (Persian)
Friday Prayer: This inside war with stone and glass won't get rid of us

بودجه: سفر فحاشی به نیویورک آری؛ حمل و نقل شهری نه (Persian)
There is a budget to travel & stay in NY,
but there is no budget for metro and busses?

Hana Makhmalbaf Green Days Sansebastian 2009

Protest Rallies Against dictators (Bruma Iran Lybia..) in front of UN

24 photos, 7 videos & description of 25 Sept
Green Scroll March Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Qods day Greens & AN supporters marching
Compare & see the size of the crowd

"Struggle for Freedom" by Sahar Dehghan

"I Smile" by Fariba Safai

Green Dance dedicated to Iranians

پیام مکتوب انقلاب
The Written Message of Revolution

گرگها خوب بدانند (Persian, music video)
Wolves Should know, words by Zahra Rahnavard

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