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28 September | 6 Mehr

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Reports from student protest

Two reports from claiming attacks on Tehran University dormetories:
Download link: & (Not Confirmed)

Urgent: News today @ 5pm after protest -those students identified have been attacked at their dormitory some abducted (Not Confirmed)

+1000 Students Are Protesting at Tehran University Now,chanting: Death to the Dictator!

There were protests at Tehran Uni today
Tehran Uni today: Down with Dictator
About 50 Basiji students are shouting their anti Mousavi chants while greens are amassing
Regular city police without helmets or shields at 16 Azar street, blocking road. No Special Guard in sight
Basiji Anti Riot thugs beat up people who try to film & take photos

AntiRiot attacked around 8:30 pm, arrested 2 students. Didn't enter dorms. Just campus periphery.

A good number of students got beaten up after the demo

Mobile net around the University is not working proper

Sec forces have arrested at least 10 students
Students let out of University area under the control of Anti riot forces. Sec forces arrests sum of the student

One of the officer to the arrested student: This was your last demo ever, we have you on film

Anti riot police with batons are chasing people outside the University. Ppl start to chant when ever its possible

Join the Greens celebrating Mousavi`s Birthday tomorrow Tues (7 Mehr) at 7 pm in 7-Tir Sq

Students took down the official placards at the Uni today & replaced them with Greens anti goverment banners

2 students been arrested in UNI dorm (Kohe daneshga). More Sec forces coming. Possible clashes (not confirmed yet)
I have confirmation on that 2 student were arrested for 2 hours ago on their way to the dorm & sec forces been gathered nearby. NO clashes
No info abut any clashes at UNI tonight. Sec forces are always attended in that area every time there has bn a protest during the day
I called several friends living close 2 UNI no one can confirm any clashes tonight. They have seen sec forces as usual nothing more

Students in Sharif University of technology will have a protest gathering at Thursday 9.00 am. Join them!
Student protests been planned in various Universities cross over Iran this week
If UNI closes student have nothing alls 2 do then protesting, if not they protest in UNI like today. Mission Impossible 4 Coup Gov !

Freedom Messengers
yek moalem:

salam man ostade danesh gahe tehranam , sobh ke oomadam kelas ha ra goftan ke tatil konid 8-10 tashkil shod vali 10-12 , vali 10 tatil kardan nazashtan ma biam biroon bad ke bache ha ra tahdid mikardan kheili basiji avorde boodan to vorodi haie jadid ham emrooz kheili part o pala boodand , bache haie man baiad rotbe hashoon hododan 400 -600 bashe ke emroozi ha to kelase 8-10 nabood

rotbe danesh gaheshoon baiad 400 bashe vali rotbe hashoon dar hodode 10000 bood va 1 mozo dige goftan behetoon khabar midim ke farda kelas tashkil mishe ya na ? alan ke zang zadam be danesh gah goftand maloom nist ke farda kelas bashe

Hello, I am a professor at Tehran University!!

This morning( monday 28 sep) when I arrived the university, they told us to close the classes for today!! around 8-10 in the morning! but a 10 a clock they finish the classes, and they prevent us to come out!! and threated our student!!
They brought a lots of Basiji, and they where all around in the new entres of Tehran Uni!
My students supposed to be 400-600, but today it was only 8-10 in my class


Head of Justice Dept HR section Javad Larijani slammed Hassan Khomeini for being Mousavi supporter

On Iranian blogs people reacting to Larijani's comparison of Mousavi with Rajavi (they are ready to hang Larijani)

How was Sepah paid for their loyalty to Khamenie? By disqualifying the private Co who was bidding for Iran Telecom

The previously approved privately held Co was disqualified hours before bidding started for security reasons

Alireza Eshraghi arrested during post Election unrest was sentenced to 5 yrs & 6 months in prison
Eshraghi had been under heavy pressure to make false confession, appeared in court w/o lawyer
had visible injuries & bandaged arm. He was charged w anti Natnl security activities, insulting Leader & Pres

Journalist Henghameh Shahidi(F) in Evin under physical & emotional stress
hengameh is only allowed outside air 3 times a week for 20 min each time

MP Torabi:
Sepah was never supposed to become a financial power house in Iran
The purpose of privatization of industries was to transfer them to the private sector
This privatization was never meant for entities under government control to take over industries

MP Alikhani:
Large number of UN Ambassadors walk-out during Ahmadi's speech was unprecedented

For any nationalistic Iranian it was sad to see so many empty chairs during Ahmadi's speech
In my opinion Ahmadi's trip to NY not only was not fruitful, but an insult to Iranian citizens

71 yrs old Hassan Shahriyaei was arrested at his home in Karaj by armed agents & taken to Rejaie prison

Journalist Saeed Pourmatin in Evin serving an eight year sentence, suffering from poor health
Pourmatin has been in Evin for 3 month now & sufferes from long infection & shows signs of heart condition

Between the four of them Larijani brothers cover all the political spectrum.
Today 1 talked about unity, the other accused Mousavi of treason

Montazeri's son answers to MJ Larijani: It is not illegal for people to write letters, your analysis is based on dellusions

IRNA: two judges will b present at site during Esteghlal-Perspolis match 2 issue sentence 4 those who want commit illegal acts

After today's Uni of TH protests, IRIB airs TV confessions of famous student activist Abdollah Momeni in its nightly newscast
Momeni's wife re his TV cofessions tonight: They think they can silence student movement by this, no-one believes in their lies

Kayhan publishes the initials of several students who took part in today's protest as well as their respective faculties

Head of IR competition bureau says take over of Telecom by IRGC might be annulled, privatization laws have not been respected

Tabnak: 67 thousand tickets sold for Friday's derby, remaining 30 thousand seats probably given to security forces

A. Larijani is not happy with S. Larijani's performance, there is tension between them

Rafsanjani turned down Yazdi's resignation. How sick is he really anyway? Still heads Qom Seminaries & teaches...

I heard about leaflets a while ago, this is even better!
RT @roelassie underground newspapers have wide distribution

Rumor: Gov planning on creating National internet to cut off private users from www
may explain dubious buyout of telco by IRGC...

Roads Minister Hamid Behbahani joins growing list of government's plagiarists

Weekend roundup with vids: Students march, Ahmadi plays with words, Dep Min silenced...

Details of how IRGC 'stole' Iran telecom in shady deal

Partial Translation of Karoubi's letter to Hashemi

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center Newsletter
27 September | 4 Mehr

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Iran test fires Shahab 3 missile, believed to be able to reach Israel and US military bases in the Gulf

Some brainy background on Shahab-3. It's apparently derived from North Korea's No-dong


Blogs & Websites

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (28 September)
  • Javad Larijani link of Green Wave to Israel, terrorist Mujahedin-e-Khalq; Fars on missile test
  • More on Javad Larijani attack on Mousavi, Khomenei grandson (but Karroubi is "pleasant")
  • Latest Threat to Islamic Republic - Prank Calls (EA Asks Seriously "What's Your Favourite?")
  • Academic Fact - Min of Transport Behbahani (accused of plagiarism) was thesis director of Ahmadinejad
  • Iran Is Tough" Script - Tehran Fires Long-Range Missile (Next: "Western" Media Panics)
  • Demos as universities open for academic year; video fm Tehran Uni
  • What if you protested and no one noticed? Mainstream media ignore uni demos for story of Iran missiles
  • BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera: Do any of you realise that a demonstration took place at Tehran Uni today? MediaFail...
  • Breaking: Karroubi writes another letter to #Rafsanjani - How far will he challenge system and abuses?
  • All websites connected to Mousavi & Karroubi now down?
  • Rafsanjani - Plan for Resolution of Crisis Taken from Expediency Council to Ass'y of Experts
  • 3 conditions (e.g. no condemn of street demos & no support for Gov't) in Ass'y Experts plan?
  • Excuse of Day (and why EA Loves It): Gov't uses "Swine Flu" to close Iran Unis for week
  • Want the full story on Revolutionary Guard and sell-off of Iran state telecom firm?
  • BBC Eng site catches up w story of today's Tehran Uni demo
  • New Iran Security Measures - No Honking Horns and Behave at big Tehran Football Match
  • Opening ceremony at Tehran Uni sparsely attended; almost no students present
  • Day of Uni Demos; Karroubi Letter to Rafsanjani; Javad Larijani Attack on Green Movement

English Text of Dastgheib Letter to
Assembly of Experts (22 September)

Interview Video/Transcript of Day:
Venezuela's Chavez with CNN Larry King

New Site Iran Wiki for English
Translations of Persian Documents

Tehran Bureau (28 September)
Selected Headlines:
  • Kordan quietly assumes position in 10th government
  • Asr Iran: Mahsouli may be next Energy Minister
  • Karroubi takes Rafsanjani to task for weak stance on issues

From SIC Newsletter (27 September)

An IRGC-related consortium bought 50%
plus one share of ITC 4 around $7.8 billion

Robert Gates on Iranian government deception
for new enrichment plant & effect of sanctions

US embraced Iran's intention to allow IAEA
to visit its new Uranium enrichment facility

Rezaei: Ruholamini's family not conceded
to accept title of Martyr for their son

Sazegara's comments on IRGC's upcoming
plans & Chinese joining sanctions

Sazegara: fellows try to nominate
Karroubi for Noble Peace Prize

Netanyahu urges US to act immediately against Iran

Announcing a Timely Panel Discussion:
Assessing Human Rights In Iran

Global News Blog:
Sanctions would just hit the people,
says Iran’s opposition leader

Mainstream Media

Iran flexes muscle ahead of talks with major powers

NY Times:
Roger Cohen: The U.S.-Iranian Triangle

LA Times:
Iran test fires two missiles capable
of reaching Israel, U.S. bases

Only Two Choices Left on Iran

Iranian leader returns to
Tehran claiming false victory

Iran test-fires 2 long-range missiles

U.S.: Iranian Missile Tests "Provocative"


Rooz Online:
پس از تاسیس ، سپاه مخابرات را هم خرید
After establishing a bank, IRG bought the ITC (telecom company) as well

اکثریت اعضای خبرگان روحانیان درباری هستند
Fereshteh Ghazi's interview with Dr. Mohsen Kadivar

موج جدید تصفیه استادان علوم انسانی
New wave of infiltration of liberal arts professors

طشت دروغگویان از بام افتاده است
Adbolah Momeni's wife: He has no hope of freedom
آیت‌الله سید علی امین: انحصار ولایت فقیه به یک نفر، باعث خودکامگی شده است
Ayatollah Ali Amin : Single person Guardianship (leadership) causes despotism

BBC Persian:
رفسنجانی: طرح برون رفت از وضع فعلی از سوی "افراد دلسوز در مجمع" پیشنهاد شده
Rafsanjani makes another U-turn:
My speech in Assembly of Experts misinterpreted. Country needs strong political parties to run it
Some members of expediency council came up with the idea of exit plan, dicscussed in Asmbly of Experts, I agreed with them (via sbelg)

محسن رضایی: دولت مجری انتخابات نباشد، خبرآنلاین
Rezaei suggests creation of a National Election body
(instead of interior ministry supervising elections)
Suggested National Election independent commission would supervise & conduct all elections without goverment interference
Rezaei suggesting Election panel to avoid gov interference indirectly means "you won't cheat again"
By the way: Rezaei is Secretary General of Expediency council headed by Rafsanjani
(via MikVerbrugge)

دومين نامه مهدی کروبی به هاشمی رفسنجانی:
پاسخ شما به مردمی که از وظايف مجلس تحت رياست شما در شرايطی چنين خطير پرسش می کنند، چيست؟

Karoubi wrote a second letter to Rafsanjani

Karoubi to Rafsanjani:
I realized that assembly of experts is a powerless body incapable of doing its oversight responsibilities

You did not do your job (criticizing) & you did not convey the criticisms that were brought to your attention
In his second letter to Rafsanjani Karoubi compares members of assembly of experts to yes men who do not see the reality (via sbelg)
Partial translation: (via lilioo)

بازخواست شیخ شجاع کروبی از هاشمی رفسنجانی:
چرا به وظیفه نظارتی خود بر رهبری عمل نمی کنید؟

Karoubi Letter to Rafsanjani asking him to do something for people, curb Sepah

تشنج در دانشگاه تهران؛ منع رفت وآمد خودروها در خیابان 16 آذر
In the University of Tehran Basiji students also protested agains Mousavi, but were outnumbered by greens

در تدارک دربی سبز- مردم به حمایت از تماشاچیان سبز بیایند
Preparation for the Green derby

هشدارناجا نسبت به تحرکات سیاسی در آزادی
NAJA’s pathetic threat for Fri Derby in Azadi Stadium

معاون هماهنگ‌كننده ستاد كل نیروهای مسلح:كسانی كه نجنگیدند و از صحنه گریختند به نقد جنگ می‌پردازند
Artesh General Saidi criticizes IRGC: Some people who talk of war weren't there

General Saidi basically says: Artesh fought & won Iraq war, when war started, there was no IRGC
He praises Artesh Ground Force, who had to carry the main load during war while IRGC was forming he dislikes hearing IRGC commanders, who never went to war, tell stories as though IRGC won the war (via MikVerbrugge)

Mehr News (Iranian State Media):
مراسم بازگشایی دانشگاهها آغاز شد
AN & Education minister didn't attend Uni opening ceremony today

تعطیلی7 روزه کلاس دانشگاهها دراوج آنفلوآنزایA/ تغییرقوانین غیبت دانشجو
Universities closed / Swine Flu cited as reason

Asr Iran (Iranian State Media):
سه شرط هاشمی برای بیانیه خبرگان
Rafsanjani has 3 Conditions for approving Experts declaration

Rafsanjani's Conditions:
1. No Velvet Coup,
2. No condemnation of str protest
3. No express support for Ahmadinejad
(via MikVerbrugge)

IRNA (Iranian State Media):
دو قاضي روز جمعه در وزرشگاه آزادي تهران مستقر مي شوند
Gov measures ahead of soccer match

اعتصاب كارگران شركت خودروسازی زاگرس بروجرد
Communist Party announces death of detained Qods Protester Ali Shahnazar

Rouydad News:
بیانیه شماره 13 میرحسین موسوی
Mousavi's 13th statement
In his new statement Mousavi opposes sanctions says people already suffering enough because of Gov in place
I saw their faces on Qods day & I like them. Our victory does not create losers

Green path of hope is a grass roots movement, well alive, will not disappear by Gov. banning it
(via sbelg)

Rahe Sabz:
اعلام رضایت رهبر از عملکرد سپاه پس از انتخابات؛ نظامیان از امتحان “سربلند” بیرون آمدند
The leader happy with IRG's post election action: "The military past the exam"

Gen Zoulghader: Leader is very pleased with Sepah & Basij performance

مجمع روحانیون مبارز خواستار پایان دادن بازداشت فعالان سیاسی شد
The association of combatant clerics demanded an end to the arrest of political activists

رادیو جرس
Green radio:

دراثر اتحاد دانشجويان,
مزدوران سركوبگر گشت انضباط اجتماعي مجبوربه ترك صحنه شدند

Students booed out security forces who were trying
to scare students in the faculty of arts, Uni of Tehran

Mowj Camp:
مالکان خودروهایی که در اعتراضات بوق زده اند، احضار می شوند!
Owners of cars that honked during protests to be summoned!

Iran Sarfaraz:
Zarghami fired / Rahmani Fazli new Head of IRIB!

New head of IRIB Rahmani Fazli is an opponent of AN & close ally of Ali Larijani.
IRIB change may indicate fulfillment of Rafsanjani's demand to Free IRIB to allow all sides to speak (via MikVerbrugge)


تصاویری از وضعیت فعلی خرمشه
ر تصویر وضعیت فعلی خرمشهر بعد از گذشت 27 سال از آتش‌بس با عراق

Where our oil money is not being spent:
Khoramshar 20+ years after war still bears signs of Iran-Iraq war

8 pictures from todays student protest (via madyar)

گزارش تصویری از اعتراضات دانشجویی روزجاری دانشگاه تهران
Pictures - University of Tehran, Sept 28 student protests


Join the Green derby on Friday October 2 (10 Mehr)

List of protests outside Iran

Print your own masks - Neda, Taraneh, Ashkan

Crimes against Humanity in Iran:
Join us to denounce Murder, Torture, Rape & Forced Confessions


Please sign & send to others

Petitions for Iran
This site is a compilation of petitions with several aims

Please sign this petition to nominate Karroubi for Peace Prize

Nominate Karoubi for the Nobel Peace Prize

Mir Hossein Mousavi's Birtday Gift
هدیه تولد میر حسین موسوی
به مناسبت روز هفتم مهر ماه، روز تولد میر حسین موسوی برای امضای هدیه به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید
September 29 2009: Birthday of Mir Hossein Mousavi. Click the link to sign his Gift

Protection & Self Help for Greens

Follow @Iran_Techie for great
computer security & other tips


Help heal Iran (Persian & English)

کمک های اولیه به
First Aid Guide in Persian

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties
And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

For families and friends of rape survivors

Website for helping traumatized Greens

Guide to Bypassing Censorship

محسن سازگارا - روش عبور از فیلتر با استفاده از شبکه

Computer Security tips for Iran (Persian)

چگونه اینترنت امنتری داشته باشیم
Video: How to have a safe Internet (Persian)


Student protest

Video collection of Student's Demo at Tehran

BBC: Tehran Students Protest on Campus


Mohsen Sazegara Monday 6 Mehr 88. Sept 28, 09

ABC: WATCH: Iran: What's the Next Move?

CNN: Iranian muscle in Middle East

Zakaria & Amanpour explain Ahmadinejad
at the UN and Iranian protests 27 Sept 2009

رژیم اشتباهات صدام را تکرار میکند
3 military projects are now finalized
Part 1:
Part 2:

هشدار:مخابرات نظامی شد؛ سپاه سهام مخابرات را خرید
IRG buys Iran Telecom

Keramat Mehdizadeh, memeber of "Freiheit für Iran"
(Student network in Frankfurt)

Mehdi Aqdaei & Hassan Qalibaf comment the 8 billion
dollars telecom stock options bought by IRGC

Brooklyn Bridge Goes Green For Iran 24 Sept 2009

Must see: Qods Days when Goverment announcer makes
mistake & says death to Palestine, the crowd cheers :-)

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