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22 September | 31 Shahrivar

Final Version

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English & پارسى

jumeirah (http://www.jumeirah.com/Hotels-and-Resorts/)
"No accommodation or banqueting facilities have been booked at Essex House for the President of Iran or members of his delegation"

NY Barclay Hotel accepting Blood money.
PLEASE CALL 212-755-5900 express your disgust at AN staying there ask for Leland Lewis

Confirmed: Friday night, dinner with Ahmadinjead at Intercontinental (Barclay)
Address: 111 E 48th St

If you have some spare time send this: http://bit.ly/2z4QJp
to some of these guys: http://bit.ly/zuBvM

This link might b useful for watchin AN live tomorrow

Saeedeh Pouraghai is Alive, tonight she appred on TV after 2 months missing!

(cycling from Tronto to NYC for humanrights)

WE ARE HERE in New York http://bit.ly/HI1jX http://twitpic.com/iqs1v
It is crazy here!!! So many people at 47th and 2nd..be here!! http://twitpic.com/irdpd
New York trucks with Ahmadinejad protest signs!! http://twitpic.com/irez2
The energy in NYC is unbelievable! The reception that CHRI got was unbelievable!! http://twitpic.com/irfgc
Pic from art installation http://twitpic.com/irh5c
More pics from art installation http://twitpic.com/irhbw

Saying hi and thank u 2 all CHRI members in toronto..we love u & miss u "jaatoon khaali"
RT @ United 4 Iran: Cycling 4 Human Rights http://twitvid.com/2B64E

From a source close to Khamenei:
Khamenei is worried. He saw Reports on Qods day & videos of demonstrations have shaken him

Coup lords had guaranteed Khamenei that all was over & they had country under control. It wasn't fact
Khamenei has seen reports by credible sources with in intel community that over400 were killed in post election nationwide
Same reports indicate most casualties were illegally arrested, held in Basij complexes, tortured, raped & killed
Same reports indicate atrocities were committed on orders of coup lords to create fear among people
Khamenei has ordered to find source of "Mojtaba rumor" & get rid of it. He's extremely nervous
Khamenei called Rafsanjani, Nateq Nouri, Hassan Khomeini on Friday & told them he's ready for national reconciliation plan

Khamenei asked Rafsanjani to make sure all invited would attend, but didn't warn AN & Jafari about it
AN & Jafari are furious about Khamenei's categoric declaration on confessions being void
Rafsanjani agreed to talk to those invited to get them to attend. Khatami categorically turned invitation down
During sermon, IRGC & AN were extremely angry & unconfortable with traditionalists lineup
Khamenei 's strategy is to distance himself from IRGC goverment atrocities & now feels threatened by his own coup lords
However Rafsanjani, Nateq Nouri & Hassan Khomeini left sermon immediately, avoiding for Khamenei's audience
Rafsanjani was furious & felt mislead by Khamenei, whose sermon was less conciliatory than what was asked for
In fear of IRGC retaliation, Khamenei feels uncomfortable giving in to all of Rafsanjani's demands. Khamenei is losing control

From a source close to
Rafsanjani is tired, angry & frustrated. No matter which rope he throws, Khamenei is not taking it to save himself or nation

Pressure is mounting on Rafsanjani. He's restless but doesn't talk much to anyone. He looks worried

Rumor: Quds day Attacks on Khatami, Karubi, Mousavi were ordered by AN & IRGC leadership

Qom source:
A. Larijani went to Qom with a message from Khamenei to Marja

Qom source didn't disclose Khamenei message but says A. Larijani met with Ayat. Makarem Shirazi, who explained marja position

Rough translation of Rafsanjani’s address at Experts meeting:

Marja are very satisfied with Rafsanjani's speech. They already called to express support & congratulate him for his courage

Nehzate Jomhourikhahan (Republican Movement) welcomes constructive & reasonable path Rafsanjani introduced & will support his efforts

Another document from Karubi's "package" revealed: http://bit.ly/9LGl5
This is a confidential memo of the Princplist party of Motalefan

Confidential memo of of Motalefan, which says: Special commission has found that the inhuman, barbaric & unislamic treatment of Kahrizak detainees, including rape, lack of food, water & sanitation, brutal acts of mental & physical; torture (details of which are omitted in this memoin national security interest) are proven & have been ordered by high "Military"(Sepah's Radan) & top; judiciary offcial (Mortazavi) specifically. The interrogator Kahrizak officers acted on specific orders when they carried out these acts

(Sort of confirms what I said: Issue was declared Top Secret by NSC (Khamenei) hoping it would go away by sacrificing scapegoats)

National Seccurity Panel has proof of rape by baton & soda bottles in Kahrizak. Memo says:"Sexual Transgressions"

Report: Taeb had key role in post elex suppressions, directly invlvd in crimes
(Persian, article also below)

More info on Taeb: He was positioned in Intel Min. by Mojtaba. But then president Rafsanjani fired him
Mojtaba then gave Taeb a job at Sepah Intel. Also, remember report that he was directly responsible for Taraneh's death?
Taeb was also in charge of 18Tir university crackdowns & go-between for Mojtaba & Mortazavi
Remember what Source from National Security Panel said? "All roads lead to Khamenei's camp & end at Mojtaba's desk" busted!
Taeb was omitted in NSC report leaked via Principlist memo earlier. New report exposes him & moves closer to Mojtaba (thus, Khamenei)

Empire State Building will be bathed in green light on Thursday evening. Protesters will gather below

Human Rights Watch is urging the UN General Assembly to appoint a human rights envoy for Iran
Mourning Mothers of Iran have sent a letter to Ban Ki-moon asking for a human rights envoy

Next big Green rally may be November 4, 30th anniversary of US embassy seizure

Bultan News, pro regime:
Pro-Ahmadinejad figures were also attacked during Ghods Day rallies

Majlis rep Badamchian, ex-Interior Min. Kordan, and Commerce Min. Ghazanfari attacked
Ghazanfari's car was damaged by protesters during Ghods Day rally
I've posted details of Bultan News piece on my blog http://tinyurl.com/m4e4on

France 2 TV broadcast an interview with Ahmadinejad tonight:
France 2:
Did you steal the election?

We have freedom in Iran. People can express themselves

We regret that some individuals incited people to riot. Look at VOA, the BBC
or the French Foreign Minister, who incited people to riot. Our countrymen were ultimately hurt

France 2:
You think French FM Kouchner is responsible for the events of the past 4 months!?

Is Foreign Minister Kouchner responsible for the death of Neda!?

Yes, he is also responsible

France 2:
President Sarkozy said that Iranians deserved a better government

He's interfering in our domestic affairs. I also believe the French deserve better leaders

France 2:
Last Friday you said the Holocaust was a myth. AN: Why doesn't France give some of its land to the Jews?
Are you willing to take steps to allow Clothilde Reiss to return to France?

Some Iranians have been jailed in France for years. They also have families

(NB Ahmadinejad is possibly referring to one of Shahpour Bakhtiar's killers.)
Unfortunately we haven't seen any French gestures towards these prisoners

End of part 1. I'll post the full Ahmadinejad interview as soon as possible
The interview in French can be seen here http://tinyurl.com/kthxgd

Iran seeks release of Ali Vakili Rad, murderer of Shahpour Bakhtiar, from French jail in return for Clothilde Reiss
Please contact the Elysée Palace to make your position known
To contact President Nicolas Sarkozy: http://www.elysee.fr/ecrire/

Ahmadi's top advisors Hashemi Samareh & Mashaie have accused the IRN UN office of cooperating with the Greens

There is even talk of making changes at top level IRN UN office for failing to arrange proper accommodations for AN
The responsibility of hosting & arranging events for Ahmadi was transferred to the IRN Washington office

Ex MP & memb Participation Front Dr. Davoud Souliemani under pressure at Evin 209

They have moved 5 female political prisoners fr Evin209 to the very unsanitary hard core criminal section
Shiva Nazarahari, Mahsa Naderi & Shabnam Madadzaeh are part of this group

Intel agents went to place of work of Bazar merchant Javad Lari, picked him up & took him to his home

They search his house, video taped his home & family, siezed computer & documents & arrested him

Official instructions has been sent to apparel manufactures & merchants union re Islamisation of apparel industry
Displaying men's tie, apparel made in western countries, display of non proper Islamic attire strictly prohibited

(good get people that are already angry more angrier by your foolish Islamic laws)

Parliament has a recently formed 12 memb committee called Telecommunication & Internet Filtering

These PPL have to be stopped. Now they are going to change educational books taught in schools
In some of the history books they will eliminate history of the Persian kings & historical battles
and will replace those chapters with biography of philosophers & poets. NOT NATIONALISTIC AT ALL

My religion does not make me a Persian. My culture, my history, my heritage & the Motherland makes me a Persian

This regime has oppressed, tortured, killed Iranians for 30 years. Now they want to take our history away

Tehran police orders shopkeepers to remove the heads of display dummies in their windows (because of hijab)

IRNA running out of space on its website. Too many people to attack or accuse

FarsNews: Coffee shops around Uni of Tehran getting financial help from opposition & used for recruitment by greens

Kayhan editor in chief denies having ever been an interrogator but considers it a holy carrier he regrets not being part of

IRIB airs another anti Karoubi report in its nightly newscast

Very interesting exchange of letter between Montazeri & Mousavi:
Even more interesting timing to make it public
(Persian article below)

Long term solitary confinement is torture
Khamenei claim that confessions against self permissible in court is contrary to religious teachings

In his new letter Montazeri basically tell Khamenei to go yo hell. We'll see what this will do to Rafsanjani's "Khamenei rehabilitation project"

From Student Information Center September 21st Newsletter


Moj-e Sabz: Ali Qolizadeh of student activists who had been starred in this year's Masters entrance exam told the Amirkabir University newspaper: "According to the statistics we have collected so far, this year at least 20 students have been deprived of basic right for education, despite their achieving of acceptable and superior ranks in Masters entrance exam."

Rooz online: Camp Sarallah of Tehran had sent an announcement, labeled "instant" and "very confidential", to the Ministry of Health, stating that hospitals do not have the right to give patients injured in accidents after the election their medical records

سایت نوروز که توسط کودتاچیان از دسترس خارج شده بود بازگشت
Norooz site has returned to service


آذر منصوری، معاون سیاسی دبیرکل جبهه مشارکت بازداشت شد
Azar Mansouri, political deputy of the secretary general of the participation front arrested

احمد زیدآبادی، در بند 240 زندان اوین زیر شدیدترین فشارهاست تا قرائت متن نوشته شده توسط بازجویش را به جای دفاعیات خود در دادگاه بپذیرد
بازجو به آقای زیدآبادی گفته است که "دستور داریم تو را له کنیم و اگر همکاری نکنی هر کاری دلمان خواست با تو می کنیم و
و و اگر این کاغذهای بازجویی را ننویسی همین کاغذها را به خوردت خواهیم داد
همسر زیدآبادی:بازجو، احمد را به شدت کتک زده و خود احمد می گفت که خشونت وحشتناکی علیه او به کار برده اند
همسر زیدآبادی:اوایل بازجویی اتهامات وحشتناکی از جمله اتهامات اخلاقی به احمد نسبت داده اند اما او حاضر به پذیرفتن این اتهامات دروغ نشده است
یکی از اتهاماتش نامه ای است که به رهبری نوشته و او را تحت فشار قرار داده اند که چرا نوشتی مقام رهبری و کلمه معظم را به کار نبرده ای
مهدیه محمدی: بازجویان به آقای زیدآبادی گفته اند که باید از رهبری بابت اینکه مقابل اسمش کلمه معظم را ننوشته است عذرخواهی کند
همسر زیدآبادی: من میخواهم بدانم رهبری که میگوید انتقاد کردن آزاد است چرا احمد باید بابت این قضیه از او عذرخواهی کند و
و این چه نوع آزادی انتقاد است که به خاطر ننوشتن کلمه معظم برای ایشان، یک روزنامه نگار را تحت وحشیانه ترین فشارها قرار می دهند؟
عبدالله مومنی با شهاب الدین طباطبایی و هدایت الله آقایی در یک سلول نگهداری می شود
خواهر داود سلیمانی: آقای سلیمانی زیر بار تهمت ها و اتهامات زده شده به ایشان مبنی بر ساماندهی اغتشاش و آشوب در کشور نرفته است
داوود سلیمانی، عضو شورای مرکزی جبهه مشارکت و نماینده مردم تهران در مجلس ششم بیش از صد روز است که در بند 2 الف زندان اوین زندانی است

Ahmad Zeidabadi is under heavies pressure in ward 240 until he accepts the interrogator's confession
The interrogator has told Zeidabadi "We have orders to crush you. If you don't work with us
we'll do anything we want to you, and if you don't sign the confession papers we'll make you eat them
Zeidabadi's wife: The interrogator has severely beaten Ahmad & Ahmad mentioned the violence himself
One of Zeidabadi's charges is that in he's letter to Khamenei, he's mention the leader & not "great" leader
The interrogators have told Zeidabadi to apologize to the leader for not mentioning "great" before his name
Zeidabadi's wife: If the leader says criticism is allowed, why should Ahmad apologize for this?
and in what kind of "freedom" do they put a journalist under such violent pressure for not writing "great"
Abdollah Momeni, Shahab-e-din Tabatabaie & Hedayatollah Aghaie are in one cell
Davoud Soleimani's sister: Soleimani is under accusations related to organization of riots & the unrest
Soleimani, mem. of central council of participation front & ex-MP (6th parliament) has been in Evin's ward A for +100 days


Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (22 September)
  • Attention on Ahmadinejad in New York; Any Impact from Assembly of Experts meeting?
  • Western media reporting "news" that Iran will retaliate against anyone who attacks it
  • ILNA: “Those who care about the Regime have devised a plan to get out of current situation.”
  • Posted on Gary Sick's analysis of PIPA poll of Iranians post-election, with further analysis by Chris E
  • U of Maryland/PIPA poll as "political football" rather than indicator of strength of Ahmadinejad/Greens
  • More from Scott on the Rafsanjani statement
  • Rafsanjani's statement makes little reference to post-election conflict. What is his position?

Does Iran want to be a pariah?

Iranian military plane crash during parade kills 7

RFE/RL (Blog):
Hard-Line Iranian Daily Criticizes
Twitter Campaign For 'Obi Wan Karrubi'


Mainstream Media

Ahmadinejad warns against any attack on Iran

Foreign media sowing discord in Iran: top cleric

Iran says makes new model of nuclear centrifuges

Russia, China wouldn't rule out new Iran sanctions: EU

Germany wants U.N. walkout if Amadinejad denies Holocaust

Iran says wants abolition of nuclear weapons: Japan

LA Times:

U.S. says Pakistan, Iran helping Taliban

Iran's president stages show of strength, bravado before U.N. trip

UN urged to probe alleged rights abuses in Iran

Plane crash mars Iran military parade

New York Businesses Give Iranian President Ahmadinejad the Cold Shoulder

Ahmadinejad Personally Recruited Sanctions Buster During New York Trip, Court Documents Show

Obama Aides Started Group That Pressures Siemens on Iran Ties

NY Times:
French Official Shows Reluctance on a Blockage of Gasoline for Iran

Washington Post:
U.S. and Iran Heading Into Talks Worlds Apart
Each Side Doubts the Other Is Serious

Iran Activists Claim Omen in Green Icon

AN told france TV: The French deserve better than their leader


آیت الله منتظری به دلیل محدودیت های بوجود آمده نماز عید فطر امسال را اقامه نکردند
Ayatollah Montazeri did not lead Eid's prayer for 1st time because the mosque was sealed off

آیت الله منتظری خطاب به مهندس موسوی: بیانیه راهبردی شما می تواند سنگ بناى تحولى مثبت برای حفظ و اصلاح نظام‏ ‏باشد
Montazeri to Mousavi: Your statement can be the groundwork to make a position change & save the system

Sharzad News:
اسلامی کردن دانشگاه‌ها با تغییر اساتید و کتب درسی
Making the universities Islamic by changing textbooks and professors

پادشاهان از کتب تاریخی مقطع راهنمایی و متوسطه حذف می شوند
Kings to be eliminated from middle-school and high-school history textbooks

کدیور در مراسم عید فطر: آیت الله خامنه ای از ولایت ساقط شده است
Kadivar during Fitr ceremonies: "Ayat. Khamenei has fallen from Supreme Leadership"

محسن کدیور:بخواست خدا حضرت آیه الله خامنه ای آخرین ولی فقیه ایران خواهند بود
Kadivar: "God willing, Khamenei will be Iran's last Supreme Leader"

اجلاس ششم خبرگان آغاز به کار کرد؛ عملکرد رهبری بررسی نخواهد شد

تفسیر اظهارات رهبر توسط رسانه های همسو: منظور آقا متهمان درجه یک نبود

پاسخ آیت الله منتظری به اظهارات رهبر: اعتراف فرد علیه خودش معتبر نیست
Ayatollah Montazeri's response to Khamenei: Confession of one against himself is not legit

رئیس دفتر تحکیم وحدت: دانشگاه ساکت نخواهد ماند
Head of Regime's Unity office: "Universities won't stay calm"

بازداشت سه دانشجوی دانشگاه تهران در یک روز
3 university of Tehran students arrested in a single day

سید محمد خاتمی:پایان شب سیه سپید است
Khatami: "There is light at the end of the tunnel"

آیت الله هاشمی‌رفسنجانی: دلسوزان نظام متنی را برای برون رفت از وضعیت فعلی تدوین كرده‌اند
Rafsanjani:"Those who care about the Regime have devised a plan to get out of current situation"

Ayatollah Hashemi-Rafsanjani, Head of the Assembly of Experts, in an interview after the general meeting of the Assembly announced that a statement is being prepared by those who care deeply about the establishment and according to the suggestions of... experts and senior figures to transform the current situation in the society to a suitable environment that can be reviewed and criticised properly

منتجب‌نیا: اول باید با برخی رسانه‌ها عمومی و برخی از مداحان که در شب قدر هم نان خود را می‌پزند برخورد شود
Hojjatoleslam Rasul Montajebnia: Some media & goverment supportrs have to be confronted first!

بدون صدور حکم قضایی منعی برای فعالیت اساتید بازداشتی وجود ندارد
If not convicted, Arrested Profs can return to teach

ارجاع پرونده برنجهای وارداتی به مراجع قضایی
File on substandard Rice imports on its way to Judiciary (IRGC imports)

رئیسی: اسامی متخلفان بازداشتگاه كهریزك در گزارش شورای عالی امنیت ملی آمده است
Raisi (Judiciary): National Security Panel Kahrizak file includes many names of violators

پاسخ سید محمد خاتمی به رسانه های کودتا
Khatami's response to the coup media

اظهارات بی‌سابقه در صدا و سیما: کسانی که از عهده مسئولیت خود بر نمی‌آیند، دروغ می‌گویند و اتهام می‌زنند
Hojatoleslam Tabatabai on IRIB: Slander & false accusations due to incompetence of accusers


انتقال تعدادی از زندانیان به قرنطینه و ممنوع الملاقات شدن آنها
A group of prisoners have been moved to the quarantine & banned from visits
They include Shiva Nazar Ahari, Shabnam Madadzadeh, Atefeh Nabavi, Mahsa Naderi, Fateme Ziaei & Soghra Gholamnezhad

Eyiraney's Blog
يك سند بسيار مهم در تائيد وقوع تجاوز جنسي در زندان كهريزك
Leaked confidential document verifies rape & torture in Kahrizak


DW Persian:
تاثیر شعارهای ضد روسی در ایران
The effect of anti Russian chants on Russia's policy

افشای نقش موثر فرمانده بسيج در سرکوبهای خيابانی اخير: حسین طائب
Report: Taeb had key role in post elex suppressions, directly invlvd in crimes

دستور رهبر برای رسیدن به منبع این شعار، در بازجوئی ها
Khamenei ordered source of Mojtaba leaks to interrogators found, wants Mojtaba held out


مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center
21 September | 30 Shahrivar

Picture of beautiful green Grandmother on Qods day

آلبوم عکس: دوچرخه سواری از تورنتو تا نیویورک برای حقوق بشر در ایران
Cycling for Human Rights in Iran (@chri09) gallery featured on BBC Persian

Nikahang Kowsar's Cartoon:
AN asking for a place in NY to crash at!

Mobile Human Rights Billboards Confront Ahmadinejad in NY


There wont be any Basij with batons, any tear gas or any arrests in NY.

Just as the world has been watching Iran, Iran will be watching New York.
Remember; shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, tweet by tweet we will free Iran.

NYC protest, Sept 23 & 24:

March the green scroll across the Brooklyn Bridge
Please Distribute widely and post

Follow the journey of champs @chri09
riding from Toronto to be at NYC on 23rd


List of protests outside Iran

Project Green Light

Flyers to distribute on Sept 23

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Crimes against Humanity in Iran:
Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions


Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Shirin Ebadi Urges UN Sec General to go to Iran

Requesting UN members to walk out on Ahmadinejad on Sept 23rd, 2009

Petition for Isa Saharkhiz's release

Please sign this letter for NYC Mayor: Dont let AN enter NYC!

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Mir Hossein Mousavi's Birtday Gift
هدیه تولد میر حسین موسوی
به مناسبت روز هفتم مهر ماه، روز تولد میر حسین موسوی برای امضای هدیه به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید
September 29 2009: Birthday of Mir Hossein Mousavi. Click the link to sign his Gift

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Protection & Self Help for Greens


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Anti filtering software can be downloaded from Karoubi's site


Mohsen Sazegara Tuesday 31 Shahrivar 1388

Part of Rafsanjani Speech at Assembly of Experts Meeting (22 Sept 2009) (Persian)

Rafsanjani refuses to stand next to Ahmadinejad for Eid Fetr prayer (18 Sept 2009)

قدرت کوبنده جنبش سبز، وقتی کودتاچیان خفه خون می گیرند (Sept 20 2009)
Regime trying to perturbe the green in Stockholm

Fake president departure to New York, Green is going to welcome him in NY (22 Sept 2009)

TV presentator in Iran got into trouble because wearing green

Birthday ceremony in front of Evin for
Mohammad Ghoochani and Feiz Ollah Arab Sorkhi

Sept. 21 Tehran Night Chants

A group confession in support of Iran

NEW green Quds day video in Tehran

Palistinian womans prays for AN

Nazanin Afshin-Jam exposing human
rights issues to U.N. 16 September 2009


افسانه ای دیگر ساخت سربازان بد نام امام زمان

سخنان رفسنجانی در مجلس خبرگان 31 شهریور

سقوط يک هواپيمای نظامی در نزديکی تهران هفت کشته

Cycling For Human Rights in Iran
from Toronto to New York


Shohreh Aghdashloo Winner of Best supporting actress

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