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27 September | 5 Mehr

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This is not made up news:IRGC commander says during election IRIB (state TV) was under cyber attacks by foreign powers

In an article published by Rooz famous Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad asks Mousavi to be more outspoken & talk to foreign media

Mousavi camp trying to distort Khamenei speech to escape prosecution

Medium range Shahab missiles to be launched tonight

To look at with caution: Iranian site Noandish publishes partial list of people who are writing the "exit plan"

Mohsen Rouholamini's father does not want his son to be called a martyr

Lots of show down between Mousavi supporters & Khamenei & AN camp today, Rafsanjani camp kind of missing inaction

Rafsanjani: the legitimacy of the regime comes from supreme leadership not from people's vote

Kayhan: Those who call for unity are at best naive. Mousavi & friends in line with Israel & should be prosecuted even if they appoligize

Larijani (speaker): Banisadr sabotaged Iran during the war with Iraq by encouraging disarray. Unity needed to face nuclear challenge

They are trynig to force Mousavi into silence by using the nuclear stand off

Are all the sites under re construction by IRGC cyber squads?

Journalist Bahman Ahmadi-Amouie in Evin 209. His interrogations have been finished but no case has been filed

Amoue's lawyer says without a case file it's impossible to find out what he is being charged with

In an unprecedented move Speaker Larijani ordered the stop of transferring any documents from Parliament to national archive center. He also ordered the return of any documents sent to research centers
Larijani says it's best for all docs generated by the legislative branch to be centralized at Parliament

Following is excerpts of an article from Roozonline written by Fereshteh Ghazi:
Ahanbakhsh Khanjani, publicity manager & media coordinator for Mousavi's presidential campaign has been in solitary for 104 days & according to his wife not in a good physical shape
She had a visit with him last week Monday, but has had no news from him since
Khanjani's wife said her husband had injured his back during war & also had injured his neck in a helicopter crash & was under physician's care and needed physical therapy
She describes, at her last visit he was in so much pain that when trying to pull a chair he fell down

2 week ago bail had been set for him & he was to be released on bond after a court appearance
They didn't bring him to court on the set date. Later she found out Mortazavi had extended his detention
This proves that Mortazavi has left the Tehran Prosecution Office only in name, otherwise how could he have extended the detention period for Khanjani

Khanjani's wife says her husband's interrogators have not achieved their goal yet
The interrogators are putting Khanjani under extreme pressure to make him give false confession
End of
excerpts of an article from Roozonline written by Fereshteh Ghazi

Why media should've ignored AN; he boasted "the biggest names in intrnl news agencies interviewed me"

MP Pezeshkiyan rep from Azarbyjan said, in his province all top level Government employees who didn't vote for Ahmadinejad are being replaced. This causes nothing but more friction among people

MP Shahriyari said, in his province they are now firing lower level Mgmt & school principils who oppose hardliners

This is how they lie: MP who accompanied AN to NY, when asked re PPL leaving during AN's speech "only 2-3 people left. Re Lebanon leaving he said, they probably had something to do it was not to protest
Re number of protestors he said, only 20-30 people in front of the hotel & 200-300 in front of UN

Air Force General Salami:
We have acquired capability to fire missiles from mobile launchers

Our missiles are equipped with capability to be fired at their specific targets
Boosting missile targeting, navigation techniques, increasing speed were among features of exercise
FYI: Rajavi & MKO (Ashraf) are on Canadian & U.S. terrorist group list. Removed from EU list after 7 years legal battle

Goverment announced number of arrests have been made in Kurdistan in connection with recent assassinations
Goverment news agencies boasting the country's missile exercises capturing world headlines

3 months has passed since murders, tortures & rapes came to light. No-one has been arrested or charged yet
It has been 3 months since Tehran U dorm was attacked by plain clothes & security agents
100 were injured, 200 were arrested. Students were beaten, shot, arrested & tortured
No one has been held accountable as of yet. Authorities continue to say they are investigating

Heavy security preparations underway for Ahmadi's scheduled visit to Tehran Univ on Monday

Mohamad Nikbakht arrested 3+ months ago by Intel in Esfahan. Family has not been able to find any info

State run Bam hospital is facing space shortage, so they are using the hospitals warehouse as med facility

The Basij Student Org is in preparation of establishing Basij student divisions to confront soft war attacks

Memb Parliament special investigative commit formed 2 investigate post elect prisoner abuse & detentions said next Sunday they will issue their report covering events of Kahrizak & detentions of others.
Tajari said, the decision to publish the names of Kahrizak violators has not been made yet.

Justice Dept has indicted 5 people for Internet violations of operating obscene sites

Does this mean they are going to indict all the Intel people that litter Iran election with porn on important dates

Mousavi's Kalemeh site still not working, it was hacked yesterday
Karoubi's Tageer site says site under construction come back in 48. It's been 72 now
Amir Kabir Student site which covers university student news nation wide just went off line

Prior to Qods day Intel said they had hacked 500 sites & replaced home page of some. Hope Tageer is not one of them

On Thursday office of the students Islamic Society of Zanjan Med school was broken into by officials
All the contents of the office was confiscated & doors were sealed. No explanation given

Ahmad Zaydabadi told his wife "it's beyond your imagination how horrible conditions here are"

Iran says it's Shahab missiles hv new warheads capable of destroying multiple targets simultaneously

First Gov announced removal of any reference to Persian Kings from some of the academic books

On the back cover of 1st grade books they have removed the "Persian Gulf". Mistake or on purpose?

Intel announced the arrest of number of suspects responsible for recent assassinations in Kurdistan
Two of the suspects were killed during arrest attempt. They belonged to the Wahabis extremist group

Khamenei's conciliation with Marjas speech indirectly shamed Yazdi, Jannati, Mesbah & A. Khatami

IRGC curious buys / dubious privatizations

Video purporting to show Neda's alleged killer was posted 6 days ago

The edited piece with Hejazi incorporates a VOA interview from July 27
Hejazi does NOT confirm anything about the video posted six days ago

Hejazi confirms that the photo on the ID, posted online mid-July, is that of the man caught by protesters
The ID can be seen here and here
Abbas Kargar Javid, the man on the ID and allegedly Neda's killer, cannot be clearly identified on the video
The first ID card shows Kargar Javid to be a member of the Basij, West Tehran section
The second ID is issued by the Interior Ministry, Governorship of Tehran Province
Please stop hastily sending info about the video to news services. It only discredits everything else on Twitter
Hejazi's old interview from July 27 can be seen here

علي رفاعي و محسن جعفري از فعالين دانش‌جویی دانش‌كده‌ي علوم اجتماعي دانشگاه تهران آزاد شدند
Ali Rafa'i and Mohsen Ja'fari, student activists, released



Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (27 September)
  • Official Complaints anti Mousavi; Karroubi site publishes details of new rape case
  • Report - Father of Ahmadinejad son-in-law "personally witnessed election vote-rigging"
  • Latest on Contest over 2nd enrichment plant - US tries to back Iran N2 "corner of acceptance"
  • Acting Tough - Iran test-fires missiles to signal We Won't Be Pushed Around on nuke issue
  • Iran Ambassador to IAEA says no Tehran deception; US-UK-France are nuke rule-breakers
  • NY Times Gets Iran Nuke Story Wrong, Misses Reason for Security at "Secret" Facility
  • Report - student activists Ali Rafai and Mohsen Jafari released from detention
  • Iran Get-Tough Face on Nuke Program, Missiles; NY Times Get Story Wrong on "Secret Plant"
  • Revol Guard official - "Enemy" tried to jam IRIB signals during Prez election debate
  • Another Ministerial Fraud? French n-paper charges Min of Transport Behbahani with plagiarism
  • Report - Consortium including IRGC buys 51% share of Iran State telecom company
  • Ayat Mohammad Yazdi (key Ahmadinejad supporter) resigning as Vice Chair of Assy of Experts
  • Mousavi site Kalemeh down; Karroubi site Tagheer still under construction aft 72 hours
  • Ahmadinejad Opening to US? "Obama's speech [at UN] can be considered start" to path of change

Iran's "Secret" Nuclear Plant:
Israel Jumps In

Video/Analysis: Iran’s Nukes:
Did Gates Just Complicate the Obama Position?

From SIC Newsletter (26 September)
Akbar Ganji criticized talk of sanctions
Iran because of its nuclear program

Mr. Behbahani, the current minister
of Transportation, accused of plagiarism

Rezae suggested a committee 2 prevent government
interference with election fraud investigation

Karroubi has more docs abt harassment of Iran
election detainees including a young married woman

Iranian student escorted out of A.N's meeting with
American students in NY after asking a question

Reports indicate a commission currently formed
in Iran aims to form a new government

Tehran Bureau:
Protester Flees Country After
Telling of Rape and Torture in Prison

Iranian Nuclear Physicist Missing

Mowj Camp English:
Parents of the Murdered in Kahrizak:
We Want Justice for Our Children!

Reformist clerics under attack by Iran hardliners

"A Mother’s Letter: To My Daughter Faribab Pajouh"

Mainstream Media

Iran test-fires missiles amid nuclear tension

LA Times:
U.S., allies to press Iran for free access to facility

Iran test fires short-range missiles

IRAN: Mannequin, veil thyself

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says
severe sanctions on Iran could work

NY Times:
The U.S.-Iranian Triangle

Washington Post:
Beware of Iranians Bearing Talks

Ahmadinejad shaken by disclosure of nuclear facility

China may support sanctions against Iran

Iran stokes nuclear tension by test-firing missiles

Le Monde:
PDF: Plagiarism committed by Hamid Behbahani,
AN's minister of transport:
Le Monde:

Confront Tehran now in pursuit of a nuclear-free world

Banking, Energy Sanctions are Iran Option, Gates Says

Iran Sells $7.8 Billion of State-Owned phone Company Shares



Rooz Online:
مصاحبه من با خانواده های خانجانی، سحرخیز، آقایی، میردامادی و شهیدی
Fershteh Ghazi: My
interview with families of
Khanjani, Saharkhiz, Aghaie, Mirdamadi & Shahidi

Radio Zamaneh:
«بزرگ‌ترین نقض قانون، تفهیم نکردن اتهام است»
Fershteh Ghazi's Radio Zamaneh interview on denying suspect's rights

Rahe Sabz:
گامی دیگر به سوی محاکمه کاندیداهای اصلاح طلب:
تعیین شعبه ای برای شکایت از میرحسین موسوی

Another step to prosecute reformists:
A branch announced for complaints against Mousavi

تصفیه حساب متفاوت کودتاگران با “چریک پیر”؛
به جریان انداختن پرونده های ۲۸ سال پیش علیه نبوی

28-year-old cases against Behzad Nabavi put into motion

Mowj Camp:
شکایت از میرحسین موسوی، زمینه‏چینی برای ایجاد بحرانی دیگر
Official complaint filed against Mousavi
Sign of coming arrest?

محمد‏جواد لاریجانی، میر‏حسین موسوی را با مسعود رجوی مقایسه کرد
Mohammad Javad Larijani compared Mousavi
with Masoud Rajavi
, says he has no political future

پیام تسلیت سیدمحمد خاتمی به مناسبت درگذشت پرویز مشکاتیان
Khatami's message on Parviz Meshkatian's passing

سند رسمی سرقت علمی یکی دیگر از وزرای کابینه کودتا، این بار:‌ وزیر راه
Minister Behbahani claimed stolen intellect.
Proprty as his own for academic degree.

DW Persian:
زن جوان متاهل، قربانی آزار و تجاوز جنسی
Karroubi's site reveals info on another rape victim

صالحي: هدف ايجاد تاسيسات جديد هسته اي تقويت مقابله با تهديدات است
Underground facility defensive measure
Head of IR Atomic agency:
Chioce of location for new underground nuclear site was to counter any attempts to stop nuclear activities

The new nuclear site more immune to attacks and attempts to harm (via sbelg)

استعفای آیت‌الله یزدی از دبیرخانه مجلس خبرگان
Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi resigns from the executive office of Experts assembly (but not vice-chair position)

تهدید آیت الله دستغیب به اخراج از خبرگان
Ayatollah Dastgheib threatened to be dismissed from experts' assembly

جشن تولد میرحسین موسوى در بیروت
A birthday party for Mousavi in Beirut

آیت الله مکارم شیرازی:امروز برخی برای فرار از مسئولیت به نام امام زمان پناه می‌برند
Ayatollah M. Shirazi: Some invoke Mahdi to evade their own heavy responsibilities

میرحسین موسوی: اگر احساس خطر نمی‌کردم بیست سال دیگر هم ساکت می‌ماندم
به دنبال این هستم که ‏تكاپوهاى مردم در چهارچوب نظام باقى بماند و در دام ساختارشكنى‌هاى‏ ‏خطرناك نیفتد

Mousavi's letter to clerics

رضایی خبر داد: خانواده روح‌الامینی عنوان شهید برای محسن را قبول نکردند
تاکید بر قصاص عاملان قتل محسن

Rezaei: Ruh-ol-Amini family didn't accept
martyrdom for Mohsen, want killers prosecuted

روایت رسانه‌های مخالف اصلاحات از ایستادگی تاج‌زاده در زندان
Anti-reformist media's vision of Tajzadeh's resistance in prison

نویسنده قانونمند، شیخ شیرین و مریضی ادامه دار
Zanjani's son blog: Mousavi met with Marja,
he recounted story of Hojjatieh (no other details)

Leaked document shows Javad Larijani
was imposed on the University of Tehran

باز هم قاتل احتمالی ندا
Arash Hejazi verifies new footage of Neda's killer

Ayande News:
صدای سخنرانی كامل هاشمی در اجلاس خبرگان
Rafsanjani`s full speech in Sixth
Meeting of Assembly of Experts

Radio Farda:
سپاه پاسداران ظرف نيم ساعت ۵۱ در صد سهام شرکت مخابرات را خرید
Sepah Pasdaran bought shares of Iran's telecommunications.
That is a big danger for Irannian's personal safety

Peyke Iran:
احمدی نژاد و خامنه ای باید برای حمله به تجمعات، کشتارها،
بازداشت ها، شکنجه ها و تجاوزهای جنسی در زندان پاسخگو باشند

A.N & Khamenei have to be accountable for attacks
on demonstrations, killings, arrests, torture & rape

Akhbar Rooz:
شکنجه روزنامه نگاران زندانی در "آزادترین کشورجهان"
Torture of imprisoned journalists in "the freest country of the world"

Raja News:
لاريجاني: کروبي باصفا است،زياد به‌او سخت نگیرید
Larijani: Karruobi is cool, dont be so hard on him


مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center
26 September
| 4 Mehr

تصاوير: بازگشت احمدي‌نژاد از سفر نيويورك
Photo: AN's return to Iran
Only 100-150 supporters, no regime officials attended AN
welcome ceremonyat Mehrabad Airport
(via MikVerbrugge)

A new way to annoy the Iranian government :)

Green grafitti "marg bar khamenei"


List of protests outside Iran

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Crimes against Humanity in Iran:
Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions


Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Mir Hossein Mousavi's Birtday Gift
هدیه تولد میر حسین موسوی
به مناسبت روز هفتم مهر ماه، روز تولد میر حسین موسوی برای امضای هدیه به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید
September 29 2009: Birthday of Mir Hossein Mousavi. Click the link to sign his Gift

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Protection & Self Help for Greens

Follow @Iran_Techie for great
computer security & other tips


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran (Persian)

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (Persian)


Mohsen Sazegara Sunday 5 Mehr 88. Sept 27, 09

Video said to be of Neda's killer

ویدئوی قاتل ندا" عباس کارگر جوید" در همان لحظه مرگ ندا.
مردم لباسش را در آوردهاند و لخت است

Dr. Hejazi comments about recent video Neda's killer in Iran

Battle of words. Iran-Israel face-off on nuclear issue

ABC: WATCH: Roundtable:
Afghanistan and Iran

CNN: Senators: Get tough on Iran

محافظین احمدی نژاد یک خانم ایرانی را دم در هتل کتک زدند (English & Persian)
Report of two men of IRI regime attacking a 21 year old woman protester in NYC
The eyewitnesses:
"She wanted to take a picture of a guy from the hotel, but he punched her in the eye and broke her glasses and gave het a bloody eye. Then police and secret service came and took the man to the hotel, they asked the girl if she wanted to press charges, but she refused because she didn't want to reveal her name, due to having family living in Iran.

She was the most peaceful protester of us all, she didn't do anything"

تاسیسات مخفی اتمی رژیم وحمله احتمالی (Persian)
Islamic regime: Nobody can attack our new nuclear site this
was the reason to build it, so that we can continue the enrichment

هدف ازنمایش جنگ و موشک چیست؟ انحراف حرکتهای مردمی؟

بازداشتگاههای مخفی - از بازداشتگاه تا بازداشتگاه

خوشحالی از بازگشت تیم کشتی از خارج فقط یکنفر برنگشت (Persian)
One member of the Iranian national
wrestling team asked refuge in Germany

شعر طنز خلیل جوادی-محکمه الهی

A moving video made for AN & his holocaust denial

Among Iranian bloggers and prisoners experiences in Iran

Burial of Martyr Amir Javadi Far

Another new Qods day video
Compare Greens with regime supporters

روز ايران(قدس سابق):مرگ بر این خبرگان؛ ایران شده پادگان

New slide show "NY Goes Green"
of protests in NY Sept 23 & 24

New York Goes Green" Protests Sept
23-24 outside UN & Brooklyn bridge

سبز پوشان در مسابقات کشتی/دانمارک
We are countless 26 Sept 2009

شعار نويسي مبارزه اي گسترش يابنده
Green slogans against the regime with translation

اخبار حقوق بشر (Persian)
Human Rights in Iran Sep 2009

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