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25 September | 3 Mehr

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Datsgheib:Hojjatieh hv taken over all 3 powers in Iran/ R. tried to call for emergency Experts mtng post elex

Dastgheib to assembly members:Don't you feel the secret hands of Hojjatieh,circling all 3 powers of country?
Dastgheib:"All grand ayatollahs refuse destruction&chaos to hasten the return of Mahdi..."
Dastgheib: "who else can be responsible for all (post-election) crimes?"
Dastgheib published his letter to assembly, confirming R. called an emergency experts mtngimmediately aftr crackdown but it was fruitless

Jafari's SL faux-pas may have been a deniability insurance in case a Hojjatieh hunt starts
A way to say "I got my orders from high up. I'm just following orders."
Imam Khomeini on Hojjatieh, during Najaf exile:"They shunned me&my family because I taught Philosophy"
Imam Khomeini:"Of all the enemies I've had, Hojjatieh have caused me & the Nation most pain"
Imam Khomeini:"Be alert of their secret hand grasping for power to destroy IRI.They are dreaming of a Shah-like despotic rule"
Imam Khomeini:"Don't underestimate danger&influence emanating from secret Hojjatieh...they have infiltrated us at many levels"
Imam Khomeini to companions(incl. R.):"After me,they'll attack my family 2 discredit IRI&do away w the republic for despotism"
Imam Khomeini:"Hojjatieh infiltrated clergy,wear cloaks of Islam,pretend to b pious,yet they r enemies of Islam"

M. to forgo demand for re-run of elections and instead head legal, within regime rules, opposition.

M. argues this will prevent danger of Foreign led anti-IRI movements taking lead of green movement.
He argues that allowing meaningful legal opposition as platform for popular demand
would be healthy&good for the system&that such must beaccomodated by regime (thus, SL).
By foreign led anti IRI movements he probably means Royalists/MKO, maybe Sazegara

Looks like four things are happening :
1) louder & louder concern abt Hojjatieh (Dastgheib basically said coup=Hojjatieh)

2) MPs from whole political spectrum are rallying with R's proposal
3) earlier calls to reformists to remain calm and come back within regime are apparently heard & it is happening
4) huge quote from SL about Marjas, could be sign that he is on board with R too (not sure yet)

Nuclear Science Institute website hacked since this morning (

Uromiyeh Azad U student Masoud Alavi was suspended for 2 terms, fined & rcvd 30 lashings for attending protests

Political prisoner Payman Aref was allowed a short supervised visit with his mother in the hallway of court Bldg
28 mostly female Mazandarian Univ students were given failing grade in 2 courses. Reason: Political Activism
Activist Masim Roudaki arrested by Intel agents as he was delivering a report to the UN office in Tehran

3 months since Parliament formed the Fact Finding Commission to investigate attack on THN U dorm &
prisoner abuse cases.
They have not officially or unofficially released any result of their investigation. Why?

Details of Rezai's admission of IRGC-KGB link on my blog

Fars news, IRNA, and Keyhan daily led propaganda campaign about Soros and Khatami meeting in 2006
The regime mouthpieces had said Soros boasted about meeting Khatami during a 9/11 speech.
Keyhan: Soros will divulge details of the meeting if Khatami denies it.
Khatami denied knowing Soros or ever having had a meeting with him
Now Soros's Open Society Org. has issued a statement to the same effect.
Unclear whether Fars, IRNA, or Keyhan will apologize or retract

Azar Mansouri, deputy head of the Participation Front, arrested after interview with Norouz


Karoubi's website tagheer says it won't b available for 48 hours

Mowjcamp: Taeb & Radan have advised to avoid media attention so their role in kahrizak will b forgotten

Cleric accompanying AN in NY :
It is normal that ppl walk out during a speech
green protesters in front of the hotel did things that even Mousavi would not approve of

An's performance during interviews knocked out many pro journalists

It looks like IRNA has cut down on its daily anti Mousavi/Karoubi rhetoric

Ahmadinejad tells Time magazine that Iran is not obliged to tell the Obama Administration of every nuclear facility it has "We have no secrecy, we work within the framework of the IAEA," Ahmadinejad tells Time

Brown: "The level of deception by the Iranian government ... will shock and anger the international community."

Russia's Medvedev says information on second Iran enrichment site causes serious concern -Ifax

Russia says Iran's construction of nuclear enrichment plant violates UN Security Council decisions

Ahmadinejad says U.S., Britain and France will regret Friday's statement about Iran's nuclear site

Ahmadinejad says Iran doesn't have any problems with IAEA inspections of new facility


Blogs & Websites:

Enduring America | Live Blog: The Latest from Iran (25 September)
  • How US Props Up Ahmadinejad with "Secret Nuke Facility" Allegation
  • Ahmadinejad wanted to talk about anything (e.g. Iran nuke program) but repression"
  • Press TV does not refer to "secret nuke plant", denounces #France allegations of milit program
  • @AnnCurry: nails Iran "secret nuke plant" story (in less than 140 characters)
  • White House uses @jaketapper to put right line "great, increasing doubts" on Iran nuke program
  • Summary of Fri Prayers by Ayatollah Jannati
  • Ahmadinejad cancels news conference in New York
  • Ahmadinejad replaces New York press conf with Press TV i-view
  • Is Iran "secret nuclear plant" in compliance with Non-Proliferation Treaty?
  • Report - Azar Mansouri of reformist IIPF arrested after interview with Norooz

Transcript: Obama and Sarkozy Statements on the Iran Nuclear Programme

Shirin Ebadi accused Britain of closing its eyes
on ruthless suppression of oppositions in Iran

Mainstream Media:

Iran tells IAEA of 2nd enrichment plant: diplomats

Q+A: Why is China opposed to raising pressure on Iran?

U.S., UK, France to accuse Iran of covert nuclear plant

Obama to demand international inspection of Iran plant

UK's Brown accuses Iran of deception

Merkel says worried about 2nd nuclear plant in Iran

Sarkozy vows more sanctions if Iran does not change

Iran denies second enrichment plant was covert

Iran nuclear plant few months from operating: U.S.

Clinton calls for IAEA probe of Iran nuclear site

U.S.: Iran site appears too small for civilian plant

China calls on Iran to work with nuclear watchdog

Ahmadinejad: Iran not obliged to report to Obama

Obama accuses Iran of building secret nuclear plant

Western leaders warn Iran over nuclear site

FACTBOX: Iran's relations with U.N. nuclear watchdog

Russia puts pressure on Iran over uranium plant

IAEA may inspect new Iran nuclear site: Ahmadinejad

Live blog on Iran's nuclear disclosure:

Full coverage:

Western leaders warn Iran over nuclear site

No sane person wants conflict with Iran: -Miliband

U.S. military option on Iran would only buy time: Gates

Obama says Iran officially "on notice"

Obama scores twin coups on Iran, economy

Obama: could look at "sanctions that bite" on Iran

LA Times:
Security Council backs abolishing nuclear arms

IRAN: Protesters at the United Nations denounce Ahmadinejad

U.S. officials say Iran's nuclear plant is no secret

U.S. lawmaker to push Iran gasoline sanctions bill

Iran 'hiding underground nuclear facility'

Ahmadinejad: 'No One Goes To Prison For No Reason'

Secret Iranian nuclear plant revealed

Tehran on the defensive

The President to Iran: “act immediately to restore
the confidence of the international community”

London Times:
West demands access to the recently unveiled nuclear fascilities

The Economist:
Iran's nuclear programme, accusing Iran

Huffington Post:
My dinner with Ahmadinejad

All Bad News On Iran

Die Zeit:


CBC News:
Canada, U.S. urge Iran to resolve detainee cases


شبهنگام رو به روی اوین قدم بزنید، زندگی آنجا در جریان است

احمدی‌نژاد: اگر آزادی نبود، خاتمی هم باید در زندان می‌بود
AN: If there was no freedom, even Khatami would be in prison

واكنش دفتر هاشمی رفسنجانی به خبرسازی‌های رسانه‌های حامی دولت
R's office : R's plan, announced at Experts, to be handled by Expediency, not Experts

قدردانی رهبر انقلاب از مراجع تقلید در خصوص عید فطر
Very conciliatory speech by SL about Marjas

Summary: SL expresses gratitude to Grand Marjas for not convening Fitr Prayers on Monday, although they differed in opinion to an Expert criticizing Grand Marjas defiance towards him,SL responds : "esteemed Grand Marjas r free 2 differ.Don't make this issue big.
SL: They r learned&authorities on their own&don't hv to agree on all fatwa. It proves their loyalty to regime that even if we differed they didn't cause any discord. I hv to thank these excellencies for their wisdom & faith.

فلاحت پیشه :فرصت در نیویورک سوخت
NatSecCouncil Mmbr: AN missed opportunity to reconcile w othr nations,deviated from IRI's agenda

مشایی: حرفهای اوباما و احمدی‌نژاد شبیه‌اند
Mashaei: AN & Obama speeches very similar

حساب هاي مالي سال هاي 82 تا 84 شهرداري تاييد نخواهد شد
Tehran Auditors can't certify city accounts during of AN's mayorship.Investigation initiated

از سوی نماینده خامنه ای صورت گرفت: جمع آوری امضا برای حذف آیت الله دستغیب از خبرگان
Hojjatoleslam Kaabi's move to oust Dastgheib from Experts harshly vetoed by SL
SL on Dastgheib:"Such banishing of ideas & opinions is inproper.If 1 has a different opinion,it's his right to voice it"

DW Persian:
ادعای "دی‌تسایت": قالی‌باف جای احمدی‌نژاد را خواهد گرفت
Report on Expediency Special Panel preparing for transitional gov after AN's resignation
Die Zeit says Ghalibaf to be Prez of transitional gov.
Die Zeit says SL retires & is replaced by 5 directly electd experts,incl religious minorities


Very interesting & informative: Political Program
25 September | 3 Mehr

مرکز اطلاع رسانی دانشجویی
Student Information Center
24 September
| 2 Mehr

Cycling for Human rights in Iran photo stream


Mohsen Sazegara Friday 3 Mehr 1388

Iran reveals another nuclear plant. Warning signal to Obama?

CNN: تاسیسات مخفی اتمی؛ بی اعتمادی به رژیم بزرگتر میشود
Iran reveals a secret nuclear plant (English)

France 24: کشف کارخانۀ مخفی اورانیوم در نزدیکی تهران
Iran's new enreachment plant revealed (English)

Time's Ahmadinejad video

NPR Interview with AN

Prove of collaboration between KGB and IRGC (Persian)
Mohsen Rezai, ex-IRGC head, said on live state TV that KGB helped IRGC since 1979
I remember, in the early days of the revolution - I was in charge of the IRGC's intelligence...

It was still the KGB back then- they told us about royalists plotting in Turkey to attack us

فیلم جلسۀ خصوصی احمدی نژاد با دانشجوهای امریکایی
Israel's Channel 10 exclusive footage from
AN private meeting with American students
English transcript:
Ahmadinejad secretly invited 100 students from Utah and Minnesota, paid for their trip and met them at his hotel gave them a list of questions to ask during the session and only Iranian state t.v. was present
One Iranian student was among the crowd, Ahmadinjad called him up and he was thrown out!

بابک داد
3مهر:مجلس خبرگان در خدمت رژیم کودتا (Persian)
Babak Daad: Assembly of Experts helping this regime

هو شدن نماینده ضرغامی در مراسم تشییع جنازه مشکاتیان
People booing a govt official talking at Parviz Meshkatian funeral

پاره کردن بنرهای ستاد موسوی توسط نیروی انتظامی
Police tearing down Mousavi Campaign banner before Election (illegal)

روز قدس ، حمله به خانه مردم ، رشت
Plain clothes attacking people at their residence in Rasht Qods day

Tyrant Khamenei at the assembly of the experts

Writing slogans in Zeytoun Park in Ahvaz

Video of countries walking out during AN's speech

Videos from NYC protest:

New York Metro Goes Green

"Helpless Ahmady; the movement will go on!"

فیلم‌برداری تیم احمدی‌نژاد از پنجره‌های هتل
AN's team looking from the hotel windows

CNN Blitzer: Portesters against Ahmadinejad in NY

Protester harasses Mulla at UN (Persian, English subtitles)

Iranian Revolution Green Scroll on Brooklyn Bridge

Dance protest against Ahmadinejad in New York

Sar Oumad Zemestoun music during protests in NYC

Homeland by Homayoun Shajarian, a gift to Iranian people

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